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Day of my birth

Keep in mind this was supposed to go up yesterday, but I got distracted….

April 15 might mean one thing to most of you: TAX DAY.

But to me, April 15 always means…my birthday! Smile



Keys to a successful birthday:

1. Cake flavor.  In any shape or form.  While Funfetti Pancakes seem to be popular around here for birthdays, I didn’t have much time to make pancakes this morning.  And I’m on such a god-awful cottage cheese kick. 

Cake Batter Cottage Cheese!!


Don’t even knock it ‘till you’ve tried it.  It tasted like thick gooey cake batter.  Yummmmm.


And I definitely went back for seconds.

2. A good gym sesh.  Too bad I skipped this and slept in instead Winking smile

3. Monster salad beast is a must for birthdays Open-mouthed smile


I don’t even know what was in said Beast, but it consisted of normal salad fixins’ plus a scoop of Hawaiian Tempah, cashew chicken salad, and…..something else from the hot bar.

And it’s a good thing I didn’t buy a dessert because this arrived shortly after I got home:

4. More cake.  This time in heaven form:


Seriously people.  A deep dish S’mores pie (from Costco – where else would my family shop?).  My daddy knows me well Open-mouthed smile


5. Beautiful flowers.  Flowers are a tradition on our birthdays.  My dad would always come home from work every birthday with a bouquet (from…uh…Costco).  LOVE.


Tonight is pretty low key.  Just grabbing some dinner, and then going out with friends! 


Foot/PT update: I stopped going to PT for the time being as it wasn’t drastically helping, it’s expensive, and I’m running out of appointments (due to insurance).  I caved last week and got The Boot.  Nothing is helping.  And I’m getting desperate here.  I know many people don’t recommend booting up, but I’m hoping it helps since I walk SO MUCH at work.  We will see. 

Which brings me to successful tip

6. Actually getting dressed in real clothes (and not the workout clothes I wear everyday).  Sexy boot isn’t it? Winking smile



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I couldn’t decide on a title today.  Some of my options were:

  • Sweet Crepe!
  • Champagne in the Mornin’
  • Panera take 3

You see, I opened this jar of jam the other night and at first thought something was wrong.  It was so….chunky!!  And then at first taste, I tasted vague hint of alcohol.  Bummer Sad smile The jam must be bad.

I took another bite.  Yes.  Definitely some alcohol.  Then I noticed the name.


Awww champagne.  Yes, now that makes sense.  And the chunks?  My friends, that was just the overload of blueberries.  So amazed.  And So delicious.  I am obsessed.

I mixed it with some cream cheese to top my protein pancakes with.


Pancakes made with:

  • 2 egg whites
  • 1/4 cup wheat bran
  • 2 Tbsp whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • Cinnamon
  • 1 packet stevia
  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • Almond milk
  • ~1/4 cup pumpkin


Delicious, but these pancakes were so moist, they took FOR-EV-ER (Sandlot anyone??) to cook. 

And the next morning I decided to make a sweet crepe.  Egg white omelet filled with the blueberry jam + cream cheese mixture.  With 2 1 1/2 Morningstar sausage patties on the side.  I might’ve been feeling nibbly.


It’s been rainy here.  Very. Very. Rainy.


And now I’m at Panera blogging away.  I got off work early, and felt the need to come somewhere productive to blog. 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t turn down the “.99 cent pastry with any meal + drink purchase.”  Darn.


I longingly eye this Cobblestone pasty roll thing every time I’ve been to Panera. 


Honestly?  It looks good.  But isn’t great.  It basically tastes like cinnamon raisin bread with a tiny bit of frosting drizzle.  I was expecting more of a cinnamon roll type of flavor.  I nibbled on half before my meal came.

Chicken Fuji Apple salad + black bean soup + whole grain baguette. 


Considering the fact that I snacked a lot at work this morning, I am now stuffed.  Drinking carbonated soda doesn’t help either Winking smile

Panera take three was a bit more of a success than my past visits.  Although my baguette was a bit on the burnt side.  Here’s my ranking so far (based on what I’ve gotten here within the 3 visits since it opened):

1. Fuji apple salad
2. BBQ chopped salad
3. Thai chicken salad

1. Chicken noodle soup
2. Black bean soup
3. Vegetable pesto soup

There salads are just so…..skimpy!!  Definitely needs more to it.  But the baguette still ranks #1 in my heart.  I love it.

I have to say once on vacation I got a turkey sandwich on their cinnamon raisin bread.  Sounds odd.  But it was amaze.  Sweet + savory peeps.  Do it.


What’s your favorite pastry?

I’m not a big pastry person.  Okay, that’s kind of lying.  They taste delicious.  But I can easily turn them down.  I definitely like sweet, doughy, frosting covered things.  Or an ooey gooey caramely baked good.  I’m not a fan of flaky things (think croissants or scones). 

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I wish I had a picture of my outfit from St. Patty’s Day.  Think knee high green & black striped socks, skirt, green shirt, green eyeshadow, and a very classy headband which I threw away last night on my walk home (hey – it was annoying.  And I was trying to walk and eat a slice of pizza at the same time).

I wish I was young and my stomach could handle alcohol (says the 23 year old).  I have lots of acid reflux/stomach/heart burn problems (I wouldn’t be surprised if I have an ulcer of some sort).  And lately alcohol has done quite the number on my stomach the next day.  I mean awful awful hangover.  The type of hangover you’d expect to get if you had one of The Hangover type of nights.  Except I didn’t.



I wish I remembered to take pictures of all my eats yesterday.  I started the day out intending to.

My morning started at 5:20 am with coffee.  Yummmmmm.


And then a class at the gym I’ve been enjoying recently.  It’s called “Power” and it consists of a complete full body strength workout.  I like it because it uses the bar (which I wouldn’t use on my own).  And specific body parts at targeted each song (biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, squats, lunges, abs, etc). 

I dislike it because I still feel like I need more upper body strength work afterwards.  About half is devoted to lower body work as well, which I don’t necessarily want to do every class.  Especially because of my foot/ankle pain.

Then came home for some cottage cheese + pumpkin + cinnamon action.  With strawberry jam.


Another cottage cheese container down.  I’m obsessed.  (Remember this is Costco sized.  AKA 11 servings of the goodness in there.  Massive)


Very photogenic snack at work – a small bit of Fage.  I seem to enjoy eating out of containers.


And coffee + a biscuit.  A baby teething biscuit to be exact.  But they are DELICIOUS.  (Not gonna lie)


I wish I had more time to make a better looking lunch.  But in reality, I had 15 minutes.

Veggie patty topped with Laughing Cow cheese & Trader Joe’s awesome sweet & spicy mustard.


And some Hot & Sour soup from Costco.  Really good soup that I could eat the whole container of.  Except each serving has like 30-40% of the DV sodium.  I don’t really care about my sodium at all, but it is SALTY.


Yummy chunks.  But they do kind of gross me out in a way.  Reminds me of squid?


And then the picture taking went downhill….I tried!

I wish I could say I love Panera.  But every time I go there I end up somewhat disappointed.

I got the BBQ Chicken Salad and Pesto Vegetable Soup (although I tasted nor saw no pesto??).  They gave me a spoon and knife (why knife?), but no fork!


I’m not a butter fan at all, but was really craving it on my bread today.  The baguette was definitely the best part of the meal.


I wish my ankle was back to normal.  It’s so frustrating Sad smile Hopefully physical therapy performs wonders since everything else seems to be making it worse.

Attractive taping to help my arch.


Nice close-up of my slightly hairy and goose bumpy legs.  Post-going out next morning messy room in the background.  Classy.


What did you do to celebrate St. Patrick’s day?  Anything?  Green food?  Green costumes?  Green beer?

I had my first green beer last night!

What are your favorites to get at Panera?

I do like the Fuji Apple salad.  The Thai salad was kind of sparse last time.  And their sandwiches I’ve gotten have been kind of sparse too (many more better delis around here).  Recommendations for something spectacular??

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You guys are all, to put it simply….AMAZING.  I know I’ve mentioned “eating problems” or “how I used to be strict with food” on the blog before, but I’ve never outright told the entire story, like I did on my last post.  I was self conscious about doing it, and also self-conscious about posting photos. 

But you all gave me such encouraging comments and support.  And to that – I say thank you Smile

Just to be clear, I am no longer at the 145 weight range that I mentioned I got up to.  I’m now hovering around 160, which is why I’m currently in weight loss mode to get back down to my healthy and happy 140’s range where I feel healthy, look healthy, and most my clothes still fit Winking smile


If you haven’t taken advantage of this Buy 1 Get 1 free Chipotle coupon….DO IT!!  I went with my roommate the other night, and then used another coupon today. 

Looks like I found some skin in my guac.  At least I know it’s not fake!


Mmmm.  Salad beast with black beans, chicken, pico de gallo, salsa, & guac.  + sour cream on the side so I could drizzle it on.


Here’s the dealio.  I usually never get the chicken.  Because I love the guac so much, I also get veggie (since it comes with guac for free).  But since I was getting two salads, and saving one for later, I got one chicken, one veggie, and decided to put the guac on the chicken today. 

Then I found myself picking out some of the veggies out of the veggie bowl which was meant for lunch tomorrow.  And before I knew it, that salad was gone too.

So yes.  I pretty much just ate 2 Chipotle salads in one sitting.  Ain’t no shame!  The veggie bowl was literally only salad, veggie & salsa…oh and some beans.  But I was obviously hungry Winking smile

I’ve seen it around other blogs, and I’ve been wanting to do it myself.  So here are the ABCs of TaydorTott!

A: Age – 23. 

B: Bed size – twin.  I know I know.  Everyone I know has a full or double or whatever they’re called.  But I don’t have money for that right now, and my parents never bought me a full sized mattress/bed frame previously.

C: Chore you hate – bathroom.  Worst thing ever.  I’ll clean the kitchen.  Do laundry.  Wash dishes.  But no bathroom please!

D: Dogs – Only had one growing up, and we got her when I was in 7th grade.  So I didn’t really “grow up” with a dog.  And have never been a huge animal person. 

But Zimmer, I did love you! (Yes I had a pet duck.  Two, in fact.  And they were petrified of our dog.  But when one died, the other one attached onto our dog.  I swear she thought she was a dog).


E: Essential start to my day – Coffee. 

F: Favorite color – pink & orange.  I really like pink & brown too.  And it must be hot pink.  I love coral as well.  The pinkish shade of coral, not orangey.

I was in love with my room in high school.  Unfortunately, I didn’t decorate it like this until May of senior year.  And I got to enjoy it for about 2 months before college.



G: Gold or silver? silver or white gold.

H: Height – 5’6 3/4.  But I’ve always said 5’7”.  I swear at the doctors they used to tell me I was 5’7 and then all of a sudden I was 5’6 3/4.  One time I was even 5’6 1/2.  I’m not okay with that and I say they measured me wrong on those occasions.

I: Instruments you play – I took piano lessons for maybe 2-3 years.  I took flute for one band class day and then quit. 

J: Job title – technically I’m a Catering Associate.  But really I’m a dietary aide, I’m just not sure why the company calls them that.  And a nanny.

K: Kids – someday someday.  Although nannying almost full time for difficult children really makes you think twice about it.

L: Live – Central coast California.

M: Mom’s name – Kerrey

N: Nicknames – Tay, Tay Tay, T…nothing too creative.

O: Overnight hospital stays – none.  Never been to the hospital actually.  Knock on wood.  And if I did have to, I now know what food to order after working in one! Winking smile

P: Pet peeve – oy.  People leaving on their blinkers/forgetting to turn them off after switching lanes.  Dishes piled in the sink.  When people leave dishes in the sink to soak (which is fine!) and then forget that it’s their dish to wash so it stays there.  People not recycling.

Q: Quote from a movie – “Baxter.  You know I don’t speak Spanish!” and “Get in my bellay!!!” (Name those movies)

R: Righty or lefty – righty

S: Siblings – I have 4.  3 sisters, 1 brother.  I’m sure you’ve seen them around….the blog.


T: Time you wake up – around 7:00 on weekdays when I work.  5:00 on weekends when I work.  And around 9-9:30 when I’m able to sleep in. 

U: Underwear – ummmmm this is a bit personal, no?  Although I accidently pressed the “Underline button” when I started to type this letter which I thought was ironic since it’s the letter U.  And underline = U.  And….yeah.

V: Vegetables you dislike?  Hmmm not sure.  Not a big fan of raw veggies.  Or sauteed spinach.  I’ve tried kale chips and wasn’t a fan (ready for the hate from blogworld now!)

W: What makes you run late – obviously being slow.  And relaxing too much in the morning.

X: X-rays?  I’ve had a couple on my toes when I broke the.  Two of my knee when they were trying to figure out that problem.  And teeth obviously.

Y: Yummy food you make – my famous cookies!!  Brownies, desserts in general people seem to like.  I’m not joking about those cookies either.  I made them for my roommate’s birthday a couple weeks ago.  One of her friends literally sat there and ate 15-20 during the night.  I’m serious. 


Z: Zoo animal favorite – POLAR BEARS of course.


And now I’m dancing around my family room singing ABC 123!! 

Okay that’s a lie.  I’m actually icing my ankle and watching When in Rome (not by choice – I swear it’s the only thing on).


What are some ABC’s about you?  Pick some and tell me Smile

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What you didn’t see….

According to my camera that first meal I ate yesterday was lunch:


  • Broccoli slaw with TJ’s cilantro dressing
  • Cooked up lean ground turkey meat (which I cooked with BBQ sauce)
  • Scoop of homemade red pepper hummus
  • Scoop of FAGE + ranch seasoning “dip”
  • Drizzle of BBQ sauce

This is a modification of a lunch I’ve been having LOTS lately.  I was just at babysitting yesterday so I added a few extra touches (the dip & hummus).


What you don’t see:

  • My sandwich thin toast I had pre-gym
  • My45 minute strength workout
  • My banana pumpkin yogurt with blueberries & peanut butter
  • My Starbucks coffee devoured during my 30 minute drive to babysitting

We spent the morning outside and I hopefully got my color on enjoyed the sunshine.

IMG_0207 IMG_0209

Someone needs to tell the little one it’s probably impossible to catch your older sister who’s on the big girl bike.


But really?  Who am I to crush her dreams?


You go girl.

IMG_0215-1 IMG_0216

What you didn’t see:

  • When the big-girl bike lapped her.  Twice.  And the youngest just kept running after her.



What you didn’t see:

  • The other 2 sodas I had throughout the afternoon as well.  Oops.

Yesterday was a hungry day!  I’m usually munchy at babysitting, but I swear I was legitly hungry yesterday.  I tried to calm that monster with fruit and carrots.  Lots of carrots.  With salsa yogurt dip.


What you didn’t see:

  • My apple
  • The scoop of ice cream I succumbed to
  • The couple spoonfuls of PB
  • The other 2 portion sized bags of carrots.  Who pre-packages carrots in such small portions?  C’mon people.

I gave in to dinner early:

Trader Joe’s Southwest salad.  With a few chips and seeds added for oomph.


What’s really sad is that during my disordered eating/obsessed with calories days, this used to be my meal of choice pre-drinking.  Because it’s so light it would take me less drinks to feel it (less calories).  And because it’s such little calories itself (only 170 in the whole salad) so I could use more calories for drinking.


I seriously had issues.  Now if I’m going out drinking, I try on purpose to have a hearty meal (think pizza – works wonders) so I can avoid the toilet (ugh) and avoid a hangover.  I wish I could go back and have a heart-to-heart with my old 20, 21, and 22 year old self Sad smile.

What you didn’t see:

  • My froyo on the way home

Because it was delicious and creamy.  My favorite froyo store is 30 minutes away near this place I rarely babysit at.  So I always take advantage while I’m there Smile


Now, I really should not be blogging right now.  Seeing as how my internship applications all need to be done by tomorrow, I really don’t have time for blogging or blog reading the rest of the weekend.  So I’ll see you Monday!!

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Camera Findings

Oh hello.

It’s been a while.

So long, in fact, I look back at my collection of pictures and have no idea which meal goes with which day or exciting event in my life.

Looks like I had quite a few salads:


Apparently I had an apple or 10 throughout the past week.


And lots of yogurt with fruit.  I’ve actually gotten a lot better about simplifying my breakfasts lately.  Yogurt + fruit + coffee + a small scoop of nut butter seems to have been doing the trick.


I guess I put that leftover oat bran to good use?


And free Panda Express that burnt the roof of my mouth off might have been consumed.


Actually, I wasn’t lying about the burning my mouth part.  Even though I picked out all the peppers.  They obviously still left their fiery remnants amongst the chicken.


I might’ve had to chug almond milk afterwards.  Or I’m just doing this for show.  Who knows?  I can’t remember.


I do remember how excited I was for my fortune cookie.  I love fortune cookies. 


Heyyy I’m likin’ the looks of this fortune Winking smile


Except then I learned that if you eat your whole fortune cookie the fortune won’t come true.  Darn it.

I don’t have evidence of my waffles, chips, and a slice of pizza dinner.  So that obviously never happened.

A little baking did go gown in my kitchen though. 


Hello gorgeous.


Come to me.


Nutella cream cheese brownies anyone???


I swear by this brownie recipe (although I also added about 2 tsp of instant coffee powder and ~1/4 cup Nutella to the batter).  And then based the Nutella cream cheese topping off of this recipe.  However I wanted to make them extra Nutella-ie so I used:

  • 8 oz light cream cheese
  • ~1 cup Nutella (maybe even more.  I honestly just scooped it in until it tasted right)

And doubled everything else (except I used no butter since I figured the extra Nutella more than made up for the lack of butter Winking smile).

Ooooey gooooey deliciousness.


So so rich.


However it was my cookies that got the raves!  These cookies never ever fail to disappoint.  Seriously.  Make them.  (Note – I added probably about 2 Tbsp. worth of cinnamon to this batter.  And cooked them for 7 minutes.  But they usually take 9 minutes.  Everyone’s oven is different!)


Oh crap.  I found this on my camera too.


But I’m pretty sure I used the whole jar in my recipe, and I was just scraping some of the sides off.  I think? Winking smile

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Rep Your Accent

Hi Friendsssss!!!

How was everyone’s weekend? I hope lovely.  The warm weather finally took a little dip here, and it got a little chilly and rainy on Sunday.  But it’s all good.  I mean, it is still January right?!

Today, I wanted to express my love for a new find (to me).  Oat bran!  I know many of you have been eating oat bran since the Land Before Time…

Pause here for remembrance of such a great movie



…and I’ve been wanting to get some (oat bran that is) for a while.  LOVE IT!  Oats are “so last year” kind of old for me since I’ve been eating them day in-day out for like 7 years now.  Oat bran is creamy and just…..delicious!

It’s taking me a while to get the oats:water ratio down (different than oatmeal?  Help a sista out!).  So today I added too much water, then had to add more oat bran to even it out.  So now I have leftovers!  (although who knows if I’ll put leftover oat bran to good use).


It should be noted it was delicious in my almond butter jar Winking smile


Today’s mix (made 2 servings):

  • 1/2 cup oat bran
  • 1/2 cup almond milk + 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup egg whites
  • Cinnamon, cocoa powder, instant coffee powder
  • Cinnabon candied nuts(!!)

I also had oat bran on Saturday (thank you sleep-in days!).


Pumpkin oat bran!  Topped off with 1 Tbsp pumpkin butter and 1 Tbsp pumpkin cream cheese.


I want it to be known, I’m trying really hard to cut back on my oat toppings.  I’ve always been an extravagant/extra special toppings gal, so that’s one thing I’m trying to change.  But the calories can really add up, while not adding much staying power (think granola, chocolate/cinnamon chips, too much jam, cream cheese & nut butters).  Of course, some toppings are delicious and needed (oats are too boring without them!). 

Today’s lunch (after the mocha oat bran) was a ginormo salad:


  • Bed of lettuce
  • Rotisserie chicken
  • Onions & tomatoes
  • Sprinkling of feta
  • Champagne dressing


+ an apple on the side

And just because I’m in weight-loss mode right now, it definitely doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my treats Winking smile


All you have to do is work it into your daily “allowance.”  Or just enjoy a treat, and not let it get you down!  Once and a while won’t do any damage Winking smile


Apple pie at lunch on Sunday – I hate half a slice.  Along with a colorful salad:


When I get salads at work, I like to load them up with:

  • Beets
  • A little bit of cheese (parmesan, feta or blue cheese)
  • Whatever veggies are out (bell peppers, onions)
  • Kidney beans (if they’re on the salad bar)
  • Fat free raspberry dressing
  • Drizzle of Caesar or 1000 Island

The heavier stuff makes the salad too expensive!!  So it all depends on what else I’m getting.

In other news, has anyone seen this at Trader Joe’s?!?!?!?!


That would be Peanut Butter Cream Cheese.  AKA the evil of all evils.  Take it awaaaayyyyy!!!


And now for the accent Vlog that is making it’s away around blogworld.  I did this video on Saturday, and since then have seen multiple other bloggers do one as well.  A few things:

1. I’m so sorry for the awful awful quality.  I think my webcam just sucks.  I swear it wasn’t that dark and I swear I wasn’t actually a dark-eyed zombie while filming it.  Proof!


2. I don’t know if the video is super skippy and slow for you.  Or if it’s just  my internet/computer.  My computer has been sh*tty slow lately.  And so has my internet.  So muchos apologies if it’s skipping.

3. I was put on the spot for some of the questions.  Such as how I address a group of people.  In all reality I probably just say “Hey guys.” Yeah, I’m that creative.

4. At the end I said: “I hope you guys are all having a better night than I am.”  But it sounds like I said “Mumble mumble…djkgsdgh grrrrrhgoihdsgdsjgdsk…”

5. Born and raised near San Francisco CA.  I’ve traveled to Arkansas for 10 days one time.  And London/Paris for 2 weeks.  And that pretty much sums up my childhood travels.


I also don’t know why I felt like swaying back and forth so much.  I swear I didn’t have to pee.  I don’t think.  I actually don’t remember.

Okay, enough of the excuses.

Peace out(?).


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