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Fact or Fiction?

Fact: My breakfast this morning reminded me of the American flag. 


Fiction: That these pomegranate seeds would be good until January 31st like the label said.  Last I checked today is the 28th and they were already tasting slightly tangy/gone bad. 

Fact: I still ate them though.  And plan to finish off the container today to prevent them from going…more bad.

Fiction: I ate only fruit and yogurt this morning. 

Obviously I added some cereal.  Quaker corn bran crunch to be more precise.


Fact: My boss was making sunflower seed butter cookies at 8:30 this morning.


Fiction: I completely stayed away from all said cookies and didn’t enjoy one crumb.


Fact: I ate one two.


Fact: I went for a walk with the babes today downtown to Starbucks and back (2.5 miles roundtrip).

Fiction: I took a picture of my Grande iced SF hazelnut coffee light ice.  With a splash of half & half. 

Fact: I love how I not only get a free dinner when I work, but I also sometimes get leftovers if I have enough food.


(Vegetable quinoa with grilled chicken.  Added some tomato-basil feta).

Fact: I’ve been pretty good about taking my calcium vitamin with lunch lately.

Fiction: Yummy orange carbonated drinks tend to help in absorption of calcium pills.  Especially when out of a stolen borrowed pint glass from the local pizza joint.


Fact: My old roommate snuck so many of these pint glasses in her purse that she had enough to give me my own set of 8 glasses.  Cool.

Fact: I went on a 1 hr 45 minute hike today.  Which probably wasn’t the smartest idea for my calf/ankle.


Fiction: I remembered to take a picture of my post-hike snack while chatting with the roommate.  Let’s say it was a small portion of plain yogurt with the rest of the pomegranate seeds.  (That part would in fact be a fact).

Fact: I froze in my tracks when I saw peanut butter cream cheese at Trader Joe’s today.  Yes.  Peanut. Butter. Cream Cheese. 

Fiction: Obviously I could resist.  And didn’t have any taster once I got home.


Deadly deadly stuff.

Fact: I waited to eat at babysitting tonight because I figured they’d have delicious yummy food, since they have in the past.


Fiction: I never use mixing bowls for salads.  Ever. Winking smile


(Salad with tomatoes, goat cheese, and a sprinkling of walnuts.  With pear vinaigrette.  And a few veggie chips on the side.  Which ended up in my salad).

Fact: This dinner was enough to hold me over for oh…2 hours.  And then I had froyo.  Yummmm.


Tell me one fact and one fiction from your day!  Kind of like 2 truth and a lie, right??


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Strawberry Moments

Greetings from Strawberry cabin!

Saturday started with seeing Lonestar at the local county fair.

I tried to take a picture of them on the stage with my phone but failed. Iphone camera < old canon camera.

After picking up some Chipotle (wolfed down in 5 minutes. No joke), we got to the cabin late Saturday night.


Some of the below pictures are recycled from previous trips. But all things I did this past weekend!

Things I love about our cabin:

  • Beachin’ it & kayaking

IMG 3632-1

  • Swimming to the floating docks and cannon-balling off them
  • Family time



  • S’mores

IMG 3643-2

  • Coffee in the mornings on the deck

IMG 3606

  • Ice cream cones after a long day at the beach

IMG 3635-1

  • Hiking!!!



Look familiar? 😉

IMG 4655

(From last year)

Monday morning, I wanted to hike to Cleo’s Baths, but decided to just do a shorter loop around the lake.


About halfway around the lake, you get to the Cleo’s Bath turnoff.


Next time Cleo’s. Next time!

It took me a good 1 hour 30 minutes, which I was surprised at. I’m pretty sure it’s a 3.5-4 mile hike, but usually takes me closer to 1 hour! I also stopped at 3 different times while walking to do 3 sets of 20 standing pushups against the rocks. Not nearly as difficult as normal pushups, but better than nothing!

I did wear my new 3 month old running shoes. I usually wear old dirty ones, but I didn’t want to risk anything with my knee.


They’re only shoes right? Okay if they get a little dirty!

Baby squirrel sighting on the porch!!


Little cutie pie 🙂

Well I’m off for a quick run in this mountain air. See you all when I get back home!S

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Happy blog-irthday to “??” Happy Blog-irthday to “??” Happy Blog-irthday to “????????” (long and drawled out). Happy Blog-irthday to “??”!!!!!

It’s a certain special somone’s 6-month Bl ogiversary Blog-irthday (I like birthdays better than anniversaries) today….

Ok…That would be me.

It defiitely snuck up on me, but 6 months ago today is when I wrote my first post! I didn’t even have one picture up! My blog sure has come far, but I want to improve it even more in the near future.

To celebrate, I enjoyed something I discovered on one of my earlier posts – French toast sprinkled with Banana Nut Cheerios.

IMG 6084-1

Sorry for the blur. Need. New. Camera.

With cream cheese, Sunbutter, and carmelized bananas.

IMG 6081-1

It’s been too long. I go through food phases, and there was a phase my sophomore year where I would live off this French toast for dinner almost every night. So good.

IMG 6085-1

It was such a beautiful day today, and I could hardly stand the thought of being stuck in the gym on a boring old machine again. I did something I haven’t done it a while – hike!

I’m seriously so lucky to live in the foothills of this:

IMG 3787-1

I can just walk out my door and less than 50 minutes later I can enjoy this beautiful view:

IMG 3794

Last time I hiked this, I left one of my favorite Operation Beautiful notes.

IMG 3799-1

IMG 3796

Total: 4-4.5 miles; ~ 1 1/2 hours

But man does it make you filthy!

IMG 6089-1

I was starving the whole way back down, and made the quicket lunch ever.

A nice big bowl of Kashi golean & Heart 2 Heart with a glob of sunbutter (for protein – duh 😉 )

IMG 6087-1

Once I cleaned up a bit, I headed out for groceries (and yes, I have definitely gone over the $100 goal this month. I thought it would be easy, but…something happened).

Dinner was something inspired by Miss Cookin’ Fanatic and something seen recently on Meghann’s blog. Unfortunately my camera died right before dinner (charged that dude ASAP) so you’ll have to wait until later this week for leftover pics ;-).

Snacks later in the night (once camera had charged a bit) included

My nightly ritual

IMG 6073-1

And a delicious combo dessert of:

  • 1 whole apple & pear microwaved with cinnamon
  • Cream cheese
  • Sunbutter
  • Crumbled cereal & granola

IMG 6079-1


In other news, I got the laundry room all cleaned up, and we got a new washing machine up there as well (our old one was leaking). Well this new one is still leaking. Which means we’re out of laundry commission until our landlord can make it down here on Wednesday. Guess I’ll be re-wearing my workout clothes 2 3 times! Stand back!

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My vacay was filled with lake & food time!

Ready to hit up the lake for day numero dos:


I guess my grandma likes to be artsy and take angled pictures?


She’s rockin’


6 mile hike around the lake:




Wait…who found their way into my bag?


Ooooh…that’s right 😉 Pure deliciousness.

Milk dud brownies & ice cream topped with PB & chocolate chex mix:


Does another brownie for breakfast pre-breakfast snack sound okay?


$4.30 splurge of artificial ingredients yummy Caramel light frappucino during the drive home:


I never get this favorite drink of mine, but splurged today!

I’m going to miss breakfast & computer time from this view:


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Yo yo yo muh peeps.  Recap in order?  Yes I think so 😀

But before I get started, I want to quickly answer a few questions from my last post regarding the zucchini boats, pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin smoothie.

For the zucchini boats, all I did was halve the zucchinis, scoop out the flesh, and fill the insides with my Black bean & corn salsa.  Then baked them for about 30 minutes.  Easy-peasy!  There are lots of stuffed zucchini recipes out there filled with all sorts of goodies (usually involving some type of ground meat).

For my pumpkin pancakes, I basically just combined the following ingredients:

  • 1 cup oats
  • HEAPING scoops of pumpkin (probably about a cup or so)
  • 4-5 egg whites (can’t remember exactly – just ups the protein)
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • Bit of salt
  • 1 T sugar
  • Tons of cinnamon & pumpkin pie spice
  • Almond milk to make it the right consistency

I often times add in greek yogurt or cottage cheese as well.  Then just plop them like pancakes and wa-lah!  They turn out much mushier than normal pancakes – so beware!  I know most people blend their oats in a blender when they make oatmeal pancakes, but I like my oats nice & whole 🙂 You can also just add scoops of pumpkin to any pancake recipe – you may just want to add a bit more liquid?

Pumpkin smoothies have been a long time favorite of mine.  I combine:

  • Milk (soy, almond, cow, your choice)
  • Huge spoonfuls of pumpkin (I don’t measure, but it probably comes out to 2/3 cup or so)
  • Ice
  • Cinnamon &/or pumpkin pie spice
  • Sweetener (optional – sometimes I drizzle in some maple syrup)

And blend!  Just experiment with measurements – I never measure, just eyeball.  It is amazing topped with some whipped cream.  Best combo ever.



Today was long day #1.  Work from 7-12:00 and then hurry to the next family 30 minutes away to work 12:30-5:30.

Workout: About 30 minutes of P90X shoulders & arms DVD at work + 20 minutes ab work

Eats: Breakkie was my last Rudi’s spelt english muffin. Good thing I have the whole grain wheat flavor left!  Although I loved the unique taste of the spelt flavor.

I prepared my lunch the night before while I made my stuffed zucchini boats.  Stuffed bell peppers!  Super easy, I just stuffed each half of the bell pepper with some vegetarian chili & topped it off with cheese:


Along with an insane amount of fruit this afternoon (I literally went through a whole pound of strawberries & 6 apricots today + all my other fruits.  I think I’m going to have an apricot baby).

Dinner was an incredible combination that got together to have a party in my mouth.  Grilled brie cheese, turkey, tomato & BBQ sauce on a whole grain flax wrap.


With more of the best BBQ sauce in the world (from a local restaurant) for dippage.


Incredible.  You’ll probably be seeing this again soon 😉


Long work day numero dos.  7:00-5:00 (I’m calling these long days because all summer I’ve only been working 12-5:00ish except for one 10-6 day).

I brought along a baggie of cereal (mixture of Kashi Golean, Good Friends, & Quaker brown sugar squares, blueberries, & cottage cheese to make my breakfast:


I also whipped up 1 egg/1 egg white scrambled to add a bit more protein.  Topped with a bit of cheese & ketchup (duh!)


Exciting event outings included the smallest zoo I’ve seen in my life, where this was literally one of the highlights:


Woohoo how exciting!  Too bad it’s August, and it didn’t look to be anywhere near finished!

While out, I dug into the baggie of leftover cereal from this morning, and this Kashi cinnamon coffee cake bar, which was really quite tasty!  Almost too sweet for me (surprise!), but probably one of my faves:

KashiSorry no actual picture, but I was driving when I ate it, and I’m not that talented stupid!

Needless to say, I was starving by the time we got home around 3:00 for lunch.  Turkey, spinach, tomato, hummus, BBQ sauce & avocado grilled on a whole grain & flax wrap.  With 2 apricots & blueberries on the side.


HOLY MOLY YUM!!  Wherever I read to combine BBQ sauce & hummus – I thank you!! Sooooo good.  I also had a salad with olives, craisins, & Newman’s Own light sesame Asian dressing that I found in the fridge.


And while I was waiting for my wrap to cook, I dug a handful of seasoned almonds out of this baggie o’ snacks:

I was to that point of hunger where you just down everything in one breath and end up way too full!

After work, I went straight to the gym where I did 25 minutes stairs level 12 while reading Nineteen Minutes.  I’m getting to the end!!  I was going to do more, but decided to hurry home and head out for a sunset hike.  It was so nice out and it was still early enough, I thought why stay stuck in the gym?  I should hike!  So I did the Bishop’s Peak hike again, only this time was the evening version!


Giant mountain shadow.


I went up the super steep side this time, cutting out about 1/2 a mile – and it was a tough tough climb!  It totaled out to be 3.8 miles.

I wasn’t too hungry when I got home & it was late so I made a small dinner and popped this in the oven.  The last of my black bean & corn salsa, goat cheese “pizza”!


Last time was on a wrap, but this time was on a sandwich thin, and I liked it much better.  I ate the last scrapings of my salsa in the bowl with a couple sweet potato chips.  I’ll miss you oh so versatile salsa!

Also had my usual mug of hot chocolate (times 2!) at night while vegging in front of the TV.  A healthy, rich version – just cocoa, a little sweetener, hot water, & a splash of almond milk!  It’s a nightly treat of mine that I never blog about 😉


Today was a 10:00 workday (and not 7:00) so I planned to wake up early and do weights & abs before work, but I woke up last night feeling slightly nauseous and just not that great.  So I decided to just sleep instead 🙂 I was feeling better once I woke up though.

I also planned to have waffles today in honor of National Waffle Day, but had some extra time this morning and craved pumpkin oatmeal! (Gotta use up the pumpkin, ya hear?).  I was also just finishing up my Naturally More stash, so thought “DUH!  Oats in a jar time, it is!

Note: ignore the jar – it really was naturally more that I was just storing in this glass jar.


Cooked up on the stove:

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • Heaps of pumpkin
  • Tons of cinnamon
  • Bit of maple syrup
  • Topped off with some Feed’s raisin nut granola

I obviously got every last scraping of PB out of there 😉


Besides the peanut butter in the jar, I also added a bit to the middle and top of my oats.  I need my PB in every bite! 😀

Lunch at work was what I grabbed out of the freezer.  Kashi sweet & sour chicken.  I also ad ded in extra broccoli and some extra strips of chicken to beef it up a bit.


With these yummy fruits throughout the day (add in another apricot & some snap peas).



I also planned to do the P90X yoga DVD at work, but I got super lazy distracted by blogs hungry.  I finally got off my lazy behind and popped in the DVD.  I’m not sure how I feel about yoga.  I try to like it.  I really want to.  But I often find it so boring that I just don’t have patience!  Today’s yoga was okay – I could feel my thighs start to burn a bit (during all those warrior poses), but I still only did 30 minutes.  A 90 minute DVD – um sorry.  Plus it was actually bothering my knee quite a bit with all the poses, supporting myself while bending your knee, etc.  What doesn’t bother my knee?  Argh.

Dinner was kind of a mixture between my grilled quesadilla the other night and wrap yesterday.  Brie cheese, tomato, BBQ sauce & hummus on a 7-grain & flax wrap.  This time I had guac AND BBQ sauce on the side for dipping.


Can you tell from my recent meals that I’ve had food to use up before Friday? 😉 My sister brought me down half of a whole wheel of brie cheese last weekend, so that’s the reason for all my “brie” meals!  And I recently opened up my bag of wraps.  It’s such a hard life being the only one to eat food that you open.  *Sigh* 😉

Tomorrow is another 7:00-5:00 work day, then gym, then packing (I leave on Friday straight from work).  Hope you’ve all had a wonderful week/humpday!
Pssst…here’s another Chobani giveaway!!

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He has been quite the busy man (or lady!) lately.  Between yesterday and today, I’ve received some mighty fun packages!

First Christina lent me a book she finished and recommended, Just Friends, which I’m stoked to start reading soon!  Thanks so much, girl!


Kathy’s Krackers in such interesting flavors: Salsa, savory, and apple cinnamon.  Yum!


Just as I was making dinner tonight, the doorbell rang again!  Too bad I didn’t receive this Rudi’s Organic Bakery box before I started dinner!  I would’ve totally used one of the yummy tortilla wraps!


And one last surprise that got my heart a flutterin’…Heart Thrive Bars!


Holy Moly I don’t think I’ve received this much mail/packages in a few days all year!  Thank you so much, and I look forward to trying everything out!  Be on the lookout for some reviews, my fellow blog friends 🙂

Other than opening boxes and packages, I’ve had a few more exciting eats and another hike.  Another hike?!?  Did I dare venture out after my last one?  Oh you betcha!

Pre-hike fuel was Custard Oats and cawwwfeeee.


Close up (so you can see the ooey chocolatey goodness that is Chocolate chip cookie dough PB):


In the mix:

  • 1/2 cup oatmeal
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1 egg
  • Cinnamon & maple syrup

Once it was cooked I then mixed in 2 spoonfuls of Naturally More PB, then topped it off with more PB & a sprinkling of Kashi golean cereal.  I like my oatmeal rich & sweet 🙂 For some reason I’m not a fan of fruity oats.

Hike time! Knowing I won’t have a whole morning free to go on a hike for another few weeks, I decided Friday was a perfect day!  This time I chose a well-known hike at local Montana De Oro state park (about a 15 minute drive away).  There are tons of trails that go along the water here, but I chose Valencia Peak trail so I could get a great view.  Unfortunately, it was sucked in fog!

IMG_4123But still magnificent views, and really cool to be over the fog like that!



Closer down at the base of the trail, I had an ocean view!


It totaled about 5.8 miles in 2 hours, so it was a great hike!

Refueled afterwards with a Green Monster.


It blends in so well with the actual greens, I may as well be drinking the plant! 😉 Also had 3 apricots & a bowl of blueberries.

Dinner started out as a quesadilla, but then I realized George had been lonely lately, so I whipped him out for company.  Black bean veggie burger, 2% Mexican cheese, and green chilis in a WW tortilla.  (There were 3 wedges total)


With sour cream & BBQ sauce for dipping of course.

Snack later on consisted of Farmer’s Market strawberries, white nectarine & a juicy juicy apricot:


These apricots are beyond mushy and the sweetest ones I’ve had in my life.  I never want the season to end!

This morning, I hit up the gym before work to fit in:

  • 20 minutes stairmaster level 11-12
  • 20 minutes upper body weight machines
  • 15 more minutes stairmaster level 12
  • 15 minutes lower body strength from PT
  • Quick 5 minute ab sesh

I get so antsy and dripping sweat at that dang stairmaster, I decided to break it up today with weights in the middle.  It worked great!

Pre-gym eats – 2 Nature’s Path hemp plus waffles spread with PB, pumpkin butter, syrup, & a sprinkling of Cinnamon Raisin granola.


I really wanted to try out my new spelt English muffins, but was really craving waffles this A.M.  So waffles it was!

Post-gym eats (at work) – Okay, now I got to try out the spelt English muffins!  Half topped with laughing cow cheese, tomato & salt/pepper.  Half traditionally topped with Naturally Yours & sliced banana.


Yes…I brought my own jar of PB to work.  It’s because they have nasty reduced fat Jiff!  Blech!

I also snacked from this yum-o veggie platter:


And fruit overload of strawberries, blueberries, apricots, grapes, and a white nectarine.  I can’t let my delicious sweet fruit go bad!!

Oh and they also had this cake lying out:


Yes, I had a small sliver 😉 How could I possibly resist?!

So now how about that Rudi’s English muffin?  I loved it!  I’m pretty picky about the English muffins (surprisingly I don’t like Thomas ones because they’re too “flimsy”, thin, and get too toasty).  I like more dense, thick, chewy ones.  Which is exactly what this spelt one was like!  Pre-toasted, it seemed extremely dry and I was worried it would taste like chalk.  But toasted, it was great.

One downfall is only 2 grams of fiber, while many whole wheat ones have more (such as my beloved double fiber Oroweat).  And it doesn’t come pre-sliced!  But that’s not too much of a hassle.  Doesn’t take too long to slice it open!  😉 All in all, I really like them.

And major fail:


Coffee drippage on my white shirt while on my way to work!  Grrr…crossed fingers stain remover and soaking it will prevent staining!

I didn’t think I’d have another chance to post before the concert, but my sister isn’t coming into town now until tonight (she’s now about 45 minutes away).  She’s being a lazy butt-munch (yes, I really just said butt-munch) and didn’t want to get up early to drive down before I had to work.  So I was on my own for dinner.   Which was a ginormous massive salad (used almost a whole bag of spinach & a whole head of lettuce – it was that big) containing:

  • Sauteed onions
  • Black beans patty
  • Craisins
  • Feta cheese
  • TJ’s spicy Asian peanut dressing (LOVE this stuff!)
  • Sprinkled with flaxseed & peanuts


With a side of Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips (these things are awesome!).


Mmmmm…yummy 🙂 I love this ginormo bowl:


Well I better get ready for my sister’s arival.  There may or may not be froyo on the menu tonight 😉 Have a great rest of your weekend my dear friends!!

Happy Blogiversary to this lady!

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Okay, not as lost as these folks.  But still lost.  I’ll get to that in a bit…

Friday night was fun!  Went out, but not too crazy.  I like this lighter, more social type of going out/drinking I’ve been doing lately.  My other roommates would always go out every Friday night, get completely wasted, and then I’d feel awful the whole next day.  I really hated it!  The past few times Ive only had a few drinks and still have such a great time!


Saturday morning I hit up the gym:

  • 25 minutes stairmaster level 11-12
  • 30 minutes treadmill 15% incline, 4.1 mph
  • 20 minutes upper body

Then it was beach time!! So fun, relaxing, peaceful…until the group next to us whipped out their delicious disgusting smelling pot to smoke.  Seriously?  Yup, perfect time to head back home.  Where we got free slurpees from 7-11 (7.11 oz cups – how cute!) and watched Confessions of a Shopaholic. Very, very different from the books, but a very cute and funny movie!  I recommend it!

This morning I had quite the dilemma.  Swim?  Hike?  Swim?  Hike!!  I checked out hikes online, and came up with the Resevoir Canyon hike:

The first mile of the trail follows the creek through a mature native forest of oak, bay, and sycamore trees that shade the little pools and waterfalls caught between serpentine rock walls. Then it’s a steady climb up the north face of the mountain, through open meadows and along brushy slopes to the treeless ridge. Please be mindful of the No Trespassing signs posted. At the 1,715’ high point, hikers will enjoy awesome views of the City, from the southern end of Los Osos Valley and the Irish Hills, to Cuesta Pass, to the ancient volcanic Morros rising from the El Chorro Valley between San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay.

First, I hiked along the nice little creek:



As I climbed uphill, I came across this open area with odd looking sculptures:



It was a strange little area…and this sign was posted on a tree, which I stuck an Operation Beautiful note to:

It read: Keep going!  Your power and strength are beautiful!!

I realized just now looking at the pictures that I used the wrong form of “your”.  I accidentally put “you’re”!  Whoops!

I climbed higher and reached the peak!

View 1:


The mountain on the right is the peak I hiked up a couple weeks ago.

View of the other direction (Highway 101):


As I continued, I encountered some large rock piles:


And many of these tall, odd plants/trees (not quite sure…?)!


After 3.5 miles, I decided to turn around and head back down to my car.  I was very thirsty (stupid me, forgetting water!) and didn’t want to push the knee.  Only…I couldn’t find the trail I turned off of!  I retraced my steps about .5 mile past where I thought the two trails connected, and didn’t see anything!  I swear I was in some horror movie where they completely erased the trail and I was stuck!  With the beating sun, 6 miles in, and the dryest mouth ever, I literally almost started crying up there.

Luckily I had run into a couple earlier on in my hike who mentioned that an adjoining trail led down another hill and out to the local high school.  I figured this would be my best bet.  I would just have my roommate pick me up there and drive me to my car (luckily I had decided to bring my phone along with me!).

If I thought going uphill was hard, I was in for a surprise!!  Going down this other trail was insane. According to my Miss. Garminda, I went about .3 miles in 45 minutes.  No joke.  It was that steep.

IMG_4014-1And that wasn’t even the worst of it!  (Really random – but this picture and going down this hill totally reminded me of the old computer game Oregon Trail.  Remember when a picture like this would pop up, and the warning “Steep trail” or something like that would warn you, and you had options such as “lock the wheels” or “use ropes & chains”?  haha…told you it was random, but that’s what it felt like!)

Towards the end, I literally just got down in a squat, and slid down the dirt mountain.  No joke!  You all have no idea how excited I was to see asphalt road!!  haha.  3 hours 15 minutes of hiking, sliding, crying, and swearing later….I reached road!  My G read 8 miles, but there was so much uphill and insane downhill climbing, it was probably much more.

View of the steep part from the street:


I then had to hurry hurry to make it to Costco before closing where I definitely refueld with some awesome samples!  Food should taste good Multigrain chips with hummus, steel cut oats with dried blueberries, Fruit & Nut mix, and a delicious caramel corn & candied nut mix.  Mmmm some great tasters goin’ on today!  And check out my fave buys of the day: (sorry for the condensation – it was hot in the car after I bought them…


2.75 lb blueberries for $5.99!!! No way!  And since I already finished off my recent Farmer’s Market apricot buy, I knew I needed to restock on them.  One of my favorite summer fruits!

Dinner was a taco salad creation, except I layered the topping over veggies rather than lettuce.  Seasoned black beans, sour cream, fire-roasted tomato salsa (from Costco – this stuff is so good!), TJ’s roasted corn relish, all over sauteed/Mexican seasoned veggies (mix of broccoli, cauliflower, onions & carrots) and chopped up carmelized onion chicken burger patty.  Phew!


Plus a side salad with feta and TJ’s Tuscan Italian dressing.

I definitely made sure to slather on the sunscreen this morning (no repeat of my last burn!).  Unfortunately I was wearing my tank top when I applied, completely forgetting my back/stomach.  And when I was up there in the scorching heat, I was definitely rockin’ only the sports bra (it was hot!).  Meaning that yes…my lower back & stomach got a little burnt.

Awkward back shot:


Okay…maybe a lot burnt.  Oy vey…I swear, I tried!

My hike appetite caught up to me tonight and I had some delicious cake batter froyo topped with S’mores brownies & whipped cream:


Plus a mug of hot chocolate (my nightly treat) and 2 apricots (not as sweet as the Farmer’s Market ones, but still good!).

I’m currently watching the new show on Lifetime channel – Drop Dead Diva. Random show to watch, but anyone else watchin it?  And flipping back to Harry Potter 4 during commercials.  Excited for Wednesday’s release!

Well I have my first PT appointment early tomorrow morning!  Hope it goes well!

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