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Well I think I might have gotten a bit cocky about my knee.  Thursday gym workout included:

  • 20 minutes stairs level 12
  • 2 mile treadmill run (with a few minutes walking throughout); .5 mile cool-down
  • 10 minutes upper body

I also fit in 20 minutes total ab work randomly throughout the day.

Anyhow, my knee was feeling a bit achy with sharp pains later in the night.  I was dumb.  3 runs in one week?  Even if they are super short, I haven’t done that since I stopped running altogether!

I had to be at work by 7 am yesterday, so I brought my breakfast along with me to eat there.  I splurged on some Food for Life English muffins the other day because I’ve been dying to try them and they were on sale!  Unfortunately, they were out of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin, so I snagged the Genesis 1:29 type.  So that’s what I had this morn, 1/2 topped with Naturally Yours PB, 1/2 with cookie-dough PB:


Oh YUMMNESS!!  These English muffins are bomb!  They’re slightly bigger than the average joe muffin (and thus have more calories – 180), are dense, chewy, and just great.  I love how you can taste the seeds and crunch in them.  I love these!!  As I was unpacking my bags tonight, I realized I left my bag with the two peanut butters at work 😦 Guess I’ll be going all weekend without my naturally yours & cookie dough flavors!  I only wonder what my boss will think when she sees that I brought 2 jars of PB to work with me?  haha!

Mid-day, we took a little trip to the beach to walk along the pier:


And also hit up the local Beach Barn which I’m completely obsessed with.  It’s great – they sell tons of locally grown fruits & veggies for pretty good prices!  Almost like a Farmer’s Market.  Plus they have tons of cute little goodies & gifts.  And a candy shop with ice cream and fudge!  I sampled wedding cake & caramel peanut butter fudge 🙂 They also have amazing pies, scones, breads, etc.  Yum!


I picked up a few veggies (zucchini, an onion, cilantro) and some apricots.

They also have animals.  This guy was a beauty!


I snacked a bunch through the morning & mid-day at work (mostly from boredom eating – argh!) on LOTS of almonds, fruit (I ate my weight in fruit – 1/2 pint of blueberries, 4 apricots, strawberries, cherries, 2 clementines, pluot…), and the last of my homemade coleslaw, so I wasn’t too hungry thoughout the day.  But by the time we got home at 4:00 I was starving!  Whipped out my Kashi Tuscan Veggie Bake:



Pretty good!  It was like a veggie lasagna, but minus the cheese.  So I sprinkled some parmesan on top 😀 I loved the smokey flavor.

Once I got off work I went straight to the gym, and then to Farmer’s Market where I had one mission in mind: Get those amazing apricots I picked up the past couple weeks!!  Then I got the bad news – there was not one apricot being sold at Farmer’s!  The lady told me the season’s over 😦 Guess I should go back to the beach barn or to Costco and stock up before they stop selling them too!

Because of my late late lunch, and all my Farmer’s Market samples (a bunch of flavored almonds, and pita samples with about a serving of different hummus flavors), I really wasn’t hungry for dinner.  But I knew I needed to eat something!  Originally I’d planned to grill up another brie quesadilla with my leftover basil, but I didn’t want that large of a meal at 9:00, and I also didn’t feel like making any dirty dishes.  So I decided on toast!  Brie cheese (some under the basil as well), tomato, & basil on a slice of the best bread ever.  Popped it in the toaster oven…mmmmm 🙂


Followed by this little guy I picked up at the Farmer’s Market pie stand:


About a bites worth of apricot pie – I thought I would love it, but not so much.  It had a weird sour taste.

And then I was still craving froyo, so froyo is what I had!  Cake batter froyo with one cookie dough chunk, heath toffee bits & some FF reddi whip (I don’t like normal whipped cream, but I love this stuff!).


Why is my self-serve froyo in a Haagen Dazs container you might ask?  Well I bought the cake batter flavor to freeze (because it’s some of the best thing ever), but the container was pretty large and only about half full.  And I had just finished off this empty container, so WA-LA!  I transferred the froyo into this container to store in the freezer.  Complicated, but it worked out, trust me.  Plus I like eating out of ice cream containers 😉

Today I had originally planned to make another trip to LA (yes third weekend in a row!) to visit one of my old great friends who’s visiting from Colorado.  Rob and I were next door neighbors from 6th grade until junior year of high school when he moved to Colorado.  He was one of the best friends I ever had – he was always there for me, and I loved being able to just wander over at any moment.  I don’t have any old pics on this computer, but this was the earliest I could find:


He visited once or twice during high school, but then I didn’t see him again for over 3 years – when I went to visit him in Colorado 2 years ago:


So now it’s been another 2 years, and he told me his plan to roadtrip out to CA this summer!  YAY!!  The roadtrip plans fell through, but he still planned to fly out to the LA area and wanted me to drive down.  (Why couldn’t he have been in LA either of the last 2 weekends?!  haha).  Since I don’t work at all today, I thought why not?!  Well I let him know earlier this week I’d try to make it down Friday, then I texted him and called him a couple times yesterday – with no answer and no call back.  I’m super bummed because I really wanted to see him 😦 I don’t know if his phone is just dead, or he was really busy, or what’s going on.  I do know he was with one girl who yesterday (who I never got along with), so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.  Bummer 😦 Okay…vent over.

In a way, I’m excited to have the whole day free since I haven’t had one of those days in over 2 weeks (with work, vacations, trips, etc).  I slept in, and woke up dreaming of pancakes!  I decided to try out my new Quaker pancake mix I picked up on sale the other day.  My roommate had also made Raisin Bran muffins that smelled amazing so I helped myself to 1/2 a muffin as well:


Topped with a little PB for my morning nut butter fix 😉 And like 3 cups of coffee.

My knee is slightly more sore than usual, so I know I pushed my run yesterday.  My bunion is also bothering me a bit (weird – it hasn’t hurt me in a while!), so I plan to stay out of my running shoes this morning.  Plan to hit up the pool for a nice swim!  And maybe some lounging around after 🙂 Then I’ll tackle my To-Do list:

  • Gym – swim & tan
  • Clean room (it’s a disaster after 2 weekends of vacations and visitors!)
  • Upload pics to Costco online
  • Costco (Paper towels, pictures, & apricots!)
  • Call friend Jamie and see what she’s up to this weekend! (catch up with old friends!)
  • Scrapbook (haven’t done this in ages and have free time!)

Okay, so it’s not really a “to-do” list, more like a “what I want to accomplish today for fun!” list.  But I honestly haven’t had any free time in so long.  I’m excited!  But still bummed about my friend of course.  Bittersweet…

Here’s a giveway – but don’t forget to mention my name when you leave a comment! 😉

And I don’t know about you, but I’ve been dying to try out the Sunshine burgers after seeing so much hype about them on the blogs!  Luckily there’s a chance to win some coupons for them here!


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If anyone is Lady A fans, they’ll get my title isn’t just about literally running 😉

Onward with my weekend recap!

I got back from LA around 3:00 and two of my sisters arrived at 4:30.  They were mainly visiting to see Lady Antebellum at the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles.  This concert always attracts pretty well-known artists, but this was extremely exciting because Lady Ant was performing on the “free stage” (so anyone could attend with paid fair admission).

Monday I woke up early to get a run in at the gym.  This time I increased my run segments to 1.25 miles each, with a few minutes walking in between. It totaled 3 miles running and 4 miles total (including the walking).  Felt pretty good and barely any knee pain the rest of the day!

We got to the fair on Monday at around 3:30, planning on hanging around and attending the 8:30 show.  But it was ridiculously hot there.  104 degrees in the shade!  We were dyyying and there was already a growing line to enter the 6:30 show AND another line for the 8:30 one.  At 4:00!  So we decided to just go to the earlier show.  We stood in line for 2 hours before being allowed in, but it was well worth it!  Luckily I had randomly had a deck of playing cards in my car, so we played a few card games to pass the time.  We were in the shade, but needed a little “cool-off”.  Enter the biggest shaved ice I’ve ever seen (32 oz cup!):


We devoured that thing 🙂


We got awesome seats!!  I’d say we were about 20th in line, and ended up  in the 10th row or so.  But we were on the aisle right next to the stage walkway that protruded out into the audience.



It was an awesome show (pretty similar to what we saw last week when they opened for Keith though!) and we had an amazingly great view:



I was right next to Hillary Scott when she walked out on the walkway!


CIMG1394bahaha.  My sister didn’t realize the camera was zoomed in.

And when they walked out during their last song, yes he grabbed my hand (not just a hand slap, but a grab 😉 haha).


AHHHHH it was awesome!!!  So worth waiting 2 1/2 hours 😀

Afterwards, we walked around a bit to check out the stands, animals, and people watch.  We had originally planned to get a funnel cake, but the heat definitely ruined our appetite for fried dough.  There was a gelato stand that sold a giant wafflecone with 6 scoops!  I didn’t need that much, but I did get a 2 scoops of oreo cookie and birthday cake flavors.


OH HOLY YUM. The birthday cake flavor tasted just like Basken Robbins ice cream cake frosting (which I love).  Great stuff.  I shared it among my sisters of course 😉

My sisters left early the next morning, so we didn’t do too much else during their less than a 2 day visit.

Nothing too exciting happened Tuesday and Wednesday, besides work, eating, & a run.  Yup, I did another run on Tuesday (that makes 2 runs 2 days in a row!).  I normally would not do that at all, but I did it in the evening, and my knee was honestly feeling okay!  Not nearly 100%, but probably the best it’s felt at all lately.  This time I did 1.5 mile run segments (with walking in between), totaling 3.7 miles running.  I was worried for a second afterwards because the knee felt stiff, but it’s honestly felt okay since then.  Usually my knee bugs me after any run, but not having any increase in pain after 2 runs is unheard of!  I haven’t done any physical therapy moves in over a week, and I honestly find that those moves seem to make my knees really sore.  They’re supposed to strengthen my hamstrings, but have been irritating my knees at the same time.  So I’m kind of torn with what to do.  Argh.

My mom sent my sisters down with tons of fruits & veggies for me!  Like 10 tomatoes, 4 corn on the cobs, a baggie of cherries, snap peas, 2 avocados, clementines, and 3 HUGE juicy peaches!  She obviously bought lots at Costco and no one else at home will eat it all up!  What a nice Mommy 😀

So to use up all my tomatoes, for dinner on Tuesday, I made my mom’s pasta sauce.  Sauteed garlic, onions, tomatoes, & basil.


I literally ate all this sauce in two portions.  I love it.

I usually have it on pasta, but this time I put it over a carmelized onion chicken burger and topped the whole thing with goat cheese.

With half of this snickerdoodle cookie for dessert:


Wednesday lunch were the leftovers, but this time I added in some chicken sausage to the mix.


Plus one of my peaches!


OMG soooooooo good!!

I was going to grab a couple of Kathy’s Krackers in savory flavor this morning to dip into my sauce at lunch, but I tried a small piece this morning and BLECH!!  OMG I found it awful!  It even had a slighty “fishy” aftertaste to it.  I hope it might have been just the savory flavor, and the other flavors are better.  I’ll let you know!

For dinner, I wanted to use up the Brie cheese that my sisters also brought down with them.  I also have many Rudi’s wraps/tortillas I need to use as well.  Enter…Brie cheese & pear quesadilla!


Also made a little unpictured guac on the side.  This was the 7 grain with flax wrap and while it was tasty, it was hard to tell for sure how much I liked it since it was cooked up & fried.  I’ll have to try it again just as a wrap and let you all know what I think.

Well I work at 7 am tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll get a gym trip in during the evening.  Then it’s Farmer’s Market where I am definitely stocking up on those amazing apricots again.  Best.  Apriocts.  EVER.  The end.

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Hi guys I’ve missed you! 😀  So this weekend was a blast.  I absolutely love Disneyland beyond belief!  It’s actually a life goal of mine to run the Disneyworld marathon, or at least the Disneyland half (if I can’t make it to Florida!).  A friend of ours got us free tickets because his dad works for the company – SCORE!!

After driving down Thursday night, we woke up early Friday morning to hit up the park for an all day adventure.  9:00 am – midnight!

Waiting outside the parks & posing with a random letter (they had no ‘T’ or ‘S’ to stand for our names!) as part of the CALIFORNIA sign:


We then headed into California Adventures (even though us girls really wanted to go to Disneyland first).  For those of you who’ve never been, basically California has different California “lands” (Hollywood, wine country, a boardwalk, a mountainy/woody area, etc).  The big rollar coaster was closed, so we did the new Toy Story ride (kind of like an interactive video game where you ride in cars and can shoot at 3-D targets).


Group in front of the grizzly mountain waterfall ride:


And we rode Soaring Over California.  That ride is awesome.  You basically “soar” over a giant movie screen showing scenic views all over California.  It feels completely real because they even stimulate wind and smells (you can smell the ocean!).  It’s cutely and creatively decorated, but not as “magical” as Disneyland, and can get tiring quickly.  You feel like you’re at an actual amusement park or boardwalk.  So after about 2 hours over there I was ready to get to the Magic Kingdom!


I love Main Street USA! I’m a huge history buff, so I love historical things such as this street.


We hit up most of the rides including Pirates of the Caribbean, where I saw Johnny!


Unfortunately we didn’t run into the real Johnny like I did last time at Disneyland. 😉


My little 8-year old sister has been obsessed with Johnny Depp since she saw the first Pirates movie when she was 4 or 5.  I mean obsessed.  She has a life-size poster of him (in our room that I share with her at home!), her pillow case has his picture on it…she thinks she’s going to marry him.  It’s hilarious!

I got to go on the new (re-done) It’s a Smallworld ride.


My favorite…Indiana Jones!

IMG_4216-1haha I find this picture of me and my roommate hilarious.

Mad Hatter teacups:


Don’t worry, no one got sick 😉

Lesson learned, don’t try fitting 4 huge guys in 1 teacup:


Finding Nemo submarines was the longest line we waiting in (50 minutes!) and the most boring one!


We get excited 😉


Unfortunately we only saw a few characters – Tigger, Pooh Bear & Mickey, but the only one we stood in line for was Mickey.  You have to meet Mickey Mouse while at Disneyland!


Sad story.  One of the guys in my group knocked on Mickey’s head when we went up to him.  What?!?!  You don’t do that to Mickey Mouse!!  What a jerk!  It was funny though because Mickey took him to the corner and put him in “time-out”.  They made up, and Mickey gave him a hug afterwards, but I was so embarassed.  I’m not really friends with this guy, and that was just a mean thing to do!

I was keeping my eye out for the princesses and Mary Poppins (one of my faves!), but no such luck.  Last year picture with Mary Poppins (because I love them):


In front of Splash Mountain.  We opted against standing in the 80 minute long line for it.


The mean Mickey attacker got called up to be a part of some New Orleans Mardi Gras show!  That was exciting.



I’m so happy we got to enjoy the fireworks show.  Last year it was too “windy” and they cancelled them on us at the last minute :-(.  Disneyland fireworks are the best I’ve ever seen in my life.  And it doesn’t help that they’re choregraphed to Disney music and sound clips!  Random fact: Each fireworks show costs something around $45,000!  Crazy.

Some intense photography taking:


Check out what I was taking a picture of!


Balloons!!  They’re a blown up Micky head balloon within a clear balloon.  The cool part was that they had some battery operated flashing light system, so the Micky head flashed different colors.  Sweet!  Too bad they were $12!!

After walking around non-stop all day, we were starving at night!  Our midnight snack as the park was closing…ice cream from the Main Street ice cream shop!  I got a scoop of cookies n’ cream and a scoop of Nestle cookie swirl.  The waffle cones smelled way too good to pass up 😉

IMG_4233-1I’m usually not a huge fan of cookie dough ice cream (I just pick out the cookie dough, HA!), but this was the best cookie dough ice cream of my life.  I don’t know if I was just super hungry or what, but it was swirled throughout, and just plain A-MAZING.

Unfortunately, I really didn’t get many pictures of my eats (and they weren’t all too exciting anyways!).  My food stash bag sure came in handy though!  Friday morning breakfast was a Rudi’s spelt English muffin with my barney butter sample.  I didn’t feel like spending $10 on a blah sandwich or something for lunch, so my “lunch” (more like random snacks) throughout the day/afternoon consisted of a Clif z-bar, cherry pie Larabar, part of a delicious snickerdoodle cookie, and this wonderful pineapple dole whip:

IMG_4210-1I had heard so many raves about this thing, I knew I had to try it out.  I checked out the ingredients list, and even though it has tons of crap stuff in it (including partially hydrogenated oils), it was crazy good!  Tasted just like airy, whipped pineapple froyo!

That night we crashed at Sara’s (my roommate) sister’s house, and in the morning she made us cinnamon rolls:


I had 1 1/2 doughy goodness straight out of the oven 🙂 Plus a baggy of dried cereal out of my stash, since I’m always starving right upon wakening!

Saturday we were exhausted, but managed to squeeze in a little shopping at Forever 21 😉 Then we headed to the Dodgers game!


Too bad I’m a Giants fan (Giants & Dodgers are rivals!), so I had to root for the Marlins (who they were playing against).  It was an awesome game.  3-3 bottom of the 9th, 2 outs, runner on 2nd & 3rd.  Dang!!  The crowd went crazy when the Dodgers scored (and won the game 😦 ).



We had awesome seats:

IMG_0538I think that’s Manny Ramirez running.  Can’t tell for sure though.  Our seats were right by him in the outfield and everyone was crazy chanting his name.

You don’t even want to know what my dinner was!  Heart Thrive lemon poppyseed bars (deeeelicious – review coming soon!), 1/2 Clif pumpkin pie bar (my last one!), and a pack of TJ’s trailmix.  Seriously the only food options around us were hot dogs, red-meat sandwiches, fish tacos, and giant pretzels.  No joke!  They really need to work on their vegetarian/non-red meat options!  I really didn’t want to spend $6 on a giant pretzel, so “grab-bag” it was!  I really need to go on a bar detox.  haha.

After the game, we crashed at our friend’s house this time since it was closer to the stadium.  In the morning, his parents were insanely generous enough to make us all breakfast!  They whipped up a batch of pancakes, bacon & supplied Costco muffins.  How kind! 😀 Unfortunately, I really wasn’t feeling the pancakey breakfast (plain ol’ bisquick), so I had 1 pancake (to not be rude, of course!), a few bites of a giant Costco blueberry muffin (you know how huge those things are!), and the other 1/2 of my Clif bar (RIP pumpkin pie  flavor).

We then hit the road so I could make it home to meet my sisters who were coming to visit for a few days!  Phew!  Can’t a girl get a moment of rest? 😉 I had a fun (but quick) sister visit, and the Lady Antebellum concert was amazing!!  So stay tuned for that recap in another post 😉

I had an AWESOME weekend 😀 It was so much fun, and I hung out with some great people.  I only hope to become better friends with most of them in the future (Mickey Mouse attacker not included).

But before you go…check out Megan’s Chobani giveaway!  Man oh man I love me some Greek yogurt!

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I’m Baaaack

Hola friends!  So I’m back from my trip…where was it???  Well those of you who guessed it were right…



My sisters arrived yesterday afternoon right when I got back so I’ve had no time to post, but I will as soon as they leave, I promise.  I just wanted to give you all a little teaser 😉

Now we’re off to the Mid-State Fair to see Lady Antebellum! Lataaazzz!

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I am watching the absolute weirdest movie right now – I Know Who Killed Me (with Lindsay Lohan – anyone seen it?).  A scene in it was filmed in the town I live in right now, so I wanted to check it out.  But I think I missed the scene…and time to change the channel!

How is everyone’s week going?  You’re almost done!  Except today was my “Friday” and then I’m heading out of town on a wonderful surprise vacation! It was pretty last minute, and I’m super excited about it 🙂

Tuesday morning started out with a gym trip, where I fit in:

  • 15 minutes elliptical level 12
  • 20 minutes stairmaster level 12
  • 25 minutes ab work

I know so many people love the elliptical, but I can’t stand it!  I find myself bouncing on it (which I know is bad), and I just can’t seem to get in a great workout on it.  I also get super bored and antsy.

While walking through the locker room the other day, I glanced in the mirror as I walked by, and found myself completely criticizing my body.  “Ugh I look awful.  Ew, look at the belly pooch.  Ugh I’ve gained so much weight recently…” What was I saying to myself?!?! These awful, awful comments just popped into my head.  Yes, I’ve gained a little weight recently, and along with my running hiatus, it’s been a hard thing to deal with.  But here I was, finishing up an awesome workout, and an awesome thing for my body.  I was strong, empowered and just worked up a good sweat.  I should be feeling on top of the world!  So I decided to post myself a little operation beautiful note to myself on the inside of my locker.


You are strong and fit and can lift more weights than most girls! 😉 Go you!  SMILE!!

Never again should I feel bad about myself upon leaving the gym.  Hopefully seeing this note will help me out with that 🙂

Physical Therapy was fine.  We did strength moves, ultrasound, and he also put a 24-hour anti-inflammatory patch on me.  I highly doubt it’s going to do much considering all the other anti-inflammatories and corisone shot haven’t helped.  But here’s to hoping!

IMG_4197-1It’s quite the fashion statement, huh? 😉 The 2-year old I babysit called it my “giant band-aid”.

Can I help it if I kind of have a slight crush on the PT Aide who helps me out?  Too bad Friday is his last day 😦 Maybe I’ll run into him around town, since he is my age!  haha

I hope everyone took advantage of the Free Starbucks pastry!!  There  weren’t too many options by the time I got there, so I chose a Toffee Nut Bar, and I have to say, I was madly disappointed.

IMG_4186-1It was wwaaaaayyyyy too sweet, but also lacking a lot of flavor.  I ate half and tossed the rest.  Blah.  I should’ve gotten the wonderful pumpkin bread I love!


It seems that the Berry coffee cake was a popular choice around blogland!  Did anyone else get a free pastry?  What’d you all get/recommend for next time?!

I came home to a surprise in the mail.  My sunbutter sample!!


Wait…what happened?!  It came wrapped in a baggie from the post office apologizing for the “damage to my mail”.  Well…yeah!  Did it explode?  Melt?  Leak?  All I know is it was all over!  Booo 😦 At least I can still use the coupon!  I’m sure they’ll appreciate that messy oily coupon when I use it 😉

Dinner was fab!  Falafel, hummus, spinach, tomato & cucumber-yogurt dip all grilled up in a whole wheat tortilla.


And my fave – BBQ sauce on the side for dipping!  I love these falafel balls they sell at Costco.  Yummmm


Not much of an exciting day…I planned to do some sort of cardio (swim, run/walk, etc), but I was instructed to take it easy due to my new fashionable giant bandaide knee patch.  So I grabbed my dumbells and did 2 sets of 10-15 (20 or 25 lb dumbells) of each of the following:

  • Standing bicep curls
  • Shoulder presses
  • Tricep extensions
  • Tricep dips
  • Chest flys
  • Chest presses
  • Seated bicep curls

Along with 10 minutes of “tae-bo” like jabs & punches.  And about 5 minutes of ab work.  Totaling 40 minutes of strength.

Lunch at work – Kashi sandwich pocket (got these for .88 cents each, so that’s why I’m eatin’ lots of them!), 2 apricots, and homemade “broccoli slaw” made with cucumber-yogurt dip, raisins, slivered almonds, & grapes.


I made the most beautiful omelette of my life for dinner.  My omelettes usually fall apart or turn into scrambles, but I still call them omelettes.  This one actually looked like a legit omelette.  I was in awe!  Unpictured, but I wish I had captured this moment on film!

Then onto today (aka Thursday).  Did a little running this morning (although it probably wasn’t the smartest of ideas.  My knees have been much more sore lately).  First I did 20 minutes stairmaster (level 12) & sweat buckets (nothing makes me sweat more!).  Then I moved to the treadmill where I did:

  • 1 mile run 6 mph
  • 3 minutes walk
  • 1 mile run
  • 3 minutes walk
  • .5 mile run
  • 6 minute cooldown

Total: 3.35 miles (2.5 running), 40 minutes

This is the first I have ran in quite a while.  I usually like to wait until my knees have been feeling better for a few days before I embark on running.  But physical therapy has been keeping them aggravated (due to the lower body work we’ve been doing).  But I felt like running today (feel free to yell at me).  It’s really how they’ll feel later today and tomorrow that will tell me the amount of damage I might have done.  It felt good to run though!

So who else here loves Safeway/Vons deli sandwiches?  So delicious for such a good deal of $4.99!  Can’t beat that!  Picked one up for lunch since I had a coupon for a $3.99 sammie!  Turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, extra (everyone stand clear!) onions, pickles, & peppercinis on a rustic Italian roll.  Ranch spread on the side that I added on to my own liking.  And I also added a bit of whipped chive cream cheese.



Soooo good!  Because of my usual habit to stay healthy and get whole wheat, I was about to get whole wheat sliced bread (that’s the only whole wheat they have), but I knew I would enjoy it so much more on white rustic Italian bread.  Sliced bread sandwiches are just more blah and can easily be made at home.  Why deny what I knew I would love more just because it’s not as “healthy”?  I might as well get what I really wanted, right?!  I also had the rest of my cucumber-yogurt dip broccoli slaw & a side of strawberries.


And a handful of these chocolate lovies:


Because I had so much salad left to eat (don’t want it to go to waste!), I only ate half of my sandwich and saved the rest for dinner tonight on the road….Should I give you a hint where the road will take me?  It’s a pretty happy place.  And it may or may not be a place on Earth.  Guesses!?!?!?

All packed up and I got my stash of food ready to go…


Can I help it if I want to spend the least amount of money possible this weekend and therefore many meals and snacks will probably consist of bars?  Where I’m going food is insanely expensive!  I also have no idea what my options for breakfast will be at the houses I’m staying at, and since a satisfying breakfast is a must in my book, I’m also bringing along some cereal.  Better safe than sorry, right?!  I obviously never overpack.  Who else plans their food so much so far in advance?  No one else I’m traveling with, that’s for sure!  haha.  Wonder what they’ll think of my stash…?

I’ll be back Sunday, and then two of my younger sisters are driving down to visit for a few days and to go to the local Mid-State fair.  The country group Lady Antebellum is performing on the free stage!!  Woohooooo.  😀

Since I’m not sure when I’ll get another chance to post, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  See you all when I return from…Ooops!  Almost spilled the fairydust! 😉

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Okay first off…Mr. Keith Urban was fantabuloso!!!! Amazing amazing concert.  He is just such a great singer, performer, and guitarist.  But I shall get to that…

My sister and I started the roadtrip on the right foot…Starbucks style (of course):


Apparently I didn’t get the memo that it was a “cute” not “funny face” picture.  Then we hit the road to LA!!  What do you all think of this dude we passed on the drive?


Remind me never to move to LA.  It took us 30 minutes to go 1.5 miles off the freeway.  We finally arrived at The Grove (a shopping center) where they have an (cue drumrolls please) American Girl Store!!!


Okay, girls, who else was completely obsessed with American Girl dolls?  Now you understand my excitement at a whole store of them, right?  Or am I just really a 7 year old kid?  My absolute favorite was Samantha (who I dreamed of actually being), and I was so excited to see her whole “land” and display in the store.  Now I don’t know if you all heard, but she was “retired” recently, so apparently they stopped producing her and all of her accessories.  Which means that she was absolutely nowhere in the whole store.  At all.  Shouldn’t they have some sort of “Retirement” section, or something?  Man, I was devastated!  I don’t get to see her fancy dresses or early 1900’s historical display?  😦 At least I got to see Kirsten!  (my second favorite doll):


And my sister go to see all her Molly dolls:


And what LA trip would be complete without froyo of course!  I got to try out the new Pinkberry flavors – passionfruit, pomegranate, & coconut!  Man soooooo good!  With mango, kiwi, and blueberry toppings:


We then walked around the huge Farmer’s Market with tons of little food stands/shops, gift shops, candy & nuts shops, etc.  This nut stand was having quite the deal – 75 cents for a small container of freshly ground peanut butter! Since it was one per person, I made my sister buy one also 😉


I think they’re about 10 oz each.  What a steal!

Dinner was a BBQ chicken panini with the most BBQ sauce I’d ever had on a sandwich in my life!  And I am in love with BBQ sauce.  I usually have to ask for extra on the side.


Sorry for the blurry car shot as I ate it on the go.

Then off to Keith!! So here’s where I got super sad 😦 There we were, waiting excitedly for Sugarland (who was opening for Keith – and we love Sugarland), when Lady Antebellum come on stage.  Wait, what?!  Apparently the main singer of Sugarland lost her voice the night before when she performed with Kenny Chesney.  Nooooo!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I also love Lady Antebellum.  Under any other circumstances I would be stoked to see them perform!  But the ironic part is that they’re actualy performing next week at the local Mid-State Fair, and my sisters were already planning on driving down next weeked to go see them with me.  Out of all country performers, it had to be the group we already have tickets for in a week!  Ahhh the irony.  Oh well, they were wonderful (as much as I would have loved to see Sugarland!).


Keith was great and we had a fantastic time.



I love all his songs, but I definitely rocked out to my favorite ones –  You Look Good in My Shirt & I Wanna Love Somebody Like You.

Rather than pay for a hotel, we just decided to hit the road back to my house.  It was a tiring late night drive, but we had coffee, veggie chips, and a delicious PB&J on Rudi’s spelt bread to keep us energized until we got back here at 3:30 am.

Needless to say, I was quite tired this mornin’, but for some reason I woke up at 9 and couldn’t fall back asleep.  So I decided to take advantage and hopped up for a quick 25 minute walk (about 1.7 miles) while my sister was still sleeping.  We then grabbed lunch at a deli I’ve been dying to try.

Turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onions, peppercinis & cranberry relish (the star of the show – it added just the right amount of sweetness) on a wheat roll:


(sorry for the awful quality picture) A little more than half of it stuffed me at lunch, and I hate this second half for my afternoon “snack” at work.  Plus a delicious (unpictured) peach.

Dinner was a repeat of my Black bean burger salad the other night because this thing was beyond awesome.  It was massive – I used up an entire bag of spring mix salad blend!

But before I go, check out Angela’s post on appreciating our bodies and loving the journey.  She’s challenging everyone to sit back and reflect on the good choices we make each day.  So here are mine about today:

  • I got up and went on a walk this morning rather than lay in bed.  It was short, but refreshing!
  • I listened to my body at lunch and stopped about 60% of the way through my sandwich because my stomach was hurting.  I’d already taken a few bites of my second half, and it would have been so easy to finish it.  But I wrapped it up and ate it later when I was actually hungry again

Well I’m off since I’m exhausted.  Gym and physical therapy in the morning!

Here’s another Amazing Grass giveaway!  I really want to try this stuff out!

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He has been quite the busy man (or lady!) lately.  Between yesterday and today, I’ve received some mighty fun packages!

First Christina lent me a book she finished and recommended, Just Friends, which I’m stoked to start reading soon!  Thanks so much, girl!


Kathy’s Krackers in such interesting flavors: Salsa, savory, and apple cinnamon.  Yum!


Just as I was making dinner tonight, the doorbell rang again!  Too bad I didn’t receive this Rudi’s Organic Bakery box before I started dinner!  I would’ve totally used one of the yummy tortilla wraps!


And one last surprise that got my heart a flutterin’…Heart Thrive Bars!


Holy Moly I don’t think I’ve received this much mail/packages in a few days all year!  Thank you so much, and I look forward to trying everything out!  Be on the lookout for some reviews, my fellow blog friends 🙂

Other than opening boxes and packages, I’ve had a few more exciting eats and another hike.  Another hike?!?  Did I dare venture out after my last one?  Oh you betcha!

Pre-hike fuel was Custard Oats and cawwwfeeee.


Close up (so you can see the ooey chocolatey goodness that is Chocolate chip cookie dough PB):


In the mix:

  • 1/2 cup oatmeal
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1 egg
  • Cinnamon & maple syrup

Once it was cooked I then mixed in 2 spoonfuls of Naturally More PB, then topped it off with more PB & a sprinkling of Kashi golean cereal.  I like my oatmeal rich & sweet 🙂 For some reason I’m not a fan of fruity oats.

Hike time! Knowing I won’t have a whole morning free to go on a hike for another few weeks, I decided Friday was a perfect day!  This time I chose a well-known hike at local Montana De Oro state park (about a 15 minute drive away).  There are tons of trails that go along the water here, but I chose Valencia Peak trail so I could get a great view.  Unfortunately, it was sucked in fog!

IMG_4123But still magnificent views, and really cool to be over the fog like that!



Closer down at the base of the trail, I had an ocean view!


It totaled about 5.8 miles in 2 hours, so it was a great hike!

Refueled afterwards with a Green Monster.


It blends in so well with the actual greens, I may as well be drinking the plant! 😉 Also had 3 apricots & a bowl of blueberries.

Dinner started out as a quesadilla, but then I realized George had been lonely lately, so I whipped him out for company.  Black bean veggie burger, 2% Mexican cheese, and green chilis in a WW tortilla.  (There were 3 wedges total)


With sour cream & BBQ sauce for dipping of course.

Snack later on consisted of Farmer’s Market strawberries, white nectarine & a juicy juicy apricot:


These apricots are beyond mushy and the sweetest ones I’ve had in my life.  I never want the season to end!

This morning, I hit up the gym before work to fit in:

  • 20 minutes stairmaster level 11-12
  • 20 minutes upper body weight machines
  • 15 more minutes stairmaster level 12
  • 15 minutes lower body strength from PT
  • Quick 5 minute ab sesh

I get so antsy and dripping sweat at that dang stairmaster, I decided to break it up today with weights in the middle.  It worked great!

Pre-gym eats – 2 Nature’s Path hemp plus waffles spread with PB, pumpkin butter, syrup, & a sprinkling of Cinnamon Raisin granola.


I really wanted to try out my new spelt English muffins, but was really craving waffles this A.M.  So waffles it was!

Post-gym eats (at work) – Okay, now I got to try out the spelt English muffins!  Half topped with laughing cow cheese, tomato & salt/pepper.  Half traditionally topped with Naturally Yours & sliced banana.


Yes…I brought my own jar of PB to work.  It’s because they have nasty reduced fat Jiff!  Blech!

I also snacked from this yum-o veggie platter:


And fruit overload of strawberries, blueberries, apricots, grapes, and a white nectarine.  I can’t let my delicious sweet fruit go bad!!

Oh and they also had this cake lying out:


Yes, I had a small sliver 😉 How could I possibly resist?!

So now how about that Rudi’s English muffin?  I loved it!  I’m pretty picky about the English muffins (surprisingly I don’t like Thomas ones because they’re too “flimsy”, thin, and get too toasty).  I like more dense, thick, chewy ones.  Which is exactly what this spelt one was like!  Pre-toasted, it seemed extremely dry and I was worried it would taste like chalk.  But toasted, it was great.

One downfall is only 2 grams of fiber, while many whole wheat ones have more (such as my beloved double fiber Oroweat).  And it doesn’t come pre-sliced!  But that’s not too much of a hassle.  Doesn’t take too long to slice it open!  😉 All in all, I really like them.

And major fail:


Coffee drippage on my white shirt while on my way to work!  Grrr…crossed fingers stain remover and soaking it will prevent staining!

I didn’t think I’d have another chance to post before the concert, but my sister isn’t coming into town now until tonight (she’s now about 45 minutes away).  She’s being a lazy butt-munch (yes, I really just said butt-munch) and didn’t want to get up early to drive down before I had to work.  So I was on my own for dinner.   Which was a ginormous massive salad (used almost a whole bag of spinach & a whole head of lettuce – it was that big) containing:

  • Sauteed onions
  • Black beans patty
  • Craisins
  • Feta cheese
  • TJ’s spicy Asian peanut dressing (LOVE this stuff!)
  • Sprinkled with flaxseed & peanuts


With a side of Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips (these things are awesome!).


Mmmmm…yummy 🙂 I love this ginormo bowl:


Well I better get ready for my sister’s arival.  There may or may not be froyo on the menu tonight 😉 Have a great rest of your weekend my dear friends!!

Happy Blogiversary to this lady!

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