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Silver Lining

Happy Halloween!!  Ghost


My whiteboard creation – that would be a witch, mummy, bat, pumpkin, ghost, grave (with hands sticking out from the ground), vampire, and warewolf.  Talent right there.

I’m currently running on 5 hours of sleep…5 hours for the past two nights combined. 

Friday we watched a movie and I didn’t get into bed until 2 am.

Last night we went out to the bars, and I didn’t get into bed until 3 am.

Don’t ask how I got up at 5 this morning.  I’m just thankful that I did.

The past few days have been full of tons of treats.  Such as obligatory candy


Splurge cookies that I’ve had my eye on


You know you secretly like those frosted sugar cookies.


Now imagine them in pumpkin!


Fun drinks (+ wayyyy too many other drinks last night Winking smile )



I wanted to make these Candy Corn Martinis last year, but everywhere was sold out of candy corn!  They were okay.  I’m not a vodka person, and they were a bit strong.  But interesting to make!

The other night, we also went to dinner for a friend’s birthday where we literally devoured 3 bowls of chips amongst the 3 of us at our table.  Fast.  Plus a huge soda cup.


I got a massive and amazingly delicious fajita chicken taco salad.  This picture actually makes it look small.  But it was huge.  I only managed half after all those chips Winking smile Leftovers!



Last night was tons of fun.  I ended up dressing up as….


The Tin Man!!  Unfortunately I didn’t get a single full body shot of my costume Sad smile I’m saddened.  Here’s the only front view (and I’m oddly sitting, so my tutu is sticking out at a weird angle).


I was standing in the background of one picture, so it’s blurry and an odd picture, but you get the ideaWinking smile


My sister made the tutu, and then I made the hat.  Although the hat ended up falling off halfway through the night, and I also lost my heart.  So by the end of the night I was just a silver ballerina.  Haha.


What were you for Halloween?  What did you do this weekend to celebrate?


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Guess what I have been enjoying lately?

Pumpkin smoothies!!


In giant mugs no less.


With swirls of chocolate syrup.


When I first started making these back in my sophomore year of college, I’d have one every night (no joke).  Often times twice a day.  Such a simple recipe:

  • 1 cup milk of choice (or part milk, part water)
  • Huge scoops of pumpkin
  • Cinnamon and/or pie spice
  • Maple syrup or sweetener
  • Ice

Blend and enjoy!!  Best topped with whipped cream.

And now…

A Flashback Friday post??  Well…sure, why not Winking smile

I know I’ve already done a Halloween costume flashback last year (in fact – it was my first Flashback Friday post!), but….I thought I’d do it again to remind you Winking smile

I only have pictures of the past 5 years on this computer.  But I can tell you what I’ve been!

Junior year (of high school) – Mary Kate Olsen (my friend was Ashley)

Senior year – “Taylor the Sailor”.  Yes – I pinned a sign that said that to my shirt

Freshman year (of college) – a polar bear.



Sophomore year – a fairy when I visited my friend in Santa Barbara.



Night#2 at a party back at school, I was an Indian:


And an Eskimo on actual Halloween night (it was on a Tuesday that year).


And for you’re enjoyment, some pre-party getting ready dancing Winking smile



Junior year – Minnie Mouse!  And sporting my marathon necklace Smile


I found my twin!!


Senior year – Indiana Jones (on the far right)


This was my first Halloween bars experience – it was crowded!!


Then I was Santa the next night.  It was actually November 1st, yet still “Haloween Weekend.”  We assumed people would be dressed up again.  We thought wrong.  It was slightly awkward….oh well!


Last year, my house braved it, and had our own party!  We had a blast decorating…


Making the jungle juice….


Getting ready together…We seriously had no idea what we were getting into. 


I was a gangster/mobster, by the way.


But it was lots of fun!!


The next night, I was a pumpkin when we went to the bars. 



What was your best/favorite/most creative Halloween costume you’ve ever been?

I seriously come up with costume ideas a year in advance.  I always have too many ideas and then know what I want to be next year.  Or as I’m shopping throughout the year, I see something and think “that would be great for a costume!”  That’s exactly how my Fairy (saw the dress at Walmart and thought Fairy!), Indian (saw the dress at Target and thought “Indian!”), and Minnie costumes (saw the shirt at Target and thought “Minnie!”) came to be.

In 5th grade, I was a picnic blanket.  I literally had a blanket over me with plastic food, plates, and even ants glued on.  I’ll find a picture and show you, I swear.  I loved being “Taylor the Sailor” – got a few laughs on that one.  I also loved being Indiana Jones because I love Indiana.  And that whip got a few comments Winking smile lol.

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Cookies & Nuts

Yes.  That’s as creative a title as you’re gonna get.


It’s been a while since I baked my favorite cookies.  When a friend’s birthday came up, I had the perfect excuse Winking smile


However, when it came time to mix in the chips, I realized I had no chocolate chips.  I had debated buying chocolate chips the other day at the store, and I ended up putting them back on the shelf.  I guess I thought I had decided to buy them?  Not sure…

But I did have cinnamon chips!


Seriously – make.  these. cookies.  Life changing!  I definitely had a good 3 cookies worth of dough.  And probably 3 cookies of actual cookies.  And that was just in the afternoon.  So addicting.

I also think they make excellent post-run food.


I mean, made with oats, whole wheat flour, and canola oil – it’s like a super sugary energy bar cookie, right?



I’ve also decided that these make an awesome pre, post, & during (?? I’d stop during a run for these babies) run snack as well.


A seriously 100% impulse buy at Costco.  I’m usually so good at avoiding these.

Best cinnamon almonds ever.  No joke.



Would you like some running talk?  Okay.

My run yesterday was great.  4.5 miles.  And today was another 4.5 miles.  Both were okay – nothing great, but not horrible.  Just normal runs.

And that’s good Smile However, my knees, and left ankle are slightly bothering me.  As is my left inner shin at times.  I did get refitted for new orthotics, and I’m hoping that’s the solution here.  According the orthotics doctor (what are they called?), my ankle is rolling inward and my feet are just overcoming my current orthotics.  And my shoes aren’t super supportive.  So without the support of orthotics, I do think I’m feeling the pain from that.

I hope.

I just am not looking forward to buying another set of expensive orthotics :-/. Boo.

In din-din news….

Dinner was semi-homemade. 

Enter this rice:


These beans:


And this sausage:


Which I was really sad to see has lamb casing.  Boo.  Oh well Sad smile


Give you this:


Yes….there were veggies and sausage under there.  Very good.  But very salty.



I can’t believe I haven’t asked….what are you all being for Halloween this year?!?!  I love love love Halloween and dressing up!  But you’ll have to wait and see what my costume is Winking smile

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Long Lost Love

First – I’m so sorry for being MIA for days – my computer has had a few issues, and still doesn’t seem to be quite over it yet.  Roar.  Sometimes it turns on.  Sometimes it doesn’t.  I’m trying not to use it for too long, and I need to spend most of my computer time researching dietetic internships (which is stressing me out beyond belief), so I may be around randomly for now Sad smile


I’ve also been pretty under the weather.  I really don’t get seriously sick, besides a cold (knock on wood).  This time my whole body just ached and I just wanted to curl up.  I felt dizzy, lightheaded, about to faint at times, and all around awful all weekend. That part seems to be gone now, but now I’m stuck with a cough and some congestion. 


Anyways, enough complaining.  This week I had to say bye to 2 close people thing in my life. 

Mr. Maple


And Mr. Chocolate


Now, these 2 were very close.  So it was only fitting that they went within a week of each other.


With swirls of goodness



We left on good terms.


Although I’m still sad to see them go.

And I’ve been surviving without nut butter in my pantry for a good week now.



I’m going to attempt to run today.  How long?  Well that depends on how I feel.  My two 3-mile runs in the past week have been sh*t, but that’s okay.

I’m at the point where I’m not training, and running should be done for fun, short cardio fitness, stress relief, etc.  And if I’m not up for a run – don’t run.

Today I want to run, and I hope it goes well.  My body is no longer achy, nor do I have a headache. 

I’m also starting to do strength training again.  With work, I barely had time to fit in my runs, let alone strength training.  But I know strength (especially ab strength) is very important in running and injury prevention. I also miss the way I felt from strength training.  Not to mention a little more muscle Winking smile.

I only wish I belonged to a gym at this point.  $$$!! Sad smile 


Okay, I’ve been on this computer long enough, and I should get off before it combusts.


PS: this is what happens when you try and transfer a pumpkin cupcake in the car.


I tried.  And failed even more.


The frosting ended up all over the container Sad smile


But that didn’t stop me from licking it off Winking smile

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If I thought I was hungry the day of my half, I was possibly even more hungry the day after!  I literally ate every 2 hours, if not more. 

9:45 (luckily my job let me sleep in!) – whole wheat waffles topped with syrup & pumpkin cream cheese.


Mmmm cream cheese.  Who says it’s just for bagels?


With a small bit of Voskos Greek yogurt with pumpkin butter swirled in.


11:30 rolled around, and my appetite was high!  I had a small bit of a pesto turkey sandwich at work.  About half of a half…so pretty much a 1/4.


And then made my real lunch at 12:30 – Trader Joe’s black bean and corn enchiladas. 


There was no sour cream in the house, so instead I sprinkled it with feta cheese.  Which was a brilliant idea.


See the Diet Coke there in the background? 

Okay – let’s just pretend you didn’t.


Oh heyyyy.  Whats up.


My, what attractive bling you’re sporting.


I actually wasn’t super hungry come 2:30, but I needed a snack pre-work.

Bagel thin with strawberry jam


and pumpkin cream cheese.


But of course I was starving at work about 4:30.  I snagged some trail mix and chowed it down fast.


At 6:30, we breaked for dinner.  Nothing too appetizing on the hot foods bar, I stuck with a salad.  As my co-workers said “the mother of all salads.”.  Hey – I like ‘em big. (mixed greens, blue cheese, kidney beans, beets, pickles, sunflower seeds, raspberry dressing).


And a ton of rice.  I said I wanted a lot.  And they listened.  (Full size plate, btw)


8:30 rolled around, and 2 hours post-dinner I was hungry…right on schedule!

Apple (2x what’s shown – I already ate a few slices!) with laughing cow cheese, and peanut flour dip.


And around 11:30 I got out of bed after trying to fall asleep on an empty tummy.  It wasn’t working.

Cereal to the rescue!!



And then I was out like a light.  I assume we’re talking a burnt out light here.


Official race photos are in!  If I had known the color theme of the race was going to be hot pink, I’m not quite sure I would’ve worn it.  I definitely blend in!  not too many great pics – I’m rather small in a lot of them.

Front and center:

Raise the roof!


Right in the middle:


Almost done!  Holding onto my Ghiradelli chocolate as well.  That’s what’s important.


Right under the clock…clapping? haha


So hardcore…she told me to pose this way…not quite sure why.


More natural.  If you call standing stiffly with a fake smile natural.



I’m going to be honest here – as I was looking at these today, I wasn’t all too happy.  I said to myself that they weren’t “very flattering” and I found myself getting down on how I looked in these pictures.  (I’ve mentioned how I’ve recently had a good amount of weight gain, and how I’m dealing with that).  I was kind of put off by these.  I knew it wasn’t good of me to think these thoughts, but I couldn’t help it.

Later I realized how incredibly awful I was for critiquing myself the way I did.  These pictures demonstrate me running 13 miles for crying out loud.  And here I was critiquing my body.  These pictures prove the strength and stamina that my body has to offer.  How dare I think poorly of it? 

Just a little something I realized this afternoon…

Tell me one (or more!) thing your proud of your body recently accomplishing Smile

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I did it!  I ran the farthest I’ve ran in over 1 1/2 years, with no foot pain, and minimal knee pain!  Open-mouthed smile

That’s not to say I’m no in pain now.  My legs are definitely stiff, and my hips are sore!!  A sure sign that I need to work on strengthening my hips more.  But we’ll worry about that tomorrow, or another day Winking smile


My mom and I arrived pretty late to the expo on Saturday.  After standing in line for a while, we finally entered the tent at 4:30.  I definitely encountered a few problems during the trip.

First, I couldn’t find my college ID (remember – I registered with the college student special).  They almost didn’t give me my bib number.  Then I found it – thank goodness.  A few things went wrong the next morning, but I’ll get to that!

Okay, I don’t want to complain here – but the expo was horrible.  I knew it wasn’t a great expo to begin with.  But this year, we literally got our bag (which I love, and am so happy I got a pink one), with 1 mini Luna bar and 1 sample bag of Kashi crackers.  That’s all the expo had to offer.  Oh – we did get a Safeway smoothie sample.  In previous years at least we’d gotten free Jamba Juice, Luna moons, Clif shots..I’ve walked away from the expo with 10 mini bags of Bare Naked granola before!  Oh well, moving on….

The new slogan of the race:


I like it better than the “Run Like a Girl” slogan they’ve had in the past.

Since it was late 5:30, and we were both trying to rest our feet, we didn’t shop around much.  Just went straight for some grub.

Chipotle, because that’s how us cheap women roll.


What a beast.  Bed of lettuce, black beans, rice, chicken, fajita veggies, pico de gallo, and corn salsa.  Guacamole was in a container on the side so I could eat it throughout the salad.  Don’t ever think I don’t get guac at Chipotle.  I don’t disappoint like that.  Plus chips on the side for more carb consumption, of course.

I also had an apple + PB, 2 hot chocolates, and a small chocolate piece back at the hotel that night.


The next day went a little something like this:

5:50 – wake up.  Slightly on the late side.  I thought I could handle it.  Wrong.  Turn on coffee machine

6:00 – Go to get cup of coffee and notice there is no coffee in the pot.  However, the machine is sitting in a lake of coffee.  Great.

6:05 – slightly panic.  I need caffeine.  Call front desk to send up new pot and new thing of coffee. 

6:10 – Eat.  Toast bread x2:


6:15 – Make new pot of coffee.  Strong coffee.  To get in maximum caffeine in as little liquid as possible.

6:20 – Can’t find my body glide.  Anywhere.  Research substitutions.  Result to smearing lotion on my arms.  And pray there’s vaseline early on in the race.

6:30 – Chug cooled coffee.

6:40 – Try to go to the bathroom one last time.  Fail.  Oh crap.  No pun intended.

6:50 – make my way onto the street (our hotel was literally next to the start line).  Try to forge my way to the front of the 9:00-9:59 section.  Street is blocked.  Fail.

6:55 – Go the back way.  Get stuck in the back of the 9:59 pacers.  Oh well.

7:00 – Start!

7:05 – waiting…..

7:07 – still waiting….music, cheering, excitement going on…

7:08 – moving!!  I seriously started to tear up with excitement and disbelief that I was there!

7:11 – Cross start line.

Miles 1-3: Stuck behind tons of slower people.  Frustrated.  Averaging 10-11:00 minute miles.  Try to breathe and soak in the experience.  I walked for 45 seconds at mile 2 and mile 3.

Mile 4: Still frustrated at being around slower paced people than I want, I try and realize it’s not the end of the world.  Enjoying the race, and knowing I won’t PR, I stop for a photo op!  Plus a 45 second walk break.


Mile 5: Take vanilla Gu.  I planned to take it at mile 6, but I knew mile 6 is a hill, and I’d rather take it before the hill.  Plus I was already at around 50 minutes.

Mile 6-8: HILLS!!!  I’m not going to lie, I really like hills.  Really.  I love powering up there, and the relief once you get to the top. 

Mile 8: Dodge orange peels.

Mile 10: Downhilllll.  I think this was the downhill mile.  Or it was sometime around now.  I took 2 clif shot blocks (that they handed out on the course) before going downhill.

Mile 11: It wasn’t nearly as packed on the course now, and I was able to pick up my speed.  Only 2 more miles to go, and I was feeling good, so I definitely wanted to pick it up!

Mile 12: Chocolate mile sign!  Chocolate?  Where?  I almost missed the chocolate mile!  Luckily I grabbed one from someone at the last minute and held onto it.  No way was I slowing down to eat chocolate now….sorry!  I looked at my watch and it said 2:02.  I would’ve loved to come in under 2 hours, but that didn’t happen.  So I decided to try and make it under 2:10. 

Mile 12-13: Sprinttttt.  Ready, GO!  Wait…are those rain drops?

Mile 13-13.1: Finish line in sight!  I went at it so hard, I really started to feel nauseous during that last little bit….but….then…finish!!!!!

Official finish time: 2:10:17 (darn so close!)

However, my Garmin told me I went 13.16 miles.  So if I go by that…technically I very well might have ran 13.1 in under 2:10 Winking smile


Garmin splits:

  • Mile 1: 10:23
  • Mile 2: 10:00
  • Mile 3: 10:50
  • Mile 4: 10:49
  • Mile 5: 9:33
  • Mile 6: 10:33 <—huge hill the entire mile
  • Mile 7: 10:57
  • Mile 8: 9:10 <— uphill
  • Mile 9: 10:33 <—uphill…again
  • Mile 10: 9:33
  • Mile 11: 9:17
  • Mile 12: 9:14
  • Mile 13: 8:09 (told you I still had it left in me Winking smile)
  • Mile 13-13.1: 7:34

Elevation chart (if interested):

Elevation Map

(Since this is for the full marathon, there actually was no big incline at the end of the half)

Oh….why hello.



Thanks for my Tiffany’s Mr. Fireman!


This is by far my favorite out of all the years I’ve done it.  My other 2:


I can’t find the one from 2006 when I walked the half, but it wasn’t too pretty.  It honestly reminded me of a bottle cap.

One thing I have noticed about these necklaces is that they tarnish and get very dinged up looking very fast.  The background behind the runners on my marathon one (on the right) tarnished within days. 

I love my mom’s from when she walked the full in 2005.  Any runner would want this one.:



Sadly, I don’t have that one.  I’m jealous.

Anyways…back to race day.  I got my goodies, and went to stand in line to get my picture taken.  I’ve never done this before, and I also had a good 1 1/2 hours to wait around for my mom to finish.  Standing in line is where I ran into this lady!  She was standing right behind me, and tapped me on the back, recognizing me from the blog.  Congrats Hillary on your PR!!

I ate a banana, drank a few sips of chocolate milk, and some Gatorade recover while waiting.

After some photography posing, I headed to the medical tent to ice my knees and foot.


It was freeeezing, by the way, and it had started pouring while I was in the tent.  I immediately headed to the stretching tent where I foam rolled, and stretched.  Hence the name – stretching tent.

Ate a protein Luna bar (peanut butter flavor.  Not my fave.  But I was hungry!!).

Then stood in line in the rain for a massage.  Mmm felt nice.

Finally I met up with my mom, where we caught up for 5 minutes.  Then I left her to catch the shuttle back to our hotel.  She waited for my dad who was picking her up and they were leaving straight for Sacramento (another story).

I then stood in line for an hour waiting for the bus.  In the freezing rain.  Crazy crazy cold!! 

On the bus, I ate another banana – yes 3 bananas all before 1:00.  Call me crazy.  Or call me a runner.


Back at my hotel, I showered and got so fresh and so clean in the locker rooms.  Then hauled my suitcase down to the shopping mall area, where I sat and ate some grub before catching BART (basically a subway that runs around the bay area).

Thank goodness I decided to go for this Thai place in the food court because you will never guess what they had –

Pumpkin curry chicken.  Oh yes.  Yes they did.


I also got garlic pepper chicken, which was bomb.


Now you see it.


Now you don’t.


HUGE plate, by the way.

It was 2:00 pm.  I figured this would hold me over a good 4 hours right?

I figured wrong.

I was hungry when I got home at 3:50.  Where I grabbed handfuls of this bad boy:


On my way out of town, I had a snack dinner?  It was 5:45.


So this beast weighed in at 15.0 on the scale.  In my head, I thought it was 1.5 pounds.  I was shocked.  But somewhat proud. 

Heck yes I just got myself a 1.5 pound yogurt.

Is it sad I was slightly disappointed when I realized it was only 15 ounces?  Still a beast of a yogurt though.


Pumpkin pie + vanilla wafer flavors.

I knew I would get hungry on the road, and packed a snack dinner part 2.



No no.  Just awfully photographed cottage cheese + nectarine.  In a frosting container.


And once back at…home?…school?  (I really don’t know what to call this place anymore). I had a bowl mug of cereal.


Well. Guess I can say I got my fiber in for the day.

I like how most people have post-celebratory big race dinners.  And I had froyo, cottage cheese, and cereal.  Gotta love it.

So, that was my day, race, and eats in a nutshell rather long post.

All in all, I felt awesome during the race.  My knees were a bit achy.  But not bad at all.  I do wish I could have kept up a faster pace, but I just got stuck.  Sometimes I seriously felt like I could have been walking faster than I was running.  But I knew from the beginning I wouldn’t beat my PR of 1:53.  I was just happy to be out there! 

I also only walked about 4-5 times for 30 seconds during the entire race.  I’m not lying when I said I actually forgot to walk.  During the mile 6-9 hilly sequence, I was so caught up in the hills that I forgot to take walk breaks.  It was all fine in the end – I really only started doing long runs with walk breaks to ease back into running.  But I felt good!  Funny enough, one of my biggest regrets is not getting more pictures.  It was only me and my mom with an Iphone camera, so we obviously didn’t take many!


But now…I can’t wait for my next race!!  Thank you for all your guys’ support and encouragement throughout my injury and training.  You guys are the best Open-mouthed smile

And stay tuned for what I ate the day after my half Winking smile

Did you race this weekend?  How’d you do?  Brag your story away!!

What do you “Run to be?”

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Thank You Knee

Warning: Wordy post ahead!!  And sorry to be so dramatic, I’m just so happy to be running this  Rolling on the floor laughing (I’m not sure why I made my smiley crooked.  He just…..is).  I’m currently in SF enjoying the expo and time with my mom.  See you tomorrow!!


Many of you, but not all of you, know the history of my knee injury.  I first talked about it a bit here, but to those of you who don’t know the history, here’s a brief recap:


I was training for my second marathon (SD rock & roll) last year, and in March of 2009, I began to feel slight knee pain/stiffness.  Nothing horrible, just a little something off.  It gradually got worse to the point where I decided to take a few days off of running.  When it didn’t improve, I extended my time off.  The week turned into weeks, which turned into months, which turned into a year-long battle.

I cross trained.

I stretched.

I rested.

I saw 3 normal doctors, 2 orthopedics multiple times, 3 physical therapists.

I got an x-ray and 2 MRIs done (first one here)6

Doctors weren’t helping.  They all said different things.  Both MRI’s came back with “mild inflammation” and “rest” was the “cure.”  Sure I rested.  But every time I tried to slowly incorporate any type of activity (swimming, elliptical, biking, walking) – my knee hurt.  It even hurt while resting.  I seriously gave up all hope of ever running again.  I came to face the fact that I might have to live with short 3 mile treadmill runs the rest of my life and deal with an aching knee.

Then in January 2010, I saw a physical therapist who thought my problem stemmed from weak hips.  She started me on hip strengthening, and introduced me to foam rolling.  It helped, but it still wasn’t nearly better.  She also recommended massage therapy, so I began a chain of massages that actually eventually really did seem to help get out the knots in my legs (though I’m sure foam rolling helped in this as well).

And then in March 2010, I went to get new shoes.  Keep in mind, I have insanely high arches which collapse, and also over-pronate.  So I’ve been running in high stability shoes along with orthotics (to help my bunion).  I was told that was way too much support, and was put into a lighter stability shoe along with my orthotics.

I began to run again – slowly, of course.  I was shocked when there was hardly any pain.  Slowly (slowly!!) I increased my running, all while foam rolling, icing, and wearing a knee brace.  Could this really be happening? Could I really be able to run again?

Before I knew it, I signed up for half-marathon 6 months out.  I was worried I was rushing ahead of myself too much, but I had such high hopes.

And here I am! 

I’ve had occasional slight knee pain since I’ve started running again 6 months ago, but nothing nothing in comparison. 

During my injury, I always dreamed of the day I would run another race, and said to myself if that ever happened, I would seriously kneel down and cry.  (Dramatic much?). 

Tomorrow is that day.  And I can’t believe I’m able to do it again.  I learned to appreciate every mile I run, and not overdo it.  Rest is important when you feel a slight injury or weird feeling. 

Thank you knee for giving me this opportunity again Smile




1. So while I’m out running my half marathon, tell me?  Have you ever dealt with an injury and what did you learn from it?

I’ve struggled with plantar fasciitis years ago, a calf injury after my marathon, bunions, this knee injury, my weird side abdominal injury, and now more plantar fasciitis (or some weird heel pain?).  Injuries seem to love me!


2. What has your most meaningful race been?

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