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I broke a rib.

Okay that might be a lie. 

But it might not.

Because that’s what it feels like.

My oblique pain has been varying each day, rotating between the left and the right side.  Yesterday, I randomly did something at work (I don’t remember exactly – twisted or coughed or something), and I heard a crack.  Literally, a sharp crack.  Then, shooting shooting pain.  I couldn’t move.  I literally froze and felt that I couldn’t move. 

Eventually I was able to slowly straighten my body and move, but the pain was awful.  It felt so much better if I put a hand on my rib to support it, and if I didn’t have my hand on it, it feels like a heavy full type of feeling that feels like it’s “dropping.”

During the day, the pain gradually improved (it still hurt greatly – but not as bad as that initial couple hours).  Until I sneezed later that night.  And then it was all over.

Now this new rib pain feels different than the other stomach pain I’ve been feeling for the past week.  I’m thinking maybe my abs/rib cartilage (or something) was inflamed and aggravated, therefore making it easier to crack or harm them?

Who knows- I very well likely did not crack one and I’m just over reacting.  But I do know it hurts.  Oh and I don’t have insurance until the first of December due to my job (minor minor detail right there.  *sarcasm*)

Today it’s feeling slightly better.  But still super painful.  Oy.


I’m taking this week easy on the nannying job in order to let my stomach rest (picking up a 16-lb baby and hold her for hours does a number on ya!).  Therefore I slept it, and had a delicious breakfast.


  • Homemade pumpkin yogurt
  • Crumbled bran muffin (forgot I had a few in the freezer!!)
  • Pumpkin butter
  • Almond butter

Muffin on yogurt is delicious!


I ran a few errands (hello Christmas shopping!), and came home to eat a quick lunch.  Kashi sweet & sour chicken I’ve had forever.  I actually brought this meal down with me from home this summer.


I considered throwing in some more veggies but decided I didn’t feel like making them.

I also felt some desire to add more sugar to the already sugar-laden dish with some BBQ sauce.  That’s why it’s a tad more red than normal if you were wondering.

I had veggie soup for dinner and I must share the delicious salad I also had at work tonight.  It was a beet + goat cheese salad that I added some kidney beans and olives to.  Random?


There was tons leftover (apparently beet and goat cheese isn’t the popular choice of most people), so I was told I could bring some home Smile YAY.


Once home I snacked on a few things that remain unpictured.  Meh.


What’s your favorite yogurt topping?  I love cereal for the crunch.  But really, I think a warmed up muffin might be pushing up there for #1!


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Pumpkin Rehab

Wussup bloggie friends? 

I never understood the huge hype on those commercials.

Someone made an appearance this morning.


Overnight oats!  Pumpkin ones of course.

I love cream cheese on overnight oats. 


This meal was either super filling, or I just wasn’t plain hungry this morning.  As I didn’t get hungry for 4 hours.  That’s crazy and unheard of for me.

I ran a few errands for work, and picked up a few goodies at TJ Maxx along the way.  Including these Pumpkin Spice almond cookies.  I had 4 while driving between errands.




I also had a few bites (which probably equaled out to a whole slice) of cherry pie (cobbler?) they had at work.




So you wanna see me goodies, do ya?

(I accidentally typed ‘me’, meant to type ‘my.’ But ‘me goodies’ makes me sound like a legit pirate so I’m cool with that).


I’m wondering what went through the cashier’s mind when I purchased all pumpkin delights.  (And yes – those would be pumpkin spice jelly bellies).

Not all pumpkin – I did find that beauty of a deal:



I keep running out of time to make a good lunch.  I really need to cook up big and tasty recipes to grab and go during the week.  Unfortunately today, this is what I was stuck with:


No, not a cardboard box. I actually did eat the meal inside the box (surprise!).  Actually, I picked out all the chicken (I’m kinda grossed out by frozen meal processed chicken), and cooked up a chicken sausage link which I added to the mix. 

Even though my chicken sausage was probably just as processed.


Dinner was probably the best salad I’ve made so far at the salad bar.



+ a side of parmesan crusted potatoes.  Fried chunks of yummy potatoes.


You know what else I found today?  Pumpkin cream cheese at Trader Joe’s. 



I stopped.  I stared.  I did a little dance. 

I pondered.  I thought.  I just bought 2 containers of cream cheese this weekend at Einsteins.

I bought it.  I had to.  Besides, now I can taste test!

Here we have Trader Joe’s on the left, Einstein’s on the right.


(I took pictures of my apples dipped in them, but they turned out awful quality, so I won’t torture you with them.  And yes, I had apples dipped in cream cheese.  I told you – I love cream cheese.  Especially when it’s artificially dyed orange and flavored pumpkin).

I’ll compare the 2 in another post, but know this: it’s awesome.  So good.  Buy it!  Along with peanut flour.  Seriously.  Trader Joe’s?  I’m proud of you.


In other news, anyone know of a rehab program designed for pumpkin addicts?

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I love this shirt. LIVE. YOUR. LIFE. Do it. Now.

IMG 1055-1

Only do it forwards – not backwards like this picture states. Or do it backwards. Whichever makes you happiest.

I like to have a smaller light breakfast before a run so I don’t cramp up.

IMG 1025-1

Whole wheat english muffin – 1/2 with berry cream cheese. 1/2 with maple PB & vanilla-pear butta.

IMG 1026-1

I then set out on a 5-6 miler. Super great run. Why? Well, since you asked – let me tell you.

  • I didn’t walk once. Nope. Not once. Except for stopping at stop lights, this was the first and farthest I’ve ran without any walk breaks since my injury. Amaze.
  • It was pretty speedy. Not Speedy Gonzales, exactly. But kind of. Maybe more like his half-brother type of speedy.

Distance: 6 miles
Time: 54:45
Avg pace: 9:07 (darn – so close to the 8 minutes!)

  • Mile 1: 8:50
  • Mile 2: 8:46
  • Mile 3: 9:16
  • Mile 4: 9:11
  • Mile 5: 9:00
  • Mile 6: 9:41

So I like the idea of negative splits and all. But honestly, like I mentioned before – there are hills and inclines all over where I live. The first mile I usually run is also slightly downhill, making my first mile normally faster than the rest. Therefore, negative splits and I – we’re just not that compatible. But I try.

I came back and was superbly hungry. But I didn’t want to eat lunch until after I showered. So I cut up some….

IMG 1030-1

And had an overflowing bowl of…

IMG 1031-1

Did you know watermelon sprinkled with salt is quite delicious?

After showering, doing my hurr, and getting into some clothing, I nuked up some sort of Kashi meal. Sweet & sour chicken to be exact. Not my faves, but it was in the freezer saying “Use me up!” So I listened.

IMG 1035-1

Plus some carrot fries on the side 40 minutes later. They took that long to cook.

IMG 1037

I struggled about 10 minutes to get the remaining ketchup out of this bottle. I think a re-designing of the ketchup bottle is in order.

IMG 1033

Some homemade iced coffee for “dessert.” While scanning and clipping coupons from the weekly grocery ads of course.

IMG 1039

I’ve decided I need to start wearing a bib.

IMG 1038-1

I have Thursday and Fridays off from my hospital job. So I suppose it’s technically my “weekend.” However I still nanny. Hello 2 jobs!

At least today we made cupcakes!

IMG 1043

Red velvet cupcakes – the Sprinkles (store in LA) mix. Frosting? I had more than my fair share.

IMG 1041-1


IMG 1045

I took one…

IMG 1048

And cut it in half…

IMG 1049

I had already had SO much frosting and some batter while baking.

Carrots & apples consumed while they were baking. Nothing in comparison of course.

IMG 1044

I requested to get off in time to go to Farmers Market. Then I sat around for a bit waiting to hear from my friend when and if she could go to Farmers (while I also snacked on another bowl of watermelon). Finally I decided to just GO. Get out of the house and do it! I got one of my favorite meals at Farmers – chicken teriyaki! Drowning (I mean probably 1/2 cup’s worth) in teriyaki sauce. Plus some random white and pink sauce I wanted to try out.

IMG 1050-1

Yes – there’s rice under there!

IMG 1051-1

About 2 cup’s worth of white rice. This meal doesn’t skimp for $6.

Stuffed and satisfied, I wandered more of Farmer’s and had a few samples (a couple almonds, pita & hummus, and a multitude of delicious peaches). Before stopping in Yogurt Creations for a small bit of dessert.

Cake batter(!!) topped with spiced apple topping and some Reese’s crumbs.

IMG 1052-1

After a bit more wandering, I came home to enjoy some of my yummy wine (in a wine glass from my grandma!)

IMG 1053-1

x2. Remember – Live yo’ life!

I also just enjoyed an egg roll and potsticker that my roommate brought home from her job working the Chinese food stand at Farmers. Live your life – and enjoy good food 😀

How are you living and enjoying your life right now? What’s your favorite current thing about your life that makes you happy?!

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What’s up peeps?

I awoke this morning muchos hungry. That’s the thing about longer distance running – always hungry!

Usually coffee can calm my appetite for a bit before I get down and dirty with breakfast. But not this morning. And guess what I was craving. More oats!

IMG 1010

Last night I planned on having a yogurt mess and using my nectarine.  But instead I used my nectarine on my hot oats. It worked with canteloupe, so why not?!

IMG 1011

I seriously don’t mess around with toppings. I may overwhelm my oats at times, but I’m pretty sure she (or he?) can handle it.

Today’s included:

  • Nectarine
  • Strawberry jam
  • Vanilla-pear butter
  • Berry cream cheese
  • Nuttzo

Yes – there was some Nuttzo under there!

IMG 1012

Other favorite oatmeal toppings of mine include:

  • Granola (love the crunch)
  • Caramel chips
  • All type of nut butters & jams
  • All types of cream cheese
  • Yogurt (Yoatgurt anyone?)

Of course I was hungry 2 hours later. No matter what I have for breakfast – it could be a small piece of toast, filling oatmeal, or eggs! – I am always hungry 2-3 hours after breakfast. I don’t understand those that say “this breakfast kept me full for 6 hours.” What?! How is that possible??

Anywas, I had a nectarine.

And then a Kashi trail mix bar not long after (which, by the way, I got for “free” at work with leftover cafeteria money. We get a certain amount to spend at each meal, and if my meal comes up cheap, I always throw in an apple, granola bar, or peach rings 😉 ).

IMG 1013-1

I then hit up Borders in between jobs for a little bit of chillaxin with some iced coffee (SF vanilla syrup and half & half yo)

IMG 0255-1

Some magazine reading, and some samples. I love samples. These were awsesome – some type of muffin and double chocolate chip cookie.

IMG 1014

They didn’t skimp on sizes either – this was almost the size of a normal chocolate chip cookie! And so moist and delicious.

IMG 1015

I came home hungray, and a bit chilly (WTF is up with you weather?) and wanted something warm. Soup to the rescue!! Some vegetable soup topped with ooey gooey cheese.

IMG 1019-1

Along with an English muffin pizza (pasta sauce + cheddar cheese)

IMG 1017-1

And pre-roasted cauliflower.

IMG 1018-1

This lunch may look like a lot, but it honestly didn’t make me too full. Plus I need to fuel up before work.

IMG 1016

Plus a mini-peach ring for dessert 🙂 Please excuse my super dry looking hands. I swear they’re not that bad in real life.

IMG 1020-1

I was pretty hangry for dinner! Good thing we took a break at 6:30 rather than 7:00 😉 I got the last of the vegetable ratatouille along with some sweet potato fries!!

IMG 1021-1

However both were pretty bland and not that great. I also had some blueberries on the side, and a few bites of cold leftover peach crisp.

Needless to say, I was pretty hungry (once again) by the time 8:30 rolled around.  I prepared my latest “frozen yogurt” obsession – with a twist!

Yogurt + stevia + peanut flour + cocoa powder –> into the freezer it went! Topped off with something special!

IMG 1022-1

I nuked a big old spoonful of chocolate hazelnut butter & a splash of almond milk to make a chocolate sauce. Delicious. I also had another spoonful of nut butter on the side. I’m way over quota today 😉

And I’m sure I’ll be getting hungry again quite soon. Damn you long run yesterday!!

Are you normally more hungry the day of a long run or in the days following?

When I do super long runs, I’m always insatiable all day long. Starving every couple hours. This time was weird however – I never got super hungry yesterday. Just my normal hunger. But today as been off the wall! This is why people gain weight when they train for long races 😉

Also – what’s your favorite oatmeal topping?

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HappyFriday Saturday the 13th 14th. I definitely planned to post yesterday, but then came home to a roommate pizza movie night straight from work. And then our internet was down later that night.

Yesterday started out as Friday the 13th would – running late.

Late for the bus breakfast – whole wheat english muffin with sunbutter & jam:

IMG 6049-1

Almost even forgot to snag a picture.

Gym sesh:

  • 20 minutes stairmaster level 10
  • 10 minutes stairmill level 12 fat burner

It’s been sooooo long since I did the stairmill (the revolving staircase one) since I was scared it would hurt my knee. It was crazy how much more my butt muscles worked on that thing compared to the stairmaster. But I’ve missed it. Of course Friday the 13th luck caught up to me high up on that stairmill and my water bottle topped down the stairs and rolled across the gym. Minutes later, my ipod/iphone fell through the crack of it’s little resting space and tugged majorly at my earphones (luckily the earphone string caught the fall).

My rushed breakfast was so miniscule that I was starving 1 1/2 hours later for a snack in class:

IMG 0387-1

While it was a day of luck…it was also a day of celebrations.

I celebrated “the last day of salad bar cheapness” day with a grand old salad.

IMG 6050-1

From what I can recall it consisted of:

  • Tofu
  • Olives
  • Beets
  • Kidney beans
  • Walnuts
  • Slivered almodns
  • Onions
  • TJ’s parmesan ranch
  • Pear slices (which I added myself)

IMG 6055-1

You shall be missed beloved salad bar. I’m sorry I won’t spend $10 on you in the future.

IMG 6056

And celebrating TWLOHA day.

IMG 6048-1

I actually had never heard of this group before, so when my roommate was writing Love on her arm yesterday, I of course wanted to join in 🙂 It almost made me want a tattoo right there on my arm 😉

Afternoon snack consisted of a new Greek yogurt try.

Voskos honey yogurt.

IMG 6060-1

We all know I love my Greek and strained yogurt! I actually really liked this yogurt, but was surprised by how much less thick it was than other Greek yogurt brands. The consistency almost reminded me of normal yogurt. But I loved the honey taste of Voskos. I’m not a huge fan of honey flavored yogurts, but I liked this honey flavor better than Oikos or Chobani. A little high in sugars – I like the plain types – but still very tasty! I’ve had a hard time finding these yogurts in my area, but can’t wait for break when I can head to Whole Foods where I know they have a larger selection.

Topped with some Kashi Heart2Heart (much more cereal than what is shown).

IMG 6061-1

And then I finally made it home for pizza & movie night here at the 109!

I know this is very un-American (or un-human) of me, but I’m honestly not the biggest fan of pizza. Of course pizza is tasty and delicious, but I can easily pass up your average joe-schmo pizza place anyday. However my roommates were completely insistent on ordering from this one location, and they ordered 2 pizzas without even asking – White sauce chicken & Pepperoni. A little bummed (since I don’t eat pepperoni, and I honestly don’t really like white sauce), but I still tried the white sauce since people have raved about this place’s “amazing white sauce chicken”.

x 2:

IMG 6062-1

+ a couple slivers of un pepperoni touched cheese

Bleh. I ate the first piece right away since I was starving, and then half of another, plus random pickings through the night. Dry crust, not much sauce, fake chicken…just blech. Okay sorry – don’t mean to complain. I was just kind of disappointed they ordered without asking my opinion, and then I was stuck…especially when I didn’t want pizza to begin with. Rant over!

It was still a fun night of watching The Ugly Truth The Proposal, and catching up with an old friend who stopped by.

So far this morning, I’ve gotten nothing done besides make pumpkin oats for breakkie:

The usual topped with mini chocolate Mini-Wheats, Banana nut Cheerios, & crumbled pumpkin scone.

IMG 6066-1

But I’m now off to conquer my day! On this list:

  • Gym sesh
  • Laundry room sesh (our washer machine leaked and we’ve had major clean-up to do. More on this later)
  • Homework sesh
  • Work sesh

Woop woop. Let’s get these sesh’s started!

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As I ran out of my beloved Einstein’s pumpkin cream cheese last week, I tried to re-create it myself my mixing:

  • Trader Joe’s reduced fat cream cheese
  • ~1/2 cup pumpkin
  • Pumpkin pie spice
  • Agave

IMG 5904-1

Unfortunately, this cream cheese has that fake “non-fat” cream cheese taste to it, even though it’s only reduced fat. I should have stuck with Philedalphia brand. But it tastes decent enough! I’m tempted to remake it with a better brand of cream cheese.

Smeared a little of that onto my pumpkin pancakes this morning.

IMG 5909-1

Also topped with some

  • Strained yogurt
  • Nature’s Path PB granola
  • Sunbutter (on 2 on the pancakes)
  • Syrup

IMG 5908-1

Overboard on toppings? Who me?

IMG 5910

Gym was awesome. I felt great on my run – much better than Sunday & Monday’s workout. I think I’m finally recovered from the weekend, hah. Or not so funny…

Total: 4 miles of 1/4 mile intervals (ranging from 6.0 – 8.0 mph) + 15 minutes ab work

I was a sweaty beast afterwards 😀

On the drive to work, I dug into part of my packed lunch, since I didn’t have a post-gym snack.  I was hangry and knew I wouldn’t have a chance to eat for another 1 1/2 hours.

IMG 5911

And then once at work and after the kiddies were down for their nap, I put together the rest of my mid-day meal.

IMG 5912-1

Blueberry Oikos with Kashi Honey Sunshine.

IMG 5913-1

I actually like Chobani’s blueberry better. It’s been about a month since I’ve had one, but I remember it being more creamy.

And a WW english muffin with pepperjack cheese.

IMG 5914-1

Afternoon snackages.

IMG 5915-1

And then dinner which I slowly and thoroughly enjoyed scarfed down in probably 3 minutes flat while the baby was close to screaming and the 2-year old was finishing her dinner. Sorry kids.  Miss. Taylor was starving and needed to eat.

Kashi southwest chicken & black bean meal. Topped with some cheddar cheee (post-picture).  And a couple of tortilla chips for dipping.

IMG 5918-1

Mehh, not my fave. But I had it in the freezer to use up. So use it up I did.

How did this sneak into my backpack?

IMG 5919-1

Mmm what a grand time.

Can I just say that 100 Grands, Take 5, and Twix’s are seriously some of the best gifts ever granted to this planet? Thank you.

I’m glad this “dinner” held me over for the rest of the night a whole 1 hour. Wooohoo!!!

So I stopped for a froyo on the drive home. Chocolate & vanilla swirl + pumpkin.

IMG 5923-1

And then was of course still hungry later that night. I spotted this on Whit’s blog a bit ago, and decided to try a micro’d pumpkin pie out for myself.

  • ~1/2 c. pumpkin
  • 1 egg white
  • Spices
  • Maple syrup

Microwaved for 2 minutes, topped with some greek yogurt & sunbutter…

IMG 5930-1

It was more a bowl of pumpkin mush….but still delicious pumpkin mush 😉 As I go back and read the actual directions now, I realize it probalby should have been on a plate and micro’d for 3 minutes. This, my friends, shall be re-done in the future. Oh yes it shall.

And what night doesn’t end with hot chocolate, of course? Do I even need to tell you that? Just assume every night ends with hot chocolate. Ya’ dig?

And now it’s 11:08 and exactly 1 hour past when I planned to go to bed. I’m so glad I always stick to my “bed-time”. Sweet dreams all.

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This week has been a madhouse.

3 midterms + 1 quiz + 1 research paper review write up + a 9 page case study write up for clinical nutrition = WTF are you thinking teachers?!

I promise tonight & tomorrow during my study breaks I will try and catch up on the massive amount of posts that have accumulated for me to read.

On a more happy note, I cotinued my Wednesday overnight oat tradition.

To-Go style

IMG 5838

(Chipped mug 😦 )

Today’s topping included 1 cinnamon apple microwaved, cereal, and the last of my pumpkin cream cheese (must buy more ASAP!)

IMG 5837

The Oikos container was just used as a travel method.

IMG 5834

Midterm #1 was pretty killer. It was such boring, awful information that all I had to do was memorize…but really didn’t. And 40/80 questions were True/False. Seriously?

I miss running fast.  Freeee flyin at the gym:

  • .25 mile walk warmup
  • 1/2 mile 6 mph
  • 1/2 mile 6.5 mph
  • 1/4 mile 7 mph
  • 1/4 mile 8 mph
  • 1/4 mile 6 mph
  • 1/4 mile 8 mph
  • 1/4 mile 6 mph
  • .25 mile walk
  • 1/4 mile 6 mph
  • 1/4 mile 8 mph
  • 1/4 mile 6 mph
  • 1/4 mile 8 mph
  • 1/4 mile 8.5 mph
  • 1/4 mile 6 mph

Total: 3.75 miles running. I doubt you read my workout above. I just felt like posting it, so let’s just pretend you read it, okay?

Snackie while last minute cramming for Midterm #2 (which went better than the first test. I think).

IMG 0365-1

Since I got out of class early due to the test, I decided to embark upon an adventure!

IMG 5845

I must live a sad life if I consider this an adventure.

Adventure or not, it yielded a crap load of stringy things.

IMG 5846

The Trader Joe’s worker did comment on how I bought “quite the squash” when he saw how big it was. If they’re all the same price, you bet I would pick out the biggest one I could find.

Yay! Now I get to eat faux pasta every night for the next week!

While this was cookin’ in the microwave, I quickly threw together a lunch of Kashi curry rice pilaf + salsa + FF sour cream:

IMG 5839

And a Chocolate PB cup vitatop with a little bit of extra sunbutter 😉

IMG 5844

Work…Michael’s to pick up something for this weekend…then dinner.

Sauteed broccoli + peas + pasta sauce + parm cheese over my squashy.

IMG 5848

Mmmm veggie overload.

IMG 5850

I think I had mine, yours, and the lady next door’s week’s worth of sodium in this meal. All I wanted afterwards was water…and a little somethin’ sweet.

IMG 5852

Snackage will occur later this night, and I’ll bet you $100 it will be hot chocolate + something with nut butter. Tip: don’t accept this bet since it’s pretty much what I have every night.

In other news, I came across an article in US magazine yesterday (read during my study break) about this little cartoon sketch that Fox aired showing a teammate poking fun at Tony Romo for dating Jessica Simpson “after she blew up bigger than [player] Flozell Adams” and also asking “Hey, is Jessica around? We could use a defensive tackle.” Honestly? I was shocked that anyone would really play something like this. Sure, Jessica Simpson has had some ups and downs with her weight, but so have we all. She’s a beautiful woman, and has been through so much criticism over the years. Give her a break! What good are such comments are leading to? What are your thoughts on this cartoon?

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