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(This was written and supposed to be posted on Tuesday, so let’s just pretend shall we?)

1. One must get creative when trasferring hot beverages and food.

From the coffee counter…

IMG 4096

To the next counter…

IMG 4095

Across the sink to the other side…

IMG 4094

To the next counter…

IMG 4097

Up to the bar…

IMG 4098

And down to the couch…

IMG 4099

I did the same thing with my breakfast, except it took a detour on the barstool before making its way to the coffee table.

IMG 4101

IMG 4102

Mmmmm waffles topped with some Justin’s maple almond butter (my love for this stuff has not wavered!!).

IMG 4100

2. One’s room becomes a mess

Collection of drink containers that becomes very difficult to bring downstairs to recycling while on crutches.

IMG 4103

Piles of stuff that becomes difficult to put away while on crutches.

IMG 4104

3. Ones hands become bruised from the weight put on them.


IMG 4105

4. One’s dog is confused and gets in your way quite often

IMG 4080

5. One must make sure once they go up/downstairs, they don’t need to go back for a long while after.

Stairs suck.

IMG 4108

6. One must take advantage of pocketed sweatshirts

Front pocket stuffed to the brim for transferring purposes.

7. One should not drink as much as normal in order to avoid having to get up to use the restroom every 30 minutes.

It’s annoying.

7. One cannot wait to be off these in just a few days!

IMG 4106

Classic Joke Tuesday!! (Since we are all pretending it’s Tuesday right? Just for the time being…then you can go back to hump day 🙂 )

Q: Why is Peter Pan always in flight??

A: He Neverlands.




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Body Test

I took off early yesterday morning to make it across the bay for a work-related appointment. The normal commute is about 60-90 minutes depending on time of day/traffic.

Because of yesterday’s rain storm, it took me 2 1/2 hours!! Yikes. No, Luke Bryan, sometimes rain is NOT a good thing.

The appointment I was trying to make was a fitness assessment which is part of my company’s “Be Well” incentive program. A couple weeks ago I got a free blood test (glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI, etc). The fitness test was measuring

  • Blood pressure
  • Body fat %
  • Resting heartrate
  • Aerobic fitness
  • Back flexibility
  • Bicep strength

Now, with my ankle, I have obviously fallen out of the cardio/aerobic fitness area of my life. I’ve also become more and more lazy with strength workouts. I wasn’t worried about the test, but I knew I wouldn’t be at my best :-/

Needless to say I was pretty proud of my scores!

IMG 0864

Not surprised my heartrate was a little high considering I was stressed about parking and then walked quickly since I was late 😉

She also mentioned that even though my back flexibility score was low, it was good in proportion to most people’s usual scores. She also mentioned tight hamstrings (which I have!!) tend to throw that score off a little.

IMG 0866-001

It was a cool and interesting little test!…That I drove 2 1/2 hours for! 😉

I was late getting on the road so stopped for some drugs

IMG 0855

And had this for breakfast. Yes seriously.

IMG 0856

After the appointment, I stopped by my grandma’s to visit, say hi, and pick something up. Unfortunately, we lost my grandpa back in July, so we always try to visit my grandma when we can 😀

She fed me some chicken noodle tomato soup


And a salad (which I didn’t eat once I noticed it had bacon in it).

photo (1)

The other day, a little twitter converstion I had got me craving some Sprinkles cupcakes. I stopped by the nearest Sprinkles (since this is the only closest Sprinkles location I know of), and picked me up some delicious treats.

IMG 0858

I also stopped by one of my favorite frozen yogurt locations and got chocolate pumpkin and peanut butter flavors for a little driving snack.

IMG 0857

Now I’m very partial to Bali’s frozen yogurt in San Luis Obispo, but Yumi Yogurt is definitely my 2nd favorite yogurt shop!

Came home, and went to nannying where I took their dog for my last walk for a little while…(you’ll see why).

photo (3)


That night, after a little Baja Fresh action

photo (2)

I broke into the cupcakes.

IMG 0859

Triple cinnamon and Strawberry.

IMG 0861

Tasted exactly like a SNICKERDOODLE CUPCAKE!!!!

IMG 0862-001

I’ve had the Strawberry one before too and it is SO GOOD. YUM.

Then I crashed uber early for a weekend because my cold turned all sinusy pretty much in the blink of an eye, and my entire left side of my face felt like it had been punched.

Never had sinus problems before….so this was new.

B-T-Dubs….the thing I had to pick up at my grandmas was….crutches.

At my doctors appointment for my ankle on Thursday, we went over all the symptoms I’m still having, she checked out my MRI again, she inspected this weird bone that’s sticking out on my foot, took more X-rays…and in the end recommended me to go back into the cam walking boot for 2 weeks. This time WITH crutches (I didn’t even have crutces when I originally sprained my ankle…which would’ve made it much easier to walk!)

IMG 0867-001

She believes it is a tendon problem right now, and that it can’t fully 100% heal unless I’m off it. (Notice my ghetto padding – the crutches seemed to be missing their padding, so I’m sporting washcloths!).

I feel stupid walking around in crutches and a boot when I am completely and fully capable of walking without really much pain at all. But I guess what needs to be done needs to be done.

Sinus problems, crutches and a boot coming through!! Hot mess right here!!

Hope you’re all having a good weekend!!

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