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I wish I had a picture of my outfit from St. Patty’s Day.  Think knee high green & black striped socks, skirt, green shirt, green eyeshadow, and a very classy headband which I threw away last night on my walk home (hey – it was annoying.  And I was trying to walk and eat a slice of pizza at the same time).

I wish I was young and my stomach could handle alcohol (says the 23 year old).  I have lots of acid reflux/stomach/heart burn problems (I wouldn’t be surprised if I have an ulcer of some sort).  And lately alcohol has done quite the number on my stomach the next day.  I mean awful awful hangover.  The type of hangover you’d expect to get if you had one of The Hangover type of nights.  Except I didn’t.



I wish I remembered to take pictures of all my eats yesterday.  I started the day out intending to.

My morning started at 5:20 am with coffee.  Yummmmmm.


And then a class at the gym I’ve been enjoying recently.  It’s called “Power” and it consists of a complete full body strength workout.  I like it because it uses the bar (which I wouldn’t use on my own).  And specific body parts at targeted each song (biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, squats, lunges, abs, etc). 

I dislike it because I still feel like I need more upper body strength work afterwards.  About half is devoted to lower body work as well, which I don’t necessarily want to do every class.  Especially because of my foot/ankle pain.

Then came home for some cottage cheese + pumpkin + cinnamon action.  With strawberry jam.


Another cottage cheese container down.  I’m obsessed.  (Remember this is Costco sized.  AKA 11 servings of the goodness in there.  Massive)


Very photogenic snack at work – a small bit of Fage.  I seem to enjoy eating out of containers.


And coffee + a biscuit.  A baby teething biscuit to be exact.  But they are DELICIOUS.  (Not gonna lie)


I wish I had more time to make a better looking lunch.  But in reality, I had 15 minutes.

Veggie patty topped with Laughing Cow cheese & Trader Joe’s awesome sweet & spicy mustard.


And some Hot & Sour soup from Costco.  Really good soup that I could eat the whole container of.  Except each serving has like 30-40% of the DV sodium.  I don’t really care about my sodium at all, but it is SALTY.


Yummy chunks.  But they do kind of gross me out in a way.  Reminds me of squid?


And then the picture taking went downhill….I tried!

I wish I could say I love Panera.  But every time I go there I end up somewhat disappointed.

I got the BBQ Chicken Salad and Pesto Vegetable Soup (although I tasted nor saw no pesto??).  They gave me a spoon and knife (why knife?), but no fork!


I’m not a butter fan at all, but was really craving it on my bread today.  The baguette was definitely the best part of the meal.


I wish my ankle was back to normal.  It’s so frustrating Sad smile Hopefully physical therapy performs wonders since everything else seems to be making it worse.

Attractive taping to help my arch.


Nice close-up of my slightly hairy and goose bumpy legs.  Post-going out next morning messy room in the background.  Classy.


What did you do to celebrate St. Patrick’s day?  Anything?  Green food?  Green costumes?  Green beer?

I had my first green beer last night!

What are your favorites to get at Panera?

I do like the Fuji Apple salad.  The Thai salad was kind of sparse last time.  And their sandwiches I’ve gotten have been kind of sparse too (many more better delis around here).  Recommendations for something spectacular??


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I haven’t been as hungry as I was today in….well a while.

Breakfast was the last of my frozen oatmeal pumpkin pancakes.

IMG 5699-1

With Greek yogurt & sunbutter layered between each. And all topped with syup.

IMG 5700-1

Nommmmmm. Guys – sooo good. These are the best pancakes I’ve ever made. And the yogurt in each layer just adds so much.

IMG 5701-1

With a bowl of fruit + yogurt. Honeydew, 1/2 a peach, 1/2 a banana.

IMG 5697

Although I was crazy late for the bus, so after a few bites, stuck this baby in the fridge for later.

Clinical Nutrition lab midterm was ehh. We had 2 patients to evaluate and interpret their blood lab values. Then had to determine the type of anemia and write up SOAP notes (page long subjectie, objective, assessments, and plans). I knew 1 patient well enough, but got stuck on the other diagnosis. We shall see.

I was starving halfway through the test, so I kind of just wanted to be done with it so I could eat. This:

What I thought was a PB&J lara.

IMG 5702


“Man, this PB&J has cherry overload.”


“Dang, weird how different bars of the same flavor can taste so different.”


“Okay, this is one tart baby.”

Oh. Surprise!

IMG 5703

So that’s why there was so much cherry flavor.  You tricky Lara, you.  Being in such similar wrappers.

Didn’t sweat nearly as much at the gym today. Must’ve been that ridiculous stairmaster yesterday. Evil machine.

  • 2 mile run (broken into 5 min. run/2 min walk segments)
  • 20 minute upper body strength
  • 10 minute abs

Off to work (on the way ate my fruit/yogurt from the morning) where I had lunch. Leftover asparagus quinoa.

IMG 5704-1

Obsessed with the flavors in this dish.

IMG 5706-1

Still pretty hangry after this, but I tried waiting for my brain to catch up. I finally had some carrots & multiple cups of coffee, which seemed to do the trick. But not for long. Less than 3 hours later I was beyond shaky with hunger (I swear quinoa never keeps me full!). I went crazy trying to satisfy it.


IMG 5707

Handfuls of cereal.

IMG 5708-1

Trail mix.

IMG 4938-1

and 1/2 a banana.

IMG 5709

Yesterday, I realized my free Starbucks ice cream coupon expired today, so I knew I had to use that now or never! No way was I letting that sucker go to waste 😉

I’ve tried the Caramel Macchiato flavor (love) before, so this time I decided to try out Mocha Frappucino.

IMG 5714-1

Check out those swirls!

IMG 5713-1

Tasted remarkably identical to a mocha frappucino (really?  Never would’ve guessed that from the description). But I still like the caramel macchiato better. Probably because I don’t like chocolate ice cream much. And I’m in love with caramel.

I also found (drumrolls please)Pumpkin Pie yogurt!! No not Stoneyfield, but Vons/Safeway has their own brand of it (Lucerine brand). I’m a huge fan of their light gingerbread flavor. Unfortunately the pumpkin pie is low-fat and not light (so 28 g. of sugar!!), but splurged 😉 I’m sure it’s delicious! And $1 raspberries 😀

IMG 5719-1

8:00 pm and a starving Tay both lead to an easy and quick dinner. (Repeat alert!)

English muffin pizzas.

IMG 5715

Half savory: pizza sauce + ricotta + cheese + turkey pepperoni

Half sweet: pumpkin cream cheese + pumpkin & ricotta mixture + cinnamon

IMG 5717

Small dinner, but my snacks from the afternoon finally caught up to me.

Small dinner also = snacking later. Oh who am I kidding, I always have a nightime snack, big dinner or not.

Raspberries drizzled with agave.

IMG 5720

And hot cocoa (x2)

IMG 5723-1

All right, I’m out. Finish packing is a must.

What is everyone’s night time snack of choice?
Mine is definitely ice cream. Or dates with PB/AB. And I have hot chocolate every. Single. Night.  Yummm.

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Happy Monday! But really, is there such a thing?

There is if you make it one! 🙂

I had a very “off” day yesterday (if you didn’t notice by my lack of enthusiasm in my post). I think part of the reason was the fact that it was day #4 off of exercise. That combined with excess ice cream eating left me feeling bloated, tired, and run down. I need my endorphins!

Then, last night, I received a weekly quotes email about transforming your “Poopy Days” (yes, they used those exact words). Quoted from the email:

“Use your poopy today as
fertilizer for a better tomorrow.”
-written and submitted by Debbie S., Kohler WI

Very true. I may have had a poopy Sunday, but that just makes me even more excited to have an un-poopy Monday!

What I did today to make it a Marvelous Monday:

1. Started my day with a perfect breakfast.

Pumpkin bagel (which I picked up with the cream cheese yesterday) with pumpkin cream cheese, and pumpkin pie spice PB.

IMG 5647-1

The pumpkin cream cheese was fantastic. Delicious. I’m in love. And I had to include some PB in breakfast of course.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve had breakfast without nut butter.

IMG 5648-1

2. Stopped at Starbucks on my way to class. Coffee in a to-go cup always tastes better to me 🙂

IMG 5649

3. I exercised. First time in 4 days! 30 minutes stairmaster level 10-11, 10 minute ab work, and 10 minute strength.

4. Enjoyed pumpkin for lunch as well.

WW english muffin pizza – half with pizza sauce, ricotta and cheese.

IMG 5656

Half as a “dessert” pizza – pumpkin & ricotta mixture topped with apple slices and cinnamon.

IMG 5655

Delicious 😀

IMG 5657

Also ate the rest of the apple and honeydew with a bit of 2% greek yogurt while this was cooking.

IMG 5653

5. Enjoyed treats throughout the day.

Delicious fudgy brownie.

IMG 5636-1

(Same pic as yesterday – but looked and tasted the same anyways)

Coconut vanilla toffee that my teacher brought back from Thailand. Um…YUM.

IMG 0265

As my roommate commented about these toffees “I stuck it in my mouth and didn’t expect it to be so big and hard!” Wow. That’s definitely what she said.

And 2 of these See’s candies I picked up the other day.

Apple pie truffle & PB patty.  (I didn’t eat the lower right honey almond one – yucko)

IMG 5622-1

Speaking of See’s candies..have you entered my giveaway yet?

6. Skipped my 12-2:00 class and took a nap instead.

IMG 5661-1

Talk about posing.

7. Spent a fun hour dreaming up a Halloween party with my roommates (I think one’s in the works. Wahoo!)

8. Finished my night off with a whipped pumpkin apple pie a la mode creation.

Cottage cheese + pumpkin + cinnamon. Topped with cinnamon micro’d apple, vanilla granola, and a bit of vanilla froyo.

IMG 0268-1

(Camera was dying as I took a bad picture – so this was taken via Iphone)

I was so very excited to hit up the gym today. But not so excited about my knee. I did, however, break down and orderknee sleeves last night! The physical therapist said that knee sleeves would do nothing to help my condition, but honestly, nothing has helped so I thought “Why not?!” I’ve heard such rave reviews I decided I had to try them out myself. I can’t wait for it to come in the mail.

Q&A Time!

A bunch of other bloggers have “Q & A pages” or “Q&A posts” so I think I’m going to jump on the bandwagon, if you don’t mind. So now I’m asking you to ask me Do you have any questions for me? About my life? About the world? About school? About anything? Curious lingering thoughts? Something you’ve always wanted to know? Well now’s your chance to find out! (yes – I sound like an infomercial here). Ask away! (You can post a comment or email me questions)

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Hubba Hubba


Even though my weekend started yesterday. My class was canceled today – thank you furloughs! Any other state get these now? Not sure if it’s a nationwide thing or just for CA.

Sorry I didn’t post last night, but I came home, ate, and then The Office kind of preoccupied my life for a bit. Oh. My God. Hilarious. Touching.  Tearful.  Loved it.

I guess let’s Flashback (Friday) to yesterday’s breakfast. (No – I’ll post again later today with actual flashback Friday pics. This is just a warm – up Flashback.)

1 WW english muffin. This would be half with PB and half with Justin’s maple almond butter. I know. They look remarkably different.

IMG 5559-1

Topped with a bit of strawberry jam.

And about half of this yogurt before sprinting out the door.

IMG 5557-1

It was okay – but nothing beats pinapple Chobani. Nothing. You wanna make somethin’ of it Wallaby? Chobani vs. Wallaby showdown. Chobani would win.

About 2 1/2 hours later (does anyone else get hungry that soon after breakfast? Breakfast only seems to hold me for 2 1/2-3 hours no matter what I eat). Time for snackie in lab!

IMG 5560

That would be my very mature plaid, fit for a 22-year old backpack right there.

Then work with muh cuties. I cannot stand her.

IMG 0248


IMG 5569-1


IMG 5579-1

Cute. (Please excuse my weird cackle laugh)

Sorry for the jumble jumble. I was dancing. If you note the “Girlfriends” song in the background – that would be the rolling credits for Babysitter’s Club movie. Yes – it was on TV and I caught the last 30 minutes. Alex Mac was in it!

My friggin’ huge and filling lunch of the rest of my vegan mac & cheese. Mixed with peas (probably 2 cups – not even joking), teeny bit of carrots, and parmesan.

IMG 5561

I was really classy and transferred the food to a photogenic pretty bowl for picture taking.

IMG 5562

Or not. But it was delicious either way.

Afternoon snackage.

IMG 5566

A not-nearly as shiny apple as the past few days. But this was organic. And amazingly sweet. So I forgive him.

IMG 5564

Then dinner which I’m not sure you even want to see a picture of. You do? Sorry – it’s just way to un-photogenic to share.

But I will share pictures of my dessert. Earlier this week I picked this up at the local health foods store because I love pumpkin pie (if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t noticed by now, I obviously love anything pumpkin), and tofu? Sounds interesting.

Tofu pumpkin pie.

IMG 5497-1

It was….interesting. The filling defintiely tasted of pumpkin, but it was more mushy than normal pumpkin pie. And had some off taste to it. The ingredients for the filling only contained: pumpkin, spices, honey, and tofu. No fat in the filling at all.

IMG 5499-1

I had a few bites (including the pecan) and then went straight for the best part.

IMG 5500-1

Hubba hubba burnin’ love. I love crust. Especially the doughy underneith portion.

I’ll be back a little later for some Flashback Friday action.

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I finally tried overnight pumpkin oats this morning.

IMG 5511

Which really means that I used up my last bit of sacred pumpkin. 😦 I did make it too large however – so there’s another batch in the fridge 🙂

IMG 5512

(Yes, I know I still need to put a picture in that frame)

  • 1/4 cup muesli, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/3 cup pumpkin, scoop of PB, spices, maple syrup soaked overnight
  • Vanilla almond granola, handful of Quaker oatmeal squares, 1/2 peach, spoonful of almond butter added this morning

IMG 5514

I headed to the gym to do a semi-easy 30 minutes on the stairs, level 10-11.

Which really means I watched an episode of Charmed (loved that show!) on the stairmaster and then ab work.

I wore my Giants hat today to support my home team!

IMG 5537

Which really means I didn’t wash my hair after the gym. Oh well.

I did some intense studying and homework at work.

IMG 5545

Which really means I watched Definitely, Maybe on the movie channel and played with this little angel. While she used my finger as a teething ring.

IMG 0213-1

I ate my BBQ baked tofu and a baked potato with sour cream, black bean dip & parmesan cheese for lunch.

IMG 5520

Which really means my tofu finally came out of the oven last night. And it was delicious!

IMG 5523

I ate a date Heart Thrive bar warmed up in the microwave.

IMG 5538

Which really means I’m never eating an un-micro’d Heart Thrive again. It was amazing warmed up.

I didn’t get home until 7:30 from work.

Which really means I’m behind on google reader (again!).

For dinner, I had leftover vegan mac & cheese with peas and zucchini. Side of okra fries and probably 1/2 a cup’s worth of ketchup (added more after the picture).

IMG 0214-1

Which really means…okay it doesn’t mean anything except the fact that I was hungry!

It’s Tuesday night.

Which really means The Hills is on. Last week’s epi was ridiculous. Oh that Kristin.

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Would you like to meet this?

IMG 5302-1

Let me introduce you to my delicious breakfast.

First, start with overnight muesli.

  • 1/4 cup muesli
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1/4 cup Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 mashed banana
  • Cinnamon

Does this look appetizing?

IMG 5300-1

In the morning add the other 1/2 of the banana, a whole 1/4 nectarine (because the rest was moldy – what is it with me and mold lately?) and Nature’s Path vanilla granola (which I swear tastes exactly like frosting).

IMG 5301

And you get this.

IMG 5304-1

Much better.

Sooooooo good.

I then had the huge debate of bussing or driving halfway/walking 20 minutes to class. I was a good girl and chose to walk.

Lunch was a toughy and I could not decide what to have. I have a 5-lb bag of potatoes which I got for $1 calling out to me (so throw potato ideas my way people!). Hmmm but look there’s pizza sauce in my cupboard. That looks good. Wait…wait…could I really? Okay. A pizza potato was born!

IMG 5307

With a moderate glob tons of FF sour cream (I love sour cream. Can’t get enough).

I basically nuked the potato, scooped out the innards, mashed them all up with some pizza sauce & nutritional yeast (has a cheesy flavor). Mixed it with some sauteed onions & zucchini. Stuffed the stuffing back into the skin. Topped it with more pizza sauce, more veggies, and a bit of shredded cheese. Then baked it in the oven for about 10 minutes.

IMG 5309

The stuffing was a bit too dry and bland for my taste (hence why I used 1/4 container of sour cream), so next time I’d add more pizza sauce and more seasonings.

IMG 5311-1

I’d also add more protein or fats since this held me over for less than 3 hours. With a peachy dessert.

IMG 5313

Pre-afternoon shopping I made myself an iced coffee. Totally jeal’ of my roommates awesome travel cup.

IMG 5314-1

It’s like I was a legit Starbucks barista. Especially since I made my own pumpkin spice creamer.

Combine 1 cup creamer + 2-4 tbsp syrup.

IMG 5305-1

This drink was more than I could’ve asked for.   And I saved mulah too.

Browsing the Old Navy sale racks (huge deal goin’ on people! I got 1 sweater, 8 shirts, and 2 dresses – the ones I already purchased – for $58!!) got my tummy growlin’. I came home to make this long time lover of mine.

Pumpkin smoothie with a teensie bit of whipped cream.

IMG 5160-1

Dinner was eaten in parts since I thought I was going to a BBQ, but ended up skipping out. An apple with laughing cow and carrots with sunbutter (delicious combo by the way) at 6:00.

Note: that is not a finger mark you see in the sunbutter blog.  I repeat, that is not a finger mark.  Look away.

IMG 0170-1

After my roommate and I sat on our butts for 1 1/2 hours deciding what to do with our lives (and whether or not to attend this particular BBQ), I downed a giant yogurt mess around 8:00 (after we obviously decided to forgo the BBQ).

IMG 0173-1

This blurry “camera died so using phone” picture doesn’t do it justice. Trust me.

  • 1 nectarine
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 lb carton of strawberries (okay – I left 5 still in the carton. But it was almost 1 pound)
  • 1 container bloob chobani
  • Nature’s path granola (layer in the middle & on top)
  • Flaxseed (layer in the middle and more on top)

IMG 0174-1

I think I had enough fruit today to feed a small village.

There may also have been some snacking tonight on 4 mary’s crackers spread with the awesome honey almond cream cheese + pumpkin butta’ mixture. And 1 2 mugs of hot chocolate.  I am now out of cocoa = end of the world is to come.  Dilemna: do I head to the store tomorrow and break my “once a week” grocery goal?  Or do I stick it out?

It was one of those nights where we really wanted to go out and do something exciting, but had no desire to do any of our options (party, bars, movies, dinner, friend’s house…). So it ended up being a low-key snackage sort of night.

What’s your favorite Friday night activity? Dancing at the bars? Catching a movie in the theater? Renting one instead? Do tell!

So I’m off to catch up with a few TV shows online. Tomorrow is a beachy kinda day 🙂

PS: Thank you for all your kind words and encouragment with my last negative thoughts post. You all are super supportive 🙂 I highly recommend that exercise to anyone, and I’m continuing to do it myself!

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Night of G’s

Gossip Girl or Greek. Gossip Girl or Greek. I think GG wins out. I can always watch Greek online (thank heavens for online TV now!).

Ever since seeing this brie pasta dish that Jenna made a while back, I’ve been meaning to make it myself. I’ve had brie cheese to use up for a while. Enter my own modified version of this brie pasta dish!


Mine ended up being a lot different than the websites recipe. My modifications:

  • No pancetta or bacon
  • No fettuccini – I just used what I had
  • Less brie than it called for (I didn’t have enough – but it was still delicious)
  • Completely forgot to get shallot at the store, so used red onion instead

It was delicious and creamy!! I think I used a bit too much water, though. And I also added some garlic salt at the end which I feel changed the whole flavor. I wouldn’t do that next time. I definitely recommend this very easy and yummy recipe!

I had this along with a small spinach, feta & poppyseed dressing salad.

Still in “clean on the freezer” mode, I whipped out some waffles for breakkie. Along with a small bit of strawberry Chobani (what was left in my container) for a small protein boost.

IMG 5084-1

Topped my Kashi honey oat waffles with some figgy jam (just mashed fresh figs), banana slices, and a bit of Sunbutter.

IMG 5086-1

Oh…and syrup. Duhhh.

Kept me full for, oh 2-2 1/2 hours. Yeah, waffles never do it for me. Couldn’t wait for the kiddos to go down at work so I could whip out my lunch!

Some leftover lentil & bean “chili” with 2 dolmas. Topped with a teeny bit of sour cream.

IMG 5090

And strawberries.

IMG 5087

Unpictured – small sliver of pizza, 1/2 PB&J cookie at work

3 kiddies were a handful again. Especially when they stunk up the house at the same time with their dirties! Phew!

Apparently I don’t work for 3 1/2 days now (until Friday night). She cut my 8-hour Wednesday. Lady lady! Stop canceling on me! College girl heading into her last year (aka want to spend all my money on fun rather than save it) needs her mulah!

Few questions for y’all to get your week started!!

1. What one show are you all looking forward to most this fall?

I have so many, there’s no way I can decide. Greek is definitely one of my faves though, even though it already started! I always have a tv “schedule” but then it gets all thrown off with studying, work, and last minute plans. Like I said, at least there’s online TV!

2. What should I do for the next 3 days off?

I have some “to-do” things, but anything particularly fun I should add to my list?!

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