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Old vs. New

OLD hospital job was quite a bit more active, what with running around for 5-8 hours getting people’s food orders, delivering food, restocking food etc.

NEW Stanford job consists of sitting on my butt, making phone call after phone call.

IMG 0851

(Haggard me)

With my new work phone…yes a flip phone! It completely does not matter what phone I have to make calls, however it definitely took a lot of “getting reaquainted with.”

IMG 0852

I’m currently working as a research assistant on a study that requires me to get all of the dietary data. I call all the particiants for multiple days to get multiple dietary recalls (a recall of what they ate the day before).

It’s definitely a change, and definitely has its pros and cons! (PS I work from home so it’s nice I do not have to commute the 1 hour+ to Palo Alto everyday).

OLD nannying job taking care of little ones…I miss them!!

IMG 0142-1

I freaking LOVE that picture. HAHA.

IMG 0159

IMG 0162

While nannying little ones can get tough, I took care of this little baby 5 days a week from 3-18 months. Adorbs.

And toddlers are hilarious!!

IMG 0168-1

IMG 0099-1

NEW nannying job is for school-aged kids. Which is great as well! With older kids, you have more of a connection and “hang-out” with them, have conversations….plus they do more work for you 😉

OLD hairstyle…last time you saw me I had long hair!

IMG 0086

Fear the Beard circa August 2011.

NEW hairstyle…Earlier in 2012 I got it cut. And since my hair takes so long to grow….it’s still pretty short.

(This was the day after, when the ends flipped up a lot…but shows the length!)

IMG 0542-001

It’s slowly getting longer…

IMG 0845-001

OLD scenery:

IMG 0131

(I miss the beach!!)

NEW scenery:

okay okay…not exactly my backyard. But at least I’m close and able to go to more Giants games now! 😉

IMG 0830-001

Including Game 7 of the NLCS!!!!

Soaked and lovin’ life 😀

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OLD social activities…being with friends and roommate!

IMG 1930-1

Going out dancing on the weekends

(sweeeeet dance moves)

221714 10150555097215077 675275076 18187327 7616583 n

And just hanging around my peers in general

163725 482787946909 729271909 6524540 5572111 n

NEW social activities…

Hanging around the crazy fam

IMG 0513-002

Trips to SLO, Sacramento, San Fran, etc. to see old friends…

IMG 0734-001

And my nightly friend, TV

41Ts5b90YyL 300px-Walking Dead Season 3 Cast

Source Source

SC Revolution images

Source Source

Trust me, I’ve been watcing a lot of TV. Which I like and don’t like. I like the shows!! But I miss being social. It’s very hard when with job you work from home, and with your other job you nanny. I do have a couple friends around the area and try to see them occasionally, but it’s definitely not the same!


What’s new for YOU since I was last blogging? Catch me up! 🙂


PS: Will update you on the ankle appointment I had today tomorrow!!


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Day 2 back in action 😀


First, I thought I’d start off my catching you up on what injury I’m dealing with right now. Well, I should say ONE of the injuries I’m dealing with right now (*rolls eyes*). Remember that ankle/shin pain I was dealing with?

(You can refresh on it here and here and here )

Yup, I was still seeing doctors about that when this happened.

Beginning of August, I rolled out of bed early in the morning to make it to my 6:45 am gym class (yay! Go me!). However afterwards, I wish I hadn’t. Called “Athlete’s Blast,” it’s an interval, cross-fit type of class. We were jumping/running over mini hurdles (about a foot high), when I landed on the base of one by accident, rolled my ankle, and fell.



“Ouch, that’s a little painful.” I thought as I hobbled over to the side to let that twinge die down. Then I looked down and saw a protruding softball sized lump coming out over my sock. Oh.

423401 10100541558609065 1807904795 n

I iced it until I could hobble to my car and soon after went straight to the doctor. After x-rays confirmed no broken bones, and just a bad sprain, she sent me home with instructions to wear this beauty:

550966 10100541855344405 1641095837 n

Luckily I had one from the last time I was instructed to wear a boot 😉 Well, I mean…not luckily, but….you know. (Also refer to that link for my endless list of injuries, oy!)

Interestingly enough, the Dr. didn’t recommend crutches or anything. I was slighly surprised, and was up and walking on the injured foot from day 1.

3 days post:

468427 10100548410617585 926256871 o

photo (1)

Ice Ice Baby


I wore the boot for about 1 1/2 weeks, then another week on/off. Switched to a lace-up brace, and then started PT 3 weeks post-injury.

photo (3)

(Finger is point to my highest point of pain up my shin – a pain my Dr. still isn’t quite sure what it’s from).

I was officially diagnosed with a Syndesmosis injury (high ankle sprain), which is a sprain of the ligaments connecting your fibia and tibia, slightly above your ankle. Painful, and longer to recover from. Great.

My left leg lost a crazy amount of muscle, which PT tried to restore, as well as balance and range of motion (which I lost a lot of. I couldn’t even move my ankle in any direction for a good coule weeks).

photo (4)

462109 10100571707485475 741315629 o

Little tootsies still showing signs of bruising about a month later!

photo (2)

At 8 weeks post, it was still uber stiff, and I was having pinching pain when I walked. The doc recommended a cortisone shot to help relieve the scar tissue build-up causing the impingement. I also had nerve tingling in multiple places, so she prescribed me a heavy dose of vitamin B-6 to help with the swelling (news to me that B-6 helps with that!!)

photo (5)

Ouchie shot.

photo (6)

It definitely brought down the swelling and pain. Bones and ligaments and veins started popping up!

photo (7)

And then about 2 weeks after that, I was stretching the ankle and some shooting pain sent me hurdling towards the nearest seat on my first step. I don’t if I re-sprained something, or what happened, but it caused immense pain for weeks. So then the doc sent me for an MRI (my second MRI on the same ankle in 4 months – oy, but I’ll get to that!).

It came back negative for any tears or tendon tears (yay). Officially:

  • Tendonitis in multiple locations
  • Os trigonum inflammation
  • Scar tissue build up in multiple location
  • Synovitis (fluid build-up/inflammation)
  • Bone bruising of the talus

Basically nothing they could really fix at the moment. Bittersweet I suppose.

Anyways, the doctor gave me the go ahead to exercise as pain permits. So I’ve done a little bit of elliptical, walking, and lower body exercises (such as my PT work and squats). It’s been feeling way better (but nowhere near 100%) until this week and I’ve had a big flare-up again.

I have another follow-up appointment with the orthopedic tomorrow, so that’s why I was posting this today!

She was previously talking about possibly another cortisone injection if it was still causing pain, however I’m wary…it worries me getting them into my joints (based on what I’ve heard/read).

Needless to say, I wish I had been lazy and slept in that morning instead of making it to the gym! 😉


What’s the worse injury you’ve experienced or ever had?

This was my first acute injury that I could pinpoint and give a time, date and place. Every other injury has been more gradual from running, etc.

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Forgive Me




Okay okay. I don’t even know where to begin in the fact that I ditched you all. Not only that, but I missed blog-world! (I honestly doubt anyone is reading this since I was most likely deleted from multiple google readers long ago…).


I guess the only excuse I can come up with, is I got SO BUSY with my jobs and life last summer (aka summer of 2011). Then I moved. Then I moved again. And then I got so un-busy, that I didn’t have anything to write about! Then I started a new job. Then another new job. Then I injured myself (surprise surprise!) and wanted to blog about it, but realized I hadn’t blogged in forever, I couldn’t just randomly post! So then I kept wanting to come back to blog-world, and then all of a sudden it’s almost December 2012! Phew!


Well, I’ll just have to go back and explain it all to you huh? 😉 I think it will take multiple posts to catch you all up.

AUGUST 2011: My lease ended with my current roommates. Original plan was to move home and work/save money, however I decided to stay in San Luis Obispo and continue to work down there for a couple more months. Who’s ever ready to leave SLO or their college town?! I subleased a room in a house with 4 random guys. Yes. Shake your heads now. Let’s just say I was READY to get out of their come December.


DECEMBER 2011: Moved home. Really depressed about this one. However, the plan was to get a better paying, resume boosting job to help get me into the dietetic internship program. I was in talks with someone from Stanford Prevention & Research department about a potential job, but it was taking forever to get started.


Feb-March 2012: Finallyyyyyy started working after a long 2 months of sleeping in and watching TONS of TV. I started working at Stanford research center part-time, and nannying part-time. Yay money! 😉


March-December 2012: Working! I’m not going to lie, it WAS NOT easy to move home. For a 24/25 year-old to move back home is difficult when you’re so used to constantly being around friends, peers, and living your own life. But I knew it was the right step for the time being. It would give me a chance to save up money for the internship/grad-school program.

Sooooo that’s pretty much all I’ve been doing for the past year. Nothing TOO exciting. I’ll be applying for the next round of Dietetic Internships come this February and here’s to hoping luck is on my side this time!! I also see a lot of Flashback Fridays posts in my future to catch you all up 😉

See ya soon!!


IMG 0283-2

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Friends (who are still out there)!  This is a quick post just to let you know I am alive and well!
I am soooo sorry to have left you all, but this is a teaser to let you know I’m coming back 😉


More soon….


xoxo Tay

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