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Unforunately, I have yet to get the gingerbread house pictures from the other night, so you’ll have to wait and see the final product. Let’s just say, it ended up a bit of a disaster 😉

I’ve been living on a sugar high these past few days. In addition to this candy filled night, I’ve also been picking at pieces of our house throughout the weekend (aka lots of candy & frosting), and enjoyed this breakfast Saturday morning.

Vans whole wheat waffles topped with sunbutter, cream cheese, syrup & granola (love crunch on my waffles). Scrambled egg whites + 1 egg & ketchup (necessity).

IMG 0469

But wait – my roommate & her boyfriend came home with donuts to share! I never have donuts (just don’t ever get the opportunity!), so I cut a few small bites of the cinnamon roll, glazed one, and bear claw – but honestly they were extremely dry and blah.

IMG 0470-1

But this cinnamon roll they made was quite the opposite! Helped myself to half of one 🙂

IMG 0472-1

Fueld my gym trip quite nicely where I completed

  • 4 mile dreadmill run ranging from 6 – 7.5 mph. Not so much intervals, just decided to take it realitvely easy and watch Fool’s Gold on TV
  • 25 minutes upper body weights

After this, I felt a bit too lazy for whittling my middle. Whoops!

Unpictured eats throughout the day, then chowed down my salad for dinner in 5 minutes pre-work.

Rando mix of:

  • Scrambled eggs
  • 2 buffalo chicken meatballs
  • Zucchini
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Spinach hommus
  • Salsa
  • Annie’s raspberry dressing
  • Spinach

IMG 0473-1

But it worked!

Work included trail mix (with M&M’s of course).

Today I knew I needed to finally get down to some studying.

First up – breakkie.

  • A bit of Voskos plain yogurt (review coming soon)
  • Blueberry Oikos (almost a full container)
  • Kashi Heart to Heart
  • Nature’s Path mesa sunrise
  • TJ’s pumpkin granola
  • Banana slices
  • Sunbutter & pumpkin butter

IMG 0474

Yumma! That TJ’s pumpkin granola is sooooo good guys. I’m picky with my granolas, but this stuff is the perfect granola taste to me 🙂 Just have to take it easy, since it’s pretty sweet and I know granola’s pretty high in sugar!

Next up – gym. Yeah, so the gym didn’t happen. As I tweeted about, there was no motivation whatsoever. Even though I should take advantage of free parking on campus (weekend!) and maybe take a weekday off of the gym. Didn’t happen.

I’m pretty sure my butt is imprinted into this couch permanently. I tried to study, I really did! But this take home final is going to take me 4x as long as a normal final…and I just gave up! Resorted to watching Falalala Lifetime instead 😉

Mid-afternoon, I did get a bit cold hungry and decided on hot butternut squash oatmeal.

Topped with:

  • A different mix of cereals
  • Frosting covered graham crackers (from our house!)
  • Pumpkin cream cheese
  • Sunbutter

IMG 0476-1

Warmed me right up!

I eventually gave up with my take home final, and turned to ice cream. Which kind of defeats the purpose of hot oats. But it’s great distraction, let me tell you.

I’ll admit it – I went ice cream crazy. Ice cream is my biggest weakness. Some people have no control over certain foods, and for me it’s ice cream. So times this bowl by 2 4. In all fairness, it’s a baby bowl. And it ended up being part of my dinner.

IMG 0478-1

Due to late oats, and the ice cream extravaganza, I never really got hungry, but I knew I needed something more satisfying around 8:30. A light egg & veggie scramble dinner did the trick.

  • Zucchini
  • Onion
  • Mushroom
  • Spinach
  • 1 egg + 3 egg whites
  • Nutritional yeast

IMG 0480


IMG 0481

Oh, better 🙂

An unpictured cookie sneaked in there tonight as well. Picture/review tomorrow.

Until tomorrow friends.

Sugar coma….zzzzzz….


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You can tell it’s midterms week when there are 75 people on facebook chat.

Very true.

Although I have no midterms this week, I’m still crazy stressed/busy! Hence why this is a quickie.

Operation “Eat out the Cereal”:

IMG 5774

  • Nature’s Path strawberry yogurt
  • Quaker oatmeal squares
  • Almond milk
  • Blob of sunbutter

IMG 5775-1

At the end it’s like you’re drinking strawberry milk! Mmmmm.

With coffee and my new favorite creamer I got at Whole Foods on sale.

IMG 5753

Deeeelicious. I wish I had gotten 2 because it was on sale for only $2, and the carton was only about 3/4 full upon opening!

Gym Sesh:

  • 20 minutes stairmaster level 10-11
  • 30 minutes upper body strength

Knee strap felt wonderful again. I wore it on my walk to the gym and my knee didn’t hurt one bit. Can I pleeeease live in it? 😉

Post-gym snackie:

Unpictured raspberries + pumpkin smoothie.

IMG 5777-1

Lunch at work – Kashi mayan bake.

IMG 5779

Love the sweet plaintains!

IMG 5780


Mini baby cupcake.

IMG 5782-1

Honeycrisp apple slices dipped in pumpkin cream cheese (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!)

IMG 5786-1

Unpictured late and easy dinner of

  • scrambled eggs +
  • deli turkey +
  • parm cheese +
  • queso dip

Winning combo.

And 2 mugs of hot chocolate while studying.

Okay, I definitely should not have procrastinated the past couple days, but as I can barely keep my eyes open to blog, let alone study…I’m out.

Enjoy your hump-day dear blog friends!

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I haven’t been as hungry as I was today in….well a while.

Breakfast was the last of my frozen oatmeal pumpkin pancakes.

IMG 5699-1

With Greek yogurt & sunbutter layered between each. And all topped with syup.

IMG 5700-1

Nommmmmm. Guys – sooo good. These are the best pancakes I’ve ever made. And the yogurt in each layer just adds so much.

IMG 5701-1

With a bowl of fruit + yogurt. Honeydew, 1/2 a peach, 1/2 a banana.

IMG 5697

Although I was crazy late for the bus, so after a few bites, stuck this baby in the fridge for later.

Clinical Nutrition lab midterm was ehh. We had 2 patients to evaluate and interpret their blood lab values. Then had to determine the type of anemia and write up SOAP notes (page long subjectie, objective, assessments, and plans). I knew 1 patient well enough, but got stuck on the other diagnosis. We shall see.

I was starving halfway through the test, so I kind of just wanted to be done with it so I could eat. This:

What I thought was a PB&J lara.

IMG 5702


“Man, this PB&J has cherry overload.”


“Dang, weird how different bars of the same flavor can taste so different.”


“Okay, this is one tart baby.”

Oh. Surprise!

IMG 5703

So that’s why there was so much cherry flavor.  You tricky Lara, you.  Being in such similar wrappers.

Didn’t sweat nearly as much at the gym today. Must’ve been that ridiculous stairmaster yesterday. Evil machine.

  • 2 mile run (broken into 5 min. run/2 min walk segments)
  • 20 minute upper body strength
  • 10 minute abs

Off to work (on the way ate my fruit/yogurt from the morning) where I had lunch. Leftover asparagus quinoa.

IMG 5704-1

Obsessed with the flavors in this dish.

IMG 5706-1

Still pretty hangry after this, but I tried waiting for my brain to catch up. I finally had some carrots & multiple cups of coffee, which seemed to do the trick. But not for long. Less than 3 hours later I was beyond shaky with hunger (I swear quinoa never keeps me full!). I went crazy trying to satisfy it.


IMG 5707

Handfuls of cereal.

IMG 5708-1

Trail mix.

IMG 4938-1

and 1/2 a banana.

IMG 5709

Yesterday, I realized my free Starbucks ice cream coupon expired today, so I knew I had to use that now or never! No way was I letting that sucker go to waste 😉

I’ve tried the Caramel Macchiato flavor (love) before, so this time I decided to try out Mocha Frappucino.

IMG 5714-1

Check out those swirls!

IMG 5713-1

Tasted remarkably identical to a mocha frappucino (really?  Never would’ve guessed that from the description). But I still like the caramel macchiato better. Probably because I don’t like chocolate ice cream much. And I’m in love with caramel.

I also found (drumrolls please)Pumpkin Pie yogurt!! No not Stoneyfield, but Vons/Safeway has their own brand of it (Lucerine brand). I’m a huge fan of their light gingerbread flavor. Unfortunately the pumpkin pie is low-fat and not light (so 28 g. of sugar!!), but splurged 😉 I’m sure it’s delicious! And $1 raspberries 😀

IMG 5719-1

8:00 pm and a starving Tay both lead to an easy and quick dinner. (Repeat alert!)

English muffin pizzas.

IMG 5715

Half savory: pizza sauce + ricotta + cheese + turkey pepperoni

Half sweet: pumpkin cream cheese + pumpkin & ricotta mixture + cinnamon

IMG 5717

Small dinner, but my snacks from the afternoon finally caught up to me.

Small dinner also = snacking later. Oh who am I kidding, I always have a nightime snack, big dinner or not.

Raspberries drizzled with agave.

IMG 5720

And hot cocoa (x2)

IMG 5723-1

All right, I’m out. Finish packing is a must.

What is everyone’s night time snack of choice?
Mine is definitely ice cream. Or dates with PB/AB. And I have hot chocolate every. Single. Night.  Yummm.

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Okay – so pumpkin was kind of post-dinner, but whatever. It works in the title, so just go with it.

Lesson learned yesterday: Don’t skip lunch!

I had such a late and filling breakfast, that I never really had a real lunch. I hit up the gym after my 12-2 class, so a good lunch never really fit in well.

Be prepared for a bunch of beautiful phone snapshots.

Snack in class pre-gym.

IMG 0275-1

+ an apple. Still on the mad hunt for the S’mores flavor!!

+ a chocolate chip cookie that a group member made us because she contributed ZERO work to the group project. Cookies make up for it…right? Actually another member mentioned she’d rather have a latte. haha. I agree 😉


Caught up on The Hills (since unable to watch the other night due to cable outage!).

  • 30 minutes stairmaster
  • 20 minutes treadmill
    • 5 min run/2 min walk intervals X 2
    • Walking for a bit

I was a sweaty beast after this. My shirt was literally heavy with sweat and not an ounce of me was dry. I don’t know if I’m a heavy sweater, or if no one else in the gym works super hard, but why do I seem to be the only one saturated in there? (Sorry for the gross TMI guys).

Post-gym library snackage:

IMG 0273


IMG 0274

(Love these)

But I was starving no matter what. So I ditched that library soon enough, and came home to make an early dinner A-stat.

In the quinoa mix:

  • Sauteed asparagus & onion
  • Craisins
  • BBQ slivered almonds
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Chopped tomato
  • Dressing mixture of
    • Light rice vinegar
    • Olive oil
    • Annie’s Papaya Poppyseed dressing

(x this amount of quinoa by another plate – I was hungry hungry!)

IMG 0277-1

Delicisioso! The sweet flavors melded so well. And I absolutely love pumpkin seeds mixed in my quinoa dishes now.

While the quinoa was cooking, I snacked on Mary’s crackers with TJ’s queso dip. And immediately after this, I had a pumpkin + yogurt bowl.

IMG 5211-1

(Recycled picture, obviously since one of Holly’s cookies is making an apperance)

And the night wasn’t complete without a bit of this action:

IMG 5693-1

That would be vanilla froyo + chocolate sauce + sunbutter. The sunbutter on top was one of my best ideas ever.

I’m off for last minute studying for my Clinical Nutrition lab midterm (eeek!!). Then not sure if I’m driving home tonight or tomorrow morning. Desicions decisions….

So you all know how much I adore pumpkin, right?  (If you didn’t well then a) you’ve been living under a rock the past few weeks or b) you’re new to my blog and welcome! :-D) Well be sure to check out my guest post over at Megan’s blog! She’s a little under the weather (feel better!!) over there.

And thank you to everyone who entered my candy giveaway !

True Random Number Generator
Min: 1
Max: 92

Congrats to Emily of Nutritious is Delicious! Shoot me an email with your address girl, so I can get your treats sent out to ya!

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Happy Monday! But really, is there such a thing?

There is if you make it one! 🙂

I had a very “off” day yesterday (if you didn’t notice by my lack of enthusiasm in my post). I think part of the reason was the fact that it was day #4 off of exercise. That combined with excess ice cream eating left me feeling bloated, tired, and run down. I need my endorphins!

Then, last night, I received a weekly quotes email about transforming your “Poopy Days” (yes, they used those exact words). Quoted from the email:

“Use your poopy today as
fertilizer for a better tomorrow.”
-written and submitted by Debbie S., Kohler WI

Very true. I may have had a poopy Sunday, but that just makes me even more excited to have an un-poopy Monday!

What I did today to make it a Marvelous Monday:

1. Started my day with a perfect breakfast.

Pumpkin bagel (which I picked up with the cream cheese yesterday) with pumpkin cream cheese, and pumpkin pie spice PB.

IMG 5647-1

The pumpkin cream cheese was fantastic. Delicious. I’m in love. And I had to include some PB in breakfast of course.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve had breakfast without nut butter.

IMG 5648-1

2. Stopped at Starbucks on my way to class. Coffee in a to-go cup always tastes better to me 🙂

IMG 5649

3. I exercised. First time in 4 days! 30 minutes stairmaster level 10-11, 10 minute ab work, and 10 minute strength.

4. Enjoyed pumpkin for lunch as well.

WW english muffin pizza – half with pizza sauce, ricotta and cheese.

IMG 5656

Half as a “dessert” pizza – pumpkin & ricotta mixture topped with apple slices and cinnamon.

IMG 5655

Delicious 😀

IMG 5657

Also ate the rest of the apple and honeydew with a bit of 2% greek yogurt while this was cooking.

IMG 5653

5. Enjoyed treats throughout the day.

Delicious fudgy brownie.

IMG 5636-1

(Same pic as yesterday – but looked and tasted the same anyways)

Coconut vanilla toffee that my teacher brought back from Thailand. Um…YUM.

IMG 0265

As my roommate commented about these toffees “I stuck it in my mouth and didn’t expect it to be so big and hard!” Wow. That’s definitely what she said.

And 2 of these See’s candies I picked up the other day.

Apple pie truffle & PB patty.  (I didn’t eat the lower right honey almond one – yucko)

IMG 5622-1

Speaking of See’s candies..have you entered my giveaway yet?

6. Skipped my 12-2:00 class and took a nap instead.

IMG 5661-1

Talk about posing.

7. Spent a fun hour dreaming up a Halloween party with my roommates (I think one’s in the works. Wahoo!)

8. Finished my night off with a whipped pumpkin apple pie a la mode creation.

Cottage cheese + pumpkin + cinnamon. Topped with cinnamon micro’d apple, vanilla granola, and a bit of vanilla froyo.

IMG 0268-1

(Camera was dying as I took a bad picture – so this was taken via Iphone)

I was so very excited to hit up the gym today. But not so excited about my knee. I did, however, break down and orderknee sleeves last night! The physical therapist said that knee sleeves would do nothing to help my condition, but honestly, nothing has helped so I thought “Why not?!” I’ve heard such rave reviews I decided I had to try them out myself. I can’t wait for it to come in the mail.

Q&A Time!

A bunch of other bloggers have “Q & A pages” or “Q&A posts” so I think I’m going to jump on the bandwagon, if you don’t mind. So now I’m asking you to ask me Do you have any questions for me? About my life? About the world? About school? About anything? Curious lingering thoughts? Something you’ve always wanted to know? Well now’s your chance to find out! (yes – I sound like an infomercial here). Ask away! (You can post a comment or email me questions)

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Bad news: I scarfed down my breakfast, and didn’t have time to snap a photogenic picture.

Good news: It was the exact same breakfast as yesterday, so allow me to refresh your memory.

IMG 5516-1

Oh my bad. My bowl today was white. So imagine it in a white bowl.

There you go.

Oh hey look maybe I really am starting a ritual of Waffle Overnight Oat Wednesdays!

Then it was class, gym, class, (canceled – wooooot wooooot), class, work.

I was mad starving after my gym workout, which I’ll share with you wonderful folks.

  • 20 minutes upper body strength machines:
    • 2 sets 15 reps tricep machine (please don’t ask me the name)
    • 2 sets 10 reps bicep machine (same deal)
    • 2 sets 15 reps chest press
    • 3 sets 12 reps pull down machine (again – I’m not technical here)
    • 2 sets 12 reps tricep pull down
  • 10 minute mat work:
    • 2 sets 15 reps bicep curls
    • 2 sets 15 reps tricep extensions
    • 1 set 15 reps bicep curl to shoulder press
    • 15 push-ups
  • 30 minute treadmill
    • .2 mile warmup walk
    • 1 mile 6.0 mph
    • .2 mile walk break
    • 1 mile 6.0 mph
    • .3 mile cooldown walk

I wanted to take it easy today for me knee (it’s really been bothering me more this past week), and even that easy workout used up the whole 30 minute cardio machine limit. That’s crazy! You can barely get a 3 mile run in during that time, not including warm-up & cooldown.

Post-gym during the 15 minutes I had before class, I scarfed down this puppy.

IMG 0218-1

Appetizing, no?

That would be a Cedarlane veggie & cheese burrito. Here are the innards (innards? Is that a word? If it is, it sounds weird)

IMG 0220-1

Really good, but it might be because I was hangry hangry! Either way, I love their burritos/wraps! The bean & cheese is my favorite, and TJ’s even has their own version – the 98% FF bean & cheese burrito. Yes, I swear that’s what it’s called. At least I’m pretty sure.

This settled my tummy for a bit, but I was still hungry. Baby Daddy carrots during class

IMG 0221

And another huge shiny apple.

IMG 5555

I then hit the road to walk to my car. So far this week, I’ve either walked one way to school, or parked my car halfway and walked. Parking halfway is almost as fast as the bus, and I get in some extra walking! I used to walk multiple times per day when I lived closer, and I miss it. I hope to keep this up. At least until it rains.

On my way to work, I stopped by the AT&T store to exchange my phone. The lighting’s been messed up, and not lighting up everytime. And since it’s still within the 30 day exchange period, I don’t want to take any chances. The worker was extremely rude to me, telling me I have to do all exchanges at the Apple store. That was frustrating, since I went into work late specifically to stop at the AT&T store. Bad customer service really irritates me. At least tell me nicely!

Since See’s candies was right next door, I popped in there to pick up some Pumpkin spice lollipops! Last year I tried one, and when I went back to buy some more, they were all sold out! I mean every store and online were sold out.  Literally.  Gone.   Completely out of stock. So I made sure to get some earlier this year 😉

No See’s trip would be complete without a sample 😀

IMG 5552

Milk chocolate buttercream. Super rich though. And I’m more a fan of the mocha or butterchew flavors – so I only had half.  What’s your favorite See’s candy? Mine is definitely the Butterscotch square or the Mocha.  Mmm.

Also wolfed down a Double Chocolate dreams vitatop with extra PB on the drive.

IMG 5546

Hmmm…it was better than it looks. I swear.

Dinner, however, was not was as tasty as it looked.

Grilled zucchini, BBQ tofu, spinach & ricotta on grilled whole wheat. Okra fries with ketchup. And extra grilled zucchini.

IMG 0224

The sandwich was really bland – I think that bread was old. So towards the end, I just ate the insides of the sammy.

IMG 0226-1

Mmm that looks like avocado. But it’s really zucchini. That poser.

While the foreman was on and sexy hot, I threw some figgies on there as well. Topped with some ricotta cheese + maple syrup + cinnamon mixture.

IMG 0229-1

Mmm – thought I’d be way full eating my dessert 5 minutes after dinner, but surprisingly not.

I also snagged a couple peanut M&M’s. Sorry figs. You were a great dessert, but you were no chocolate.

Okay – off to do lab work I procrastinated on all week.


How was your HUMP day?

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I finally tried overnight pumpkin oats this morning.

IMG 5511

Which really means that I used up my last bit of sacred pumpkin. 😦 I did make it too large however – so there’s another batch in the fridge 🙂

IMG 5512

(Yes, I know I still need to put a picture in that frame)

  • 1/4 cup muesli, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/3 cup pumpkin, scoop of PB, spices, maple syrup soaked overnight
  • Vanilla almond granola, handful of Quaker oatmeal squares, 1/2 peach, spoonful of almond butter added this morning

IMG 5514

I headed to the gym to do a semi-easy 30 minutes on the stairs, level 10-11.

Which really means I watched an episode of Charmed (loved that show!) on the stairmaster and then ab work.

I wore my Giants hat today to support my home team!

IMG 5537

Which really means I didn’t wash my hair after the gym. Oh well.

I did some intense studying and homework at work.

IMG 5545

Which really means I watched Definitely, Maybe on the movie channel and played with this little angel. While she used my finger as a teething ring.

IMG 0213-1

I ate my BBQ baked tofu and a baked potato with sour cream, black bean dip & parmesan cheese for lunch.

IMG 5520

Which really means my tofu finally came out of the oven last night. And it was delicious!

IMG 5523

I ate a date Heart Thrive bar warmed up in the microwave.

IMG 5538

Which really means I’m never eating an un-micro’d Heart Thrive again. It was amazing warmed up.

I didn’t get home until 7:30 from work.

Which really means I’m behind on google reader (again!).

For dinner, I had leftover vegan mac & cheese with peas and zucchini. Side of okra fries and probably 1/2 a cup’s worth of ketchup (added more after the picture).

IMG 0214-1

Which really means…okay it doesn’t mean anything except the fact that I was hungry!

It’s Tuesday night.

Which really means The Hills is on. Last week’s epi was ridiculous. Oh that Kristin.

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