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My first weight loss post

The title pretty much says it all.  I really just received complete support from all of you, and that means so much!  Of course, I’ll still be blogging just like normal (although lately, it’s been more sporadic than not), but there will be occasional talk/updates about weigh-ins, my workouts, progress updates, etc.  You’ll probably also be seeing less desserts/sweets Sad smile and more portioned out meals. 

First things first:

1. Of course, I still 100% absolutely believe in loving yourself for who you are.  That’s extremely important.  No matter what size, you are beautiful and wonderful.  But as I explained here, this is why I’m doing this.

2. If any of this is trigger stuff for you – please don’t read it.  Also, if it’s getting to be "too much” or typical stereotypical blog/weight-related talk – please let me know!  It can be easy to get caught up and make it sound like a weight journal.


I don’t usually like to talk numbers, but for this purpose, I will.  Two weeks ago, I stepped on the scale (eek) to get my starting weight.

Start (Jan. 13): 163

(The only full body shot I have of myself recently.  One of my many running skirt photo ops).


2nd WI on Jan. 20: 161

Tomorrow marks my third weigh-in, so we shall see!



I won’t be posting my daily eats everyday, as I just don’t have time for that!  But will for today Smile:


Breakfast – yogurt + pumpkin.  Blueberries, pom seeds, Quaker corn bran cereal, scoop of pumpkin butter:


Big ol’ bowl thanks to the volumizing pumpkin!


+ 3 cups coffee with stevia & almond milk

Snack – fruit at work (there were apple slices too Winking smile).  + a small scoop of peanut butter!


Lunch @ 1:30 – extra lean ground turkey (BOGO this week!) with sauteed veggies seasoned in soy sauce & garlic salt.  Topped with tomato basil feta cheese, fat free sour cream, & mango cranberry salsa.


This was deeeeeeelicious.


Dessert – sugar free jello (artificial and crap-filled?  Yes.  But it satisfied my sweet tooth).

Dinner @ 6:30 (at work) – a plate of brown mush Creole seasoned pea dish (peas, mushrooms, green beans, hardboiled egg, seasoning).  Potatoes Anna (not sure exactly – but it was sliced up delicious tasting potatoes).  And succotash (corn, lima beans, and lots of oil).  This was actually a very delicious dinner!  Dinner at work is hard because sometimes there’s too many options, sometimes it’s all red meat/fish.  They also post the calories information, but I’m not sure how accurate it all is.  Or if the portion sizes are correct.


+ half of a corn bread muffin (spontaneous grab! Whoops).

& a few bites of a peach crisp.

Snackage at home tonight included frozen fruit with almond butter:


And hot cocoa (my one hot chocolate for the week!) made with 1 tbsp cocoa powder, 1 packet of splenda, water, and a splash of almond milk:



So there you go with today’s eats.  I’m trying to focus on a few changes:

  • Smaller/extravagant breakfasts.  My breakfasts easily add up to too many calories with all the nut butters, cream cheeses, cereals, etc.  Delicious, but a little too much.
  • Less random spoonfuls of nut butter.  Difficult.  But a work in progress.
  • Less desserts/sweets.  Of course I’m still going to enjoy them!  Heck, you didn’t see the cream-cheese nutella brownies last night.  But you did see the cookies, brownies and ice cream enjoyed this weekend Winking smile I’m just tying to make it more of a few times per week thing.  Rather than a multiple times per day thing.



I’ve been trying to take the baby on walks whenever I’m at work.  It adds a little something to the day!  And honestly?  I’ve been counting it as my workout.  With my injury, I’m trying to take it easy.  And I don’t have much other time in the day to exercise.  It’s better than nothing!

  • 5 minutes of ab plank work
  • Push-ups 3 x15
  • 3 mile walk in 51 minutes (avg. pace: 17 minutes)

Adios!!  And thank goodness tomorrow is Thursday!


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I’ve been doing pretty good with those New Year’s resolutions goals – how about you?

Listen to my body? Check.  Seeing as how I’ve ran probably twice in 2 weeks.  That might be because I’ve had no time, or it might be because I’ve been listening to my ankle/inner shin pain.


Intuitive eating? How about delicious intuitive eating at work?

Such as homemade Black Bean & Turkey chili one day:


And an amazing salad the next?


Mixed greens, mustard apricot dressing, feta, grilled chicken, and a bit of Mediterranean pasta.


Froyo while shopping:


And yogurt messes for breakfast:


I’m not a big chips and salsa person, but lately I’ve been loving it.  I wouldn’t recommend these chips, however.  I love Food Should Taste Good chips, but they have much better flavors out there (such as multigrain, olive & sweet potato!)


Strength training? I started to strength train a couple weeks ago, hurt my writs, and had to take a break.  Seriously.  Injuries never cease to surround me.  It’s feeling better now though, so I should be able to start up again!


Happy-Weight plan?  Yes, I’ve started it.  But good times with friends (which may or may not involve drinking) have gotten slightly in the way this past week.  So this one kind of conflicts with…

Do something social once per week?  Yes, yes!  I went to Chipotle last week with some friends (yes, that counted as my something social).  Then went out on Thursday with some friends.

Which was tons of fun.  But left me feeling like this the next day at work:


Feelin’ swell as you can tell.

And then mimosas, breakfast, and spending time downtown on Sunday:


Sourdough french toast.  I got fresh fruit on the side instead of bacon or sausage.  Which was just a cut up green apple.  Disappointing since I dislike green apples!


It was BEAUTIFUL weather. 


Hot chocolate once per week? You betcha!!  Okay, I might have had it twice the first week.  But it’s a huge step from every single night like usual.


Organization? Ummmm working on it.  I cleaned a little today!! Winking smile


How are your resolutions (or goals) coming along as we enter the third week of January 2011?

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Shake it

My breakfast was bomb.

Yes bomb.


I knew I wanted to use my near-empty pumpkin butter jar for something.

Yay for yogurt messes!  Rather than cereal, I found some old old Heart Thrive bars in the freezer.  Yummy.


So pretty.  Reminds me of sand art.


Lunch was pumpkiny as well.  Surprised?  No?  Really?  Why not? Winking smile

Pumpkin pancakes.  Topped with peanut-butter-pumpkin-maple-syrup (peanut flour + syrup + a scoop of pumpkin butter).  And pumpkin cream cheese.

Oh Lord.  Even I’m pumpkind out by that description.


Ugly.  But soooooo good.


And for dinner….

A few weeks ago, I was sent some Shake ‘n Bake to try out.  Shake ‘n Bake makes it easy to coat your chicken with delicious crispy flavor. 

The box comes with a plastic baggy and seasoning to shake shake shake!


After baking in the oven, and served on some adorable football plates (perfect for football parties!):


I also had some laughing cow and masala dip on the side.  IMG_1769-1

And black beans.



Actually quite tasty!  And not too spicy either, especially for buffalo chicken seasoning! Winking smile

I ended up with crispy chicken tenders for dinner in an easy 20 minutes (5 minutes prep, 15 minutes cooking!).  And it was delicious.  This was definitely a delicious low-fat alternative to buffalo wings.  I do wish, however that the ingredient list wasn’t quite so long.  But you can’t be too picky about those things all the time!


Want to try out Shake ‘n Bake for yourself? (Please note that this was sent to me for free, and Shake ‘n Bake is supplying the products for this review and giveaway).

The winner will receive:

  • A sample of NEW Shake ‘N Bake Crispy Buffalo
  • Football-themed serving plates
  • A tip sheet that includes tips on how to host the perfect football party
  • A $50 American Express gift card to outfit the rest of your party


I’m not a big football fan, but this would be perfect for any sports game watching.  I served it during baseball World Series time Winking smile

To enter:

  • Leave a comment telling me your favorite sport to watch
  • Spread the word and link back to the giveaway

With the holiday coming up, I’ll give you some extra time and will pick a winner on Friday November 26. 

Ready…set…get shakin!!!

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I broke a rib.

Okay that might be a lie. 

But it might not.

Because that’s what it feels like.

My oblique pain has been varying each day, rotating between the left and the right side.  Yesterday, I randomly did something at work (I don’t remember exactly – twisted or coughed or something), and I heard a crack.  Literally, a sharp crack.  Then, shooting shooting pain.  I couldn’t move.  I literally froze and felt that I couldn’t move. 

Eventually I was able to slowly straighten my body and move, but the pain was awful.  It felt so much better if I put a hand on my rib to support it, and if I didn’t have my hand on it, it feels like a heavy full type of feeling that feels like it’s “dropping.”

During the day, the pain gradually improved (it still hurt greatly – but not as bad as that initial couple hours).  Until I sneezed later that night.  And then it was all over.

Now this new rib pain feels different than the other stomach pain I’ve been feeling for the past week.  I’m thinking maybe my abs/rib cartilage (or something) was inflamed and aggravated, therefore making it easier to crack or harm them?

Who knows- I very well likely did not crack one and I’m just over reacting.  But I do know it hurts.  Oh and I don’t have insurance until the first of December due to my job (minor minor detail right there.  *sarcasm*)

Today it’s feeling slightly better.  But still super painful.  Oy.


I’m taking this week easy on the nannying job in order to let my stomach rest (picking up a 16-lb baby and hold her for hours does a number on ya!).  Therefore I slept it, and had a delicious breakfast.


  • Homemade pumpkin yogurt
  • Crumbled bran muffin (forgot I had a few in the freezer!!)
  • Pumpkin butter
  • Almond butter

Muffin on yogurt is delicious!


I ran a few errands (hello Christmas shopping!), and came home to eat a quick lunch.  Kashi sweet & sour chicken I’ve had forever.  I actually brought this meal down with me from home this summer.


I considered throwing in some more veggies but decided I didn’t feel like making them.

I also felt some desire to add more sugar to the already sugar-laden dish with some BBQ sauce.  That’s why it’s a tad more red than normal if you were wondering.

I had veggie soup for dinner and I must share the delicious salad I also had at work tonight.  It was a beet + goat cheese salad that I added some kidney beans and olives to.  Random?


There was tons leftover (apparently beet and goat cheese isn’t the popular choice of most people), so I was told I could bring some home Smile YAY.


Once home I snacked on a few things that remain unpictured.  Meh.


What’s your favorite yogurt topping?  I love cereal for the crunch.  But really, I think a warmed up muffin might be pushing up there for #1!

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Word to the Wise

This post contains important information you should keep in mind on a daily basis.   Things that work well, and that don’t work well.  Very important stuff, you know.

Such as the fact that cupcakes taste wonderful mixed into yogurt messes the next morning.  Just scrape off the huge mound of frosting, eat that (if desired), and mix the crumbled (sweet potato) muffin cupcake into said yogurt.


Another tip?  Don’t splurge on Fage yogurt on sale if you’ve been living off of plain yogurt, and wish to continue to do so.  O. M. G. I want my Greek yogurt back please.


Word to the wise – don’t microwave veggie corn dogs (or regular corn dogs for that matter).  So much better baked in the oven.


Also, hummus doesn’t taste bad with a corn dog.  But ketchup and mustard taste better.


I was just in a hurry.  And hungry.


If you ever want a little giggle, I suggest trying this:


However you need a baby to do so.  And I don’t suggest finding a random one off the streets.

A tip we all know and I’m sure have failed upon – don’t over cinnamon your dishes.



When given the opportunity to sleep in and have the morning off, make sure you have a good and delicious breakfast.


  • 1/4 cup oats
  • 1/4 cup wheat bran
  • 3/4 cup almond milk + 1/2 cup water
  • 2 egg whites
  • Cinnamon & pumpkin pie spice
  • Pumpkin ~1/2-3/4 cup worth
  • Maple syrup


  • Pumpkin butter
  • Pumpkin cream cheese (all out *sniff sniff*)
  • Plain yogurt (which I ate around – I actually wasn’t feeling it)

This made a huge bowl with only 1/4 cup oats!  The wheat bran and pumpkin really bulks it up (tip #….8?  9?).


Be sure to try out multiple pumpkin butters for a legit pumpkin season experience.  This one is good and very pumpkin tasty.  Sweet (not too sweet), but not too “spicy.”  I like it a lot.


I’ll admit, one of the things that attracted me to this is the fact that it says only 15 calories per Tbsp.  Which is quite a bit less than other brands.  I’m not going to let calories from keeping me from buying pumpkin butter, but I was impressed that this brand seemed to not use as much sugar.

Until I looked at the carbohydrate and grams of sugar per serving. 

1 g. carbohydrates = 4 calories

10 g. carbohydrates = 40 calories

40 calories > 15 calories.

15 calories?  Pshhhh.  Don’t think so!!  I don’t really care though – 30% Vitamin A per serving? Yeehaww.  Although that might be false as well! Winking smile


So, I suggest really looking at the label (if you care about that stuff).  But it’s still delicious.  And why on earth would they put serving sizes in ounces and grams?  Who really measures or estimates servings in ounces?  Sorry – but tablespoons work better in my book!

If you see the word maple next to the word scone, then I suggest purchasing.


But I do advise not eating the whole thing.  I snacked on half while researching internships.

If you forget to take a picture of your lunch, the can doesn’t do it justice.  Although I didn’t really like it anyways.


If you really aren’t hungry or feeling well, listen to your body!  Don’t try and force down almonds just because you feel your lunch needs more “substance.”


And next time remember not to purchase said almonds if you’re not prepared to go through half the container in a week.



Remember to get the “Turkey with gravy and dressing” next time they offer it again at work (most likely in 3 weeks).  Because it was delicious. 

And next time remember to take a picture before devouring.


Peanut flour mixed with water is divine (divine?  really?) for dipping apple slices into.  And if you have no peanut flour then go buy some.  At TJ’s.  And if you don’t live close to a TJ’s, then drive as far as it takes to get it.  That needs to be my Tip#1.  Because it really is the most important.


Tip: add salt and a bit of maple syrup to the mix.  You’ll thank me.


Another tip: next time honeycrisp apples are .99 cents/lb at the grocery store, buy more.  Much much more.


Another suggestion?  Stop blogging and blog-reading and get to work on internship researching so you’re not as stressed out.  It might help.

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I had PB&J for breakfast the past 2 days. 

One in yogurt-mess form:


  • Peanut butter yogurt (peanut flour mixed with yogurt)
  • Cereal
  • Raspberries
  • Pumpkin butter


Yes, there was yogurt under there Winking smile

The juicy berries mixed into the yogurt like PB&J!


This morning in overnight oats form:


  • Peanut butter overnight oats
  • 1/2 a nectarine
  • Raspberries
  • Sprinkle of granola
  • Jam



Mmm pretty much like fresh raspberry jam Open-mouthed smile


I also was quite the fashion statement:


Running shoes + cute dress = oh shush it, I have a sore foot.


Today I worked a bit, then hit the road home!  Grabbed a sandwich at a local deli on the way.


Sooooo good.  Seriously – big ol’ sourdough rolls make deli sandwiches.  I used to get plain sliced wheat.  But the sandwich is 3097532085032 million times better with this bread.



I drove straight to my orthotics appointment, where I was refitted.  And told I need new orthotics.  SUPER DEEEE DUPER.  Apparently, my arches have stretched out and are now over-riding my current orthotics.  Causing my ankles to roll slightly inward.  She was also in shock how tight my ankles are.  Even though I stretch after each run – it’s not enough!!  Most likely the cause of my recent foot pain.  I really need to focus on like hour long stretching or something if I want to keep running.


Then to Target.


And guess what was right next door across the street?


I can’t turn down the fact that they have pumpkin pie flavor.  If I see Yogurtland, I must buy.


This then welcomed me home when I walked in the door:


Except someone seems to have been picking at it!



I thought the yogurt and trail mix would ruin my appetite for dinner, but I still felt munchy.  I rummaged around, and found some tomato soup in the cupboard.  Eaten with a quesadilla made with a flatout wrap and cheddar cheese.



And then I was soooooo full.


I haven’t done a Flashback Friday in so long, but I figured this race weekend would be perfect to flashback to my previous times running this race!  I actually flashbacked to it last year as well, but I’ll re-flashback Winking smile


In 2007, I ran the full Nike Women’s Marathon in SF.  It was my first marathon, and actually one of my first serious races!

I spent the day before with my sister, mom, and cousin hanging out at the hotel and exploring the Expo!


…and getting attacked in Macy’s.  No big deal.


The next morning, we were up bright and early!  (My mom and cousin walked the half)



I was wandering the streets, when I ran into my dad and siblings!  Seriously, out of all the people in the crowds, and out of all the places they could have been.  Talk about coincidence!  It really made me excited.


It really meant a lot that my whole family came out to support me.  I love you guys!!!  During the last 3 miles, I randomly saw a huge sign that read “DO IT FOR ZIMMER!!” (Zimmer was our dog who died of lymphoma, what this race benefits).  I cracked up, and my brother started to run alongside with me.  I challenged him to beat me Winking smile But he dropped off behind me.  HA!

Sprinting to the finish!



Done Open-mouthed smile





In 2008, I ran the half! 

Enjoying the day with mom and her friends:



My hand always looks like it’s hanging dead when I have my Garmin on haha.

41309-1485-013f (1)

The weather was freeeeeezing this year!!  I ran the half, and everyone else walked, so I hung around for a good 2 hours afterwards waiting.  So cold!!



I can’t wait to make new memories this year!!

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Pain in my heel

Just a quick peek at today’s eats, as I only snapped pictures of about half.

Breakfast in a mug!


Don’t let the mug fool you – that thing is huge!!


The downside of using a deep mug as a dish means it’s difficult to get down to the yogurt.  But yogurt there was!  And you know what kind Winking smile



I snacked at work, and had a pre-run English muffin with PB & banana.  Like I said – unpictured eats.

So here’s the dealio with my foot.  Friday night, I wore super high wedges that did something to my left foot.  The next day, my heel was aching.  And the day after.  And the day after that.  Limp-causing, throbbing, piercing pain.  It’s on the inner side of my heel, and closer to my inner ankle.


First thought?  Oh – I hurt my foot, it’ll get better tomorrow.

Second thought? Crap – plantar fasciitis.

Third thought?  Something wrong with my achilles tendon.

I’ve been icing it, and wearing supportive shoes – but it hurts.  It has gotten better.  But I’m super worried for my race this weekend for 3 reasons:


1. I don’t know how badly it will hurt to run on Sunday.  Can I make it all 13 miles?  Will it hurt so badly I have to stop?  Can I even run on it?

2. If I do run, will I aggravate it so badly that it prolongs the injury and makes it worse in the long run?

3. If I rest this week and don’t run on it, how much will that effect my running this weekend?  My last long run was on Thursday.  Will it effect me greatly to take 10 days off before my half?


So I rested.  And today felt much better.  I attempted a short run – anywhere from 1-4 miles, depending on how I felt.  The first 3 went well, so I attempted 4.

At exactly mile 3.68 I felt a slight piercing pain, and immediately stopped.  Immediately.  I didn’t attempt any more running.  I iced, stretched, and prayed for the best.

Seriously, a sign of someone who just won’t give up:


I’m so sick of injuries, I really am.

I can’t even imagine if I can’t run this weekend.  If you’re a long time reader, you know my struggles with my knee injury.  The race this weekend means so much to me. 

But honestly, I really think I’m okay to run.  It’s definitely improved.  And if I feel any awful pain during the race, I know I can stop.  I’m just in disbelief that this seriously has to happen…now.

Anyways, moving on…post-run was a cottage cheese fruit salad flavor (2 servings of cottage cheese in that container) with cereal.


And a homemade iced coffee with almond milk and creamer.


And didn’t eat the rest of the night….

You know I’m kidding Winking smile

Think rice, chicken, corn on the cob, and bites of a PB cream cheese brownie at work.

Followed by the rest of my kabocha squash with BBQ sauce and hot chocolate at night.


Has anyone ever suffered from plantar fasciitis or any type of heel pain before?  Did you run a race on it?

I’ve had what I thought was plantar fasciitis once in the past.  But it was more of a sharp sharp pain in my arch.  Not my heel.

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