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Okay first off…Mr. Keith Urban was fantabuloso!!!! Amazing amazing concert.  He is just such a great singer, performer, and guitarist.  But I shall get to that…

My sister and I started the roadtrip on the right foot…Starbucks style (of course):


Apparently I didn’t get the memo that it was a “cute” not “funny face” picture.  Then we hit the road to LA!!  What do you all think of this dude we passed on the drive?


Remind me never to move to LA.  It took us 30 minutes to go 1.5 miles off the freeway.  We finally arrived at The Grove (a shopping center) where they have an (cue drumrolls please) American Girl Store!!!


Okay, girls, who else was completely obsessed with American Girl dolls?  Now you understand my excitement at a whole store of them, right?  Or am I just really a 7 year old kid?  My absolute favorite was Samantha (who I dreamed of actually being), and I was so excited to see her whole “land” and display in the store.  Now I don’t know if you all heard, but she was “retired” recently, so apparently they stopped producing her and all of her accessories.  Which means that she was absolutely nowhere in the whole store.  At all.  Shouldn’t they have some sort of “Retirement” section, or something?  Man, I was devastated!  I don’t get to see her fancy dresses or early 1900’s historical display?  😦 At least I got to see Kirsten!  (my second favorite doll):


And my sister go to see all her Molly dolls:


And what LA trip would be complete without froyo of course!  I got to try out the new Pinkberry flavors – passionfruit, pomegranate, & coconut!  Man soooooo good!  With mango, kiwi, and blueberry toppings:


We then walked around the huge Farmer’s Market with tons of little food stands/shops, gift shops, candy & nuts shops, etc.  This nut stand was having quite the deal – 75 cents for a small container of freshly ground peanut butter! Since it was one per person, I made my sister buy one also 😉


I think they’re about 10 oz each.  What a steal!

Dinner was a BBQ chicken panini with the most BBQ sauce I’d ever had on a sandwich in my life!  And I am in love with BBQ sauce.  I usually have to ask for extra on the side.


Sorry for the blurry car shot as I ate it on the go.

Then off to Keith!! So here’s where I got super sad 😦 There we were, waiting excitedly for Sugarland (who was opening for Keith – and we love Sugarland), when Lady Antebellum come on stage.  Wait, what?!  Apparently the main singer of Sugarland lost her voice the night before when she performed with Kenny Chesney.  Nooooo!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I also love Lady Antebellum.  Under any other circumstances I would be stoked to see them perform!  But the ironic part is that they’re actualy performing next week at the local Mid-State Fair, and my sisters were already planning on driving down next weeked to go see them with me.  Out of all country performers, it had to be the group we already have tickets for in a week!  Ahhh the irony.  Oh well, they were wonderful (as much as I would have loved to see Sugarland!).


Keith was great and we had a fantastic time.



I love all his songs, but I definitely rocked out to my favorite ones –  You Look Good in My Shirt & I Wanna Love Somebody Like You.

Rather than pay for a hotel, we just decided to hit the road back to my house.  It was a tiring late night drive, but we had coffee, veggie chips, and a delicious PB&J on Rudi’s spelt bread to keep us energized until we got back here at 3:30 am.

Needless to say, I was quite tired this mornin’, but for some reason I woke up at 9 and couldn’t fall back asleep.  So I decided to take advantage and hopped up for a quick 25 minute walk (about 1.7 miles) while my sister was still sleeping.  We then grabbed lunch at a deli I’ve been dying to try.

Turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onions, peppercinis & cranberry relish (the star of the show – it added just the right amount of sweetness) on a wheat roll:


(sorry for the awful quality picture) A little more than half of it stuffed me at lunch, and I hate this second half for my afternoon “snack” at work.  Plus a delicious (unpictured) peach.

Dinner was a repeat of my Black bean burger salad the other night because this thing was beyond awesome.  It was massive – I used up an entire bag of spring mix salad blend!

But before I go, check out Angela’s post on appreciating our bodies and loving the journey.  She’s challenging everyone to sit back and reflect on the good choices we make each day.  So here are mine about today:

  • I got up and went on a walk this morning rather than lay in bed.  It was short, but refreshing!
  • I listened to my body at lunch and stopped about 60% of the way through my sandwich because my stomach was hurting.  I’d already taken a few bites of my second half, and it would have been so easy to finish it.  But I wrapped it up and ate it later when I was actually hungry again

Well I’m off since I’m exhausted.  Gym and physical therapy in the morning!

Here’s another Amazing Grass giveaway!  I really want to try this stuff out!


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A little late on this post, but oh well.  How I love my Daddy-O!


He works so so so hard to support me and the rest of my family.  While we may not be extremely close, I just can’t express enough how thankful I am for him 😀 He’s just a kid at heart!



Kissy Face!!


I love you Dad!

Well I’m back from a nice vacation, and now back at school!  We got a couple more short walks in up at the cabin:


I love getting away and enjoying the mountain air, the scenery, and relaxing!


Okay…we still do like to have our electronics 😉

I hit the road early this morning to get back to SLO in time for work.


Halfway through my drive, I found this baby in my bag:


See’s Butterscotch square. Mmmm love.

A little while later I found myself digging into the cereal box in my food stash I was lugging back from home.


Oops?  Nope – it was okay, I was getting hungry and I knew I didn’t want to be completely blinded by hunger by the time I got to eat lunch!

I got back to my house at school, quickly unloaded my car, and hit the road again for my 30 minute drive to work…where I arrived to ring the doorbell…with no answer!  My boss was running almost 30 minutes late!  No problem, except I was starving by this point!   I remembered this interesting bag of snacks I bought the other day while at the store:


These things are tasty!! Not too sweet at all, not too chocolatey, and their nutrition stats are pretty impressive too!


Mmmm 😀 I had about 6 of these little guys.

Lunch was finally eaten around 2:00.  Something quick and easy I grabbed before work.  Kashi pesto pasta mixed with a marinated chicken breast and topped with freshly grated parmesan cheese. Yummay, but it sure was salty!


Water please! 😀

Dang, I was just talking with my brother on facebook chat (yes – it’s pretty much my only communication with him haha).  He’s on vacation in Washington DC, and he told me an hour after they got off the subway, it crashed headon with another train and there was at least 1 death.  Scary thing – count your blessings, brother!

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Well after a loonnnnnggg (Okay…only 3 1/2 hour drive) yesterday, I am home :-D.

Oh how I love coming home:


My mom loves fruit and she knows how much I do too!!  We also have another honeydew I brought home (not knowing she already had one!).  And…


I hope this means we’re having BBQ corn soon! 😀

Tuesday night was lots of fun.  I took it easy, but still had a good time!


I was surprised by our crowded the bars were for a Tuesday night during finals week!!

Next day morning essentials:



Hey…don’t judge!!  To be fair, the iced drink was only half full and leftover from work the day before.

Then I hit the road for my 3 1/2 hour drive home!!


Miles driven…225

Hours on the road…3 1/2

Cops spotted within the first hour…7

Country CDs sung to…3

Bathroom stops along the way…1

Coming home…priceless 😀

Snacks for the drive:


So…it turns out, I was able to get a doctors appointment the very next day!! (So…today!).  I woke up early, had a nice big bowl of pumpkin oats (sans crunch granola toppings – sad), and went on a 2 mile walk to slightly hurt my knee so I could pinpoint better for the doctor (I know – it seems stupid to purposefully try and make myself hurt).  Of course my knee always happens to be feeling better right when I go to the doctors.  Doesn’t help much!

So (after waiting 1 1/2 hours to see the doctor!!), I explained my symptoms, the past couple months, etc to him.  He poked around, took an x-ray (everything was fine) and came the conclusion that it’s probably

A. Damaged/swollen/tender ligament


B. Damaged meniscus.  If it’s damaged or swollen, it may be causing pressure and pain to the side of my knee.

He recommended physical therapy and an MRI done.  I have an MRI schedule for Monday (it turns out to be covered by our insurance and much cheaper than we had originally thought) and then another appointment next week.  I was much more pleased with this doctor because he had an x-ray done immediately, mentioned an MRI, and physical therapy (none of which the other doctors mentioned or did at all).  While it still wasn’t a definite answer to my problem (you have this problem, wait this long to let it heal….etc), I know that can’t always be the case.  So I’m hoping the MRI will tell us something or physical therapy will help.

I was supposed to pick up my sister and take her out to lunch afterwards, so I wandered around Whole Foods for a bit during some lag time (we don’t have one at school!).  I found some Nature’s Path flax plus red berry waffles, Kashi fire roasted vegetable crackers, and some bulk bin cereal on sale for some good prices!  Then, it turned out, my sister caught a ride with one of her friends (ditched me!!  How dare she?!) because I was late (um….not according to what time the madre told me to get her!) so I was on my own.  Decided to come home for a lunch of leftovers from my last night’s dinner:


Moroccan Vegetable wrap – roasted red pepper hummus, spinach, onions, artichoke hearts, olives, red bell peppers, arugula in a whole wheat wrap.  Last night’s was grilled hot, but this one was cold from the fridge.  Mmmmm!!  It was from Roly Poly that opened up recently here at home.  I’ve heard people talk about it before – and they had an amazing looking menu…I could hardly decide!  Anyone else been to one before?  Recommendations for next time?

Followed by 5 or 6 of these huge babies:


(and about 50 bajillion more throughout the afternoon) These things are massive and soooooo sweet!!

And my sister made Snickerdoodle cookies (my absolute fave) because she knew I was coming home 🙂 So had one of those.


I’m about to do some weights and ab work (since I skipped them yesterday mornin’!  Whoopsee daisy!).  It’s almost the weekend guys!!!

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