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This week has been a madhouse.

3 midterms + 1 quiz + 1 research paper review write up + a 9 page case study write up for clinical nutrition = WTF are you thinking teachers?!

I promise tonight & tomorrow during my study breaks I will try and catch up on the massive amount of posts that have accumulated for me to read.

On a more happy note, I cotinued my Wednesday overnight oat tradition.

To-Go style

IMG 5838

(Chipped mug 😦 )

Today’s topping included 1 cinnamon apple microwaved, cereal, and the last of my pumpkin cream cheese (must buy more ASAP!)

IMG 5837

The Oikos container was just used as a travel method.

IMG 5834

Midterm #1 was pretty killer. It was such boring, awful information that all I had to do was memorize…but really didn’t. And 40/80 questions were True/False. Seriously?

I miss running fast. Β Freeee flyin at the gym:

  • .25 mile walk warmup
  • 1/2 mile 6 mph
  • 1/2 mile 6.5 mph
  • 1/4 mile 7 mph
  • 1/4 mile 8 mph
  • 1/4 mile 6 mph
  • 1/4 mile 8 mph
  • 1/4 mile 6 mph
  • .25 mile walk
  • 1/4 mile 6 mph
  • 1/4 mile 8 mph
  • 1/4 mile 6 mph
  • 1/4 mile 8 mph
  • 1/4 mile 8.5 mph
  • 1/4 mile 6 mph

Total: 3.75 miles running. I doubt you read my workout above. I just felt like posting it, so let’s just pretend you read it, okay?

Snackie while last minute cramming for Midterm #2 (which went better than the first test. I think).

IMG 0365-1

Since I got out of class early due to the test, I decided to embark upon an adventure!

IMG 5845

I must live a sad life if I consider this an adventure.

Adventure or not, it yielded a crap load of stringy things.

IMG 5846

The Trader Joe’s worker did comment on how I bought “quite the squash” when he saw how big it was. If they’re all the same price, you bet I would pick out the biggest one I could find.

Yay! Now I get to eat faux pasta every night for the next week!

While this was cookin’ in the microwave, I quickly threw together a lunch of Kashi curry rice pilaf + salsa + FF sour cream:

IMG 5839

And a Chocolate PB cup vitatop with a little bit of extra sunbutter πŸ˜‰

IMG 5844

Work…Michael’s to pick up something for this weekend…then dinner.

Sauteed broccoli + peas + pasta sauce + parm cheese over my squashy.

IMG 5848

Mmmm veggie overload.

IMG 5850

I think I had mine, yours, and the lady next door’s week’s worth of sodium in this meal. All I wanted afterwards was water…and a little somethin’ sweet.

IMG 5852

Snackage will occur later this night, and I’ll bet you $100 it will be hot chocolate + something with nut butter. Tip: don’t accept this bet since it’s pretty much what I have every night.

In other news, I came across an article in US magazine yesterday (read during my study break) about this little cartoon sketch that Fox aired showing a teammate poking fun at Tony Romo for dating Jessica Simpson “after she blew up bigger than [player] Flozell Adams” and also asking “Hey, is Jessica around? We could use a defensive tackle.” Honestly? I was shocked that anyone would really play something like this. Sure, Jessica Simpson has had some ups and downs with her weight, but so have we all. She’s a beautiful woman, and has been through so much criticism over the years. Give her a break! What good are such comments are leading to? What are your thoughts on this cartoon?


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Good News

Good News: I got my camera back! So you no longer have to suffer through artistic phone pictures (except on occasion) and Vlogs πŸ˜‰ Unless of course, you request them.

More good news: I had time yesterday morning to cook some real oats. Which meant oats in a jar! Oh baby oh baby.

IMG 0361-1

That would be cream cheese on top. My new obsession on oats.

IMG 0364-1

Great news: When the girlies nap for hours on end, leaving me mucho time to study.

Leftover Kashi pizza for lunchie.

IMG 5827-1

IMG 5829

And gingerbread yogurt + cereal for el snacko.

IMG 5833-1

+ an apple…unpictured.

Stupendous news: Lolli while being so studious.

IMG 5831

Unfortunate news: No dinner pictures. Too bad I came home starving, and literally ate my dinner standing at the counter before I realized that now having my camera, means that I should get back on track with taking actual photos.

Ehh just imagine 1 lonely last pizza slice & pancakes for din. Chocolate & froyo for dessert. And 2 mugs of hot chocolate for warm study snacks πŸ˜‰

Best news: the fact that I’m a couple quarters past Senioritis by now. If seniors get senioritis, then what do 5th year students get? 2 midterms tomorrow and I hardly even care. If that’s not good news something to be worried about, I don’t know what is.

Sorry I’ve been MIA from commenting – crazy midterms & essay week. Will be better hopefully by Thursday!

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First, off I want to say a huge congrats to my little sister Brookie for getting 2nd place on vault at her gymnastics meet this weekend πŸ™‚ 9.45 – her best score yet! I’m so proud of her πŸ˜€

Second, I’m glad you all enjoyed the le tour de France my house. Or at least pretended to like it. I’m kind of on the Vlog bandwagon now…or at least trying to make up for my lack of pictures and phone photo shots.

Last night I got a bit hungry while in bed, but was too lazy to head downstairs. Then I remembered I had the sample pack that One Lucky Duck sent me sitting on my desk!

Hmm…I’ve obvoiusly been enjoying these snacks unpictured on the blog :-/

IMG 0317-1

I’ve tried the Gingerbread cookies, and they were amazing. I loved the distinct taste of cashew in them. The Cheese-y Crackers crackers were also pretty tasty, although they had a strange aftertaste. But I loved the sharp taste! Last night I tried the Chocolate chips cookies and blech, was not a fan at all! Something was off and I couldn’t even eat one!

IMG 0318-1

But the granola bar was quite tasty! I enjoyed the whole thing πŸ™‚ I loved the sweet, sweet sticky texture from the honey. Yumm!

IMG 0337-1

This morning I woke up to prepare some pumpkin pancakes!

IMG 0338-1

Rather than using a recipe, I just used the boxed Quaker oatmeal pancake mix, and added pumpkin, cinnamon, & pumpkin pie spice. They were delicious, but not as good as my made from scratch WW oatmeal pancakes πŸ˜‰

Topped with pumpkin cream cheese, sunbutter, & maple syrup.

IMG 0340-1

Fueld my gym sesh quite nicely πŸ™‚

  • 2 mile run 6 mph
  • .25 mile walk
  • 1.5 mile run 6-8 mph intervals
  • 4 minute walk 10% incline

Total: 3.5 miles running, 4.5 miles total

I seriously hadn’t done intervals in years. When I was into running long distances, I would just run miles and miles at the same speed – no intervals involved. Back in the day (about 3 years ago) when I was just running on the treadmill for fitness, I ran intervals. And man did it feel good to go fast after going at a constant 6 mph TM pace these past few months!

Post-gym, I stopped by the froyo store to check if they had pumpkin flavor – and left a happy happy gal πŸ˜€

IMG 0349-1

~ 1 serving pumpkin + cake batter froyo with some chocolate syrup (I saved the rest of the froyo in the freezer for future consumption)

Sandwich thin with PB & J

IMG 0350-1

A delicious fuji.

IMG 5564

And a pumpkin smoothie “don’t jude me, okay?” smoothie.

IMG 5777-1

(recycled picture)

Boring afternoon of errands, studying, and party shopping procrastinating stuff.

And then dinner was thrown in the oven. Kashi black bean mexicali pizza topped with the last of my turkey pepps and some spinach.

IMG 0352-1

I only had 1/4 of this because I filled up on about 5 servings of broccoli. Oh well, more for later!

I did get hungry later on (obviously, after only 2 puny thin crust pizza slices) so helped myself to a treat I picked up earlier.

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookie!

IMG 0353-1

Warmed up in the microwave…..mmmmmm boy.

I also snagged this day old muffin (I think it was spelt bran pecan and berry?). Sorry the picture’s still in the wrapper – I don’t want to unwrap it until I actually plan to eat it.

IMG 0355-1

I may or may not have another Vlog surprise tomorrow to make up for my last day of non-real camera pics. Stay tuned!!

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**Still phone pictures** 😦

My hunger never calmed down last night, and post popcorn included the infamous Banana Whip!!

IMG 0329-1

OMG amaaaaazing. Definitely something only a food processer can do. Although my little food processer is so teeny, that it starts to smoke and gets so hot that it actually heats up the banana whip when it goes too long. So I’m not sure mine’s as light and airy as it’s supposed to be.

IMG 0330-1

And I also got a Halloween package from my grandma Sissie!

IMG 0334

Obviously dug in a bit already πŸ˜‰

IMG 0336-1

This morning was a re-make of something I haven’t had in a while. Waffle ‘Witch! (wow what a festive title, no?)

IMG 0331-1

Sandwiched between 2 Kashi honey oat waffles:

  • Scrambled eggs with some cheese
  • Garlic & herb cream cheese
  • Ketchup
  • Tomato

IMG 0333-1

To fully capture it in it’s glory, I’ll remind you of it when I had an actual photo from a real camera.

IMG 4823-1

IMG 4824-1

Except that one had guac in it, which mine did not 😦

I definitely got a lot accomplished today:

  • Costco
  • Old Navy returns/costum shopping
  • Post office
  • Studying/HW
  • Workout
  • Taking camera pics of my food (or not)

So to make up for my lack of pictures, I promised you something else exciting today, so here it is! My first Vlog!

I know a bunch of bloggers got on the house tour train a while ago, and I’ve been meaning to do it. Now that I don’t have my normal spectacular pictures to wow you all with, I thought it would be the perfect time.

(Please ignore the awkard ending. I didn’t know exactly how to say “bye”. And sorry my finger kept getting in the way of the lens. Also sorry if it’s grainy at parts due to lighting and makes you dizzy. I realized I moved the camera around a bit too much. Β I also like how the beginning shot is of beer. Β Nice πŸ˜‰ )

Enjoy πŸ™‚

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Tried out my knee strap for the second time today for aΒ 4 mile run broken up into:

  • 1.5 mile run; .2 mile walk
  • 1.5 mile run; .2 mile walk
  • 1 mile run; .2 mile walk

I originally wanted to go 5, but the knee was a bit sore. My knee strap feels pretty goodΒ while running – hardly any pain whatsover. But it’s just as sore as normal later in the day. So I’m not sure if it’s doing much work.

Hungry hungry today!

Post-workout snackie was so good, it was like dessert. I tried So Delicious Coconut chocolate yogurt!Β Wow. Topped with some Nature’s Path peanut butter granola.Β Amazing. I couldn’t get over how good it was.

IMG 0320

Definitely a treat.

Hungry an hour later –

IMG 0321

Hungry an hour later – unpictured bowl of frozen mangos.

Then dinner was some of this soup (chili?). (Old picture). Sooo good! Love it. I mixed in some pumpkin to make it more filling and pumpkin chili-ish. Great idea.

IMG 5049

Currently munching on olive oil + garlic salt popcorn and more snack definitely to come. I’m soΒ hungry today!

I wasn’t going to do Flashback Friday this week, but seeing as how I don’t have much going on in the photo department today, I thought I’d grace you with some flashback ones.

I don’t have many pictures on this computer pre-college, since I didn’t get a digital camera until my senior year. I do have a 2003 folder filled with random pictures that I suppose I got from my dad’s computer. Anyways, today I decided to grace you with my entire 2003’s random picture collection.

2003 consisted of partly Sophomore year and partly Junior year.

My neighbor/one of my best friends at school. His last day before moving to Colorado 😦


And this is when my sister and I went to wish him off to Coli (if it works for Cali why not Coli?)



Birthday celebration. Go Giants!!



Awww sleepovers πŸ™‚


And our obsession with Mary Kate & Ashley.


Swim meets!!! Love. Obviously was an “off” meet – why aren’t the other lanes filled?


Go me!


4th of July!! Hanging out to watch the fireworks.


Hanging out at our cabin.


Wow. Cool post-it notes guys.


And outside at the cabin.


Gingerbread House of 2003!! It’s a yearly tradition.


Pre-church on Christmas πŸ™‚ I miss you Papa πŸ™‚


And Christmas morn!! Remember playing with your new presents?


And looking quite happy at my sister’s birthday party.


I have so many other 2003 pictures that just must be on my other computer. Booo. But hope you enjoyed my 2003 folder tour!

Coming tomorrow: something else exciting!

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Camera Vacation

I’m glad you all enjoyed the letter to my body πŸ™‚ Honestly, it really helped. Yesterday when any type of negative thought entered my head I remembered what I wrote and I immediately revoked the thoughts. Try it!

I have sad news. I left my camera at work. And I’m not going back until next Tuesday. Waaaaah. 😦

I was going to post my yesterday’s eats since those pictures on are my camera. But it’s at work. 30 minutes away.

So it’ll be Iphone pictures for the next 4 days. Boo.

One thing I can say is that refined carboyhydrate pumpkin bagels do not a make a good lunch (as delicious as they are). Since I was starving again 2 hours later. And then again 2 hours after that. And then again soon after.

Breakfast this morning (bear with me here guys):

Pumpkin oats.

IMG 0316

The usual oatmeal mix

  • 1/3 cup multigrain oats, 1/3 c soymilk, 1/3 c water
  • Pumpkin, cinnamon, pie spice
  • 2 egg whites
  • Earth balance PB

Topped with

  • Banana nut cheerios
  • Nature’s Path peanut butter granola
  • Sunbutter
  • Pumpkin cream cheese

IMG 0315-1

First time trying the PB granola and it was okay. All right, it was good, but not my fave of their granolas. I actually couldn’t detect any PB flavor at all. Pumpkin flax and vanilla still win.

On today agenda:

  • Sleep in
  • Make Breakfast
  • Class
  • Gym
  • Halloween party shopping
  • Study/HW

Fun Friday, right?

Song of the moment (aka song stuck in my head): Luke Bryon’s “Do I”. For anyone who has seen the music video (yes I’m lame and watch country music videos – it’s really just my form of “radio” in the morning), my sister and I are super confused as to who’s the husband, who’s the cheater…what’s going on? Okay, I’m out.

Sorry such a poopy post, but I’m picture-less and gotta get to class!

Happy Friday!!

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As I’m sure many of you know, today is Love Your Body Day. My school actually had a 2-day event on Monday and Tuesday with speakers, booths, and activities that I couldn’t make it to 😦 My roommate ran one of the booths though. She said it was awesome πŸ™‚ In honor of this day, I’m giving my body an extra pat on the back and some lovin’ tonight.


Dearest Body of mine,

You know what’s strange? We spend every minute, every second, every waking moment together, yet I don’t think we have a very close relationship. As much as I should appreciate you, I’ve given you such a hard time over the years, and never gave you the trust you deserve.

You’ve served me well for so many years (22 years, 6 months, and 6 days to be exact), allowing me to breathe fresh air and freshly baked cookies; see the ones I love and the bright colors of a rainbow; hear teachers lectures and the sounds of country music; taste my favorite foods and and ones I could live without; and touch the prickly grass or my little sister’s hand. You’ve given me something that we only get one of, something that so many people get taken away in an instant, something that we all take for granted – a life. You’ve allowed me to laugh, to cry, to love, to run – to do everything I’ve ever done.

I’ve given you a hard time about your thick legs. But those legs are strong and have carried me many miles. I’ve given you a hard time about your poochy belly. But that belly is mine and no one else’s. I’ve given you a hard time about overeating. But I need to learn to trust you and know that you want what’s best for me.

Dear body, I thank you. And here’s something I’ve actually never said to you, and something I should say to you more often – I love you.

Love, Tay (The “Brain” to your body)

What have you done to appreciate your body today?

I completely overslept my alarm by almost an hour this morning (I have been dead tired lately!) So I literally threw my breakfast in a to-go container, and ate it during class. But if you really want to see what I had, check out last Wednesday, or here, or over there. I really am starting a tradition.

Although my oats today were banana-less. And let me tell you, a mashed banana makes all. The. Difference. Definitely not as good.

I then gave up my scheduled gym time to study. Sometimes it’s hard to realize that school does come first. Le sigh.

Snack/lunch#1 (you can call it whatever you want – be my guest) in class.

SB&J (sunbutter & jam) on sandwich thin.

IMG 0307-1

Wow – that looks fabulous.

+ a giant apple larger than my head.

I brought along a couple more snacks to work to make up for my “lunch”, but ended up eating a slice of this turkey eggplant lasagna.

IMG 5790

How could I resist that? This calmed my hunger, but then…

Attack of the Munchies!! Unfortunately, I had no gum, but I dug into a bag of BBQ kettle chips.

IMG 5793

And carrots

IMG 5795

Eventually the munchies departed on their merry little way.

Once home, I made something that’s been missing from my life for quite a while.

No..not a man. 😦

Pumpkin French Toast!

IMG 5796

Okay – so they look like pancakes, but I swear it was french toast thins. Sandwich thins to be exact (can you tell I recently brought back a bag of them from home?)

I’ve seen pumpkin french toast on April’s blog over and over again, and finally remembered to make some. I soaked 3 sandwich thin slices in a mixture of:

  • 3 egg whites
  • Pumpkin
  • Splash of soymilk
  • Pumpkin pie spice
  • Maple syrup

Then fried those suckers up.

IMG 5801-1

Each layer was topped off with a mix of pumpkin cream cheese, sunbutter, plain oikos, and Banana Nut Cheerios.

IMG 5799-1

Mmmmm. While delicious, it was a bit too soggy for my taste. I think I used too much pumpkin and it couldn’t get “crispy.” Or maybe it was the sandwich thins. Or maybe they were just delicious either way.

Open up!


IMG 5803-1

Followed by agave-drizzled raspberries.

IMG 5720

And a couple of these mini-dudettes (yes they’re girl cookies apparently) that I received in the mail.

IMG 5813

I tried the orange mint.

IMG 5812

I did not think I would like orange and mint together at all, but they were actually quite tasty! And at 25 calories per piece – not bad.

Oh! I can’t believe I forgot to tell you guys!

Love Your Body Day turns into Love Your Kitchen Appliance Night.

IMG 5808

My grandma gave me a food processor! I’m sure it’s the not the sharpest tool blade in the shed catalogue, but it will do to make some banana whip. Thank you Sissie!

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