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My room makes me sad 😦

IMG 0678-2

It’s empty!

IMG 0677-2

I’ve been slowly moving out of my room in stages for the past couple of weeks, but yesterday I finally moved down all my furniture. And by tomorrow it will be completely bare.

In other news, the reason I haven’t been posting is because I lost someone something very dear to me. On Friday my camera Antonio bit the dust. Well, I assume he’s still up and working, but someone found him at the bar I was at and just chose not to turn him in.

It was a tough loss since I just got him for Christmas. Let’s just say I bawled my eyes out Friday night. While alcohol may or may not have been involved in influencing the tears, I was still quite upset. After 4 years of going out with my camera, it has always stayed attached to my wrist, so why did I lose it my last night out here? 😦

Poor poor Antonio.

DSC 5203-1

Anyways, moving on. Maybe I’ll be putting my graduation money to some good use :-/

I have a full day of cleaning ahead of me, so upward and onward! But before we go, a quick look at my pre-run breakfast:

  • Yogurt
  • Honeydew
  • Blueberries
  • TJs flaxseed almond butter
  • Strawberry Jam
  • Kashi Honey Sunshine

IMG 0680-2

Okay, I swear my Iphone used to take better photos. Is it possible for their camera quality to diminish?

Have you ever lost an electronic that meant a lot to you?

Freshman year I left my camera (that I had also just gotten for Christmas! Hmmm) in a hotel. I was so upset at that one. But other than that, I’m usually pretty good at keeping track of my belongings!


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Salty sweet

Runnin’ free and it feels so good 😀

Today I hit the road for my long run of a planned 8 miles. Because it was my longer run, I made sure to do 1 1/2 minute walk breaks every 5-6 minutes NO MATTER WHAT! Because of the slightly slower pace and more frequent breaks, I tried to keep my pace to slightly under 10 minute miles the entire time.

Distance: 8.5 (yippee!)
Time: 1:23.21

I have to say I felt pretty awesome the entire run, and definitely could have gone farther. Let’s just hope my knee doesn’t hate me later since this was 1.25 miles longer than my last long run over 2 weeks ago.

Before the run I made up a yogurt mess:

IMG 7984

Had a few bites, but then decided it would be too filling for a run in about an hour. So I ended up with toast with PB and jam. 2 slices

IMG 4497-1

Post run I iced, foam rolled and then stretched (in that order). And then whipped up a sammie.

IMG 7981-1

Egg salad sammie, if you will. Made with

  • Egg
  • Hummus
  • Mustard
  • Paprika
  • Garlic salt
  • Relish

IMG 7982-1

Mmmm looks appetizing, I know 😉

+ unpicture saltwater taffy.

Errands followed (I was out of milk – what’s a girl to do?), which included a spontaneous hunger purchase.

IMG 7986

Sweet & Salty chex mix!! Which I admit, I bought mostly for these cookie swirls.

IMG 7987

+ beverages of sorts.

IMG 7985

Why do the McDonalds employees laugh and give me weird looks when I say “no creamer” in my iced coffees? Sorry that you guys put too much and I just add my own single container.

IMG 7988

Dinner was a chicken sandwich from Farmer’s Market that looked similar to this:



Except about half the size. And uber fatty because of too much skin. Not so impressed McLintocks. Not so impressed.

And nighttime snacking consisted of my other spontaneous purchase

IMG 7996

IMG 7997

They’re tasty and okay. But not my fave. Not chocolately enough for me. And the saltiness of the prezel wasn’t strong enough. Good concept, but not quite there.

And microwaved strawberries with blueberries, nut butter & a blob of yogurt “frosting”

IMG 7998

All of our microwavable bowls were dirty, obviously.  So I improvised.

IMG 7999

Oh and can’t forget the 2 glasses of sparkling peach wine from TJs 😉

Wine + chocolate + roommates + stretchy pants = definite girl’s night in.

Other BLTs:

  • Slice of turkey with hummus
  • Chip dipped in nutella (sweet & salty to the extreme!)
  • Carrots & guacamole

Are you a sweet or salty person?

I’m definitely more of a sweet person by far. But I do LOVE the sweet & salty combo. Yogurt covered pretzels? YES PLEASE. Chips crumbled over ice cream? Been there.

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Foodie Shapes

How happy I am to be back and blogging on a regular schedule 🙂

Hey look – I actually celebrated Waffle Wednesday today!

IMG 7970

Get your mind out of the gutter if you’re thinking what I’m thinking about those waffles.

And look closer! You might notice some almond butter on those waffles.

IMG 7971-1

YES. That’s right. TJ’s got my beloved almond butter back in full force. Full force and with a $1 price increase. Whatever, they know I’ll pay for it.

IMG 7972

My roommate may or may not have called me yesterday letting me know it was back in stock. True roommate love.

Mid-morning I gave in to the cinnamon rolls screaming my name.

IMG 7976-1

They were baby ones and anything small and petite is just too cute to contain any type of calories or staying power. So let’s just pretend I didn’t have one.

Lunch also consisted of an old favorite. Turkey + spinach artichoke hummus (which I was BEYOND stoked to find at Costco by the way) on the best bread ever.

IMG 7973

Obsessed with this bread. I’ll miss it when I move.

IMG 7974-1

More cherries as a snack.

IMG 7977

And my random @ss dinner salad. So let’s just call it that. Randass salad.

IMG 7978

Does anyone else see a wacked up smiley face in that salad?

That would be:

  • Mini cilantro chicken wontons
  • Hummus
  • Guacamole (the pooey green looking stuff)
  • Avocado salsa verde (new find at TJs!)
  • Asian sesame dressing
  • Mixed greens

These wontons are deeelish. Trying to make my way through a giant Costco bag.

IMG 7979

And as an afterthought I added some craisins and snap pea crisps for crunch.

IMG 7980-1

Told you it was random.

And I just came home from work and devoured a piece of white sauce pizza. Greasy and yum.

Other BLTs from the day:

  • Coffee & almond milk x1 million
  • Some chicken drumstick at work
  • 2 bites of birthday cake
  • 1 saltwater taffy
  • Handfuls of bluberries

And a few work highlights I wanted to share with y’all (I do not know why I just said y’all since I am not southern nor do I ever say y’all).

  • The 3 year old asking if we could please go to Disneyland
  • The 3 year old also raving about her “beautiful skirt.” And when she mentioned that I didn’t have on a beautiful skirt, she complimented me on my “beautiful jeans.”
  • The 15-month old saying my name. Made me so happy 😀

And now I’m about to go spend my Wednesday night hard boiling some eggs (they’re way past their prime and begging to be boiled. I have to let them have their way). And not watch TV since nothing seems to be on tonight!

Psssst tomorrow is Thursday!! Who is excited for the weekend?!

Although closer to the weekend = closer to me cleaning the whole house. And moving. 😦

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Found: chocolate Oikos

IMG 7966-1

Location: in the cooler section at Target

Reward: mmmm I get to eat it!

IMG 7967-1

Yes, there’s chocolate yogurt under that serving of Honey Sunshine. Also eaten with peanut butter (can never ever go wrong with chocolate & peanut butter), strawberry jam, and another spoonful of plain yogurt since there wasn’t much Oikos in the container.

IMG 7968-1

Reaction? Hmmm it was…different. Tasty, definitely. But because it screams CHOCOLATE, I was definitely expecting something more pudding like? It was tangy with a slighty chocolate taste. Yummy, but I probably wouldn’t buy again. I prefer the plain or fruit flavors if I’m going to spring for the added sugar.

I then laced up my running shoes, did a quick warm-up, and headed out on a run!

Distance: 4.33 miles
Time: 41:01 (almost stopped on an even number!)

I didn’t give myself as many walk breaks today. I usually take a 2 minute walk break every 5 minutes + stopping at the stop lights. Today, however, I did more of 1-1 1/2 minute walk breaks every 7-9 minutes. Hopefully my knee doesn’t hate me later. Splits ended up being:

Mile 1: 9:07
Mile 2: 9:11
Mile 3: 9:07
Mile 4: 9:88
Mile 4.33: 3.87

Not bad considering it includes the walk breaks. Gone are the days of 7-8 minute mile pacing. But it’s all good – at least I’m running! 😀

Sidenote: I also just got back from Toy Story 3 – SO CUTE and funny!! Highly recommend it. At least make sure you rent it!

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Take a seat

Happy Belated Daddy’s Day!!


Kissy face!!

DSC 0038

Love ya Dad! 😀


I started out the morning with a run

3.06 miles in 29:28. This time included 3 1 1/2-2 minute walking breaks. And some MAD hills.

Then came home for some donuts and bagels for a little Father’s Day breakfast!

I had half a maple bar

48d8e50f59061358 m


Okay, I pretty much just ate the maple-ie frosting off the top. You caught me.

After spending some time at the grandparents, it was then concert time!

Concert #3 of our summer concert package was the Country Throwdown which included many artists such as Sarah Buxton, Heidi Newfield, Emily West, The Lost Trailors, Jack Ingram, The Eli Young Band, Jamey Johnson,

Little Big Town

IMG 7945

Eric Church

IMG 7942

and….Montgomery Gentry!!

IMG 7961

It was an awesome awesome concert – most definitely the best yet. First, because I absolutely love Montgoms. They are probably my very favorite country band. Also, there were SO many performers! And, since it was the last show of the tour, it must have been some giant party backstage. Some of the performers were coming out and acting a little…influenced.

And at one point, Jamey Johnson called Eric Church back onto the stage, and he wandered on to sing – holding both a cigarette and red cup. Smoke a little smoke….drank a little drank…

The concert was also pretty empty, and the actual seats were probably only half filled. So we also got upgraded from our lawn seats to actual seats for free!

IMG 7944

IMG 7949

Good concert 🙂

Now to pack up and head back to school for my last 1 1/2 weeks there!

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Graduation Recap

Happy Saturday!! Hope everyone’s week was grand and FLEW by. Mine sure did, and I wish it was last weekend still! So let’s rewind a bit to last Saturday shall we?


The roommates and I woke up at the crack of dawn 5:15 am to go bar hopping. No, I don’t kid. It’s a tradition in this small college town that the bars open at 6 am on graduation day, and ‘Grads & Dads’ hit up the bars.


IMG 7898

Somehow I convinced my dad to go! Don’t ask me how.


What – your bars aren’t this crowded at 6 am?


Unfortunately it was TOO crowded, and we couldn’t move. So we headed back to our house a much better bar 😉 I knew I had some peach champagne in the fridge! And espresso vodka shots!

IMG 1447-1

I’m not quite sure why it’s such a tradition to drink before graduation. We are a very distinguished school, I swear! haha. And because I’m in the Agriculture department (don’t ask why the major Nutrition is agriculture. It should be math & science if you ask me), we had a very interesting time sitting around the other Ag majors at graduation. Just in my seating vicinity were about 3 bottles of hard alcohol, a bottle of wine, a flask, and a group of girls with mini Grey Goose bottles. Plus all the drunken yelling = hilariously laughing at them all.

Luckily I had my roommate to sit by!

IMG 7903-1

Caught with some attractive expressions.

DSC 7158-1

DSC 7184

DSC 7194


DSC 7198

DSC 7224-1

Parents – I love you and thank you for everything!

DSC 7250-1

We are a family of funny faces

DSC 7232-1

My dad and sister tried to take a picture together which I tried to get out of the frame. Fail.

DSC 7274

Fail again 😉

DSC 7275

And again (my hand)

DSC 7277

And yet again! haha

DSC 7279

Roommate. Best Friend. I’ll miss you!!

DSC 7324-1

The rest of the day was family filled until I stopped by a couple friends’ grad party.

IMG 1473-1

IMG 1475-1

And then it was time to get dressed up and head out for more celebrating!

IMG 1479

My family then stayed the rest of the week and we had a lot of fun 🙂

And I just made the trek up from school because my sisters and I have yet another concert to go to tomorrow! Here was the first and the second, now who is concert #3 of the summer going to be?? 😉

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Family Time

I know I know I haven’t been around. I did warn you didn’t I? 😉

I have yet to get all my graduation pictures from my dad’s camera, so I’ll do a Grad Recap (yes, in caps because it’s that awesome) soon. But just wanted to let you know I am alive!!

This past week has been FULL of family time

Bowling (my sister upset because she had all gutter balls the first 4 frames)


She scored!


Sibling board game playing





Beach time



IMG 7920

IMG 7933

IMG 7937-2

And LOTS AND LOTS of food. Eating out everyday! Here are just a little of what I’ve consumed.

IMG 0177-1

IMG 4202

IMG 0541-1

IMG 0373

+ MUCH more unhealthy meals out such as greasy fried burgers and red velvet cake. Man oh man am I (and my tight pants) feelin’ it.

I just got back from a pretty decent 5.5 mile run in 53:28 (first run in a week), and now I’m off to spend the last 2 days with the fam! Be back soon with last weekend’s recap!

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