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To make up for my lack of waffles on Waffle Wednesday, I had brought some along to work for Thursday’s breakfast!  (Note: I’ve been bringing breakfast with me to work when I work at 7 am because I tend to “nap” while there so early & the girl is still sleeping.  Then I’ll eat when I wake up!)

Kashi Strawberry flax waffles topped with sliced bananas (there were also ‘naners on top of the bottom waffles) and peanut butter.  Drizzled with some real maple syrup I found in their fridge!


Mmmm tasty 🙂

Then it was a trip to the public library, which I love doing because then I get internet which equals blog reading! And facebook stalking browsing. 😀  All settled into my cozy cubicle:

Camera ate my picture 😦 Imagine a computer, iced Peet’s coffee & a Cooking Light magazine.

I’m sorry, but Peet’s coffee is 100x better than Starbucks.  Yum iced (decaf) coffee! I also dug into a container of blueberries while there.

Lunchie was another turkey + hummus + BBQ sauce + spinach & tomato wrap on my last 7 grain flax Rudi’s wrap.  You can tell it was my last (aka a bit dry) because it completely cracked open when I rolled it.  Still tasty though!

And buttloads of fruit (obvi).

I also helped myself to a slice of this white sauce pineapple pizza (I picked off/ripped around the ham):


And a bunch of cherries:


I hit up the gym after work where I did the longest run in a long time.  I repeated this twice:

  • 1.5 miles at 6.0 mph
  • Walk 3 minutes
  • 1.5 miles at 6.2 mph
  • Walk 3 minutes
  • 1 mile at 6.4 mph
  • .75 miles cool down

Total: 4 miles running, 1.2 miles walking

It felt okay, but my knee has definitely been stiff and sore since then.

For dinner I wanted to use up everything left in my fridge.  I had some brie cheese left, vegetable chili, avocado, sour cream, and lettuce mix.  The solution?  Brie cheese nachos! Brie cheese melted over sweet potato chips with guacamole, sour cream & chili on top.


I topped the rest of my chili on my spinach salad.


Oh wow.  This was amazing.  I’ve been lovin’ all my brie creations this week – SOOO good!

Friday’s eats:

Food for Life sprouted seed & grain English muffin.  Half topped with Naturally More & banana, half topped with cream cheese/strawberry jam mixture:


I just wanted to proclaim again how chewy and dense these English muffins are!


I then took the girl I nanny bowling!!  I rocked my first game – with 3 spares and 2 strikes (good for me!).  The second game – ehhhh not so much.  Sorry for the blurry action shot, but she’s not such a great photographer 😉


I then had to stop by the beach farm again for more apricots.  I was out, and wanted to bring some home! 🙂 We also grabbed a fresh corn on the cob while there.  My fave!


I scarfed mine down!


For lunch, I put together a salad mix of lettuce, craisins, tomato, Newman’s Own Sesame dressing, some guac & blueberries (I may or may not have gone through a whole 11 oz container of blueberries that morning).


And a Kashi veggie sandwich pocket (with some more guac)


For the last few bites I stuffed some BBQ sauce inside.  It makes anything better 😉


I then hit the road home!!  My caffeine choice for the drive:


Splenda schmlenda.  Whatever…I still have fake sweeteners in moderation.

When I got home, my mommy had one of my favorite dinners ready for me – BBQ turkey meatloaf!! It is the only meatloaf I like, and it soooo simple!

  • Ground turkey
  • About 1 cup BBQ sauce
  • Croutons

Mix!!  Then I top it with tons of ketchup 🙂 Sorry, no picture – I downed literally half the loaf last night!  haha.

Today my sis and I took BART to the Giant’s game!! It was a beautiful day – and a great game!  GO GIANTS!



Our tickets were also good towards $5 of food, so we ended up buying lunch at the park.  Pac Bell has awesome food – besides the normal hot dog & burgers (including veggie, turkey & chicken burgers), they had tacos, nachos, Caribbean food, a Boudini stand (with clam chowder bread bowls), lots of fish and crab dishes, sausages, mushroom burgers, etc.  There was even a wine stand:


And a Safeway stand that sold sushi!


It was a tough decision (obvi!), but I decided on the Caribbean stand and got a bowl of jerk chicken, black beans, white rice, pineapple cole-slaw & smothered it in BBQ sauce.


And what game would be complete without Gilroy garlic fries?  My sister got them with her burger & we shared 🙂 YUM.  Giants won 4-2!!  Go G’s!

Eats the rest of the day were mundane and munchy (fruit, leftover meatloaf, small salad, another 11-oz blueberry container, broccoli, few bites of french bread…blah blah).  That’s one thing that’s hard about being home – my family is always munching on food (like tonight when they had a loaf out and they were just ripping pieces off), and it’s tempting for me to join in.  Not to mention all the boxes of cereal in the cupboard (like Lucky Charms!) that I am constantly picking out of!

Sorry for the long (if pointless) recap post.  With no scheduled workout for the past couple days, I know I definitely need to fit something in tomorrow morning.  Then we’re celebrating my sister & Nana’s birthday with the family!  I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! 😀

Here’s another yogurt giveaway!!


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Well I think I might have gotten a bit cocky about my knee.  Thursday gym workout included:

  • 20 minutes stairs level 12
  • 2 mile treadmill run (with a few minutes walking throughout); .5 mile cool-down
  • 10 minutes upper body

I also fit in 20 minutes total ab work randomly throughout the day.

Anyhow, my knee was feeling a bit achy with sharp pains later in the night.  I was dumb.  3 runs in one week?  Even if they are super short, I haven’t done that since I stopped running altogether!

I had to be at work by 7 am yesterday, so I brought my breakfast along with me to eat there.  I splurged on some Food for Life English muffins the other day because I’ve been dying to try them and they were on sale!  Unfortunately, they were out of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin, so I snagged the Genesis 1:29 type.  So that’s what I had this morn, 1/2 topped with Naturally Yours PB, 1/2 with cookie-dough PB:


Oh YUMMNESS!!  These English muffins are bomb!  They’re slightly bigger than the average joe muffin (and thus have more calories – 180), are dense, chewy, and just great.  I love how you can taste the seeds and crunch in them.  I love these!!  As I was unpacking my bags tonight, I realized I left my bag with the two peanut butters at work 😦 Guess I’ll be going all weekend without my naturally yours & cookie dough flavors!  I only wonder what my boss will think when she sees that I brought 2 jars of PB to work with me?  haha!

Mid-day, we took a little trip to the beach to walk along the pier:


And also hit up the local Beach Barn which I’m completely obsessed with.  It’s great – they sell tons of locally grown fruits & veggies for pretty good prices!  Almost like a Farmer’s Market.  Plus they have tons of cute little goodies & gifts.  And a candy shop with ice cream and fudge!  I sampled wedding cake & caramel peanut butter fudge 🙂 They also have amazing pies, scones, breads, etc.  Yum!


I picked up a few veggies (zucchini, an onion, cilantro) and some apricots.

They also have animals.  This guy was a beauty!


I snacked a bunch through the morning & mid-day at work (mostly from boredom eating – argh!) on LOTS of almonds, fruit (I ate my weight in fruit – 1/2 pint of blueberries, 4 apricots, strawberries, cherries, 2 clementines, pluot…), and the last of my homemade coleslaw, so I wasn’t too hungry thoughout the day.  But by the time we got home at 4:00 I was starving!  Whipped out my Kashi Tuscan Veggie Bake:



Pretty good!  It was like a veggie lasagna, but minus the cheese.  So I sprinkled some parmesan on top 😀 I loved the smokey flavor.

Once I got off work I went straight to the gym, and then to Farmer’s Market where I had one mission in mind: Get those amazing apricots I picked up the past couple weeks!!  Then I got the bad news – there was not one apricot being sold at Farmer’s!  The lady told me the season’s over 😦 Guess I should go back to the beach barn or to Costco and stock up before they stop selling them too!

Because of my late late lunch, and all my Farmer’s Market samples (a bunch of flavored almonds, and pita samples with about a serving of different hummus flavors), I really wasn’t hungry for dinner.  But I knew I needed to eat something!  Originally I’d planned to grill up another brie quesadilla with my leftover basil, but I didn’t want that large of a meal at 9:00, and I also didn’t feel like making any dirty dishes.  So I decided on toast!  Brie cheese (some under the basil as well), tomato, & basil on a slice of the best bread ever.  Popped it in the toaster oven…mmmmm 🙂


Followed by this little guy I picked up at the Farmer’s Market pie stand:


About a bites worth of apricot pie – I thought I would love it, but not so much.  It had a weird sour taste.

And then I was still craving froyo, so froyo is what I had!  Cake batter froyo with one cookie dough chunk, heath toffee bits & some FF reddi whip (I don’t like normal whipped cream, but I love this stuff!).


Why is my self-serve froyo in a Haagen Dazs container you might ask?  Well I bought the cake batter flavor to freeze (because it’s some of the best thing ever), but the container was pretty large and only about half full.  And I had just finished off this empty container, so WA-LA!  I transferred the froyo into this container to store in the freezer.  Complicated, but it worked out, trust me.  Plus I like eating out of ice cream containers 😉

Today I had originally planned to make another trip to LA (yes third weekend in a row!) to visit one of my old great friends who’s visiting from Colorado.  Rob and I were next door neighbors from 6th grade until junior year of high school when he moved to Colorado.  He was one of the best friends I ever had – he was always there for me, and I loved being able to just wander over at any moment.  I don’t have any old pics on this computer, but this was the earliest I could find:


He visited once or twice during high school, but then I didn’t see him again for over 3 years – when I went to visit him in Colorado 2 years ago:


So now it’s been another 2 years, and he told me his plan to roadtrip out to CA this summer!  YAY!!  The roadtrip plans fell through, but he still planned to fly out to the LA area and wanted me to drive down.  (Why couldn’t he have been in LA either of the last 2 weekends?!  haha).  Since I don’t work at all today, I thought why not?!  Well I let him know earlier this week I’d try to make it down Friday, then I texted him and called him a couple times yesterday – with no answer and no call back.  I’m super bummed because I really wanted to see him 😦 I don’t know if his phone is just dead, or he was really busy, or what’s going on.  I do know he was with one girl who yesterday (who I never got along with), so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.  Bummer 😦 Okay…vent over.

In a way, I’m excited to have the whole day free since I haven’t had one of those days in over 2 weeks (with work, vacations, trips, etc).  I slept in, and woke up dreaming of pancakes!  I decided to try out my new Quaker pancake mix I picked up on sale the other day.  My roommate had also made Raisin Bran muffins that smelled amazing so I helped myself to 1/2 a muffin as well:


Topped with a little PB for my morning nut butter fix 😉 And like 3 cups of coffee.

My knee is slightly more sore than usual, so I know I pushed my run yesterday.  My bunion is also bothering me a bit (weird – it hasn’t hurt me in a while!), so I plan to stay out of my running shoes this morning.  Plan to hit up the pool for a nice swim!  And maybe some lounging around after 🙂 Then I’ll tackle my To-Do list:

  • Gym – swim & tan
  • Clean room (it’s a disaster after 2 weekends of vacations and visitors!)
  • Upload pics to Costco online
  • Costco (Paper towels, pictures, & apricots!)
  • Call friend Jamie and see what she’s up to this weekend! (catch up with old friends!)
  • Scrapbook (haven’t done this in ages and have free time!)

Okay, so it’s not really a “to-do” list, more like a “what I want to accomplish today for fun!” list.  But I honestly haven’t had any free time in so long.  I’m excited!  But still bummed about my friend of course.  Bittersweet…

Here’s a giveway – but don’t forget to mention my name when you leave a comment! 😉

And I don’t know about you, but I’ve been dying to try out the Sunshine burgers after seeing so much hype about them on the blogs!  Luckily there’s a chance to win some coupons for them here!

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Yay done with finals!!  Well…I do still have an online exam due by Friday.  Which I should be studying for right now….whoops!

This morning’s eats: Alpine Valley bread toasted w/ Trader Joe’s flaxseed peanut butter, boysenberry jam, & banana slices.  Plus coffee & almond milk.

Final(!!!) followed by a decent swim.  Sometimes (actually often times) I get a really bad headache while I’m swimming, making me dizzy.  I drink water, and I can’t loosen my goggles anymore or else they flood with water!  So I went as long as I could handle: (pretty similar to my last swim)

  • 1000 yards freestyle (kick with left leg only)
  • 200 yd IM
  • 500 pulling
  • 300 yd IM
  • 600 pulling (with paddles)
  • 300 yd IM
  • 200 pulling cooldown

Total: 60 minutes; 3000 yards

I hurried home, grabbed a snackie-snack:


Goat milk yogurt with fresh bluberries & Kashi Golean cereal.  Okay ladies & gents, I am in love with this yogurt.  It’s definitely different than normal or Greek yogurt.  Has a slight tang.  But I love goats cheese, and this tasted almost exactly like it.  I found it at my local health food organic type store (like a mini Whole Foods), and yes, it’s quite pricy…but I’ll splurge on it in the future.  Does anyone know if Trader’s sells it??

I then met my friend at the local beach barn!!  I adore this place – fresh produce, cute trinkets & gifts…and a candy/ice cream store!!  I picked up some saltwater taffy to go along with my brother’s grad gift.  And had a sample of brown sugar fudge & mocha almond fudge ice cream. 😀

Lunch & snacks throughout the afternoon at work included:

Cedarlane couscous & vegetable wrap.  I stuffed it with some black beans & guacamole from the fridge.  (The dark stuff is old guac – it still tasted good!)


Delicious plum I picked up at the barn.


Couple cups of delisioso coffee + creamer.


Kashi Chocolate Pretzel bar! Verdict is…*mehh*.  It was OK.  I like the caramel one much better.  This one almost had no taste to it?  I was expecting a huge pretzel/salty taste in contrast with the chocolate.  Don’t get me wrong, it was yummy!  But not my fave!  And I think my pack melted/flattened??  It seemed way smaller than normal!  ha.

And an apple on my drive home after work.

Came home to do some last minute laundry, vacuum (my chore for this week), pack, and make some din.

Kashi honey oat waffles made into French toast.  Topped with honey almond cream cheese, PB, & syrup.  Sorry no picture!!  I was eating with the roommate and we chowed down ASAP!

The rest of the night should be fun – we’re heading out downtown for a little Celllllebration!!  I’m not going crazy – I do have to drive home in the AM!  🙂 But it is pint night at our favorite bar ($1 beers!!!) so I will definitely treat myself to a 1 (or 2…).  😉

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Well my afternoon was uneventful enough!  The BBQ corn stand at the beach barn was closed 😦 but I did enjoy a nice cutsie ice cream cone!

IMG_3040-1It was so teensy cute I had to get one!  Perfect bite size for when you don’t want TOO much ice cream!  (Although, when is that ever really the case?!)  It was Irish Mint & Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk.  I also had some fudge samples (Snickerdoodle Cheesecake & Caramel Peanut) before deciding to buy some sherbet flavor for my sister.

Dinner was a Moroccan Inspired Apricot Chicken Whole Wheat couscous dish that I picked up at Target a while ago:


I was slightly turned off by the canned chicken, but it was decent enough.  I added my own sauteed zucchini & onions to beef up the veggies a bit.  Topped with some feta cheese (which totally did not go with the Moroccan flavor!!)


I did realize one thing: oh couscous how I have missed you!  I used to live off you last year and I need to start buying you again!

I had a pretty small portion because I wasn’t too hungry and had a weird stomach ache.  But now, after a 35 min “walk”/stroll, I’m a bit hungry again!  Will most likely finish off my night with a big mug (or 2!) of hot chocolate, Desperate Housewives season finale, and some type of snacky-snack.  Pumpkin smoothie anyone??

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