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Taster Thursday

Seriously, I love you guys!  I can’t say it enough how lucky I am to have such supportive readers Smile 

All thank you’s and good feelings aside, as I told you yesterday, Thursday = weigh in day for me.

Last week was 161.  This week was 162. 

Meh.  I know it happens and I’m not upset about it.  It gives me a chance to look back on the week and realize things:

1. I baked everyday this weekend.  Friday was cookies and brownies.  Saturday was cake.  And more cake (at babysitting and at home).  Sunday was decorating the cake.  So there was batter.  There was also the finished baked goods.  And frosting.  And then more finished baked goods.

2. Not only did I bake, but I also over-indulged on Friday night.  Besides the cookie dough & cookies, I had 4 (yes – 4) pieces of pizza at our friend’s house.  Plus brownies and ice cream. 

I knew I overdid it this week, so I’m just thankful it was only up 1 pound! 

So that’s that and moving on….



Breakfast was a bit of a splurge this morning.  But worth it SmileHaving to do with this little guy:


Oaaaaaaats!!!!..in a jar (I just felt like singing that)



  • 1/4 cup multigrain oats + 1/4 cup wheat bran
  • 1/2 cup almond milk + 1/2 cup water
  • 1/4 cup egg whites
  • Cinnamon
  • 1 scoop cocoa powder + 1 tsp instant coffee
  • 1 tbsp pumpkin cream cheese (mmm frosting on the cake)

Yes.  Mocha oats in a jar today.  Yes.  Please and thank you.

This kept me nice and full for a good 4 hours.  Until I got hungry at work and snacked on a handful of grapes:


And came home at about 1:30 to some lunchie.  Leftover chicken gumbo soup from work last night:


Along with leftover seasoned ground turkey topped with ketchup.  Tasted like meatloaf!


I then made a quick decision to hit up the heaven of all heavenly places for a quick return and a stroll around the heavens. 



My family has a completely pathetic and rather large small obsession with Costco.  Signs your family loves Costco too much just enough:

  • You shop there at least twice per week. 
  • Go there specifically to eat dinner (or lunch) at the food court. 
  • If they sold breakfast, you’d probably be there for breakfast too
  • Your dad takes lunch breaks to head to Costco. 
  • Your hometown Costco knows your family by name. 
  • They also make comments if they haven’t seen you in more than a week.  (They obviously miss our happy faces)
  • While on vacation your family seeks out the local Costco to stock up on goods.  And eat there for meals.
  • You know the price for most Costco products off the top of your head
  • You also know that most their prices end in .99 cents.  Mark-down prices end in .97 cents.  And an * sign in the upper right hand corner means the items is discontinued and not being restocked.
  • Your little sister was featured in the December issue of the Costco Connection (that should link directly to the page.  Or use the drop down link to IBC page 87 if anyone’s interested).

Wow.  Did I just embarrass my family a little bit?

Anyways, as I was saying.  I love Costco.  And go there when I’m bored.  Or want samples.  Today was definitely a good sample day.  Too bad my hands were full (with workout pants, broccoli, and a soda.  I didn’t grab a cart) so I couldn’t snag pictures but I had:

  • 2 small slivers of some pita bread pizza thing (a road show item)
  • Bite of canneloni
  • Sliver of veggie burger marinated in teriyaki sauce
  • 2 bites of a waffle drizzled in agave
  • Madras lentil meal (love this stuff)
  • 1 black bean chip
  • Sliver of cheese

I think that was it.  But anyways – a lot. 

Work dinner was delicious.  I think they’re on a new menu rotation in the cafeteria (which I’m excited about).  And Thursdays = my favorite soup day. 

Chicken tortilla soup!


And sauteed cabbage & apples dish.  I had 2 bowls worth.  It was SO GOOD.


And once at home, I had another huge bowl of frozen fruit with about 1 Tbsp worth of almond butter.


Same picture as last night.  But same lookin’ bowl.



Meh.  Nothing.  Except for a 25 minute walk downtown and back at babysitting.  But I really can’t count that.  My knees were giving me trouble today.  And I went to Costco instead of doing weights/abs.  So there’s my excuse of the day.


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Has anyone seen my appetite?

More accurately, I’m missing my hunger.  He seems to have ran off.

Maybe this is what it feels like to be a sedentary non-exercising American?

The fact that I’ve cut out all exercising has made it difficult to tell if I’m just not hungry because I’m not exercising.

Or if I’m not hungry because my ab/rib injury is suppressing my hunger somehow (I mean, it is possibly causing swelling and inflammation in the stomach region). 

Either way, the only meal I’ve actually had hunger signals for is breakfast!  Obviously.

Here we have hot pumpkin custard oats topped off with some cinnamon toast crunch (my roommate was eating her cereal and I “borrowed” some from her Winking smile).  And pumpkin cream cheese.


I’m obsessed with eating in mugs lately.


Yesterday I even remembered to celebrate Waffle Wednesday!  2 whole wheat Egg-o waffles topped with PB maple syrup (syrup + peanut flour).  Then I topped it off with some cream cheese.  Another obsession.


But after these meals, I’m not hungry for 4…5..even 6 hours.  Which is not normal for me.  I’m usually starting to show signs of hunger even 2 hours after breakfast.

The other day I had leftover beet, pecan, and goat cheese salad from work (so good).  Along with avocado-cheese toast.


Avocados were on sale for .77 cents (yes please!!).  And cheese was an excellent addition.


And this amazing salad was leftovers from work.  Holllaaaa.


I was beyond stuffed after this meal.  For a good hour I was uncomfortably full.  Although this large carbonated drink might have helped.  McDonald’s "’$1 any size drink’ has been my downfall lately.


And again, yesterday over 6 hours went by, and I still wasn’t hungry.  At all.  But I knew I needed to eat before work.

Egg scramble to the rescue!


I sauteed some butternut squash chunks with seasonings (I think garlic salt, paprika and pepper were in there).  Then added in 1 egg + 2 egg whites and some steamed broccoli.  With avocado on the side.


That’s better.


Hungry for dinner?  Nope.  Not even sure why I chowed down on this.  It’s hard at work because we all take a break and eat. I need to get better about only eating if I’m hungry, and bringing home leftovers.  It’s hard when it’s all there for free! 

Roasted rosemary potatoes, carrots, asparagus, & chicken picatta.


Shortly regretted.

And dinner the other night was just a salad.  + 2 mini egg rolls.


I know it happens…it’s just odd.

Do you go through periods of hunger followed periods of non-hunger?  Do you still tend to eat according to schedule?  Or do you go hours and hours without eating?

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Word to the Wise

This post contains important information you should keep in mind on a daily basis.   Things that work well, and that don’t work well.  Very important stuff, you know.

Such as the fact that cupcakes taste wonderful mixed into yogurt messes the next morning.  Just scrape off the huge mound of frosting, eat that (if desired), and mix the crumbled (sweet potato) muffin cupcake into said yogurt.


Another tip?  Don’t splurge on Fage yogurt on sale if you’ve been living off of plain yogurt, and wish to continue to do so.  O. M. G. I want my Greek yogurt back please.


Word to the wise – don’t microwave veggie corn dogs (or regular corn dogs for that matter).  So much better baked in the oven.


Also, hummus doesn’t taste bad with a corn dog.  But ketchup and mustard taste better.


I was just in a hurry.  And hungry.


If you ever want a little giggle, I suggest trying this:


However you need a baby to do so.  And I don’t suggest finding a random one off the streets.

A tip we all know and I’m sure have failed upon – don’t over cinnamon your dishes.



When given the opportunity to sleep in and have the morning off, make sure you have a good and delicious breakfast.


  • 1/4 cup oats
  • 1/4 cup wheat bran
  • 3/4 cup almond milk + 1/2 cup water
  • 2 egg whites
  • Cinnamon & pumpkin pie spice
  • Pumpkin ~1/2-3/4 cup worth
  • Maple syrup


  • Pumpkin butter
  • Pumpkin cream cheese (all out *sniff sniff*)
  • Plain yogurt (which I ate around – I actually wasn’t feeling it)

This made a huge bowl with only 1/4 cup oats!  The wheat bran and pumpkin really bulks it up (tip #….8?  9?).


Be sure to try out multiple pumpkin butters for a legit pumpkin season experience.  This one is good and very pumpkin tasty.  Sweet (not too sweet), but not too “spicy.”  I like it a lot.


I’ll admit, one of the things that attracted me to this is the fact that it says only 15 calories per Tbsp.  Which is quite a bit less than other brands.  I’m not going to let calories from keeping me from buying pumpkin butter, but I was impressed that this brand seemed to not use as much sugar.

Until I looked at the carbohydrate and grams of sugar per serving. 

1 g. carbohydrates = 4 calories

10 g. carbohydrates = 40 calories

40 calories > 15 calories.

15 calories?  Pshhhh.  Don’t think so!!  I don’t really care though – 30% Vitamin A per serving? Yeehaww.  Although that might be false as well! Winking smile


So, I suggest really looking at the label (if you care about that stuff).  But it’s still delicious.  And why on earth would they put serving sizes in ounces and grams?  Who really measures or estimates servings in ounces?  Sorry – but tablespoons work better in my book!

If you see the word maple next to the word scone, then I suggest purchasing.


But I do advise not eating the whole thing.  I snacked on half while researching internships.

If you forget to take a picture of your lunch, the can doesn’t do it justice.  Although I didn’t really like it anyways.


If you really aren’t hungry or feeling well, listen to your body!  Don’t try and force down almonds just because you feel your lunch needs more “substance.”


And next time remember not to purchase said almonds if you’re not prepared to go through half the container in a week.



Remember to get the “Turkey with gravy and dressing” next time they offer it again at work (most likely in 3 weeks).  Because it was delicious. 

And next time remember to take a picture before devouring.


Peanut flour mixed with water is divine (divine?  really?) for dipping apple slices into.  And if you have no peanut flour then go buy some.  At TJ’s.  And if you don’t live close to a TJ’s, then drive as far as it takes to get it.  That needs to be my Tip#1.  Because it really is the most important.


Tip: add salt and a bit of maple syrup to the mix.  You’ll thank me.


Another tip: next time honeycrisp apples are .99 cents/lb at the grocery store, buy more.  Much much more.


Another suggestion?  Stop blogging and blog-reading and get to work on internship researching so you’re not as stressed out.  It might help.

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Long Lost Love

First – I’m so sorry for being MIA for days – my computer has had a few issues, and still doesn’t seem to be quite over it yet.  Roar.  Sometimes it turns on.  Sometimes it doesn’t.  I’m trying not to use it for too long, and I need to spend most of my computer time researching dietetic internships (which is stressing me out beyond belief), so I may be around randomly for now Sad smile


I’ve also been pretty under the weather.  I really don’t get seriously sick, besides a cold (knock on wood).  This time my whole body just ached and I just wanted to curl up.  I felt dizzy, lightheaded, about to faint at times, and all around awful all weekend. That part seems to be gone now, but now I’m stuck with a cough and some congestion. 


Anyways, enough complaining.  This week I had to say bye to 2 close people thing in my life. 

Mr. Maple


And Mr. Chocolate


Now, these 2 were very close.  So it was only fitting that they went within a week of each other.


With swirls of goodness



We left on good terms.


Although I’m still sad to see them go.

And I’ve been surviving without nut butter in my pantry for a good week now.



I’m going to attempt to run today.  How long?  Well that depends on how I feel.  My two 3-mile runs in the past week have been sh*t, but that’s okay.

I’m at the point where I’m not training, and running should be done for fun, short cardio fitness, stress relief, etc.  And if I’m not up for a run – don’t run.

Today I want to run, and I hope it goes well.  My body is no longer achy, nor do I have a headache. 

I’m also starting to do strength training again.  With work, I barely had time to fit in my runs, let alone strength training.  But I know strength (especially ab strength) is very important in running and injury prevention. I also miss the way I felt from strength training.  Not to mention a little more muscle Winking smile.

I only wish I belonged to a gym at this point.  $$$!! Sad smile 


Okay, I’ve been on this computer long enough, and I should get off before it combusts.


PS: this is what happens when you try and transfer a pumpkin cupcake in the car.


I tried.  And failed even more.


The frosting ended up all over the container Sad smile


But that didn’t stop me from licking it off Winking smile

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Meant to be

I love pumpkin.  I really truly very much do.

I know blog-world has some sort of obsession with canned pumpkin.  But I’ve actually been enjoying canned pumpkin long before I discovered blogs.

For 4 years now I’ve been making pumpkin oatmeal, pumpkin smoothies, and pumpkin yogurt. Year-round.  Who says pumpkin is only for October-December??



Dear pumpkin yogurt.  I love you with all my heart.


I need to make a pumpkin smoothie soon.

At work I snacked on multiple snacks, including corn bread.  Yum.


Corn bread, you rock.


Thursday and Fridays are my evenings off from the hospital, so I decided to do my long run Thursday late afternoon.

You know oats are my staple pre-long run fuel.  Breakfast….or 2:00 pm lunch.  It works.


OIAJ?  Even better.

Nuttzo – you were an expensive, once in a lifetime splurge.  Yummy and unique.  But not good for my wallet.


If you find it on sale, or are able to splurge, I do recommend it.  It had a very flaxseed taste.  And there were literally huge chunks of nuts throughout.  Quite delicious.

I added some chocolate hazelnut butter and a few of those chocolate filled cookie things from Trader Joe’s.


This was my last long run before my race next weekend.

Distance: 9.5 miles
Time: 1:28:16
Avg Pace: 9:17

I’m not going to lie when I say this run wasn’t hard.  It got me kind of worried.  I’ll have to do 4 more miles?  But I know every run is different.  I’ve had an excellent 12 miler, a tough 11 miler, and some speedy 5 milers.

I know I’ll survive my half next weekend.  And hard or not – it’ll be worth it Open-mouthed smile

It was also my first run sporting not one, but 2 knee braces.


I’ve been experiencing an increase in knee pain the past week, and I can’t tell you if it’s my orthotics, shoes, lack of strength training, etc.  But to be safe, I ordered a second knee brace for my other knee.  Knee braces aren’t a cure-all.  But it’s better to be safe than sorry on this one.

I didn’t take 1 picture of the rest of my night.  But let me put into words what a long run does to me:

6:30 – arrive home from my run.  Head straight for my TV to turn on dish and figure it all out.  Hello – the Giants were in the playoffs.

7:15 – After failing to make my TV work, remember I need to foam roll.  Shite!  Get to it.

7:30 – Finally make dinner since it’s been an hour and I’m starving. Eat sweet potato gnocchi with pumpkin pasta sauce, feta cheese, and a side of veggies and potato mixture.

7:45 – Stuffed.  For sure won’t eat the rest of the night.

8:30 – Hungry.  Pop a large bowl of popcorn.  Season generously with garlic salt.

9:30 – Hungry.  Make myself a mug of hot chocolate.

10:15 – Hungry.  Have a small bowl of pumpkin ice cream.  And by small bowl, I mean 2 servings.  Since 1 serving is enough for a mouse.

Long runs obviously spark my appetite.

And this morning I continued the pumpkin trend with pumpkin peanut butter pancakes!  And pumpkin spice coffee.  3 cheers for the return of pumpkin coffee!!


I followed Jenny’s pancake recipe.  Although I added a bit more milk to the mixture.

Topped off with peanut butter maple syrup and a generous amount of strawberry jam.  Pumpkin PB&J pancakes if you will?


To make the syrup I mixed 2 heaping scoops of peanut flour with maple syrup.  It was delicious.  And that’s why my syrup looks oddly chunky.  No worries.

Confession: It’s 12:26 pm and I’m still in my pajamas.  I spent the morning watching Couples Retreat on TV.  And I don’t feel guilty whatsoever.  This is my first morning 100% completely off in over a month.  And it’s glorious.

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Sweet Tooth

I made the mini-goal to avoid sweets and dessert for the rest of the week.  Wellll…..

Question: How is it possible for me to turn down a pumpkin chocolate brownie with cinnamon whipped cream frosting?

IMG 1488

Answer: It’s not.

Sidenote: I kind of forgot the brownie was frosted when I stuck the container in my purse. And the brownie got tossed around. And frosting got stuck to the lid. And then I licked it off. You know.

You can also assume I had a fun sized 100 Grand at work (um. Can you say best candy bar ever? Thought so) and some ice cream while watching Gossip Girl.

Evidence of night-time snacky hunger:

IMG 1489

First I started with popcorn.

Then moved on to ice cream.

And finally a mug of hot chocolate almond milk.

Maybe it’s because dinner was small. But you’d think pizza would be filling. Bread + fats + protein….right??

IMG 1486-1

(That’s a tiny tiny plate by the way).

Rewinding to breakfast….it was something I’ve been waiting to make for a couple weeks.  Probably because I’ve had this empty jar taunting me for a while.

IMG 1481-1

I just hadn’t had time to make hot oats – how sad!

IMG 1482

Fini! (I took French in high school, by the way).  Oui…Oui.

IMG 1483-1

I actually felt slightly sick after this. Sometime my oats are just to sweet and rich for my taste. Shocker.

I’m so glad my healthiest eats of the day went unphotographed – think turkey & hummus sandwich, vegetable soup, and green beans.

Yup. Obviously healthy foods are scared of the camera.

Okay – I’m in need of a little clean eating here! I don’t care how controversial some people think it may be at this specific point in time – but I’m going to try and clean up my eating for the rest of the week.

Something quite special is coming up in less than 2 weeks(!!!), and I don’t need to be weighed down for it 🙂

Do you have a big sweet tooth? I’m definitely more of a sweet person than salty. Sure, I love salt on my food (yes, yes I do very much), but I can turn down chips & salsa anyday. Sweets on the other hand? I obviously have a problem 😉

Au revoir!

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I rrrrreally want to catch you up on the past few days of my life. But I just have so much mumbo jumbo to talk about, that I’m worried I’ll bore you.

Meh. Deal. But I am quite tired so I’ll split it up and make it quick.

Wednesday’s bad-quality oats in a jar.

IMG 1134-1

Road-trip yumminess.

IMG 1139

IMG 1136

IMG 1138

Road-trip nastiness.

IMG 1135

Concert fun.




Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker, Justin Moore, Easton Corbin, Steel Magnolia…



Concert eats.

IMG 1141-1

Ooozing cranberry sauce.

Morning eats.

IMG 1143

Mommy knows I love fruit 🙂

IMG 1144

Pumpkin pie yogurt at Yogurtland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG 1149

Pre-long run fuel.

IMG 1153-1

IMG 1154

Adorable cake made by sister.

IMG 1155-1

Best peanut butter ever in the entire world infinity and beyond.

IMG 1156-1

1/2 the jar gone in 1 day? Yes it’s possible.

IMG 1157-1

10.25 miles in 1:36:33.

Not a great run. Hard.

Sign of being lazy? Or just color blind?

IMG 1160

Post-run lunch.

IMG 1161-1

Shredded BBQ chicken & whole wheat wrap.

IMG 1163

Hungry 2 hours later.  More PB duh.

IMG 1164-1

Pre-drive snack.

IMG 1166

Favorite part.

IMG 1167

Traffic + 10 mile run = must stop for food.

IMG 1169

$5 dolla footlong (I really hope you sang it in that tone).

IMG 1170-1

Veggies galore. But no guac apparently.

IMG 1171-1

Still starving. No food in the car…except…..

IMG 1174

It happens.

Roommates making gordita crunch quesadillas at 8:30. Me likey.

IMG 1175

It’s pumpkin season!

IMG 1177

Well that covered Wednesday-Friday.

I’ll catch you up on my whirlwind of a weekend tomorrow 😉

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