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New Obsession

I’m obsessed. 


Frozen blueberries.  Topped with peanut sauce (mixture of peanut flour, almond milk, dash of salt, and a bit of cream cheese.  I’ve also mixed in honey apple butter for a bit of sweetness before).

It. Is. SO. Good.  The peanut sauce hardens a bit due to the frozen blueberries.  And as you eat, the blueberries slightly defrost making them a little mushy/easier to eat.  It seriously tastes like peanutty blueberry-ish ice cream.  I’m not joking. 

I’ve had it every night this week.  And maybe twiceWinking smile

Can’t. Get. Over. It.


Today I was feeling a bit off (thank you Cinco de Mayo celebrating last night).

I had a waffle at some point this morning.

And then leftover cream of broccoli soup before work this afternoon.

I snacked a bunch of this crack at work:


I’m quite serious when I say crack.  I’m not sure how Trader Joe’s finds it legal to sell this stuff.


And some iced coffee thank bajesus. 


After having a bowl of Blueberry-Peanut-Butter-Delight (what I shall call my new love), my body told me it was craving something fatty and Chinesey (I shall thank my roommate who had me looking at Thai food menus online).

Panda Express to the rescue!  Dude, that lady OVERLOADED my tray with almost twice as much food as normal.  And I ate it all.


String bean chicken.


Mushroom chicken.


And I had a free entrée coupon (check the back of your receipts people!!) so I tried the Mandarin Chicken.


Yuck.  Slimy, greasy, chewy, yucky taste.  I did not like. 


Is it bad luck if you (accidentally) rip your fortune in half?



Did you do anything to celebrate the 5th of May?

First off – happy birthday to my sister!!  (well it was yesterday)  But besides that I just went to a Mexican restaurant/bar with friends.  It was fun!  But an interesting night…I wish I could have partaken in margarita happy hour! Winking smile


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I couldn’t decide on a title today.  Some of my options were:

  • Sweet Crepe!
  • Champagne in the Mornin’
  • Panera take 3

You see, I opened this jar of jam the other night and at first thought something was wrong.  It was so….chunky!!  And then at first taste, I tasted vague hint of alcohol.  Bummer Sad smile The jam must be bad.

I took another bite.  Yes.  Definitely some alcohol.  Then I noticed the name.


Awww champagne.  Yes, now that makes sense.  And the chunks?  My friends, that was just the overload of blueberries.  So amazed.  And So delicious.  I am obsessed.

I mixed it with some cream cheese to top my protein pancakes with.


Pancakes made with:

  • 2 egg whites
  • 1/4 cup wheat bran
  • 2 Tbsp whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • Cinnamon
  • 1 packet stevia
  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • Almond milk
  • ~1/4 cup pumpkin


Delicious, but these pancakes were so moist, they took FOR-EV-ER (Sandlot anyone??) to cook. 

And the next morning I decided to make a sweet crepe.  Egg white omelet filled with the blueberry jam + cream cheese mixture.  With 2 1 1/2 Morningstar sausage patties on the side.  I might’ve been feeling nibbly.


It’s been rainy here.  Very. Very. Rainy.


And now I’m at Panera blogging away.  I got off work early, and felt the need to come somewhere productive to blog. 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t turn down the “.99 cent pastry with any meal + drink purchase.”  Darn.


I longingly eye this Cobblestone pasty roll thing every time I’ve been to Panera. 


Honestly?  It looks good.  But isn’t great.  It basically tastes like cinnamon raisin bread with a tiny bit of frosting drizzle.  I was expecting more of a cinnamon roll type of flavor.  I nibbled on half before my meal came.

Chicken Fuji Apple salad + black bean soup + whole grain baguette. 


Considering the fact that I snacked a lot at work this morning, I am now stuffed.  Drinking carbonated soda doesn’t help either Winking smile

Panera take three was a bit more of a success than my past visits.  Although my baguette was a bit on the burnt side.  Here’s my ranking so far (based on what I’ve gotten here within the 3 visits since it opened):

1. Fuji apple salad
2. BBQ chopped salad
3. Thai chicken salad

1. Chicken noodle soup
2. Black bean soup
3. Vegetable pesto soup

There salads are just so…..skimpy!!  Definitely needs more to it.  But the baguette still ranks #1 in my heart.  I love it.

I have to say once on vacation I got a turkey sandwich on their cinnamon raisin bread.  Sounds odd.  But it was amaze.  Sweet + savory peeps.  Do it.


What’s your favorite pastry?

I’m not a big pastry person.  Okay, that’s kind of lying.  They taste delicious.  But I can easily turn them down.  I definitely like sweet, doughy, frosting covered things.  Or an ooey gooey caramely baked good.  I’m not a fan of flaky things (think croissants or scones). 

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I wish I had a picture of my outfit from St. Patty’s Day.  Think knee high green & black striped socks, skirt, green shirt, green eyeshadow, and a very classy headband which I threw away last night on my walk home (hey – it was annoying.  And I was trying to walk and eat a slice of pizza at the same time).

I wish I was young and my stomach could handle alcohol (says the 23 year old).  I have lots of acid reflux/stomach/heart burn problems (I wouldn’t be surprised if I have an ulcer of some sort).  And lately alcohol has done quite the number on my stomach the next day.  I mean awful awful hangover.  The type of hangover you’d expect to get if you had one of The Hangover type of nights.  Except I didn’t.



I wish I remembered to take pictures of all my eats yesterday.  I started the day out intending to.

My morning started at 5:20 am with coffee.  Yummmmmm.


And then a class at the gym I’ve been enjoying recently.  It’s called “Power” and it consists of a complete full body strength workout.  I like it because it uses the bar (which I wouldn’t use on my own).  And specific body parts at targeted each song (biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, squats, lunges, abs, etc). 

I dislike it because I still feel like I need more upper body strength work afterwards.  About half is devoted to lower body work as well, which I don’t necessarily want to do every class.  Especially because of my foot/ankle pain.

Then came home for some cottage cheese + pumpkin + cinnamon action.  With strawberry jam.


Another cottage cheese container down.  I’m obsessed.  (Remember this is Costco sized.  AKA 11 servings of the goodness in there.  Massive)


Very photogenic snack at work – a small bit of Fage.  I seem to enjoy eating out of containers.


And coffee + a biscuit.  A baby teething biscuit to be exact.  But they are DELICIOUS.  (Not gonna lie)


I wish I had more time to make a better looking lunch.  But in reality, I had 15 minutes.

Veggie patty topped with Laughing Cow cheese & Trader Joe’s awesome sweet & spicy mustard.


And some Hot & Sour soup from Costco.  Really good soup that I could eat the whole container of.  Except each serving has like 30-40% of the DV sodium.  I don’t really care about my sodium at all, but it is SALTY.


Yummy chunks.  But they do kind of gross me out in a way.  Reminds me of squid?


And then the picture taking went downhill….I tried!

I wish I could say I love Panera.  But every time I go there I end up somewhat disappointed.

I got the BBQ Chicken Salad and Pesto Vegetable Soup (although I tasted nor saw no pesto??).  They gave me a spoon and knife (why knife?), but no fork!


I’m not a butter fan at all, but was really craving it on my bread today.  The baguette was definitely the best part of the meal.


I wish my ankle was back to normal.  It’s so frustrating Sad smile Hopefully physical therapy performs wonders since everything else seems to be making it worse.

Attractive taping to help my arch.


Nice close-up of my slightly hairy and goose bumpy legs.  Post-going out next morning messy room in the background.  Classy.


What did you do to celebrate St. Patrick’s day?  Anything?  Green food?  Green costumes?  Green beer?

I had my first green beer last night!

What are your favorites to get at Panera?

I do like the Fuji Apple salad.  The Thai salad was kind of sparse last time.  And their sandwiches I’ve gotten have been kind of sparse too (many more better delis around here).  Recommendations for something spectacular??

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Work Lessons

Things I’ve learned at work (the Foodie edition):

1. Take advantage of going out to lunch.  If someone’s paying for your meal (and they really don’t care what you order), order what you want!


For example, an expensive salad that I got to add chicken to at California Pizza Kitchen.  Roasted Vegetable Salad + chicken. 


(Moroccan Chicken Salad is 1 million times better, by the way).


2. Get creative in the kitchen while the baby is sleeping.  Instead of a plain old sandwich (PB&J for instance)…


Make a pulled BBQ chicken sandwich with rotisserie chicken! 



3. Holiday seasons will do you in.  Hello candy and treats galore!





**Insert peppermint mocha brownie here**

recipe_image_1020 (1)


4. Sometimes it worth it to eat red meat.  Such as in this Monte Cristo sandwich: French toast bread sandwich with cheese & ham, deep fried, and then drizzled with homemade strawberry syrup.

I about gagged when I heard about it.  But look at this beast!  I was this close to trying a piece (ham and all!), but I ended up picking out the ham.  Wow.  The strawberry sauce actually went very very well!


(Made by one of the chefs at work)


5. I better get to work and make myself up in the world to have a view like this:


(Bad lighting – that’s the ocean in the background).

Or marry an anesthesiologist.  Either one.



6. Take food if your boss gives is going to throw it away.  For example: She mentions these odd “Vita-top muffins” her mom bought her that have been in the freezer forever. 

You say: “Oh!  I love Vita-top muffins!”  Hope and cross fingers she’ll offer you them

Yay.  Ignore fact that they expired in April and are slightly freezer burnt. 



7. Babies are adorable.


Toddlers are hilarious.


Adults  grown-ups  Early 20-year olds can’t pull it off.


(I guess babies seem to find me hilarious?  Hence the baby’s face in the background)


8. Babies are also good birth control.


Anything great that work has taught you?  How do you take advantage of your “work perks?”

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After Thanksgiving, I made myself a goal not to grocery shop until I go home for Christmas.

Yes, that would be 4 weeks without grocery shopping.

Keep in mind that besides breakfast (which I eat at home everyday), I only eat about 2-5 meals at home a week (2-4 dinners, and anywhere from 2-4 lunches). 



  • Breakfast – home
  • Lunch – possibly & usually at nannying (depending on how late I nanny)
  • Dinner – at the hospital


  • Breakfast – home
  • Lunch & Dinner – both or either possibly at nannying depending.

Sat & Sun:

  • Small breakfast (snack) – home
  • Large breakfast – hospital
  • Lunch – at the hospital
  • Afternoon snack (because let’s face it, I get hungry between an 11:00 lunch and dinner) – at home
  • Dinner – at home or at nannying


Honestly, I try and eat at nannying if I can.  Often times, they have nothing for lunch, so I’ll eat at home.  But if I have a night-time job, I’ll usually wait and eat dinner over there. 

So, since I already have a stock-up of such foods in my pantry/freezer:

  • Cereal
  • Pancake mix
  • Oatmeal
  • Eggs
  • A few bars
  • Soup
  • Chili
  • Sweet potato
  • Ground turkey
  • Frozen veggies
  • Chicken sausages
  • Condiments – 1 jar jam, dressings, syrup, 1 jar peanut butter, etc.

I knew I could do it.  I’m allowing myself to shop for

  • almond milk (I get it at Food4Less for a crazy good deal.  I also dislike cow’s milk, and I get almond milk for the same price as soymilk is)
  • eggs
  • coffee grounds (if I run out of my current stash)
  • occasional yogurt as needed (especially since I enjoy yogurt as breakfast, afternoon, and nighttime snacks)

If I run out of food – cereal it is!  But seriously, I don’t think I will.  It took me 3 days to eat leftovers I had from when my boss took me out to Thai food.  And if you know me, I was thinking about those leftovers for days.  I just never had the opportunity to eat them.

Cashew chicken + brown rice = my first going out to Thai experience.  YUM.


This was after a breakfast of delicious overnight oats.  Which I hadn’t had for quite some time.


I made a mix of peanut flour + almond milk to drizzle pour over the top.  It made it soupy and amazing.


In other news, I spent last night with this mumbo-jumbo.  But I think I’m almost done with this graduate application, due next Wednesday!!



Now, in regards to the grocery challenge, I did make an exception for these:


(Source) I was too lazy to take pictures of them myself, and figured they all looked the same.  Seriously.

When I was grocery shopping for my boss yesterday, I noticed they were all out of pumpkin butter at my usual Trader Joe’s.  I panicked.  Last year, they sold this pumpkin butter until summer!!  I hightailed it over to another Trader Joe’s before my other job, and snagged the last 2 pumpkin butters on the shelf. 

Sure, I’m not grocery shopping for now, but I probably won’t even break into these pumpkin butters until after Christmas anyways.

So that counts.  Right?


Signing off,


(I had a little too much fun at work last night, and ate about 2j958735389t57 million of these little cookie gems.  Come to think of it, I think I spelled this out, got distracted, grabbed the ‘R’, and never ate the rest.  The parents were probably wondering what I was up to spelling out words with their cookies.)

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This morning, I took my own advice.

Given extra time in the morning, I made a delicious breakfast.

Pumpkin french toast!

I soaked 2 slices of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread in:

  • 3 egg whites
  • Splash of almond milk
  • Maple syrup
  • Cinnamon
  • Splash of vanilla and a bit of salt
  • Big ol’ scoop of pumpkin


I then topped them off with a bit of homemade pumpkin cream cheese (a mixture of cream cheese, pumpkin, cinnamon & pumpkin butter).


And some real delicious and sweet maple syrup.


So so good.

I also may have had about half of this Mexican pumpkin brownie I got at work last night.


It was staring at me from the counter as my breakfast cooked up.  Call it an appetizer.


And then a See’s pumpkin spice lollipop as I researched internships.


Obviously my no sweets thing is going quite well, don’t you agree?


Because I had such a filling and late breakfast, I just snacked during the afternoon on a handful of veggie booty


and some pom-poms


Before the mom at work offered to bring my home Chipotle for dinner.  I jumped at the chance – YES PLEASE.  And thank you very much.


My Chipotle beasts usually contain:

  • Salad base
  • Fajita veggies
  • Black beans
  • (Extra) pico de gallo
  • Medium salsa
  • Corn salsa
  • Guac (obvs)
  • Sour cream (on the side so I can use a sparse amount)
  • Hot sauce

I added a bit of rotisserie chicken to the above beast.  Sometimes I get chicken at Chipotle, but I like how guac comes with the vegetarian option.


Injury news: Still hurts.  Still in pain.  Although today my right side was no longer hurting.  It was more of a sharp pain in the mid-left side.  Less muscular feeling, more sharp side stich feeling – all day.  Probably the sharpest pain I’ve felt.

Looking back, my previous ab injury disappeared within 2 1/2 weeks of rest.  And that was with me trying to do weights/hiking during the first week.  I’m hoping this one disappears a bit faster, although it’s already been a week.

I’ll keep you updated, but try not to bog you down with details Winking smile


As the french say – Bonne nuit!


What language did you take in high school or study during school? I took 2 years of French, and it was hard!  I would’ve continued, but I got stuck with an awful teacher my second year and learned nothing.  So I felt extremely unprepared to continue.  And I remember nothing.  Except “Je m’appelle  Taylor.”  Yup.  That’s pretty much it.

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Silver Lining

Happy Halloween!!  Ghost


My whiteboard creation – that would be a witch, mummy, bat, pumpkin, ghost, grave (with hands sticking out from the ground), vampire, and warewolf.  Talent right there.

I’m currently running on 5 hours of sleep…5 hours for the past two nights combined. 

Friday we watched a movie and I didn’t get into bed until 2 am.

Last night we went out to the bars, and I didn’t get into bed until 3 am.

Don’t ask how I got up at 5 this morning.  I’m just thankful that I did.

The past few days have been full of tons of treats.  Such as obligatory candy


Splurge cookies that I’ve had my eye on


You know you secretly like those frosted sugar cookies.


Now imagine them in pumpkin!


Fun drinks (+ wayyyy too many other drinks last night Winking smile )



I wanted to make these Candy Corn Martinis last year, but everywhere was sold out of candy corn!  They were okay.  I’m not a vodka person, and they were a bit strong.  But interesting to make!

The other night, we also went to dinner for a friend’s birthday where we literally devoured 3 bowls of chips amongst the 3 of us at our table.  Fast.  Plus a huge soda cup.


I got a massive and amazingly delicious fajita chicken taco salad.  This picture actually makes it look small.  But it was huge.  I only managed half after all those chips Winking smile Leftovers!



Last night was tons of fun.  I ended up dressing up as….


The Tin Man!!  Unfortunately I didn’t get a single full body shot of my costume Sad smile I’m saddened.  Here’s the only front view (and I’m oddly sitting, so my tutu is sticking out at a weird angle).


I was standing in the background of one picture, so it’s blurry and an odd picture, but you get the ideaWinking smile


My sister made the tutu, and then I made the hat.  Although the hat ended up falling off halfway through the night, and I also lost my heart.  So by the end of the night I was just a silver ballerina.  Haha.


What were you for Halloween?  What did you do this weekend to celebrate?

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