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Golden Trip

What’s up my dear readers?

Today I sent off my Florida State dietetic internship application.  One thing I can check off my list!

1. Complete and send off Florida State application.

2. Complete and send off my other 9 applications.

Yes, 9.  I realized that is beyond excessive and I should really really narrow it down.  But I’m having a hard time doing so.  Oy!

Last week might have been stressful and difficult, but Saturday afternoon I hit the road home!  My sister and brother were still home from school this weekend, and my family had plans to go to the Walt Disney museum in San Francisco.  While it wasn’t a huge deal to drive 3 1/2 hours for, I want to cherish all the family time I can get Smile

The museum was interesting, but my family of course loved the Disneyland portion best.  We’re a huge Disneyland family.  The vacations are such a special memory.

From 2005


to 2008


to my first trip with friends only in 2009:


I love Disneyland!!!

Anyways, afterwards we drove a mile or so closer to the water and froze to death admired the view. 



Grant – don’t throw her in!! Winking smile

1153427085_DW33n-O1153428196_mYK2y-O 1153429942_dsc_2116

1153430000_dsc_2117 1153431286_dsc_2126

1153430230_dsc_2118 1153430304_dsc_2119


Sure, my sister (who lives in Washington) and brother (who lives in Pennsylvania) gave me crap when I complained how cold it was.  But I was in a tank and hoodie – so used to 60/70 degree weather!!

We then went to pizza, and came home for cookies and pumpkin pie.  Please tell me why being at home seems to give me the excuse to eat everything in sight?  Because I’m not sure why.

This morning I had an orthotics appointment (praying this alteration will fix the problem and help my pain!), hit up the mall for returns, Target for necessities, and Panera for some caffeine and lunch.

I guess saying “To-Go” means “don’t cream cheese my bagel and let me do it myself.”  Disappointment.  I love bagels from bagel shops just because I love when they cream cheese it for you.  I swear it tastes different.


This happened.  But when I ran out of cream cheese, I didn’t finish the bagel.  It’s just not as good as pre-cream cheesed in the paper wrapping.  You know?


I also tried this bar on the drive up and thought I’d quickly tell you guys I liked it:


I’m not a big fan of cherry flavored things.  Okay that’s a lie – I love cherry candy and cherry sodas.  But cherry desserts/chocolates?  No thanks.  But this just tasted like a sweeter protein bar.  So good in my book.


Cookies & Cream is still my favorite.  And I don’t remember if I liked the Peanut Butter because I scarfed it down after my half-marathon.  But they are all tasty, and one of my favorite “protein bars” out there.


Sooooooo who’s watching the Bachelor this season? 

I’ve started to, but not sure if I’m super into it this year.  Especially because the past seasons I’d watch with my roommates and gossip/laugh about it.  Now I’m by myself…and it’s not as fun to make fun of it all alone. Hmmm.


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What’s up peeps?

I awoke this morning muchos hungry. That’s the thing about longer distance running – always hungry!

Usually coffee can calm my appetite for a bit before I get down and dirty with breakfast. But not this morning. And guess what I was craving. More oats!

IMG 1010

Last night I planned on having a yogurt mess and using my nectarine.  But instead I used my nectarine on my hot oats. It worked with canteloupe, so why not?!

IMG 1011

I seriously don’t mess around with toppings. I may overwhelm my oats at times, but I’m pretty sure she (or he?) can handle it.

Today’s included:

  • Nectarine
  • Strawberry jam
  • Vanilla-pear butter
  • Berry cream cheese
  • Nuttzo

Yes – there was some Nuttzo under there!

IMG 1012

Other favorite oatmeal toppings of mine include:

  • Granola (love the crunch)
  • Caramel chips
  • All type of nut butters & jams
  • All types of cream cheese
  • Yogurt (Yoatgurt anyone?)

Of course I was hungry 2 hours later. No matter what I have for breakfast – it could be a small piece of toast, filling oatmeal, or eggs! – I am always hungry 2-3 hours after breakfast. I don’t understand those that say “this breakfast kept me full for 6 hours.” What?! How is that possible??

Anywas, I had a nectarine.

And then a Kashi trail mix bar not long after (which, by the way, I got for “free” at work with leftover cafeteria money. We get a certain amount to spend at each meal, and if my meal comes up cheap, I always throw in an apple, granola bar, or peach rings 😉 ).

IMG 1013-1

I then hit up Borders in between jobs for a little bit of chillaxin with some iced coffee (SF vanilla syrup and half & half yo)

IMG 0255-1

Some magazine reading, and some samples. I love samples. These were awsesome – some type of muffin and double chocolate chip cookie.

IMG 1014

They didn’t skimp on sizes either – this was almost the size of a normal chocolate chip cookie! And so moist and delicious.

IMG 1015

I came home hungray, and a bit chilly (WTF is up with you weather?) and wanted something warm. Soup to the rescue!! Some vegetable soup topped with ooey gooey cheese.

IMG 1019-1

Along with an English muffin pizza (pasta sauce + cheddar cheese)

IMG 1017-1

And pre-roasted cauliflower.

IMG 1018-1

This lunch may look like a lot, but it honestly didn’t make me too full. Plus I need to fuel up before work.

IMG 1016

Plus a mini-peach ring for dessert 🙂 Please excuse my super dry looking hands. I swear they’re not that bad in real life.

IMG 1020-1

I was pretty hangry for dinner! Good thing we took a break at 6:30 rather than 7:00 😉 I got the last of the vegetable ratatouille along with some sweet potato fries!!

IMG 1021-1

However both were pretty bland and not that great. I also had some blueberries on the side, and a few bites of cold leftover peach crisp.

Needless to say, I was pretty hungry (once again) by the time 8:30 rolled around.  I prepared my latest “frozen yogurt” obsession – with a twist!

Yogurt + stevia + peanut flour + cocoa powder –> into the freezer it went! Topped off with something special!

IMG 1022-1

I nuked a big old spoonful of chocolate hazelnut butter & a splash of almond milk to make a chocolate sauce. Delicious. I also had another spoonful of nut butter on the side. I’m way over quota today 😉

And I’m sure I’ll be getting hungry again quite soon. Damn you long run yesterday!!

Are you normally more hungry the day of a long run or in the days following?

When I do super long runs, I’m always insatiable all day long. Starving every couple hours. This time was weird however – I never got super hungry yesterday. Just my normal hunger. But today as been off the wall! This is why people gain weight when they train for long races 😉

Also – what’s your favorite oatmeal topping?

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I might have lied last night when I made my list of 5 things I ate. I might have gotten hungry while signing my lease and stopped for froyo on my way home.

Cake batter again. How can I possibly say no to this little joy?

IMG 0883-1

Muchos apologies for such bad car lighting & no camera flash.

This A.M. I searched high and low for my oats. Where did they go?!? Finally I found them in a random cupboard. PHEW. Heart attack averted.

Cold canteloupe on hot oats? Why, that’s new!

IMG 0884

And let me tell you – it worked!

  • 1/3 cup multigrain oats
  • 1/3 cup almond milk + 1/3 cup water
  • Cinnamon
  • Peanut flour
  • 1 egg whisked in
  • Canteloupe (obviously)
  • Nut butter!!!

IMG 0885-1

I liked eating this in a mug. It made it more exciting.

No hospital job today, but I did nanny. Snacked on some almonds while we frolicked in the park.

IMG 0886

I’m definitely taking advantage of nannying during meal times. Especially when they have food I like. 😉 Here we have a gardenburger on whole wheat with mustard & BBQ sauce.

IMG 0888-1

And here we have a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie trying to imitate the gardenburger’s pose. Copycat.

IMG 0889-1

Shoot – I had 2 of these at work too. I was thirsty and out of water. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

IMG 0890

Guess what I did after work? Well, after hitting up the bank and filling up my gas tank. ROAD TRIP!!! Yes, I’m calling a 30 minute drive to Target a road trip. It was exciting.

I picked up a few necessities (PB & jelly obvs), a few treats (new bathmat for my new bathroom!), and a few good deals ($5 plain T-shirts & some on-sale-Annie’s products!). While shopping I snacked on some popcorn, but when that didn’t cut it, I broke out the bar.

IMG 0832-1

My last bar 😦 Although I’m not sad to see this particular one go – not a fan of apple cinnamon flavored things.

Oh and a Target drink. Lemonade light. Still full of artificial crap. But at least not a soda? Can I say that? I’m at least getting Vitamin C…maybe?

IMG 0891-1

I barely made it through the door before I got to work on my peanut butter. I’m obsessed with flavored and sweetened PBs, but I can’t afford to constantly buy them. I’ve made my own cinnamon-raisin PB, and attempted my own honey peanut butter. This time I wanted some maple PB!

  • 1 container plain peanut butter
  • 2-4 Tbsp maple syrup (I used 4)
  • Sweetener (optional – depending on how sweet you want it)

Mmmm I definitely ate my fair share. I feel like I’m scraping the cookie dough bowl!

IMG 0892-1

Awesome. So now I have some maple peanut butter for $1.79 (Skippy was on sale at Target. Now that I think of it I should’ve bought 2 for that price) + the cost of the maple syrup (which was free since it was my old roommate’s she left in the fridge). Score.

I fully intended on running after this delicious pre-run fuel, but my ex/future roommate (what do I call her during this awkward transitional between houses period?) called inviting me to Taco Tuesday.

Um. Hello. My name is Taylor and I love food. And tacos. And a good deal ($1 each – what what!).

So much for a run. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

2 soft chicken tacos – partly devoured at this point in time.  And fully devoured within seconds after taking this photo.

IMG 0893-1

+ a few chips. And another soda. Oh dear goodness, I need to cut back on my soda consumption.

I’d say I can try and get up early to run tomorrow before my hospital orientation, but let’s face it – I’m still getting used to the fact of waking up around 7:00 a.m. to shower. Let alone waking up at 6:00 to run.

Baby steps. Baby steps.

Maybe after orientation at like 5:00. Perhaps.

And right now my left calf is non-stop twitching. Like those eyebrow/eyelash twiches….but in my leg. Interesting. Maybe my body is rejecting all the caffeine and soda today. Sorry body.

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Stressful Decisions

Thank you so much for all your support regarding my new changes. Every comment I received was supportive, and many of you even want to keep each other motivated 🙂 Way to go! 🙂

Today has been stressful and I have to get some opinions on this one. Last weekend I had a last minute job interview back in my college town (where I just moved from). The job is perfect – a diet assistant position at a hospital. Exactly what would look amazing on my application for an internship I need to apply to next year. However it only pays $9 an hour. I figured I’d come home with about $1300/month and after some approximations, I figured it would cost me $1500 to live very very frugally. And by frugally I mean no saving, no clothes shopping, and barely any fun money.

I also have another job interview tomorrow for a job here that pays much more. This job would look good on applications, although not nearly as good. I’ve also gotten offered a part-time nannying position. Now I’m stressed for deciding what to do.

Say YES to Job at school:

Pros – Great experience
Live back in my college town with friends (which I LOVE)
Guaranteed job with benefits

Cons – Live almost in poverty
Save nothing
Have to pack up and move within the next week

Say NO to job at school (keep looking at home/hopefully get the job I’m interviewing for tomorrow)

Pros – Don’t have to pay rent (live at home)
Don’t have to pack up and move again
Will make almost double the pay at another job or nannying

Cons – Take a risk and hopefully get the job I’m inteviewing for
Live at home (blah)
Live at home (yes I had to say it again)
Give up great experience at a hospital

Just a sidenote – the other job here at home is still nutrition related, would look good on my application, and includes benefits. I just don’t know 100% if I would get it or not.

So felt I had to share with y’all my dilemna right now. I know it’s my life and my decision, but if you were in my position – What would you choose to do right now? Thoughts?

Moving on to today’s eats:

Breakfast eaten at 10:30 (yes I slept in!)

  • 3/4 cup plain yogurt
  • 1 nectarine
  • Blueberries
  • 2 figs
  • 1/2 cup TJ’s high fiber cereal


I missed my nut butter in this mix!


And 2 mugs of coffee with almond milk and 1 T SF creamer in each mug.


All while checking out half marathon training schedules 😀

Followed by some strength training & Lost watching. I love that about having a weight set in our house – can watch episodes while doing so 😉

Starving for lunch! Turkey + laughing cow + mustard in a whole wheat wrap. Eaten on the go to Costco!

IMG 0734-1

+ 2 apricots on the side.

Snack at around 4:00 while browsing Tar-jay.

IMG 4334

Came home to munch on numerous carrots & dressing.

Dinner was Thai flavored noodles over veggies.

IMG 0743-1

And a scrambled egg (unpictured – sorry!).

+ a nibble of my sister’s brownie 😉

I’m feeling a bit hungry now, so I’ll probably go have some melon or strawberry “ice cream” (thick thick strawberry smoothie).

Opinions on the job front please!!

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I know there are a multitude of motherly devoted posts floating around out there today. So add one more to the bunch 😉

Mommy – I love you!!! You’ve done so much for all of us. I don’t know how you put up with 5 kids!! We share a passion for health, nutrition and fitness, and I don’t think I would have those interests if it weren’t for her!

Trying our first Cosmos in Mexico together (yes, she never had a Cosmo until a few years ago!)


232323232%7Ffp (=ot)2323=(74=(33=3232(74;42844nu0mrj



We did the SF Women’s Nike marathon 3 years in a row. Only one year I walked the half with her, and the others years I ran on my own. But it was still great to have her support. I keep trying to motivate her to run, and dream to run a half with her one day!




n6411653 36533721 6685-1

Love you Mommy!!

This weekend, the kitchen and I have gotten busy. Most of the roommates were out of town, and I some POM juice I wanted to experiment with, so I thought to msyelf “Taylor – this would be an excellent weekend to bake.” So bake I did.

Yesterday I whipped up my first ever batch of homemade granola! (Recipe to come tomorrow)

IMG 7550

And maple pecan nut butter.

IMG 7549

  1. Toast 1 1/2 cups pecans at 350 for 6-8 minutes.
  2. Process in a food processor, sraping down the sides as needed.
  3. Once the nuts are smooth, drizzle in 2-3 tsp maple syrup and 1/4 tsp salt.
  4. Continue to process until completely smooth.

My mini-food processor is not that powerful, and I definitely didn’t process this for long enough. I also added way too much maple syrup, and it became an ooey gooey mess. But I do not lie when I say it tastes exacly like cookie dough. Therefore, I deem this pecan butter a complete and utter success. Not very practical for spreading, but definitely practical for crumbling over food – such as oats or apples!

IMG 7555-1

And also practical for eating straight up. Duh.

Today I hit up the gym (2.5 mile treadmill run!), then hit up our school’s baseball game. Which was slightly painful. I came back and snacked on this:

IMG 7556

Which was good!! I was not expecting to like an orange-chocolate bar. But it tasted like a fig newton.

And granola:

IMG 7558

Someone send me lotion ASAP.

And then got busy with Mr. Kitch again. Together we made Blueberry Pomegranate Muffins.

IMG 7559

I seriously couldn’t wait 1 minute to try these out as my plate obviously shows 😉 Spread with some nut butter for good measure.

IMG 7561

Oh and uh seconds, obvs.

IMG 7562

This one a bit more cooled & structured. With cream cheese in the middle.

IMG 7564


Recipe for these to come tomorrow as well. Be patient my friends! It is a virtue 🙂

Now I’m eating carrots and ranch + BBQ sauce dip.

IMG 7565

And obviously won’t be hungry for a big dinner, since I did eat all this at around 4:30-5:00. Snackin’ my way through the evening!

How was everyone’s Mother’s Day? Did you see your momma?

My siblings all pitched in to send our mommy an edible bouquet. I’m kind of sad I’m not home to try out some of the fruit!!

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Bee Happy

Well guys, I am officially 100% DONE and GRADUATED! I had my last presentation today and submitted my take-home final online. So it is not official.

It doesn’t feel at all like I’ve graduated. The whole ceremony isn’t until June, so I won’t be walking in my cap & gown until then. But I guess I have…graduated? Weird.  And for those of you who were wondering, I’m still staying here at school for the next quarter (until June) and working.  I couldn’t imagine leaving all my roommates, and I have 2 nannying jobs here vs at home where I’d have to look for work.  I am looking for more work here though.  My 13-16 hours a week between the 2 families will not cut it!!

Breakfast (before class) consisted of:

  • Banana cream pie yogurt (Lucerne/Safeway brand)
  • Nature’s Path strawberry yogurt cereal
  • Life cereal maple flavor
  • Justin’s honey PB
  • Flaxseed almond butter

IMG 6838

This yogurt was delicious. Not fake tasting at all! I’ll definitely be buying banana flavor in the future. The containers look like this (sold at Safeway/Vons), but banana pie flavored.



Speaking of yogurt, I really enjoyed Gina’s post on choosing a yogurt. People often times think yogurt is healthy no matter what. But most flavored yogurts are overladen with tons of added sugar. Often times even more than ice cream or “sweets”! Although I prefer plain yogurt (as does much of blogworld I believe!), I sometimes do enjoy a flavored yogurt, but I usually opt for the “light” flavors. My favorite is Lucerne brand – it contains sucralose, but not aspartame. It’s a personal choice, but all is good in moderation! 🙂

After class I was starving, and I chowed down this bar in a flash.

IMG 0626-1

Upon unwrapping, I was unimpressed. I was kind of put off by the white “frosting”. How does frosting play into a PB&J? I planned to eat half before my swim, but it was smaller than I thought and I was sooo hungry.

IMG 0625-1

Sweet and tasty, but I probs won’t be purchasing again.

I then celebrated my freedom with a swim. However I had a pounding headache so I kept it really short (only 20 minutes).

  • 500 yards freestyle
  • 2 x 250 yards pull (with paddles)

Once home, I grilled up a boca burger on Mr. Foreman. I also had some bell peppers that I wanted to use before I left, so I grilled those too. On a whole wheat sandwich thin with spicy mustard, ketchup, and some mixed greens.

IMG 6839

Those bell peppers were a great addition!

Dinner is called “going out of town tomorrow and I’m clearing out my freezer” type of meal. Oh – and I was craving comfort food.

Nature’s path maple waffles (best ones ever). One was topped with AB&J (almond butter & jelly), and the other with granola. Both with syrup (duh).

IMG 6843-1

And a 2-egg white puff topped with cheese and ketchup (duh again).

IMG 6844-1

Awww he’s happy.

I was still hungry, and still had food that would go bad, so I sauteed my other bell pepper in sesame oil and made agiant (no joke) salad with this new dressing I got for $1 (dolla dolla yo!).

IMG 6846

Yummm. A+!

IMG 6845

I love this bowl 😀

IMG 6847-1

Dang. My dinner definitely knows what’s up. I had every right to be happy today 😀

Tomorrow morning I plan to be on the road home by 9:00. I’ll catch up with you all once home in the (SF) bay area!

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Senior project is done and turned in!!

IMG 6721-1

This has definitely been one of the best finals weeks ever. Both yesterday and today have consisted of basking in the hot rays for hours. Got a little Vegas shopping in at Forever 21 tonight (yes – going to Vegas next week!!). And Chipotle for dinner!

Chipotle finally opened up here in SLO a couple weeks ago, and we figured the hype had finally died down a bit so it wouldn’t be super crowded.

Vegetarian salad with black beans, sauteed onions & bell peppers, extra pico de gallo, corn salsa relish, and guacamole.

IMG 0617-1

I got the vegetarian JUST to get free guacamole, and this Chiptole skimped on the guac. Usually they load that beast on!

This morning I woke up not hungry, so enjoyed a cup (or 3) of delicious coffee while blog reading.

IMG 6816-1

Still not hungry, and with a slight stomach ache, I grabbed a small breakfast on my way out the door to a nanny interview.

Whole wheat bagel thin – Justin’s honey PB & Crofter’s superfruit spread. That little corner of white stuff is cream cheese. Then I ran out. Oh well – I tried!

IMG 6817

1 1/2 hours later, my hunger caught up to me and arrived home starving. I George Formaned another bagel thin with turkey, cheese, and BBQ sauce.

IMG 6818-1

IMG 6819-1

Plus kabocha squash on the side.

IMG 6820

While finishing up my project post-sun time, I snacked on these cinnamon almond cookie bites. They give a funky aftertaste. But are okay to munch on.

IMG 0616

Turned in that 25 page project (yeah-yuh!!), and hit up the pool for a quick 30 minute swim.

  • 500 freesyle
  • 500 freestyle pulling with paddles
  • 100 IM
  • 100 freestyle
    (repeat above IM/freestyle sequence 3 times)
  • 100 cooldown

I’m so glad I made myself go, because I was not feelin’ it at all. And I was this close to just saying “screw it!”. But I knew I’d regret not going more than I’d regret actually swimming – you know?

Swimming made me a hungry fishie, and I had half of this bar to hold me over until dinner.

IMG 6821-1

Really not such a fan. Especially for the very small bar to high calorie ratio. I’ll try the other flavors, but we’ll see!

Then dinner, shopping, and now American Idol! I’m telling ya – it’s been a good day 😀

Shopping must have been hard work because I came home 2 hours after dinner starving! And made myself 2 bags of mini-popcorn. So much for the portion control of mini bags…LOL. Oh and 3 clementines. And a spoonful of PB.

Dang. For such an un-hungry morning, I sure got ravenous later on.

Thoughts on tonight’s Idol?

I love Lee. I voted 😉

Is the weather by you as nice as it is here?

I’m pretty sure it was in the 80’s today!! So nice. And definitely got burnt. Whoops! Time to aloe it up.

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