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(Sung to the tune of “5 dollar footlong”)

This morning, I finally had my physical therapy appointment I’ve been trying to get here at school for the past month! Let’s just say, I left extremely frustrated and no where near closer to fixing my knee. I believe that massage is really what’s going to help with the pain from the scar tissue.

I’ve taken the past month completely off of all exercise except for ab and upper body weights. It’s been beyond tough, and I’ve definitely had days where I just want to say “screw it” and workout. But honestly? After a whole month my knee feels absolutely no different. Not even a bit better. This just makes me feel even more that I need actual massage to work that scar tissue out!

So after my disapointing PT appointment, I immediately started researching massage places and made an appointment for this Saturday. I’ve never had one done before, but I’m praying it will be worth the cost.

Pre-PT appointment, I had a light egg white snack with ketchup.

IMG 6523-1

This was to hold me over until my trip to Jamba Juice for the $1 Oatmeal Wednesday!

This week I opted to try the Apple-Cinnamon flavor.

IMG 6524-1

Mmm amazing. I just can’t get over that brown sugar crumble!

IMG 6525

As delicious as this apple topping was, I might just like the banana flavor better. But we’ll see when I try a new one next week 😉

I then hurried to my long day of work – although today wasn’t bad. The 2 girlies were in good moods 🙂

Unpictured snack of carrots & salsa.

Lunch of leftover broccoli & cauliflower.

IMG 6526

And a thin bun topped with laughing cow, cinnamon & strawberry jam.

IMG 6531

+ unpictured sugar cookie dough that they had in their fridge. And I cannot turn down cookie dough. My pure weakness.

Dinner was quick and processed (since I’m running around at dinner time making/feeding 2 other people!). Pre-made cashew chicken from Vons/Safeway.

IMG 6532-1

Looks good? But beyond disappointing.

IMG 6528

The sauce was too thick, and even slightly solidified once it cooled a bit. And it was an odd tasting sauce. I could hardly scarf it down. I was also hoping for whole cashews, but it only contained little crumbly bits.

I had high hopes for these Signature Cafe meals, but all three I tried were disappointing. The broccoli, chicken & cheese dish from last week was very rich. And the orange chicken I had this past weekend (unpictured – sorry!) wasn’t as “orangy” as I was hoping. Meh – you live, you learn!

And once home, I demolished some hot chocolate and a blueberry + almond butter dessert. For some reason, I’m in the habit of not photographing my night-time snacks. I need to fix that!

I did, however, have a delicious homemade Albertson’s made cookie 🙂

IMG 6512-1

Now I’m exhausted, and I was falling asleep 2 hours ago! I haven’t done any studying today for my midterm tomorrow, but I’m hoping I did enough in the past few days.

Anyone have any massage experience? For injuries or just for fun?


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I am watching the absolute weirdest movie right now – I Know Who Killed Me (with Lindsay Lohan – anyone seen it?).  A scene in it was filmed in the town I live in right now, so I wanted to check it out.  But I think I missed the scene…and time to change the channel!

How is everyone’s week going?  You’re almost done!  Except today was my “Friday” and then I’m heading out of town on a wonderful surprise vacation! It was pretty last minute, and I’m super excited about it 🙂

Tuesday morning started out with a gym trip, where I fit in:

  • 15 minutes elliptical level 12
  • 20 minutes stairmaster level 12
  • 25 minutes ab work

I know so many people love the elliptical, but I can’t stand it!  I find myself bouncing on it (which I know is bad), and I just can’t seem to get in a great workout on it.  I also get super bored and antsy.

While walking through the locker room the other day, I glanced in the mirror as I walked by, and found myself completely criticizing my body.  “Ugh I look awful.  Ew, look at the belly pooch.  Ugh I’ve gained so much weight recently…” What was I saying to myself?!?! These awful, awful comments just popped into my head.  Yes, I’ve gained a little weight recently, and along with my running hiatus, it’s been a hard thing to deal with.  But here I was, finishing up an awesome workout, and an awesome thing for my body.  I was strong, empowered and just worked up a good sweat.  I should be feeling on top of the world!  So I decided to post myself a little operation beautiful note to myself on the inside of my locker.


You are strong and fit and can lift more weights than most girls! 😉 Go you!  SMILE!!

Never again should I feel bad about myself upon leaving the gym.  Hopefully seeing this note will help me out with that 🙂

Physical Therapy was fine.  We did strength moves, ultrasound, and he also put a 24-hour anti-inflammatory patch on me.  I highly doubt it’s going to do much considering all the other anti-inflammatories and corisone shot haven’t helped.  But here’s to hoping!

IMG_4197-1It’s quite the fashion statement, huh? 😉 The 2-year old I babysit called it my “giant band-aid”.

Can I help it if I kind of have a slight crush on the PT Aide who helps me out?  Too bad Friday is his last day 😦 Maybe I’ll run into him around town, since he is my age!  haha

I hope everyone took advantage of the Free Starbucks pastry!!  There  weren’t too many options by the time I got there, so I chose a Toffee Nut Bar, and I have to say, I was madly disappointed.

IMG_4186-1It was wwaaaaayyyyy too sweet, but also lacking a lot of flavor.  I ate half and tossed the rest.  Blah.  I should’ve gotten the wonderful pumpkin bread I love!


It seems that the Berry coffee cake was a popular choice around blogland!  Did anyone else get a free pastry?  What’d you all get/recommend for next time?!

I came home to a surprise in the mail.  My sunbutter sample!!


Wait…what happened?!  It came wrapped in a baggie from the post office apologizing for the “damage to my mail”.  Well…yeah!  Did it explode?  Melt?  Leak?  All I know is it was all over!  Booo 😦 At least I can still use the coupon!  I’m sure they’ll appreciate that messy oily coupon when I use it 😉

Dinner was fab!  Falafel, hummus, spinach, tomato & cucumber-yogurt dip all grilled up in a whole wheat tortilla.


And my fave – BBQ sauce on the side for dipping!  I love these falafel balls they sell at Costco.  Yummmm


Not much of an exciting day…I planned to do some sort of cardio (swim, run/walk, etc), but I was instructed to take it easy due to my new fashionable giant bandaide knee patch.  So I grabbed my dumbells and did 2 sets of 10-15 (20 or 25 lb dumbells) of each of the following:

  • Standing bicep curls
  • Shoulder presses
  • Tricep extensions
  • Tricep dips
  • Chest flys
  • Chest presses
  • Seated bicep curls

Along with 10 minutes of “tae-bo” like jabs & punches.  And about 5 minutes of ab work.  Totaling 40 minutes of strength.

Lunch at work – Kashi sandwich pocket (got these for .88 cents each, so that’s why I’m eatin’ lots of them!), 2 apricots, and homemade “broccoli slaw” made with cucumber-yogurt dip, raisins, slivered almonds, & grapes.


I made the most beautiful omelette of my life for dinner.  My omelettes usually fall apart or turn into scrambles, but I still call them omelettes.  This one actually looked like a legit omelette.  I was in awe!  Unpictured, but I wish I had captured this moment on film!

Then onto today (aka Thursday).  Did a little running this morning (although it probably wasn’t the smartest of ideas.  My knees have been much more sore lately).  First I did 20 minutes stairmaster (level 12) & sweat buckets (nothing makes me sweat more!).  Then I moved to the treadmill where I did:

  • 1 mile run 6 mph
  • 3 minutes walk
  • 1 mile run
  • 3 minutes walk
  • .5 mile run
  • 6 minute cooldown

Total: 3.35 miles (2.5 running), 40 minutes

This is the first I have ran in quite a while.  I usually like to wait until my knees have been feeling better for a few days before I embark on running.  But physical therapy has been keeping them aggravated (due to the lower body work we’ve been doing).  But I felt like running today (feel free to yell at me).  It’s really how they’ll feel later today and tomorrow that will tell me the amount of damage I might have done.  It felt good to run though!

So who else here loves Safeway/Vons deli sandwiches?  So delicious for such a good deal of $4.99!  Can’t beat that!  Picked one up for lunch since I had a coupon for a $3.99 sammie!  Turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, extra (everyone stand clear!) onions, pickles, & peppercinis on a rustic Italian roll.  Ranch spread on the side that I added on to my own liking.  And I also added a bit of whipped chive cream cheese.



Soooo good!  Because of my usual habit to stay healthy and get whole wheat, I was about to get whole wheat sliced bread (that’s the only whole wheat they have), but I knew I would enjoy it so much more on white rustic Italian bread.  Sliced bread sandwiches are just more blah and can easily be made at home.  Why deny what I knew I would love more just because it’s not as “healthy”?  I might as well get what I really wanted, right?!  I also had the rest of my cucumber-yogurt dip broccoli slaw & a side of strawberries.


And a handful of these chocolate lovies:


Because I had so much salad left to eat (don’t want it to go to waste!), I only ate half of my sandwich and saved the rest for dinner tonight on the road….Should I give you a hint where the road will take me?  It’s a pretty happy place.  And it may or may not be a place on Earth.  Guesses!?!?!?

All packed up and I got my stash of food ready to go…


Can I help it if I want to spend the least amount of money possible this weekend and therefore many meals and snacks will probably consist of bars?  Where I’m going food is insanely expensive!  I also have no idea what my options for breakfast will be at the houses I’m staying at, and since a satisfying breakfast is a must in my book, I’m also bringing along some cereal.  Better safe than sorry, right?!  I obviously never overpack.  Who else plans their food so much so far in advance?  No one else I’m traveling with, that’s for sure!  haha.  Wonder what they’ll think of my stash…?

I’ll be back Sunday, and then two of my younger sisters are driving down to visit for a few days and to go to the local Mid-State fair.  The country group Lady Antebellum is performing on the free stage!!  Woohooooo.  😀

Since I’m not sure when I’ll get another chance to post, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  See you all when I return from…Ooops!  Almost spilled the fairydust! 😉

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There must have been a spider on my left arm last night because I woke up with 2 bites – one on the front, and one underneath by my armpit.  Ewwww.  Creepy!!

How is everyone’s week going?  I am so excited for this weekend because my sister is coming down to visit on Saturday, and then on Sunday we’re driving down to LA for the Keith Urban concert!!  I just downloaded his new CD on Itunes just a few days ago and really need to get on the ball listening to the songs.  I know most of his “popular singles”, but I don’t know most of his new CD at all!

Where did I last leave off with you all?  Oh that’s right…I was about to embark on a banana dessert making adventure! I threw 1 ½ frozen bananas into my fake “magic bullet”, which didn’t work out too hot.  Maybe my bullet wasn’t strong enough or something, but my bananas were not blending!  I ended up having to add a bit of milk (I used the coconut milk I recently bought to try out), kept having to scrape the sides, and ended up blending it for such a long time that I could smell my motor starting to burn!  Eeek!


I have to say, I was madly disappointed L Maybe it was the fact that I used coconut milk so it added a slight coconut taste, and I’m really not a fan of coconut taste at all (sorry everyone – it seems to be such the hot stuff on the blogs).  Or the fact that I used very overripe bananas (and I don’t like overripe bananas, either).  Or maybe it was because it was pretty melty after being blended for so long (and I don’t like melty froyo either).  Sheesh…do I like anything?! Haha.  But don’t let my experience turn you off, because I know everyone seems to think it is absolutely amazing!  So I’ll probably try it another time (minus the coconut milk!).  I ended up picking off all the chocolate chips and throwing the rest away.

Wednesday highlights:

I realized it had been a while since I’d had French toast! Topped with whipped cream cheese, Naturally More PB, syrup, and a sprinkling of Feed cinnamon raisin granola:


For dinner I used up my leftover quinoa, and stir-fryed some veggies with a chopped up Morningstar Chipotle Black Bean patty.  I got these patties in a huge box at Costco, and they’re like twice the size of the patties you buy in packs of 4 at the normal grocery store.  Mixed some 2% Mexican cheese in and topped it of with a drizzle of BBQ sauce for a finishing touch:


Yes, there’s quinoa under there somewhere!  It’s been a while since I’ve made a simple stir-fry!  I used to live off of them along with couscous last year!

I was insanely craving froyo later that night.  I admit that I’ve had problems overdoing it on ice cream and frozen yogurt for the past few months.  And by that I mean eating ridiculous amounts.  I finish off one bowl, go back for a second (because it’s so good), then a third, and by that point I’m almost to the end of the container so I might as well finish off that, right?  Um….not such a good idea.  Anyways, I was definitely craving the cake batter froyo I had in my freezer, so I decided it’s not wise to deny cravings (to a certain extent, of course!).  I probably didn’t need to top it off with extra chocolate sauce, a TJ’s peanut butter cup, Oreo cookie, and whipped cream (in addition to the brownies that were already frozen with the yogurt).


It was delicious!  But that’s where I overdid it a bit.  Whoops!


Early quick gym workout before I headed to physical therapy appointment numero dos.

  • 15 minutes stairmaster (level 11)
  • 20 minutes treadmill 4.3 mph 15% incline

We focused a lot more on strength during PT than last time.  He had me do 5 different strength exercises, one stretch move, and then an ultrasound.  I did ask him about incorporating running back in, and he said to hold off.  He’s had me warm up by using the stationary bike, and said that next time we’d work up to the elliptical and see how that feels.  I told him I’m already doing the stairmaster a lot, and have been doing slight running on a treadmill lately with only slight and little bit of pain.  I’m still not as impressed by this place as I was by the one back home I went to for my calf last year.  At the other place, they watched me walk and stand to analyze if I overpronated, how my ankles rolled inward, etc.  They didn’t do any of that at this place, which may likely play a part in my knee problems.  Besides all of that, I definitely got a lower body workout there today!

Had a little extra time between PT and work, so I grabbed some crack an iced Americano.


Blech!  This thing tasted almost of pure water!!  People, people!  Americanos are supposed to taste strong because it’s espresso!

As for lunch, I’m so sick of quick frozen meals (but I have so many in my freezer because of cheap deals & convenience).  However today I had no time to make anything else.  So I grabbed the last of my cottage cheese, strawberries & blueberries, and bagged up a mix of cereal – TJs high fiber twigs, & Nature’s Path multigrain flakes:


Having a party all mixed together now…


I proceeded to spend most of the day reading my book Nineteen Minutes, which is really, really good.  I’m already more than halfway done after having only read it for two days.  I gotta say, Jodi Picoult’s books are hit or miss.  Some have been ridiculously page-turning (like this one and Change of Heart), while some have been a bit slower, but still excellent reads (like My Sister’s Keeper. I really enjoyed that book, but it took me a while to get into it).

Thursday nights = Farmer’s Market!! Even though I still have apricots left from Costco, I knew I needed to restock on these apricots at got at Farmer’s last week.  They are the best ones I’ve had in my life.  Hands down.  $9 later, I walked back to my car with a 1.5 pounds of apricots, 3 white nectarines, a peach, and a basket of strawberries.


Check out this odd man out!


Extra tasty, I’m sure! 😉

Didn’t get great deals, but summer fruit at Farmer’s is the sweetest thing around.  Can’t pass it up!  Helped myself to samples while there as well – tons of pita bread & hummus bites (favorite stand ever!  They just stuff pita bread & hummus in your face!), handful of candied almonds, and some fruit.  I also got these 2 lovelies, which I saved for later:


Was supposed to be Rhubarb pie & ollalieberry crumble. But that’s lookin’ more like apple pie to me, no?  Unless that’s what rhubarb pie looks like.  Honestly, I’ve never had it!

Ready for my next book review? I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seat waiting for it!  😉  I’ll make it quick since I’m one tired lady!

I recently finished The Queen’s Fool by Philippia Gregory (author of The Other Boleyn Girl).  This book follows a young girl, Hannah, who escaped the Inquisition in Spain and is now living in England.  She has the “sight” (is able to see the future on occasion) and ends up working as a fool at the court of King Edward (Henry VIII son – you know, the guy who beheaded all those wives?).  She gradually gets drawn into working as a spy to try and bring Princess Mary (aka Bloody Mary) to the throne, and eventually works with her sister Elizabeth.  Throughout the book, Hannah must also deal with her love towards her master, while also being betrothed to her cousin.

I found it to be a great read!  My sister is extremely interested in much of historical London royal stories, and she gave me a brief history lesson on it all when we went to London a couple summers ago.  So it’s interesting to read about those historical figures, especially when you’ve visited their actual old stomping grounds!  Personally, I liked The Other Boleyn girl a lot more (if you’ve seen the movie – read the book! It’s so much better).  This one was good, but I got kind of tired of it about 3/4 of the way through.  It was getting slightly repetitive.  Recommend it?  Yup!  But I overall recommend this author.

Grade: A-

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday (I’m posting this late late Thursday night, so I know you’re all reading it on a Friday!).  Any special plans this weekend? Like I said, mine include work, sister date, roadtrip and concert!!

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Okay, I’m not sure exactly what Tuesday means.  But it does mean that The Bachelorette was on last night!!  It’s gettin’ down to the final home stretch….get excited!  Any thoughts on what happened?? I have to say the bedroom scene was a slight letdown!

I can’t tell you how restless I was Sunday night!  I tossed and turned until 2 am, reading (I finished my book…more on that later), facebook stalking…y’know, the usual.  I went downstairs 2 or 3 times to get food because I was so hungry! I’d forgotten the kind of appetite long runs (or long hikes) will make me!  Crazy!!

Yesterday morning I jumped on the bandwagon and made…


You got it!  Oatmeal in a Jar!! I had transferred my Naturally More PB into a glass jar (so I could microwave it to make it melty/spreadable), so I used the leftover container for oats!


Topped with a mix of:

  • another spoonful of PB Loco chocolate chip cookie dough,
  • TJ’s just flattened bananas
  • Kashi golean cereal
  • Feed granola

The first flavor of this granola I decided to try was the Cinnamon Raisin flavor, which I have to say, tastes exactly like an oatmeal raisin cookie!  No joke! About halfway through my oatmeal (after I’d finished off all the toppings), I tried out the Blueberry Almond flavor.  Mehh, it tasted like a generic, normal granola.  I definitely like the Cinnamon Raisin flavor better, and I’ll let you know what I think of all the others.  And speaking of granola, you can mix your OWN creation here!

Anyways, it was so fun to eat my oatmeal out of a peanut butter jar!  Can’t wait to be done with my next batch!

Then off to my PT appointment! It was…nothing special.  I explained to him the past 3 months, where it hurts, how much, pretty much everything I explain to the doctors.  He tested out some stretches, moved my knee around a bit…In the end all I really did was 3 different types of strength moves to strengthen the hamstring muscle.  After reading about Caitlin’s PT experience, I was hoping for some information on how to incorporate running back into my life, taping/knee braces, stretches, etc.  If he doesn’t bring it up at the next meeting I’ll ask about those things.  I just don’t want to pay $20 every time to do a few strength moves I can do at home!

Work was work, where I had this spread for lunch/snackies through the afternoon:

Leftover slice of Kashi veggie pizza to tide me over for the drive (literally just grabbed it out of the fridge on the run – I was late & hungry!)

IMG_4054Looks quite appetizing all mushed up from the fridge, eh? 😉

And lunch a little later while at work.  Kashi veggie medley pocket (with some marinara sauce for dipping), blueberries, apricots, cherries (quite the fruit spread!)



This morning I allowed myself some sleep in time 🙂 And hit up the gym slightly later than normal to do 30 minutes stairmaster level 11.  Oof my arms were ridiculously sore today (especially my bulging biceps 😉 )…I think from my hike?  I guess because I was crouching and supporting myself with my arms so much as I slowly inched down the hill – yowza!  My arms haven’t been this sore in ages!!  And then since I did actual strength yesterday, and also didn’t want to do anything else to stress my knee (since it was a little sore from the downhill hike),  I hopped in the pool for a quickie 25 minute swim.

  • 1300 yards
    • 800 free
    • 500 pull with paddles

I felt strong and fast today!  And no pounding headache!  Unfortunately, even though I felt great, I couldn’t swim long…work was calling!!

Lunch: Burrito filled with cheese, rice, black beans, & a mixture of veggies (potato, zucchini, yellow squash, bell pepper, onion, tomatoes, green chilis, & cilantro).  Guacamole (yes – it’s a delicious looking brown, but it was still tasty!) for dipping, a side of cherries, apricots x3, and strawberries/blueberries for a snack.



After work I ran to Costco where I picked up this incredibly soft blanket for only $12.99!!  It’s unbelievable!

IMG_4076 - Copy-1

I literally stood staring at the blankets for probably 20 minutes because I couldn’t decide between this color or a dark, shimmery gray.  I’m kind of wishing I got the gray, but oh well!  This one is still nice as well!

Then hurried home for dinner where I tried to make a Greek meal.  Unfortunately, I had no pita bread, so I used quinoa instead.  Quinoa mixed with sauteed onions, orange balsamic vinegar, and feta cheese.  Topped off with falafel veggie balls and huge scoops of yogurt & cucumber raita dip.

IMG_4072-1Times the amount of dip here by like 5!  haha.  I just kept adding more.  With an unpicture spinach salad I ate while it was all cooking.

In a bit I plan to whip up the unbelievable banana magic that seems to be spreading through blogworld like the plague.  Although this stuff may be even more deadly than the plague.  According to reviews, it’s amazing!! I’ll let you all know how it turns out tomorrow 🙂 Talk about a cliffhanger!

Adios, nighty night, and have a good hump day manana!

Before I sign off…click here for a chance at a few birthday gifts!

And I’m so glad that Ange is doing an Amazing Grass giveway.  I really really want to try this stuff out!

Nut butter giveaway!!  Who doesn’t love that?

Oh, and I just started a new book today at the gym, Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult.  So you know what that means!  Be on the lookout for another book review soon!  This time… The Queen’s Fool!

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