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I’ve never been a HUGE soup person.  It’s delicious, but I find it fills you up for the time being, but leaves me hungry soon after.  That said, I don’t think I’ve ever consumed as much soup as I have recently. 

My diet as of late:


Notice a theme? Winking smile

I have been feeling completely nauseous for days and chicken based soups have never hit the spot so well. And it just so happens that I was sent coupons to try out Campbell’s line of healthy soups a while back.

First day I had the Chicken Tuscany, which I’ve had before and knew I liked!


Different than chicken noodle, it has white beans, and more of a “cream of chicken soup” taste to it.  Delish!!

While babysitting one night, I brought along the can of Chicken with Whole Grain Noodles – easy and portable dinner!  I like how they have whole grain noodles Smile

And when I was starting to feel a bit better, I had a soup with a bit more zest to it Winking smile


Topped with some chips and cheese of course.


I’ve always enjoyed Campbells soups in the past. I love how the “light” versions are light enough to be enjoyed as a side dish, snack or appetizer, but still with delicious flavor! 

Of course, who only eats half the soup can, am I right? Winking smile

They’re low in fat, packed with protein, and a decent amount of fiber (well some of them).  And all 11 Select Harvest Light varieties are 100% Natural.  AKA they contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Real ingredients people! 


Sure, the sodium is high, but honestly I really don’t pay attention to that at this point in my life (even though I should).  Meh!

Thank you Campbells for providing me with some delicious soup during my sick days!!  (Please note I was given coupons for the above soups to try and review).

I’m actually excited to try out some different flavors I’ve never had now.

Besides soup, I’ve also had quite a bit of bland toast.


And I went through a whole lot of Diet Sierra Mist.  It’s really weird how such foods/drinks really do help you feel better.

I’m feeling better now thank goodness, but it was the weirdest thing.  The way I knew I really truly was not feeling well was because I had ZERO appetite.  Bites and thoughts of food constantly had me feeling sick to my stomach.  I could only tolerate certain things at certain times (such as soup and toast!).  That never happens to me.  Even when I’m sick I can always still eat.

I could also sometimes stomach cereal such as this delicious granola I got cheap at Ralphs:





What’s you choice of food when you’re feeling sick/run down?


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