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Viva Las Vegas

Yes – predictable title 😉

So I’m back from Spring Break (okay, I’ve been back since Saturday night, but I’ve been recovering, unpacking and cleaning 😉 ).

Guys, I’m sorry if this is massive picture overload, but time for the story of Las Vegas….

Left Thursday morning and hit the road for the 7-8 hour drive!

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Got the dancing started early 😉

25185 412158845820 507740820 5589309 7031748 n

What are you talking about we have too much luggage for only 4 people. 4 girls in Vegas – hello?!?!

25185 412158900820 507740820 5589310 2648185 n

On the walk to dinner the first night.

25185 412158915820 507740820 5589311 4711885 n

[insert giant lion above us in this picture. He was cut out]

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24984 377858776909 729271909 4305805 4057723 n

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IMG 6904

Came back to the hotel, and got ready for night numero one!

25185 412159510820 507740820 5589341 7990533 n

IMG 6867

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No limo for us the first night, but we did get a nice bus!

IMG 6864-1

IMG 6866-1

And headed to the Veneitian for Tao.

25185 412160610820 507740820 5589400 4748908 n

The next day we explored Las Vegas!

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25185 412160850820 507740820 5589412 6528827 n

26403 1286305912296 1069590057 30654788 6712723 n

26403 1286306072300 1069590057 30654792 1781584 n

25787 392531865072 629490072 3929742 3425791 n

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26403 1286306192303 1069590057 30654795 4190663 n

25185 412160410820 507740820 5589391 7782597 n

Hit the pool

IMG 6900

Had some dinner (exhausted – yes we were)

IMG 6907

25787 392531985072 629490072 3929760 4815363 n

And got ready for night number 2!

IMG 6908

We didn’t think we could do it. Our feet were killing us from the night before (hello blisters!). Minutes before getting ready, we were lying on the beds watching America’s Next Top Model. Seriously haha.

IMG 6918

Cool entrance to the club where we thought peace signs were necessary?

25185 412160995820 507740820 5589420 5903128 n

I’m obsessed with this picture. Wish I was in it 😉

IMG 7000

And then this is what happens to your foot when you wear brand new $20 Target heels two nights in a row.

26403 1286308712366 1069590057 30654843 7889856 n

Foot will not be seeing the inside of a shoe for a while now. So not sure what I’ll be doing about the gym! :-/

And that is the (shortened PG-version 😉 ) of Vegas. It was crazy fun and quite the experience! You must go at least one time. So weird and quite the funny experience to see stumbling drunks in the middle of the day…haha. Unfortunately, we didn’t see everything we wanted to see – no shows, no Bellagio fountain (while it was on), no Vegas sign. But that just gives us reason to go back!

My body is seriously still in recovery mode from all the alcohol and food. Not lying. Still bloated/swollen/stomach aches going on – I want to head to the gym so badly! I’ll attempt a swim today.

How has the past week been for everyone else? Fun spring break stories (for those who’ve been on break)??


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And I’m Off!

I’m hitting the road tomorrow morning for VEGAS!! So I wanted to do one quick post before I left and let you all know I won’t be around for the next few days (not that I’ve been posting much during this break at home anyways!).

Freshman year (2005), I traveled to Vegas for the first time for New Years Eve!

IMG 0044

It was pretty sweet, because my friend’s family got everything comped. So pretty much everything was paid for (hotel – MGM, food, room service, and buffet!)

IMG 0127

At the Coca-Cola store (where I had to get a picture with this guy. You know I love polar bears!)

IMG 0118

The next day was NYE! We celebrated a bit in the hotel, and then paraded around the strip!

IMG 0042

IMG 0074

IMG 01941

So even though this is technically my second time to Vegas, I feel like it’s my first. As a little freshman, I couldn’t go to any exciting clubs 😉 And I didn’t play “tourist” much since my friends traveled there all the time!

I’ll be back Saturday (or maybe Sunday, depending on how tired I am) with pictures and a recap! 😀

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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So the reason I’ve been so out of blogging – I’m home 😉 My schedule is always so out of wack while at home.

One thing I do want to acknowledge is my sister’s 21st birthday yesterday!! It’s a little belated, but Happy Birthday Paige!!

We fought like crazy when we were younger, but started to get a bit closer once I left for college. Since then we’ve only gotten closer. We text each other probably an average of 30 times per day (thank you unlimited!) with just every random detail or thought from our life. We pretty much have the same brain 😉 When I’m with her I never fail to laugh my head off. She is one of my best friends ever and I know I have a best friend for life 😀

n6411653 36959808 4423

From little tots (as little as I have on the computer at least 😉 )


Cold Paige?? hehe


To the mature people we are today

n6411653 36825725 8615

n6411653 36825727 9169

We just have fun 😀

We’ve been through multiple graduations – from mine in 2005


Hers in 2007


My sister Mackie’s from middle school in 2008.

IMG 2360

DSC 0141

n6411653 36846692 7394

Lunch Pub



IMG 6262

IMG 6265


I swear…we really do love each other.

Really…we do 😉


Happy [day late] birthday Paigie!!

In more foodie related news, I was excited to come home because I had a special package waiting for me! My secret bloggie valentine was sent to my home address rather than my school address. But it gave me something to look forward to 😉

IMG 6854

Eeee check out the goodies! Hot cocoa (obviously I love), DCD PB, some Justin’s nut butter (um obsessed!! And so excited to try the cinnamon flavor), some stationary (it’s beautiful!), chocolate coffee Larabar (sounds delish!), and a strength training book. Thanks so much Lisa!! You are too sweet 😀

In other food related news, I got to hit up Whole Foods today!! I got some good looking things, but any other Whole Foods recommendations?? I’m sure there’s so much more I didn’t see, so I might head back again on my way out of town if there are some good recommendations! So let me know people – favorite Whole Foods goods?

I did pick up this maple scone while there.

IMG 6856

Deeeelicious. I loved how it was lighter and more flaky than maple scones I’ve had in the past. Yum.

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Bee Happy

Well guys, I am officially 100% DONE and GRADUATED! I had my last presentation today and submitted my take-home final online. So it is not official.

It doesn’t feel at all like I’ve graduated. The whole ceremony isn’t until June, so I won’t be walking in my cap & gown until then. But I guess I have…graduated? Weird.  And for those of you who were wondering, I’m still staying here at school for the next quarter (until June) and working.  I couldn’t imagine leaving all my roommates, and I have 2 nannying jobs here vs at home where I’d have to look for work.  I am looking for more work here though.  My 13-16 hours a week between the 2 families will not cut it!!

Breakfast (before class) consisted of:

  • Banana cream pie yogurt (Lucerne/Safeway brand)
  • Nature’s Path strawberry yogurt cereal
  • Life cereal maple flavor
  • Justin’s honey PB
  • Flaxseed almond butter

IMG 6838

This yogurt was delicious. Not fake tasting at all! I’ll definitely be buying banana flavor in the future. The containers look like this (sold at Safeway/Vons), but banana pie flavored.



Speaking of yogurt, I really enjoyed Gina’s post on choosing a yogurt. People often times think yogurt is healthy no matter what. But most flavored yogurts are overladen with tons of added sugar. Often times even more than ice cream or “sweets”! Although I prefer plain yogurt (as does much of blogworld I believe!), I sometimes do enjoy a flavored yogurt, but I usually opt for the “light” flavors. My favorite is Lucerne brand – it contains sucralose, but not aspartame. It’s a personal choice, but all is good in moderation! 🙂

After class I was starving, and I chowed down this bar in a flash.

IMG 0626-1

Upon unwrapping, I was unimpressed. I was kind of put off by the white “frosting”. How does frosting play into a PB&J? I planned to eat half before my swim, but it was smaller than I thought and I was sooo hungry.

IMG 0625-1

Sweet and tasty, but I probs won’t be purchasing again.

I then celebrated my freedom with a swim. However I had a pounding headache so I kept it really short (only 20 minutes).

  • 500 yards freestyle
  • 2 x 250 yards pull (with paddles)

Once home, I grilled up a boca burger on Mr. Foreman. I also had some bell peppers that I wanted to use before I left, so I grilled those too. On a whole wheat sandwich thin with spicy mustard, ketchup, and some mixed greens.

IMG 6839

Those bell peppers were a great addition!

Dinner is called “going out of town tomorrow and I’m clearing out my freezer” type of meal. Oh – and I was craving comfort food.

Nature’s path maple waffles (best ones ever). One was topped with AB&J (almond butter & jelly), and the other with granola. Both with syrup (duh).

IMG 6843-1

And a 2-egg white puff topped with cheese and ketchup (duh again).

IMG 6844-1

Awww he’s happy.

I was still hungry, and still had food that would go bad, so I sauteed my other bell pepper in sesame oil and made agiant (no joke) salad with this new dressing I got for $1 (dolla dolla yo!).

IMG 6846

Yummm. A+!

IMG 6845

I love this bowl 😀

IMG 6847-1

Dang. My dinner definitely knows what’s up. I had every right to be happy today 😀

Tomorrow morning I plan to be on the road home by 9:00. I’ll catch up with you all once home in the (SF) bay area!

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Pinch Me

Happy Saint Patty’s Day!!

Are you rockin’ the green today?

Because I sure am! (My eyebrow is ridiculously high in this picture, but I swear I wasn’t surprised by the camera)

IMG 6833

Yes – we sure do.

My kiddos sported green as well.

IMG 6824-1

As well as the stunnas.

I actually planned to hit up the bars today at 6 am for a green beer. Yup. I was going to be one of those college peeps 😀 I’ve never done it, and when else would I get the chance right?

But then my roommate got sick and can’t drink now. And I realized I worked at 8:30 am. FAIL. Oh well. I chose to drive down the streets of downtown on my way to work and check out the stumbling drunks and long lines in front of the bars instead. If you can’t join ’em, laugh at them, right? 😉


IMG 6822

In my overnight oats –

  • 1/4 cup muesli + 1/3 cup oat bran + 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 2 T chia seeds
  • Cinnamon
  • 1 T honey peanut butter (mixed in)
  • Topped off with this morning:
    • Nature’s Path strawberry & yogurt cereal
    • Maple Life
    • Almond butter

IMG 6823

Oh so delicious.

Morning snack at work was strange. Half a sandwich thin and carrots dipped into pasta sauce. I had some remnants of pasta sauce in the fridge. Sandwich thin I grabbed out the door. And carrots without dip. I really shouldn’t even try to explain this one.

IMG 6828

El luncho – yet another frozen meal. This one of Safeway’s Eating Right brand. Reminded me a lot of the Lean Cuisine thai noodles from last week. But nope, not nearly as good. This one was very bland and almost tasteless.

IMG 6826-1

IMG 6827-1

Sorry Safeway, but brand name wins out.

I then proceeded to burn my palm on this mug. Microwave safe, my unmentionable behinds. I like the inscription though 🙂

IMG 6831

I guess a burned palm is what you get for gorging yourself on 3 cups of half-caff coffee. Damn.

I ended up getting off work 3 hours early. Obviously she doesn’t realize I need money for slutty dresses and booze innocent Vegas fun.

I came home and honestly wasn’t too hungry. So I kept snacking on mini-esque “meals”.

First up, leftover roasted broccoli (topped with ketchup after this shot).

IMG 6679

And a little later had some light Campbells Italian-style soup sprinkled with cheese. With a sandwich thin toasted for dipping.

IMG 6692-1

And then kettle corn while watching American Idol.

IMG 0623

A couple spoonfuls of PB may also have been consumed.

Now I’m still trying to decide if I should head home tomorrow directly after my final presentation, or just wait until Friday.

How did you all celebrate the holiday?

I realized I only ate one green thing today – broccoli! Ha. So festive of me 😉

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Senior project is done and turned in!!

IMG 6721-1

This has definitely been one of the best finals weeks ever. Both yesterday and today have consisted of basking in the hot rays for hours. Got a little Vegas shopping in at Forever 21 tonight (yes – going to Vegas next week!!). And Chipotle for dinner!

Chipotle finally opened up here in SLO a couple weeks ago, and we figured the hype had finally died down a bit so it wouldn’t be super crowded.

Vegetarian salad with black beans, sauteed onions & bell peppers, extra pico de gallo, corn salsa relish, and guacamole.

IMG 0617-1

I got the vegetarian JUST to get free guacamole, and this Chiptole skimped on the guac. Usually they load that beast on!

This morning I woke up not hungry, so enjoyed a cup (or 3) of delicious coffee while blog reading.

IMG 6816-1

Still not hungry, and with a slight stomach ache, I grabbed a small breakfast on my way out the door to a nanny interview.

Whole wheat bagel thin – Justin’s honey PB & Crofter’s superfruit spread. That little corner of white stuff is cream cheese. Then I ran out. Oh well – I tried!

IMG 6817

1 1/2 hours later, my hunger caught up to me and arrived home starving. I George Formaned another bagel thin with turkey, cheese, and BBQ sauce.

IMG 6818-1

IMG 6819-1

Plus kabocha squash on the side.

IMG 6820

While finishing up my project post-sun time, I snacked on these cinnamon almond cookie bites. They give a funky aftertaste. But are okay to munch on.

IMG 0616

Turned in that 25 page project (yeah-yuh!!), and hit up the pool for a quick 30 minute swim.

  • 500 freesyle
  • 500 freestyle pulling with paddles
  • 100 IM
  • 100 freestyle
    (repeat above IM/freestyle sequence 3 times)
  • 100 cooldown

I’m so glad I made myself go, because I was not feelin’ it at all. And I was this close to just saying “screw it!”. But I knew I’d regret not going more than I’d regret actually swimming – you know?

Swimming made me a hungry fishie, and I had half of this bar to hold me over until dinner.

IMG 6821-1

Really not such a fan. Especially for the very small bar to high calorie ratio. I’ll try the other flavors, but we’ll see!

Then dinner, shopping, and now American Idol! I’m telling ya – it’s been a good day 😀

Shopping must have been hard work because I came home 2 hours after dinner starving! And made myself 2 bags of mini-popcorn. So much for the portion control of mini bags…LOL. Oh and 3 clementines. And a spoonful of PB.

Dang. For such an un-hungry morning, I sure got ravenous later on.

Thoughts on tonight’s Idol?

I love Lee. I voted 😉

Is the weather by you as nice as it is here?

I’m pretty sure it was in the 80’s today!! So nice. And definitely got burnt. Whoops! Time to aloe it up.

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I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend. It’s been a beautiful weekend over here…and no finals to study for! 😀

I started off Saturday morning with some PB mocha oats.

  • 1/3 cup oats + 1/4 cup oat bran + 1 cup almond milk
  • 2 egg whites
  • Scoop of instant coffee
  • Chocolate PB2
  • Justin’s honey PB
  • Cream cheese
  • Granola

IMG 6459

So delicious. But now I’m out of instant coffee powder 😦

I then did a little mini-workout here at home consisting of tae bo upper body punches! I used to do Billy Blanks tae bo DVDs all the time when I was first starting to lose weight. And even after I lost all my weight, I occasionally did them. If you contract your muscles and punch with strength, it really works and makes you sore!

I did 2 sets of each of the following (30 seconds each):

  • Front punches
  • Front upper cuts
  • Side jab with a cross-over punch (with the other arm) – each side
  • Side jabs (30 seconds each side)
  • Side upper cut (each side)
  • Side jabs alternating punching high and low (with squats) – each side

Total: 10 minutes

  • 7 minutes ab work
  • 50 reps of clams on each side (hip exercise)
  • Stretch

I eventually hit the road to run some errands, without even thinking of grabbing a snack. So unlike me! It had been 4 hours since breakfast and I was starting to get hungry, so I knew I needed something.

Enter Jamba Juice. Mangos, peaches, OJ, and ‘lower calorie dairy base’.

IMG 0614

Fueled me well 🙂

Until my afternoon snack before dinner of carrots and dip. Look – I remembered to photograph it! Obvious why I never remember – it’s not very entrancing 😉

IMG 6796

The dip just consisted of a mixture of raspberry dressing, feta dressing & BBQ sauce. Weird? Maybe. But delicious. And homemade iced coffee.

Dinner was uninteresting so let’s just move on shall we?

I woke up this morning extremely sore!  Especially in my back.  Replenished the muscles with oatmeal again. This time in a jar!

IMG 6797

  • 1/3 cup oats + 1/4 cup oat bran + 1 cup almond milk
  • 2 egg whites
  • Cocoa powder & chocolate PB2 powder
  • Extra spoonful of honey PB for good measure 😉

This was the end of the last of my sunflower seed butter jars. Thank you so much to Sunbutter for sending me so many delicious varieties to try out. I loved them all – sunflower seed butter is some tasty stuff 🙂 Just like spreading melted sunflower seeds onto your toast or oatmeal!

IMG 6800

Mmmm chocolatey oats.

IMG 6801-1

I then hit up the Cal Poly baseball game. Go Mustangs!! We didn’t win 😦 But it was a good game. I grew up surrounded by baseball and I miss it! My brother has played in extremely competitive leagues since he was younger and now plays for U Penn (although I wish he played here.  How fun would that be to go see him play?!). Baseball is definitely a comfort thing as well.

Game snackage.

IMG 6768

It was okay. Sticky and very sweet – it reminded me of a Fiber One bar. Okay so it was quite tasty actually. Yet low in the fiber category – only 2 grams.

Dinner tonight was kind of lame.

I tried out a pre-packaged meal of roasted red pepper and chicken alfredo pasta. It was nasty. Bland and processed tasting. I literally had 3 or 4 bites before I tossed it.

IMG 6804-1

My salad was good! I sauteed asparagus in

  • Sesame oil
  • Rice vinegar
  • Garlic
  • Soy sauce

Then ate it over mixed greens with Trader Joe’s raspberry vinaigrette. I also tossed in some nutritional yeast, and once combined with the warm asparagus, it melted into a creamy consistency. Yum!

IMG 6802

And had some leftover kabocha squash.

IMG 6561-1

Since it was a ‘heavy on the veggies, light on the other foods’ type of dinner, I went back for a handful of pistachios

IMG 6603

(major moisturizing needed)

And an apple with almond butter later in the night. Plus hot cocoa of course.

IMG 6806

About 3-4x the amount of shown almond butter was consumed. I finally bought this one at TJs a couple weeks ago.

IMG 6769

HOLY YUM!!! It has a very unique and crunchy taste (I’m guessing due to the flaxseeds). Almond butter has such great stats – I had no idea it had such a good amount of calcium in it!

IMG 6770

Any weekend highlights from your neck of the woods?

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