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Camera oh Camera

Hola mi amigos!  (I do not know if that is proper terminology, I never took Spanish in high school.  French.  And even still I don’t know much French).

So I seem to have the worst luck with cameras. 

I dropped and broke my 4-year old Camera Celeste (yes, her name) about 1 1/2 years ago.

I went a couple months taking pics with my Iphone until I got a new camera for Christmas.

And then I lost my 6 month new camera Antonio (yes, his name) last June.

So then I went 6 months taking Iphone pics again before I finally splurged and bought myself a camera in December. 

(Looked like this for the record):



Then, about a month ago, I had the little battery/card window open to put pictures on my computer.  My camera was on my bed, and when I went to get up on my bed myself, I kneed on the door hinge, and it popped off.  And I can’t get it back on Sad smile And the camera won’t turn on without the door on.  I was sooooooo upset.  Are you (*%&*(&(*^&%(&** kidding me?!?  My second BRAND NEW camera in less than a year. 

I’m hoping my Dad can fix it.  Or he said I can probably send it in and pay to have it fixed.  GAR!

So that is my excuse for not blogging as much.  I’m just not motivated with crappy Iphone pics!!  I’m sorry.

But I’ve captured a few things!  Such as my beautiful blooming flowers Smile


My breakfast of choice this week – cottage cheese + strawberries.


With about 5x that amount of trail mix added in.



And my 20+ minute long gas getting adventures.  5 cars back in line for gas at Costco.  Cheapest in the area – and it’s still $4.17 a gallon.  Yikes.


Other gas stations around here are averaging $4.35 for the cheapest.  People are freaking out over this (yes, I am too), but I remember a couple summers ago when it was in the high $4.00 range.  Everyone was curious if it was going to make it to $5.00.  But then it started to drop again.  I hope it does the same this year!!

And just for fun – back in 2006 on our walk to a party when gas was CRAZY high for back then.  I remember we were like “Let’s take a picture – this is ridiculous!!”


(May 2006)

And then to keep up with tradition, we took another one on another walk past the same gas station later that year. 


(September 2006)

I wish it was that low now!!


How much is gas where you live?


Is there a certain electronic (camera, phones) or anything in general you seem to have the worst luck with?

I also seem to have awful awful luck with earrings.  I got a pair of diamond studs for my 8th grade graduation, and lost them the next year during swim practice. 

Then I got another nice pair of real earrings for high school graduation, and lost one of them working out at the gym (still have one of the studs though).

Then I got another pair of diamond studs for college graduation, and lost one within a few months while swimming again.  You’d think I’d learned my lesson to take earrings out while swimming, but this one was in my cartilage under my swim cap.  I thought it was safe!!

I also almost lost another nice pair of earrings a month ago when I realized the back had fallen off.  Luckily I felt it in time before the earring portion fell out of my ear.

And that’s not counting the numerous hoops and other cheap studs I’ve managed to lose.  It’s ridiculous!


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Day of my birth

Keep in mind this was supposed to go up yesterday, but I got distracted….

April 15 might mean one thing to most of you: TAX DAY.

But to me, April 15 always means…my birthday! Smile



Keys to a successful birthday:

1. Cake flavor.  In any shape or form.  While Funfetti Pancakes seem to be popular around here for birthdays, I didn’t have much time to make pancakes this morning.  And I’m on such a god-awful cottage cheese kick. 

Cake Batter Cottage Cheese!!


Don’t even knock it ‘till you’ve tried it.  It tasted like thick gooey cake batter.  Yummmmm.


And I definitely went back for seconds.

2. A good gym sesh.  Too bad I skipped this and slept in instead Winking smile

3. Monster salad beast is a must for birthdays Open-mouthed smile


I don’t even know what was in said Beast, but it consisted of normal salad fixins’ plus a scoop of Hawaiian Tempah, cashew chicken salad, and…..something else from the hot bar.

And it’s a good thing I didn’t buy a dessert because this arrived shortly after I got home:

4. More cake.  This time in heaven form:


Seriously people.  A deep dish S’mores pie (from Costco – where else would my family shop?).  My daddy knows me well Open-mouthed smile


5. Beautiful flowers.  Flowers are a tradition on our birthdays.  My dad would always come home from work every birthday with a bouquet (from…uh…Costco).  LOVE.


Tonight is pretty low key.  Just grabbing some dinner, and then going out with friends! 


Foot/PT update: I stopped going to PT for the time being as it wasn’t drastically helping, it’s expensive, and I’m running out of appointments (due to insurance).  I caved last week and got The Boot.  Nothing is helping.  And I’m getting desperate here.  I know many people don’t recommend booting up, but I’m hoping it helps since I walk SO MUCH at work.  We will see. 

Which brings me to successful tip

6. Actually getting dressed in real clothes (and not the workout clothes I wear everyday).  Sexy boot isn’t it? Winking smile


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I wish I had a picture of my outfit from St. Patty’s Day.  Think knee high green & black striped socks, skirt, green shirt, green eyeshadow, and a very classy headband which I threw away last night on my walk home (hey – it was annoying.  And I was trying to walk and eat a slice of pizza at the same time).

I wish I was young and my stomach could handle alcohol (says the 23 year old).  I have lots of acid reflux/stomach/heart burn problems (I wouldn’t be surprised if I have an ulcer of some sort).  And lately alcohol has done quite the number on my stomach the next day.  I mean awful awful hangover.  The type of hangover you’d expect to get if you had one of The Hangover type of nights.  Except I didn’t.



I wish I remembered to take pictures of all my eats yesterday.  I started the day out intending to.

My morning started at 5:20 am with coffee.  Yummmmmm.


And then a class at the gym I’ve been enjoying recently.  It’s called “Power” and it consists of a complete full body strength workout.  I like it because it uses the bar (which I wouldn’t use on my own).  And specific body parts at targeted each song (biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, squats, lunges, abs, etc). 

I dislike it because I still feel like I need more upper body strength work afterwards.  About half is devoted to lower body work as well, which I don’t necessarily want to do every class.  Especially because of my foot/ankle pain.

Then came home for some cottage cheese + pumpkin + cinnamon action.  With strawberry jam.


Another cottage cheese container down.  I’m obsessed.  (Remember this is Costco sized.  AKA 11 servings of the goodness in there.  Massive)


Very photogenic snack at work – a small bit of Fage.  I seem to enjoy eating out of containers.


And coffee + a biscuit.  A baby teething biscuit to be exact.  But they are DELICIOUS.  (Not gonna lie)


I wish I had more time to make a better looking lunch.  But in reality, I had 15 minutes.

Veggie patty topped with Laughing Cow cheese & Trader Joe’s awesome sweet & spicy mustard.


And some Hot & Sour soup from Costco.  Really good soup that I could eat the whole container of.  Except each serving has like 30-40% of the DV sodium.  I don’t really care about my sodium at all, but it is SALTY.


Yummy chunks.  But they do kind of gross me out in a way.  Reminds me of squid?


And then the picture taking went downhill….I tried!

I wish I could say I love Panera.  But every time I go there I end up somewhat disappointed.

I got the BBQ Chicken Salad and Pesto Vegetable Soup (although I tasted nor saw no pesto??).  They gave me a spoon and knife (why knife?), but no fork!


I’m not a butter fan at all, but was really craving it on my bread today.  The baguette was definitely the best part of the meal.


I wish my ankle was back to normal.  It’s so frustrating Sad smile Hopefully physical therapy performs wonders since everything else seems to be making it worse.

Attractive taping to help my arch.


Nice close-up of my slightly hairy and goose bumpy legs.  Post-going out next morning messy room in the background.  Classy.


What did you do to celebrate St. Patrick’s day?  Anything?  Green food?  Green costumes?  Green beer?

I had my first green beer last night!

What are your favorites to get at Panera?

I do like the Fuji Apple salad.  The Thai salad was kind of sparse last time.  And their sandwiches I’ve gotten have been kind of sparse too (many more better delis around here).  Recommendations for something spectacular??

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Mug Time

Hi friends. 

Today hasn’t been as productive of a day as I’d hoped.  I did head to Costco after my morning nanny job to pick up some food items.  I local gym is offering no enrollment fee if you bring in 50 items of food. 

24 cup of noodles and 26 granola bars?  Hope they accept that! Winking smile

Not that I even have time to go to the gym, but I’m thinking of joining.

However, the membership fee is still $50/month.  Not bad for such a nice place (it’s more of a club and has a pool, exercise classes, etc).  I can join my old college’s gym for $20/month, but it’s always so crowded, exercise classes cost extra, and there’s always beefed up too-cool-for-school dudes working out and checking out the ladies. 

Decisions decisions.


Yesterday I purchased a pumpkin scone on impulse at Borders.  I see pumpkin.  I want pumpkin.  And it’s going out of style season soon.


This morning I crumbled half of it over some Fage.  (Greek yogurt addiction is re-sparked, and I took advantage of the Fage sale at Vons).


But first, I mixed the peanut flour and pumpkin butter into the yogurt to flavor and sweeten it up a bit.  Instant peanut butter pumpkin yogurt!


Then topped with the delicious scone.


I am not a scone person, but this one was so good.  Soft, yet crumbly – almost muffiny tasting.  Much better than Starbucks’ pumpkin scone.


At work I snacked on unpictured handful of veggie booty & prunes.  They’re actually tasty.  And I’m not sure why they’re known for “constipation relief,” so to speak.  There’s not a ton of fiber per serving (3 grams).  There are much higher fiber foods out there.

Turkey stuffed bell pepper (from TJs) for lunch:


And then I headed off to Costco where it was samples galore! I should have snapped pictures, but here’s the lowdown:

  • Peppermint bark (tiniest tiniest piece)
  • 1/3 chocolate truffle (another tiny piece)
  • Pumpkin swirl bread (a good sized piece)
  • Pumpkin raisin bread
  • 1/2 mozzarella stick
  • Brownie nibblin’
  • Tortilla chips
  • Something else I don’t remember.  Now it’s really bugging me what it was

I even skipped the chicken sausage/chicken burger station.  It was crowded and I was stuffed.

I walked into Costco not needing a single thing.

I walked out of Costco $38 poorer. 



I didn’t think I would be hungry until dinner, but alas:


Cottage cheese – come out come out wherever you are!



Dinner was just leftover chicken gumbo soup I brought home from work the other night.


I was apparently in a mug-mood today.

 Plus a big ol’ bowl of steamed green beans.  Mixed with cheese.  Because cheese makes everything better.


This was all followed by a wine + brownies + cookies night with the roommates.  We attempted to watch Toy Story 3, but that didn’t happen.  I had a bit too many glasses to go along with my “no sweets and drinking plan.”  Not too many to feel drunk/hungover.  I am quite a “heavy-weight” after all. But too many to fit into my “healthy” budget I’m trying out here.

Oh well.  Wine can be healthy….right?

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BREAKING NEWS: I now have internet!! I even set it up without once calling my dad for help 🙂 Oh the empowerment of such things.

And since it’s now Thursday, it’s only appropriate that I catch you up on the week’s adventures.

Monday morning started with toast on cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread.

IMG 1153-1

Then I headed out on what I wanted to be a 6 miler. But it was pretty warm when I set out. And I was thirsty. And the area I live now is pretty boring for running. My old house was near many different routes I could take, including many neighborhoods to wind in and out of. My new place is in a more commercial district and there’s really only 2-3 straight shot paths I can take. I did a loop that I’m sure will become a staple that ended up being 4.5 miles. Then tacked on another .5 mile at the end.

Distance: 5 miles
Time: 45:56
Avg pace: 8:59

BOOYA!!!! I definitely wanted to get below 9 minute miles and I did! Sure it might have been 8:59, but it’s below 9, which equals 8. No rounding up in my book. Since my injury, I’ve been running mainly 9-10 min mile pace, so I was happy. I guess there’s an upside to living around straight shot flat land, rather than giant hills.

I came back, fiddled with our new broken shower (which the landlord seems not to want to deal with), grabbed a quick lunch, and headed off to nannying.

PB&J never fails when in a hurry.

IMG 1244-2

Monday’s dinner at work was delicious. I love cauliflower. And this couscous was amaze.

IMG 1264

I also got a flat bread pizza, which I obviously didn’t need all of after the side entree of couscous. So I had one slice.

IMG 1265-1

And left room for dessert – S’mores pudding parfait. Yes. There are marshmallows on the bottom.

IMG 1266

Tuesday morning consisted of a cottage cheese mess bowl.

IMG 1240

In the cottage cheese container since it was near empty. CIACCC (cereal in a cottage cheese container).

IMG 1229

I got this cottage cheese because it was on “Introductory super sale” for like $1.50. I’m not a huge fan of the added fiber to things. I feel like it’s used to make things lower calories, lower “net carbs”, etc. And I’d rather get my natural fiber from natural sources. But I feel it is good for people who do struggle to get their fiber in – although whole foods should be pushed! But it was actually very tasty!!

I ate the last bit of the banana with some chocolate hazelcrack nut butter.

IMG 1242-1

I’m so happy to be moved in with my own dishes – my mugs are back!!

IMG 1269-1

At work, the 3-year old and I walked the 15 minutes to Jamba Juice downtown. She got the Orange A-peel, and we had it split in 2 kids cups (did you know you could do that?! I didn’t).

Sure, I’ll take the other kids cup.

IMG 1271

I also had a “buy 1 get 1 free” coupon and used it to get a very special smoothie I’ve wanted to try since last year.

Well, doesn’t that look nasty.

IMG 1272-1

Pumpkin Smash smoothie!!!!! I took only a couple sips of this thing to try it ASAP, and it was SWEET. So sweet I actually puckered up a bit. I asked them if there was a way to make it “lighter,” and they really didn’t know. I think I would look into this more. But until then, I make my own pumpkin smoothies quite delicious, thank you 🙂

I’m losing you aren’t I? Ok I’ll hurry up through the rest of Tuesday and onto Wednesday.

Lunch was leftover flatbread pizza.

IMG 1273

And I think I had a fruit salad cottage cheese mixture on my way out the door to work. I think.

Dinner was unphotograped but it was soup, salad and rice. Meh.

But dessert was phenom. Cake batter & dulce de leche froyo with the most necessary toppings known to mankind – crushed oreos and chocolate sauce. And a bit of cookie dough. Oh and I wanted to try those mochi balls(?). Not a fan.

IMG 0287-1

Moving onto Wednesday, I honestly can’t find a picture of my breakfast. I think it was oatmeal. So sorry, this has been a crazy week.

I randomly snacked at work, and then picked up a salad at TJs while picking up groceries for my nannying family. My old roommate always raved about this Spa Salad (I think it’s the spa salad – I could be wrong).

Rip-off!!! Where did my mandarin oranges run off to?

IMG 1275-1

It comes with chicken, mandarin oranges (supposedly), cheese (also seemed to be missing that?), grapes, and a curry dressing. Over lettuce and some type of noodles.

IMG 1276-1

On second thought I added some of my new hummus as well.

IMG 1277-1

Pretty good. But I probably wouldn’t buy again.

Mmm splurge-worthy hummus.

IMG 1278-1

A bit basily for my taste (and I love basil!!). I want to try the plain white bean hummus next.

IMG 1279-1

The rest of the day went unphotographed again, but let me just say it contained parmesan crusted potatoes, peach crisp, and a brownie pudding parfait. Yes sir. Or Ma’am.

I’ll try to recap today during tomorrow’s post so as not to overwhelm you. I’m just so happy to have internet!!!

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Happy happy Monday! I’m tired, it’s late (10:25 is late to me), so I’m seriously just going to make this quick and simple and probably very pointless.


IMG 1110

  • 1/4 cups oats + 1/4 cup wheat bran
  • 1/2 cup almond milk + 1/2 cup water
  • 2 egg whites
  • Cinnamon & maple syrup
  • Peanut flour

IMG 1111


  • 1 nectarine
  • Strawberry & grape jam (I ran out – but snagged a few little containers from work 😉 )
  • Vanilla-pera butter
  • Maple PB

IMG 1112

I got super weird feeling only 2 1/2 hours later, and I couldn’t tell if it was a caffeine crash, or actual hunger. That’s what sucks about my type of hunger (headache, shaky, lightheaded, heat flashes). It’s hard to sometimes tell if I’m truly hungry. I had an apple just in case. It helped.

IMG 1114-1

And 2 honey pretzel sticks & a handful of cereal at work.

After dealing with starting up some utilities in my new place for a couple hours, I finally got to have some lunch.

English muffin pizza.

IMG 1116-1

And canned green beans topped with pasta sauce & parm cheese.

IMG 1115

Right before work I had another snack. Not from hunger. But because I knew I’d need it.

Now, that looks delicious :-/

IMG 1117-1

But it really was. Plus it was .65 cents at the store reduced for “quick sale.” Okay I’ll take it.

IMG 1118-1

I love sweet cottage cheese.

Dinner at work – chicken marsala, wild rice blend, and basil green beans.

IMG 1119-1

The chicken was good. The rice was delicious. The beans were okay. Then I found out the chicken sauce was made with a beef base. Well that’s cool – maybe make that known next time?

After work, I hit up my coworker’s “taco night” at her place. Had a few bites of a homemade fried taco and a Corona. I pretended I was drinking like this:


It didn’t work.


Plus I had a cookie from work. I didn’t take a picture. There’s one left but I don’t feel like getting up and taking a picture of that one right now either. Deal. I’ll show you tomorrow. I promise.


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First off, thank you very much for all your votes and kind comments on my 2 dress options! Very helpful 🙂

Second….Yay overnight oats I’ve missed you!!

IMG 7223-1

That is one orange bowl :-/

Soaked overnight:

  • 1/3 cup oats + 1/3 cup wheat bran 2/3 cup milk
  • Cinnamon & maple syrup
  • Raisins
  • Pumpkin
  • Almond butter

In the morning:

  • 1/2 container of yogurt stirred in
  • Life cereal on top (I love the crunch)

My stomach felt off all yesterday morning and into the early afternoon. So my eats were a bit random.

Snacked on pita chips

IMG 7227

And carrots

IMG 7228

And “lunch” was in 2 parts. Amy’s all-American veggie burger with the necessary condiments.

IMG 7229-1

And then a small cereal bowl an hour or so later.

IMG 7231-1

  • Low fat cottage cheese
  • Nature’s Path multigran flakes
  • Banana

IMG 7232

Oh I guess my tum-tum was feeling okay enough for these guys 😉

IMG 7230

There was literally a tornado here a couple days ago (okay, as close to a tornado as California’s going to get), and we spent the morning picking up all the twigs, leaves and branches. Check out her legit gardening gloves! 😉

IMG 7226

So cute so cute.

After work I had a job interview. Okay, it was only at Old Navy, but a job is a job folks. And I need one.

Post-interview snackage (x2 – I had already eaten half the apple by this point).

IMG 7233-1

And dinner!! Delicious delicious dinner 😀

IMG 7220

I had this amazingly delicious butternut squash pasta sauce and knew right away I wanted to make lasagna with it. I used 2 mini pans (meatloaf sized).

Butternut Squash Lasagna

  • Whole wheat lasagna noodles
  • 1 lb ground turkey
  • 1 jar Dave’s Gourmet butternut squash pasta sauce
  • Mushrooms
  • Onion
  • 16 oz cottage cheese (I like it better than ricotta)
  • Italian blend cheese (I like it better than mozzarella)

1. Chop up mushrooms and onions and sautee in olive oil.
2. Cook ground turkey on the stove.
3. I then layered everything pretty randomly. Pasta sauce, cottage cheese, noodle, ground turkey, mushrooms/onions, cheese, pasta sauce…etc. I kind of winged it 😉
4. The top layer was lasagna noodle, pasta sauce, and then cheese to top it off.
5. Bake at 375 for 45 minutes with tin foil on. Remove tin foil and cook an additional 15-30 minutes (until hot in the middle).

Sorry it’s not very structural. I would recommend no mushrooms or onions. As much as I really wanted veggies in it, the flavor/textures just didn’t go well with the sauce I didn’t think. This sauce makes the dish. My mom bought it for me at Costco (she called me ASAP when she saw it!) and it’s sooooo good. I can’t wait to open up and use the other jar!

The rest of the night was filled with unpictured eats such as popcorn with Reese’s Pieces (not as good together as my sister tried to convince me it was), and strawberries with chocolate sauce (thank you roommate for the inspiration!). So much sweet. Must. Cut. Down. Oh well 😉

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