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Running Peep Show

Today the temps reached over 100. For San Luis Obispo – a coastal town that averages 70 year round, that is crazy hot.

It was probably 20 degrees hotter than that in the kitchen at work. I do not lie.

I had a delicious yogurt bowl at 5:30 this morning.

IMG 1352

Mixed with a nectarine, Trader Joe’s high fiber cereal, and a big ol’ scoop of Nutzo.

IMG 1353

Breakfast #2 at 9:00.

IMG 0949-1

+ a banana muffin.

I wasn’t very hungry only 2 hours later for lunch. So I got steamed carrots and a wrap that I could eat part of and save the rest for later.

IMG 1354-1

It was a Greek turkey wrap with turkey, veggies, and feta cheese. It was a bit dry so I topped it with some caesar dressing at work, and BBQ sauce at home.

IMG 1355

These wraps are massive.

IMG 1356-1

I then ran a few errands and picked up some groceries to make dessert for a potluck tomorrow. Vons had a deal going on if you buy 5 specific items, you save $5. Doing so made this $2.79. And I knew I had to have it.

IMG 1357-1

A small taster.

IMG 1361-1

It makes the perfect pre-run snack if I do say so myself.

IMG 1363-1

Soon after I put on some running shorts I’ve actually never worn. I love them because they’re embroidered with the date and race of my marathon. Yet I got them on super sale the year after.

IMG 1364-1

However, I’ve never worn them because they’re see-through. You can see the panty liner through the light pink fabric. Today I said “MEH” and sported them anyway. Take a good look boys!!

3.1 miles later I was a hot sweaty mess. It was still WAY hot outside at 7:00. Crazy. Now our summer weather hits us! My run wasn’t the greatest, but I was happy I made it out after such a long day.

I really wasn’t hungry the rest of the night. I was actually feeling rather bloated. A hot meal and veggies might not have been the best choice. But too late now.

IMG 1368

I cooked up a can of green beans (note to self: by the salt added next time! These were bland), along with pasta sauce. Layered it over a salad, topped with feta cheese, a small scoop of pesto and 2 tortellinis that my roommate was cooking up.

You also best believe that I couldn’t end my night without some of this action.

IMG 1377-1

How can I buy a container of ice cream and ignore it on the very first night? I mean, feelings would be hurt and grudges might develop.


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A Perfect Dozen

The morning sang with the hymns of “Long Run Day!!”. It was a dreary perfect foggy and misty morning.

Bummer for beach days.

Perfect for long run days 😉

I debated having an English muffin (look – I capitalized it this time) like before my last long run. But decided on having something more filling. Much more filling. I just hope it doesn’t come back to bite me in the butt stomach with a side cramp.

OAT-ME-ALLLL!!! That’s how I sing it. And that’s how I roll.

IMG 0996

  • 1/4 cup oats + 1/4 cup wheat bran
  • 1/2 cup almond milk + 1/2 cup water (+ a extra splash of almond milk towards the end because it was too thick)
  • 1 egg
  • Cinnamon & maple syrup
  • Peanut flour

Toppings include vanilla-pear butter, strawberry jam, and melty melty chocolate hazelnut butter.

IMG 0997-1

Perfect-o!! Not one, I repeat in all caps, NOT ONE side cramp during my run. I can’t remember the last time that’s happened. I set out aiming for 11 miles. Partway through I decided to do 11.5. A little farther I decided “what the heck! Let’s do 12!!”.

And 12 glorious wonderful stupendous miles it was. These long runs are so exciting to me now – not necessarily that they’re the longest I’ve ever ran (I don’t think I’ll ever go farther than 26.2 haha). But because they’ve all been the farthest I’ve ran since April 2009, when my injury hit.

Distance: 12 miles
Time: 1:52.44
Avg pace: 9:24

  • Mile 1: 8:36
  • Mile 2: 9:12
  • Mile 3: 9:33
  • Mile 4: 9:39
  • Mile 5: 9:22
  • Mile 6: 9:59 <– 3/4 of the mile is up a big hill
  • Mile 7: 9:41
  • Mile 8: 9:38
  • Mile 9: 8:54 <–1/2 uphill, 1/2 downhill – speedy me!
  • Mile 10: 9:29
  • Mile 11: 9:11 <–Getting excited to finish
  • Mile 12: 9:30

I want to note that I’ve kept up a run/walk pattern with most of my runs.  Usually about 2 minutes walking every 1.5-2 miles or so.  Today I walked 30-45 seconds (about .05 of a mile) every mile.  Even if I didn’t feel the need to, I walked 30 seconds at that mile mark.  Sometimes it was hard to make myself stop.  But I didn’t want to regret it in the end!

Regarding hills – honestly, I live all around hills, and there are inclines every other mile.  Some are steeper than others, but can’t avoid ’em!  I also planned my route to hit up drinking fountains, but knew I needed some fuel. 2 problems:

  1. I had no Gus/gels to bring.
  2. I left my fuel belt at home, so had no where to store food.


  1. I bought peach rings last night with my extra dinner money in the cafeteria, mainly because my roommate loves them. Perfect fuel 🙂
  2. Plastic baggy down the sports bra. Don’t judge. It actually wasn’t uncomfortable. I just had to make sure to sneakily take the baggy out at my breaks. Awkward.

I had 2 of these at mile 5 and 3 at mile 8.

IMG 1002-1

I actually finished up 12 miles pretty far from my house. As tempted as I was to keep going, I didn’t want to push it, so I stopped and did a long cooldown walk of 1.6 miles in approximately 28 minutes. Towards the end I just wanted to get home, sit down, and eat.

Guess what! My wrap I forgot at work the other day was still in the fridge yesterday. Thank goodness 🙂

IMG 0999

A seriously delicious blend of petso, mozzarella cheese, turkey, squash, portabello mushrooms, and basil.

IMG 1001-1

The mushrooms and squash gave it a very meaty feel.

Prior to work I had a small snack. Not at all hungry, I knew I would get hungry during work. 2 rice cakes with some maple PB and vanilla-pear butter.

IMG 1003-1

Dinner at work consisted of some nasty looking kung pao chicken (didn’t taste super great either – yet I still ate most of it), brown butter & chive mashed potatoes (yeah – those were good)..

IMG 1005

And some type of apple crumble thing. When I saw this, I knew I had to have it.

IMG 1006-1

And I just finished up a night-time snack of a mix of cereal. I sprinkle cinnamon in my cereal – that’s why it looks so brown.

IMG 1008

Globs of PB in cold cereal is amazing.  Try it.  You won’t be sorry.

IMG 1009-1

The tiredness of a long run + walking around for 5 hours at work is setting in. Goodnight!

What’s the farthest you’ve ever ran? And what’s the farthest you’d ever want to run?

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This post was meant to go up yesterday (Sunday).  It looks like I wrote it, uploaded it, and then completely forgot to publish it.  Shows how tired I was.

Up and at ’em at 5:00 am yet again!

I had some of my new cereal and yogurt. Plus a scoop of maple PB.

IMG 0962

And mulitple cups of coffee obviously.

Breakfast#2 at breaktime (again – sorry of the awful lighting in the cafeteria that early in the morning).

I had some Kashi Heart to Heart with milk (it’s been so long since I’ve had normal cow’s milk!), a banana, 1/2 a blueberry muffin, and a few bites of scrambled egg.

IMG 0963-1

Due to the larger than normal meal at 8:45, 2 more cups of coffee + creamer, and a large cup of water, I really wasn’t that hungry when 11:00 lunch break rolled around.

I had some steamed peas & carrots. And got a pesto turkey wrap from the ‘to-go’ section. This wrap was delicious. Turkey, pesto, mozzarella, and different squashes.

IMG 0965-1

So so good!! But I was super full and only had a few bites. I saved the rest in the fridge for when I would actually get hungry.

I did have a small piece of banana bread overly sweetened shortbread with brown “banana” globs during the afternoon. Leftover from the patients’ lunch menu. It was okay. Remnants:

IMG 0966-1

It wasn’t until I got home that I realized I left my wrap in the fridge at work! You don’t understand how upset I was.

1. Because I was planning on eating the rest at a normal lunch time. Or for dinner.

2. Because it really was so delicious.

3. Because they might throw it away. I seriously hope not.

So instead, I had a whole wheat english muffin (is english muffin capitalized or not? Still not sure) with mixed berry cream cheese.

I was not expecting the cream cheese to be so….purpley-blue.

IMG 0967

Eaten while enjoying the beautiful sunshine outside.

Then I decided to run some errands. Why? I’m not sure. I didn’t exactly need anything. Apple eaten on my way out the door.

IMG 0970

I might have gotten 2 huge bottles of wine at Trader Joe’s for an amazingly low low price of $2.99.

And at Costco, I got slightly jipped on my sample. Excuse me, who eats the strawberry stem on their strawberry shortcake?

IMG 0971

I got an ad in the male from Cost Plus this week advertising these on sale:

IMG 0979-1

Having a love for anything (I mean anything) pumpkin – I knew I had to treat myself.

Cost Plus has the most amazing pumpkin selection in the world. I was in heaven (because I stood in awe at all the glory) and hell (since I couldn’t slam down my unlimited debit card and but it all).


IMG 0972

Pumpkin caramel corn?!?!

IMG 0973

Pasta sauce!!!!!!!

IMG 0974

+ cookies, pancake mix, bread mix, cupcake mix, scone mix, coffee, syrup, pumpkin bark…OMG GUYS. I was in there staring at all things pumpkin for a good hour.

Now I also had a $10 off a $30 purchase. So I decided to spend another $20 to get me up to $30. Which would then giveme $10 off and bring me down to $20. So in reality, I would only be spending another $10 than I already was. But getting $20 worth of goods. Make sense? It does to a bargain shopper.

Anyways, I walked out with this:

IMG 0981

+ some amazing looking vanilla pear butter, which I broke into promptly upon returning home. A little pre-run snack.

IMG 0975-1

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm. I found my new true love.

IMG 0978-1

Seriously. This gave me the energy to go on a bangin’ 3 mile run. Bangin because:

  1. I felt awesome and sped through it at a fast and uncomfortable pace.  I made a goal when I first set out to try and make it under 27 minutes/9 min. per mile pace.  I ended up with 3.1 miles in 26:53. That would be an 8:39 average, with my max pace peaking at 6:55 minute mile. Prior to my injury, I used to average all my runs at an 8-8:30 pace.  But since I’ve gotten back into running, my pace has definitely been slower.  I was so proud today 😀
  2. I wasn’t even planning on running. Yet I went out. And did it. And loved it.
  3. I was purely motivated by wine.

Who said wine isn’t a great post-run recovery drink? I had a date with these 2 right after my run:

IMG 0982

Nothing (I mean nothing) screams classier than foam rolling while drinking wine. With a few ice cubes. Yes. I’m serious.

Thank you Trader Joe’s cheap, yet delicious wine. Check out this beast in comparison to a normal bottle of wine.

IMG 0983-1

It’s like a handle of juice wine! Glorious.

I was also excited because I figured out how to use the corkscrew and pop this beauty open. All by myself. First time doing that ever. Pathetic or not, it’s true.

2 large completely normal glasses of wine later (I’m no lightweight, trust me)…I had a dinner of carrot fries, and homemade spring roll. No picture. Muchos apologies.

But needed something more around 9:15. Enter my latest obsession – Yogurt + stevia + peanut flour. Put said yogurt into freezer. 15-30 minutes later (depending on patience) remove from freezer and mix in some jam or preserves. Holla holla holla!!!! So good.

IMG 0984-1

(This time I added some cereal for more substance).

All mixed up – the jam gets all swirly.

IMG 0985-1

I guess it just looks like a normal yogurt mess. But the half-frozen nature of this thing just makes it so much better.

Can’t forget my nightly chocolate fix 😉

IMG 0986

GOODNIGHT to one and all. This Tay-Tay needs some major shut eye.

Here’s to hoping my wrap is stil in the fridge safe and sound tomorrow.

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Quarter Marathon

I ran 1/2 a half marathon this morning! AKA a quarter marathon. Whichever name floats your boat. Or sounds more impressive.

Distance: 6.5 miles
Time: 64 minutes

I’m okay with that time considering I have multiple walk breaks (that I don’t stop my Garmin during – the time keeps rollin’!) and that it’s a faster pace than last week’s long run. However, it’s sad/weird to think I used to whip out 6.5 miles like no other business in like 50 minutes. Aw well. That was then. This is now. And now = 6.5 miles!!! The longest I’ve ran in over a year 😀

Since I started my blog post-long run training, I never did get to be a part of the “Holding up your fingers for how long your long run was” club. Therefore, I took advantage today.

Yeah so what if it’s not 16 or 20 miles? 6.5 is more than I ever thought I’d run again!

IMG 7611-2

My little nubbin of a middle finger is the ‘.5’ to the 6.

Notice anything different?

IMG 7607-1


IMG 7609-1

No knee brace! I really don’t think the knee brace helps my problem. And during my 3 mile run on Tuesday, it seemed to apply pressure to my painful spot and actually hurt it more. So I decided to try today’s run….naked, if you will.

Pre-run I had a midgy yogurt mess –

IMG 7250

Pretty much just a normal yogurt mess with less yogurt, less cereal, and less PB the same amount of PB.

And cawwwwfeeeee.

IMG 7597-1

Post-run I remembered since I’m getting into longer distances, I need a little somethin’ somethin’ post run. I had a blueberry pomegranate muffin with a smidge of DCD.

IMG 7616-1

Followed by:

  • 35 minutes foam rolling
  • 8 minutes stretching
  • 20 minutes icing

I still feel kind of weird waiting so long after my run to ice. By the time I get in, foam roll, stretch, and sit – it’s almost an hour after my run before ice [ice baby] hits my knees. Before I started foam rolling, I’d ice immediately after I worked out, and I’ve read that’s the best thing to do. But I also need to foam roll. Oh dilemna.

While icing I ate a real meal.

IMG 7617-1

  • TJ whole wheat flatbread
  • Peanut butter
  • Crofter’s superfruit spread
  • Apple

Then let Mr. Foreman do his grilling job.

IMG 7618-1

Holy eff this was gooooooood. It tasted like a warm pie with melty peanut butter. I forgot to put cinnamon inside which would probalby make it 2398573 milion times more amazing. Cannot wait to make another.

Now I’m just munching on some carrots and dip (yogurt ranch + BBQ sauce) before heading to work.

IMG 7619-2

Excited for Farmer’s Market tonight!!

For any of you who foam roll and ice, which order do you do it in? Do you ice immediately post-run or do you foam roll, and then ice? Or anyone have opinions on this?

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IMG 6410

So I really don’t have much energy to put into this post right now 😦 Let me say

Crawling baby + potty training toddler = exhaustion.

Simple math.

Chowed down on my easy breakfast on the drive to work. A cinnamon raisin Ezekiel english muffin –

  • 1/2 with pumpkin cream cheese & jam
  • 1/2 with Naturally More PB, jam & banana slices

IMG 4416-1

But seriously? Where were the raisins in this beast? I believe they accidentally slipped a plain flavor into my package!

IMG 4417-1

Work was full of snackies including carrots, celery & cookie dough – yummm. And oddly wasn’t super hungry all day.

Had some love of my life kabocha squash around 2:00. With ketchup of course.

IMG 6444

And then “whatever’s in the fridge” (a.k.a turkey slice, spinach, tofu & mustard) wrap around 4:15 –

IMG 6445

Highly appetzing white blobs, no?

And this was able to hold me over through whining and crying, especially when the 3-year old closed the 9 month old’s fingers in the door which led to a large group hug and cry fest.

But I do still love them 🙂

IMG 6403

IMG 6390

Finally had a super late dinner at 8:45. Once I’m home that late, I’m always craving comfort breakfast foods (usually french toast) and nut butters. That’s it.  I could’ve gone to town with the peanut butter jar.  But since I had no bread, and I knew spoonfuls of peanut butter wouldn’t be the brightest idea I’d had in a while, I went for a lovely yogurt bowl.

  • Greek yogurt + pumpkin + cinnamon + maple syrup
  • Nature’s Path mesa sunrise
  • Quaker oatmeal squares
  • Globs of Naturally More PB & pumpkin butter

IMG 6446-1

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about you orange oddly neutral colored dream machine.

And hot chocolate…duh.

What do you normally crave or end up eating for a late dinner?  Do you still do a full meal?

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Hello there! Again apologizing for being so MIA, but it seriously gets hard with school and work. The stress is already getting to me this quarter, especially since this quarter I’m working on my Senior Project.

According to my school’s website:

The senior project is a capstone experience required for all Cal Poly students receiving a baccalaureate degree. It integrates theory and application from across the student’s undergraduate educational experiences. The senior project consists of one or more of the following:

  • a design or construction experience,
  • an experiment,
  • a self-guided study or research project,
  • a presentation,
  • a report based on internship, co-op, or service learning experience, and/or
  • a public portfolio display or performance.

Luckily, my major only requires an extensive 25-35 page research paper, but it’s still mad stress. In the past few days, I had to pick a specific topic to study. My ideas revolved around:

  • Endurance exercise and carbohydrate/fat metabolism
  • Endurance exercise and hormones
  • Endurance exercise and the female athlete triad

Can you tell I have an interest in endurance exercise? haha.

Besides finding articles online, I’ve been busy with food and work as well 😉

My breakfast this morning consisted of:

  • Strained yogurt (to make it Greek-like consistency)
  • Pumpkin
  • Cinnamon
  • Multibran Vitatop
  • Almond butter
  • Pumpkin butter

IMG 6420

I’m sad I only recently discovered the deliciousness of a smushed up heated vitatop in yogurt. It’s doughy and delicious!

IMG 6422

During my 1-hour break at school, I hit up the gym for

  • 20 minutes upper body weights
  • 10 minutes hip and ab work

Followed by yet another wrap for lunch (I have a pack of 20 wraps to use up – and they’re convenient for school!). Filled with spinach, mushrooms, mustard and Morningstar Farms Asian veggie patty.

IMG 0572

And I snacked on an unpictured JamFrakas bar. It’s pretty much just a smaller “kids” Larabar.


Okay in the taste department – it definitely had a delicious “Lara taste” to it. But it was lacking everywhere else. 1 gram of fiber and 2 grams protein? No thanks.

And mid-afternoon at work I munched on some of these

IMG 6382-1

And a little bit of this amazing peanut butter-chocolate type of fudge thing they had at work.

IMG 6352

Not sure what it was, but twas delish!

And din-din consisted of almost a whole head (yes a whole head) of roasted cauliflower with a zucchini.

IMG 0577-1

I loooooooove cauliflower. So good! Seasoned with:

  • Garlic salt
  • Pepper
  • Paprika
  • Cumin

Beyond delicious.

And yet another tortilla pizza.

(Repeat picture alert 😦 )

IMG 6320

Topped with:

  • BBQ sauce
  • Sauteed zucchini and onion
  • 3 chopped up buffalo chicken meatballs
  • Feta cheese

I’m currently enjoying some hot chocolate and going to watch one more Buffy episode on hulu before hitting the hay. Class tomorrow, but not until 12, which means I can sleep in 🙂

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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This weekend was filled with a bit too much of this:


(Thank you google images)

Way too many of these:

IMG 6367-1

And plenty of fun times 😀

IMG 6358-2

We actually ended up going out both nights (that is a lot for me!) since it was our friend’s birthday on Saturday night (where the 2 pieces of cake and about 6 cookies came in to play). But it was fun 🙂 And exhausting!

Breakfast this morning was a delicious cereal bowl! Filled with

  • Strained yogurt
  • Kashi U cereal
  • Almond butter
  • And the ripest honeydew ever!

IMG 6371

My mommy would be so proud – I picked a good honeydew 😉 She taught me to feel for the “tackiest” non-smooth surface you can find.  It works!

I then completed

  • 20 minutes upper body weights
  • 5 minutes abs
  • 15 minutes hip exercises

The physical therapist gave me 4 hip exercises to do to strengthen my hips. We started off with easier versions, but progressed to these basic exercises: (ignore my pictures in real clothes – I don’t normally workout in a sweater 😉 haha)

1. One-legged squat (3x 20 reps each side)

As you sink into a one-legged squat, reach forward with your other foot, as if you were about to step forward.

IMG 6308

As you rise back, bring your foot all the way up.

IMG 6309

And squat again as you reach your leg to the back.

IMG 6310

Make sure to focus on:

  • Keeping your hips/waistband of your shorts in a straight line – do not let your opposite hip drop
  • Keeping your squatting knee in line with you 2nd toe – do not let it roll inward.

2. Power clam – 3x 20 reps on each side. Work up to 2 minutes straight on each side.

Start on your side on your elbow, hips up, knees closed together.

IMG 6374-1

Lift your top leg up into an open “clam” position, with ankles still touching, then kick your leg backwards.

IMG 6378

Return to “clam” position, and lower knee back down.

3. Plank leg lift – 3x 10 reps on each side

Start in plank position. Tighten the butt and lift left leg. Lower and repeat with right leg.

IMG 6317

4. Hamstring curl – 3x 20 reps each side

Start with one leg lifted backwards, foot twisted so you’re pointing your heel out.

IMG 6380

Curl leg up

IMG 6381

This one is just to give my hamstring a little work.

So there you have my strength exercises! They are tough and my hips are always shaky/weak after the power clam!

I’ve also been instructed to foam roll my hamstring, IT band, and quads. However I wasn’t instructed on how long to foam roll for. Any experienced foam rollers have reccomendations?

Lunch at school was a turkey wrap (rolled up of course) & carrots.

IMG 6344

And an iced SF hazelnut starbies to get me through my afternoon lab 😉

IMG 6368

In lab, I muched on these new Protein Cookie Bites I won in a giveaway.

IMG 6348

They were okay – but I’ll give a better review on them soon.

And dinner was “pizza”.

IMG 6321

  • BBQ sauce
  • Sauteed zucchini, onions, and mushrooms
  • Chopped up chicken meatballs
  • Goat cheese
  • Whole wheat wrap

IMG 6320

I then spent the rest of the evening oggling over this guy


While enjoying 2 of mugs of this:

IMG 5903-1

+ a little more dark chocolate 😉

Anyone else watching The Bachelor? I normally don’t, but my roommate is into it so I’ve watched the last two episodes with her.

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