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Golden Trip

What’s up my dear readers?

Today I sent off my Florida State dietetic internship application.  One thing I can check off my list!

1. Complete and send off Florida State application.

2. Complete and send off my other 9 applications.

Yes, 9.  I realized that is beyond excessive and I should really really narrow it down.  But I’m having a hard time doing so.  Oy!

Last week might have been stressful and difficult, but Saturday afternoon I hit the road home!  My sister and brother were still home from school this weekend, and my family had plans to go to the Walt Disney museum in San Francisco.  While it wasn’t a huge deal to drive 3 1/2 hours for, I want to cherish all the family time I can get Smile

The museum was interesting, but my family of course loved the Disneyland portion best.  We’re a huge Disneyland family.  The vacations are such a special memory.

From 2005


to 2008


to my first trip with friends only in 2009:


I love Disneyland!!!

Anyways, afterwards we drove a mile or so closer to the water and froze to death admired the view. 



Grant – don’t throw her in!! Winking smile

1153427085_DW33n-O1153428196_mYK2y-O 1153429942_dsc_2116

1153430000_dsc_2117 1153431286_dsc_2126

1153430230_dsc_2118 1153430304_dsc_2119


Sure, my sister (who lives in Washington) and brother (who lives in Pennsylvania) gave me crap when I complained how cold it was.  But I was in a tank and hoodie – so used to 60/70 degree weather!!

We then went to pizza, and came home for cookies and pumpkin pie.  Please tell me why being at home seems to give me the excuse to eat everything in sight?  Because I’m not sure why.

This morning I had an orthotics appointment (praying this alteration will fix the problem and help my pain!), hit up the mall for returns, Target for necessities, and Panera for some caffeine and lunch.

I guess saying “To-Go” means “don’t cream cheese my bagel and let me do it myself.”  Disappointment.  I love bagels from bagel shops just because I love when they cream cheese it for you.  I swear it tastes different.


This happened.  But when I ran out of cream cheese, I didn’t finish the bagel.  It’s just not as good as pre-cream cheesed in the paper wrapping.  You know?


I also tried this bar on the drive up and thought I’d quickly tell you guys I liked it:


I’m not a big fan of cherry flavored things.  Okay that’s a lie – I love cherry candy and cherry sodas.  But cherry desserts/chocolates?  No thanks.  But this just tasted like a sweeter protein bar.  So good in my book.


Cookies & Cream is still my favorite.  And I don’t remember if I liked the Peanut Butter because I scarfed it down after my half-marathon.  But they are all tasty, and one of my favorite “protein bars” out there.


Sooooooo who’s watching the Bachelor this season? 

I’ve started to, but not sure if I’m super into it this year.  Especially because the past seasons I’d watch with my roommates and gossip/laugh about it.  Now I’m by myself…and it’s not as fun to make fun of it all alone. Hmmm.


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If I thought I was hungry the day of my half, I was possibly even more hungry the day after!  I literally ate every 2 hours, if not more. 

9:45 (luckily my job let me sleep in!) – whole wheat waffles topped with syrup & pumpkin cream cheese.


Mmmm cream cheese.  Who says it’s just for bagels?


With a small bit of Voskos Greek yogurt with pumpkin butter swirled in.


11:30 rolled around, and my appetite was high!  I had a small bit of a pesto turkey sandwich at work.  About half of a half…so pretty much a 1/4.


And then made my real lunch at 12:30 – Trader Joe’s black bean and corn enchiladas. 


There was no sour cream in the house, so instead I sprinkled it with feta cheese.  Which was a brilliant idea.


See the Diet Coke there in the background? 

Okay – let’s just pretend you didn’t.


Oh heyyyy.  Whats up.


My, what attractive bling you’re sporting.


I actually wasn’t super hungry come 2:30, but I needed a snack pre-work.

Bagel thin with strawberry jam


and pumpkin cream cheese.


But of course I was starving at work about 4:30.  I snagged some trail mix and chowed it down fast.


At 6:30, we breaked for dinner.  Nothing too appetizing on the hot foods bar, I stuck with a salad.  As my co-workers said “the mother of all salads.”.  Hey – I like ‘em big. (mixed greens, blue cheese, kidney beans, beets, pickles, sunflower seeds, raspberry dressing).


And a ton of rice.  I said I wanted a lot.  And they listened.  (Full size plate, btw)


8:30 rolled around, and 2 hours post-dinner I was hungry…right on schedule!

Apple (2x what’s shown – I already ate a few slices!) with laughing cow cheese, and peanut flour dip.


And around 11:30 I got out of bed after trying to fall asleep on an empty tummy.  It wasn’t working.

Cereal to the rescue!!



And then I was out like a light.  I assume we’re talking a burnt out light here.


Official race photos are in!  If I had known the color theme of the race was going to be hot pink, I’m not quite sure I would’ve worn it.  I definitely blend in!  not too many great pics – I’m rather small in a lot of them.

Front and center:

Raise the roof!


Right in the middle:


Almost done!  Holding onto my Ghiradelli chocolate as well.  That’s what’s important.


Right under the clock…clapping? haha


So hardcore…she told me to pose this way…not quite sure why.


More natural.  If you call standing stiffly with a fake smile natural.



I’m going to be honest here – as I was looking at these today, I wasn’t all too happy.  I said to myself that they weren’t “very flattering” and I found myself getting down on how I looked in these pictures.  (I’ve mentioned how I’ve recently had a good amount of weight gain, and how I’m dealing with that).  I was kind of put off by these.  I knew it wasn’t good of me to think these thoughts, but I couldn’t help it.

Later I realized how incredibly awful I was for critiquing myself the way I did.  These pictures demonstrate me running 13 miles for crying out loud.  And here I was critiquing my body.  These pictures prove the strength and stamina that my body has to offer.  How dare I think poorly of it? 

Just a little something I realized this afternoon…

Tell me one (or more!) thing your proud of your body recently accomplishing Smile

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Happy Hour

Breakfast this morning was something I’ve had on my mind for a while.

Breakfast sandwich!

IMG 7592-1

I microwaved 3 egg whites and layered it on a sprouted cinnamon raisin bagel which I spread pesto hummus & whipped chive cream cheese onto. Oh, and can’t forget the ketchup. This side looks pretty.

IMG 7594

I had issues cutting it again.

IMG 7593

The sweet and savory combo worked quite well and this was delicious. As was the addition of the pesto hummus & chive cream cheese. Happy belly.

I then headed to work where I made tons of money spent my paycheck on clothes. Ha. Whoops. In my defense it was all clearance items, and a few things I’ve been eyeing for a while. It was a bit depressing though when all my normal sizes didn’t fit at all. It’s one thing for my size to be tight, but quite another to have to go up 1 or 2 sizes. Seriously need to get my butt in gear here!

Lunchie chowed down during my 15 minute break:

  • Chobani yogurt
  • Kashi Go Lean cereal
  • Strawberries (added post picture)
  • Spoonful of PB

IMG 7196

It’s hard to figure out an eating schedule with work. Sometimes I’m not hungry before work or during my break, but I know it’ll be a couple hours before I can eat again. So I know I need to eat something! Frustrating to make myself eat when I’m not hungry though!

Then it was time for happy hour!


Source – google images.

Starbucks frappucinos are all half off from 3-5 pm until May 17th! I know they are chemical laden and just plain not good for you. But who can deny themselves a frappie once and a while? 😉

Caramel light frappucino with non-fat milk. Perfect pre-run snack with a jolt.

IMG 7596-1

My run was short but sweet.

3 miles in 28 minutes. I only did about 4-5 minutes of walk breaks throughout.

I’ve been building up the distance of my weekly “long run,” but keeping my other runs at 2.5-3.5 miles each. I really can’t wait until I can start adding miles to these runs too and head out for a 5-6 miler without a second thought. All in good time 🙂

Dinner was unpictured. I’m not joking when I say I was so starving, I started to eat it right off the pan, and then continued eating while talking to my roommates. And before I knew it, all my delicious parsnip fries were gone. But yup – parsnip fries!! Coated with nut butter. You betcha I’ll be making those again 😉

I also had the same salad I’ve been enjoying recently, which looked like this:

IMG 7568

Finished off the texas caviar mix. You were quite tasty, but I probably wouldn’t buy again.

IMG 7495

Oh can’t forget my little handful of granola in between my run and dinner 😉

IMG 7551

Coconut Pomegranate Granola

  • 3 cups oats
  • 1/4 cup raisins or other dried fruit
  • 1/2 cup nuts (I used almonds)
  • 2 TB coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup ground flax meal
  • 1/4 cup Agave syrup
  1. Preheat oven to 350F
  2. Combine above ingredients and toss to coat
  3. Spread on baking sheet and bake 25-30 minutes, tossing every 10 minutes or so.

IMG 7547

So honestly, I had high hopes for this granola. But it never crisped up in the oven! Maybe it was because I used a container of multigrain oats. But it was still tasty 🙂

Are you a frappucino fan? Favorite flavor?

Caramel light frappie obsessed over here! Lovvvvve that caramel drizzle.

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One Tough Run

This was supposed to go up last night!

Cookies for breakfast? I won’t lie when I say I’ve been eating out of this bag of cookies everytime I’m in the kitchen. Inluding first thing in the morning. When they’re broken up crumbs, they don’t count as actual full cookies right? Even when you eat 5 small chunks that equal multiple cookies? 😉

IMG 7522

Some better pre-run cookie fuel!

IMG 7532

Breakfast cookie inspired:

  • 1/3 cup oats
  • Scoop soy protein powder
  • 1 TB cocoa powder
  • Handful of raisins
  • Soymilk
  • TB peanut butter

This morning I topped it with some honey almond cream cheese.

IMG 7533-1

Messy plate. But yummy food 🙂

This morning’s run was one of my hardest runs ever. Sure, I might be saying that becaue I’m biased since I haven’t seriously ran in a year. But honestly – it was hard. After 2.5 miles, I felt like it had been forever. My hips were tight or sore or just plain angry – I could feel them yelling at me with each step. And the whole second half of my run, I was getting those cold chills. The ones I’m pretty sure you get when you’re low on electrolytes and fluids. It really was a huge mental game since I constantly wanted to stop – and often times did. But then I said “No Taylor, just go. This is when it counts the most.”

And of course, I didn’t push past my knee’s limit. I just tried to push past my mental limit.

Run stats:

Distance: 5.5 miles
Time: 55:10

I started out running 6-7 minutes; walking 2. Then towards the end it became run 2-3 minutes; walking 1-2.

I came home and the last thing I wanted to do was foam roll. All I wanted to do was collapse.

IMG 7538-1

But I knew it was an important thing to do!

IMG 7539-1

Don’t mind my awkward sweat mark.

I then stretched out my limber muscles. I discovered this awesome stretch the other day. Normally I don’t feel the stetch in other quad stretches. But I can really feel this one, especially along the outside of my quad.

IMG 7540

Sprouted cinnamon raisin bagel with sundried tomato hummus and honey almond cream cheese. Not together, obvs.

IMG 7541

I swear I didn’t eat any before this picture. I had some issues with the toaster.

  • Foam rolling – 40 minutes
  • Stretching – 10 minutes
  • Icing – 20 minutes
  • Food – priceless

Once I showered and got ready for work, I still felt hungry. Mangos are definitely one of the hardest fruits to cut and eat. But so good!

IMG 7542-1

I snacked a lot at work.

IMG 6348

Plus 2350853 million unpictured snacks.

Dinner was something I’ve been wanting to try forever. Parsnip fries!

IMG 7544-1

Make that parsnip cheese fries. Tossed in olive oil, seasoning salt, and topped with cheese! Times this amount by…oh 5 😉

And a wrap grilled on the foreman (sorry – I was hungry 😉 )

IMG 7543-1

Filled with hummus, BBQ sauce, and Pita Pals texas caviar mix.

IMG 7545-1

Although I couldn’t taste the hummus at all with all the other flavors. Next time I’ll leave it out, or dip the wrap in it.

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Hello folks! I’ve been a tad busy over here the past couple days. I drove back to “school” (I still call it ‘school’ even though I technically don’t go to school anymore. It’s ‘home’ to me, but I feel almost like a traitor calling this my home, when I still call where my parents live ‘home.’ Know what I mean?).

So I drove back to school home this place where I live. Snack on the way?

Pomegranate tart topped with fruit & Cap’n Crunch? Yes please.

IMG 0561-1

Tuesday’s nanny job was 11-6:00. But before that I obviously had to have breakfast.

Mmmm I love melon bowls. With yogurt, fruit & cereal. Oh and nut butter duhhh.

IMG 5183-2

I had stomach issues all day, and wasn’t very hungry for lunch.

IMG 7463

I swear it was tastier than that looks. Dark chocolate dreams PB, blueberry jam, and smushed ‘naner in a Flatout Wrap.

IMG 7464

Tried to capture the inner goodies.

Once off at 6:00, I worked again from 7-11 (I used to get icees at 7-11 every Sunday after church. It was our “reward” for being good. I miss those icees) at Old Navy.

Quick dinner – southwestern soup and cheesy quesadilla. Which I dumped in the soup. Great idea.  Enough sour cream there? 😉

IMG 7465-1

So what if I was in such a hurry I tore my quesadilla into strips rather than cut it? Tasted the same.

IMG 7466-1

I then rocked out at Old Navy for the night while American Idol, Glee and The Hills are played without me.  😦 Thank goodness for TV online.

Now you know I love my melon bowls, but I’ve never done anything besides yogurt + cereal + fruit combos in them.

IMG 7467-1

That is definitely not yogurt. Or fruit. Maybe a little cereal.

IMG 7468-1

Overnight oats! Which I dumped into my second half of honeydew in the morning.

  • 1/3 cup oats + 1/4 cup wheat bran + 2/3 cup almond milk
  • Scoop of protein powder
  • Cinnamon & maple syrup
  • Raisins
  • Couple spoonfuls of yogurt
  • Nature’s Path pumpkin granola

Okay okay so I lied. There is yogurt in there. And cereal (oats & granola). And I guess the honeydew counts as fruit. But still…it’s different! And delicious.

IMG 7469-1

Can’t wait to try hot oats next time!

Lunchage was frozen (obviously not eaten frozen) butternut squash lasagna.

IMG 7470-1

And afternoon munchies of frozen green peas + a kiwi.

IMG 7473

And iced coffee in my new cup.

IMG 7472

I don’t know if anyone remembers, but I was stoked when I found the insulated Starbucks cups in a store. But I dropped it and was devastated 😦 My roommate got me a new one for my birthday! It’s not Starbucks (it’s Jamba Juice), but it does the job 😀

And dinner was eaten in 2 parts.

Soup at around 6:00 when feeding the kids.

IMG 7474

And “pancakes” around 8:30 when I got home.

IMG 7195-1

Using this recipe.

Today I finally have a bit of down time, and am excited for a run! Unfortunately I left my knee brace at home (the parents home, not school home.  Oh wait, deja vu here), so I’m testing out the waters and see how it goes without it. The physical therapists have all said that the knee brace does nothing to help my condition, I’ve just used it anyways 😉 So we’ll see! I’m attempting 4-4.5 miles. An increase of .5-1 mile from last week! Eee I’m excited 🙂

Pre-run fuel of 1/2 hemp bagel spread with DCD PB and banana slices. I ate the rest of the banana with PB on the side.

IMG 7476

All right here I gooooooo!!!

PS: Can I just say that foam rolling is ridiculously painful after taking 3-4 days off? Last night I could just feel the knots in my IT band, and I had to get down and foam roll them out while watching Law & Order SVU. I had to bite onto my sweatshirt while doing it – ouchie!! But so worth it 🙂

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No not this type of foam party.

foam party2


More like this type of party:

foam roller


Looks happenin’.

But seriously, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited and happy I am. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been starting to incorporate running back into my routine starting about 4 weeks ago. I started with 2 minutes run/2 minutes walk, then gradually increased to 5 run/2 walk (all of this on the treadmill). Unfortunately, my knee still hurt. Although not incredibly bad, I couldn’t deny the pain was there.

Around this time I also started foam rolling after every run, and on most of my days off. Let me tell you, it hurt. Especially my IT band and parts of my quads. I could feel those tight knots hanging out in my muscles!

I also went and got refitted for shoes as part of my birthday present (thanks Nana!), and got a completely new style of shoes. The days after my first run in these, my knee was throbbing. But eventually it died down. And I’ve gone on 3 runs since then, and here’s the exciting part – my knee is almost pain free!! Okay, it’s not 100% pain free (it hasn’t been 100% at all in the past year), but it’s almost as pain free as it was when I was taking 2 months off. I’d say it’s at a 2 or 3 on a scale of 10. And that’s incredible considering I’ve been running – outside.

This is amazing amazing to me. I know it’s not just the new shoe style. But I believe it’s the combination of foam rolling and the shoes. While still painful at some points, foam rolling has gotten so much easier and I can tell I’m massaging out those tight muscles. All I can say is, if you’re having some sort of knee pain – try foam rolling!! I spent the past year going to multiple doctors, x-rays, MRIs, and physical therapists, and I can’t believe it’s foam rolling that’s finally making a difference! I only wish I knew to do this all throughout my long distance running to help prevent injury.

I usually spend 15-25 minutes (depending on how tight my muscles are, and how much time I have) foam rolling focusing on my IT band









Adductor (this might look wrong, but my inner leg muscles are super tight)

rumbel roller adductor


And even sometimes my hip.

After foam rolling, I also stretch for 5-8 minutes, and ice my knees for a good 20 minutes.

Moving on from my foam roller infomercial…

Yesterday before my run, I chowed down on a sprouted cinnamon raisin bagel with whipped cream cheese and Crofter’s jam.

IMG 7410

Yum – these bagels tasted just like a bigger Ezekiel english muffin.

I then went on a 3 mile run (5 min run, 2 min walk intervals). My other two runs this week were .5 mile more than the week before (making them 3.5 miles each), so I knew I needed to keep this one closer to 3. Bringing this week’s total to: 10 miles. Crazy how my weekly total is the same distance as how much one run used to be on anyday of the week. I need to carefully follow the 10% rule or increase my mileage based on how I feel.

I’ve been craving a nice fresh salad lately too.

IMG 7412-1

  • Sauteed Costco chicken patty (thew away the container – can’t remember the flavor) and onions
  • Craisins
  • Kooloos
  • Balsamic dressing

I then ran out the door to use my free Coldstones birthday coupon that was going to expire! Cakebatter + Twix

IMG 7418

However, due to my “no sweets for the day” challenge, I didn’t eat any, just brought it home to refreeze for later 😉

I did, however, pick up a Mango Mantra flavored Jamba Juice right next door.

IMG 7417

And then quickly hurried to work, where I helped myself to more salad.

IMG 7413

I think this was from Costco. It was okay – but I think it needed more flavor, and I didn’t like the texture of the lentils. Or maybe it was the split peas. It was also quite calorie dense due to lots of oil. I’d love to recreate something like this on my own!

IMG 7414-1

And a staple of mine:

IMG 7415

Dinner was unpictured, but it was another pita pizza and salad.

And now, the winner of the Green Giant/My Blog Spark pack is #1, Cara who said We are eco-friendly by only having 1 car between the two of us, and using reusable bags while shopping!”

Congrats Cara!! Email me your address at TaydorTott@gmail.com and I’ll have your package sent out to you asap 🙂

Have any of you tried foam rolling and had success with it?

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Today’s eats have been eaten on the run.

Quick breakfast eaten right before my run – 1/2 hemp bagel with almond butter and crofter’s jam.

IMG 7206

I then ran 3.5 miles in 34 minutes. Plus 7 minutes warmup and about 5 minute cooldown. Foam rolling, stretching, and icing.

I’m trying to concentrate on taking shorter strides during my runs, and incorporating walking breaks every 5-8 minutes. Today’s run was an increase of 1/2 a mile.

Lunch was then quickly devoured as I was running to job#1 (nannying).

Roasted cauliflower (seasoned with olive oil, garlic salt, paprika & curry) with ketchup.

IMG 7387-1

And in between showering, blow-drying, and straightening the hair, I managed to whip together a quick pizza and stick it in the oven.

IMG 7391

Pasta sauce, Italian blend cheese, and garlic powder on a WW pita.

IMG 7392-1

Please excuze my rugged nails.

Dinner was then consumed on the run drive to job#2 (Old Navy).

Leftover butternut squash lasagna (I froze some last week). But since I was driving, this is an old picture 😉

IMG 7220

I got home from my Old Navy shift exhausted and hungry. I finally got to collapse and eat rather than eat on the run 😉 Enter unpictured protein powder PB mixture (similar to Holly’s no bake cookies) that I wolfed down.

Oh and some of my new purchases (on “introductory price clearance” at Vons):

IMG 7397

Helloooooooo caramel

IMG 7398


IMG 7399

ummmmmmmmmmm pretty sure one of my new favorite flavors ever. Tastes like cookies n’ cream but with cookie dough instead of oreo chunks. Um yum.

IMG 7400

I had about a serving total amongst both of them.

In more green news, I recently received a “Seeds of Change” package from Green Giant/My Blog Spark!

Included was:

  • A reusable tote bag (love bringing these to the grocery store!)
  • A mini-herb garden
  • An eco-friendly bamboo spoon set
  • And a coupon for a free package of Green Giant frozen vegetables!

    IMG 7388

I used my Green Giant coupon on a basil flavored vegetable package which I am excited to try out!

I’ve always wanted to grow my own herbs and vegetables! So much cheaper and earth friendly 🙂

IMG 7390-1

In the spirit of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day (this coming Thursday, April 22nd!), Green Giant and My Blog Spark have offered to give away a “Seeds of Change” prize pack to one of you!

If you’re interested in winning your own package:

1. Leave a comment below stating one way you make an effort to be eco-friendly!

2. Tweet about this giveaway and leave a separate comment when you do so.

You have until Thursday, April 22nd at midnight and I’ll announce a winner on Friday!

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