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See Ya ‘10!

So I meant to get a post up yesterday, but that didn’t work out.  Rather than create a lonnnnngggg recap of my year, I thought I would just mention the highlights.

1. Awesome trips I took:



IMG_6864-1IMG_6918 25185_412160475820_507740820_5589394_2865122_n

25185_412159295820_507740820_5589332_1347073_n 25185_412160305820_507740820_5589385_5389924_n25185_412160850820_507740820_5589412_6528827_n

  • Going up to the cabin this summer:



2. Injury issues: I continued with physical therapy for my knee – this time focusing on hip strengthening and massage therapy.  I battled with my knee all year.  But eventually gave in to running short distances with slight pain.  But….after massage therapy, foam rolling, and getting new shoes, I eventually increased my running with little to no knee pain!!  I excitedly signed up for a half marathon, and completed the SF Women’s Nike half in October.  I never thought I would race again, so this meant so much to me.  I was so excited as I trained again and gradually increase my mileage with each week.

62004-1400-007f62004-1484-028f 62004-4308-035f

Not only did I struggle with my knee, but I also dealt with an odd oblique pain throughout August, Plantar Fasciitis the week before my half marathon, and more side oblique/rib pain from November onwards.  I might be the queen of deals, but I most certainly have some ruling power in the injury kingdom as well.


3. Awesome Super Senior year: The year of 2009-2010 was one of my favorite years with roommates, friends, and fun.  I loved my roommates Smile



4. Graduation: I graduated with a degree in nutrition

DSC_7224-1 DSC_7255-1


And spent a wonderful week with my family while they vacationed here

CIMG4896-1 CIMG4934-1


5. Concerts galore! Bought a concert-pack of tickets and went to my fair share of country concerts throughout the spring and summer.



6. A Giant Victory: Went to 2 Giant’s games and watched them win the World Series!!!!!



7. Life Changes: I moved home.  Made a big job decision, and moved all the way back to San Luis Obispo a couple months later.  Life changed drastically from the beginning of the year (living with 4 other girls, living a life I loved, and having fun every minute) to the end of the year (living with 2 girls in a smaller townhouse working 65+ hour weeks). 

I hate to sound like such a downer on the blog, but I’ve honestly been struggling lately.  I feel like I have no life, no fun, and not many friends here.  At least in comparison to how it was last year.  It’s hard when you don’t live with many people, and the people you do live with have boyfriends which they spend the majority of their time with. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love my new job at the hospital.  In fact, when I’m working there is probably when I’m enjoying life the most.  But it’s hard.  I know I’m in an odd transitional state between college and the next step in my life, and it’ll eventually get better.  And I’m determined to start out 2011 on a different note than how 2010 ended up.


So 2011?  Bring it.  I know you have some exciting and huge changes to bring me, and I’m excited to see what you’ve got!!


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Super Senior

Happy Friday! Yesterday, I ran around doing a couple errands. Working on graudation gift assemblies (shhhh it’s a surprise!!), headed into my last day at one nannying job (I’d been with this family for 5 years now!), then went out for a bit to a new bar The Kilt for a friend’s birthday.

I also went shopping for a graduation dress, but everything is way to SHORT! I know I’m on the taller side (5’7″), but the dresses are size large, so shouldn’t they be designed for taller people? My tall tall wedges don’t help the situation either 😉

I came home STARVING and started devouring food the moment upon walking through the door. Starting with some finger dipping into the peanut butter jar (a common occurance lately). I managed to whip up a lunch:

I cooked up some ground turkey on the stove with BBQ sauce. Then I topped a whole wheat lavash wrap with pasta sauce and ranch dressing (half with each) and the turkey mixture.

IMG 7888-1

Yummm delish. Times the amount below x2 (this was only half the pizza and I obviously ate the whole thing)

IMG 7889-1

I finished off my lunch with probably 3 servings of blueberries.

And dinner was a simple stir-fry of veggies, some cilantro chicken wontons, more BBQ turkey meat from lunch, and quinoa.

IMG 7897

I couldn’t even tell you all the snacks and BLTs I had yesterday!

To finish off my college flashback week, I’ll do a quick flashback to my senior year of college (2008-2009 – not this past year, since this was my “super” senior year 😉 )

I moved into a new huge house with 5 other girls. I finally got my OWN ROOM!!!!! So excited for that one. It was also my first summer staying in San Luis Obispo (besides my first summer as a freshamn). That summer was stressful with anatomy, but I got through it!  I celebrated by chopping off my hair 😉

IMG 2474

IMG 2475

LOVED it 😀

I started out the year in September as a WOW (Week of Welcome) leader. WOW is the week before school starts that freshmen come, get assigned groups, and do all sorts of activities to feel welcome at Cal Poly!

We did all sorts of fun things such as rock climbing

IMG 2563

IMG 2561


n598898764 1311266 3889

Touring downtown (that is Bubblegum Alley – an alley of walls completely covered in layers of old gum. Nasy. But a tourist attraction!)

n598898764 1311248 7860

And seeing cool presentations, such as a hypnotist. This one was funny – at one point a hypnotized person came and sat on my lap and did all sorts of hilarious things. Here, I think we were separated by a glass wall, and he couldn’t reach me to kiss. So he started kissing the glass wall between us.

n598898764 1311255 171

It was hilarious.

n598898764 1311254 9841

The rest of the year was pretty good. It was my first year going down to the bars (Downtown, or DT as we call it here). I went quite a bit with 2 of my roommates, and occasionally some of the others as well.

IMG 1412

n6411653 36546163 6097

In October I ran the half marathon that I had ran the full of the previous year.

n6411653 36533724 7452


n6404697 36625606 1593

And as Indiana Jones

n507740820 2026454 1671

n6411653 36730265 163

IMG 2806-1

This was a HUGE surprise, because I literally ran into (yes, I was on a run) my old roommate Sarah (on the left) who had moved to Rhode Island. She was back!! We surprised our other old roommate Jamie (middle) for her birthday 🙂 Sophomore roommates reunite!

IMG 2853

At one point, I was sick of the brassy color my attempted blonde dye job had turned. So I dyed it dark brown – even darker than my natural color. Which I loved! But then that too lightened up and brassied out.

IMG 2881-1

All the rooommates together!

IMG 3373-1

This year was a bit different, a couple old roommates, a couple new ones!


And it’s definitely been one of my best years here at school.

What was your FAVORITE year out of college?

Mine’s a toughie! I loved freshman year, but I also had such a great time this year as well. They were both great in such different ways!

Sidenote: I probably won’t be around much the next couple days due to the family arriving and GRADUATION!!!!! But I promise I’ll be back Sunday or Monday to let you guys in on all the festivities. Have a wonderful weekend!! I sure will 😀

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Gonna make this one quick because I am ex-hausted!!


IMG 7847

Soaked overnight:

  • 1/4 cup oats + 1/4 cup wheat bran
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1/4 cup yogurt
  • Cinnamon, maple syrup, peanut butter
  • 3 GIANT frozen strawberries

Topped off this morning:

  • Handful of pecan crunch cereal
  • Bluebs
  • More peanut butter
  • Strawberry cream cheese

IMG 7848

Not a fan of the chunky watered-down strawberries.

IMG 7849

Work 9:30-12:30

Stopped for a sandwich at Jersey Mike’s Subs (friend raved about the place) on the way to job #2. Honestly Jersey Mike? Not impressed. I mean, it was yummy. But for $7.50?? They didn’t even have avocado as an option!!

IMG 7851-1

I ate half at around 2:00 and half at around 3:30 since I knew I was going on a run later.

Oh yeah and I had froyo (which was next door to Jersey Mike’s and hard to resist).

Other snacks:

IMG 7856

IMG 7860

Then I drove straight home from work at 6:00 with full motivation to go on a run! And run I did!

Distance: 7.25!!!!!!!!
Time: 1:11.something or another seconds.

HOLLA!!!! I am back in the 7 milers!! Oh goodness guys, today’s run was FANTASIC. Okay, my knee did hurt a bit more than normal. But otherwise I felt completely back to my old running self. It was one of those runs were you feel like you’re flying and physically (besides the knee) I could’ve gone much farther. I just love those evening runs.

Came home and immediately iced both my knee and my stomach. Made a protein smoothie with:

  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • Bunch of frozen strawberries
  • Water
  • Stevia

Kinda bland but very yummy.

Other night-time eats included:

  • Peanut butter coated carrot fries dipped in ranch/ketchup
  • Bowl of Shredded Wheat + Honey Sunshine cereal
  • Hot chocolate

Somehow all my evening eats escaped the camera since I was too engrossed in Glee to care.

College flashback now continues with Sophomore year! I moved into a small 2-bedroom apartment with 2 other girls.

IMG 15681

We had a lot of fun together that year!

IMG 16341

We also started the tradition of taking a self-timed picture before our nights out. The microwave seemed to be the perfect height for these pictures, and they became known as our “microwave shots.”

First night together in our apartment!

IMG 1562

And it continues….

IMG 16271

IMG 1721

IMG 19051

IMG 1973

IMG 2028

IMG 0627

IMG 1990

IMG 21311

IMG 2177

IMG 2187


We also took other pics 😉

IMG 1698

Oh. Yum?

IMG 182111

IMG 18251

IMG 0602

IMG 2026

IMG 0624

IMG 21841

I’d have to say Sophomore year was a year of mixed feelings. On one hand, I had a blast living the apartment life but still young enough to hit up all the frat parties down the street. But then again, my roommates were also very independent and did their own thing a lot, leaving me….alone. I had many difficult weekends, and ended up going home almost every weekend my last quarter (and it’s a 3 1/2 hour drive!).

What was your Sophomore year like? Did you move into your first apartment? Or did your school have on-campus housing for upper classmen?

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Welcome to finals graduation week! Most eveyone else is in finals, but since I technically already graduated and am already out of school, I’m just continuing my normal routine of work. And maybe a bit of shopping. And tanning 😉

Breakfast contained something that’s been in my fridge for a while and I’ve been waiting to try. Waiting for what? Not quite sure…

IMG 7840-1

Raspberry Chobani! It was delicious, but still not as great as my beloved pineapple 😉

IMG 7843

Eaten with

  • Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal (broke into a new box of cereal)
  • Nature’s Path Pecan Crunch
  • Bluebs
  • Dollups of PB (Smart Balance)

And cinnamon chips because I felt like it.


IMG 7842

Where’s the yogurt you ask? Ahhh there it is.

IMG 7844

I then did a bit of strength training and foam rolling before sitting out in the warm sun for 30 minutes. And then shopping for a graduation dress. Oh the life 🙂

I came home starvingggg and whipped up a pizza. Sorry it’s a deconstructed mess. I forgot to spray the pan and it stuck.

IMG 7845-1

x this amount by 2.

Whole Foods lavash wrap topped with

  • Butternut squash pasta sauce
  • Crumbled Sunshine burger
  • 1 egg white + 1 egg

Yes I cracked the egg over the pizza and then cooked it. Got the idea from this lady.


IMG 7846-1

I could actually barely taste the egg. Guess it just added some protein!

And snack was a blended strawberry smoothie topped with a bit of whipped cream 🙂

IMG 7837-1

Anyways, in honor of my graduation this weekend, I decided to do a little flashback action each day to celebrate the highlights of each year of the past 5 years of college.

Let’s pretend we’re freshmen for the day, okay? I already did a Flashback Friday post about my first summer here at school.

After spending the best summer of my life in the dorms, I moved to an off-campus student housing facility. It was suite style (with 9 people per suite) and had 1 common dining area for the whole facility.

I had a hard time adjusting. I don’t adjust well to new situations if I loved the last one so much. I really missed my summer dorm life. But I tried to move on and enjoy myself!



I took a couple months, but I eventually grew closer and bonded with my new roommate. 🙂



Dorm room shot:



Halloween trip to Santa Barbara!


I also took another spontaneous trip to visit my best friend in Santa Barbara. It was 9:00 one Saturday night, I was feeling lonely, and she convinced me to hop in my car and drive the 1 1/2 hours to see her. Best decision ever!!



I took another trip that October to surprise my other friend for her birthday. We went to Hollywood for the day!


Mary-Kate & Ashley. I once was beyond obsessed with them. In high school.

Copy of DSCF1705

There were beach trips…

IMG 2468

And “crunk suite nights” as we liked to call them 😉

IMG 2350

IMG 2544

Hungry for bagels? And this is me being normal…

IMG 2515

IMG 6286

My family came down in December for my cousin’s graduation!



I took my first roadtrip by myself from SF to LA to meet up with my friends. Then drove to Vegas from there for New Years!

IMG 0044

We liked to have random (completely sober) dance parties. Normal.

IMG 0412

Money shot.

IMG 0408

IMG 0991

IMG 0533

Our wall we demolished. It was a work of art.

IMG 0427

And painting it 😦

IMG 0449

Another Santa Barbara trip to visit my besties.

IMG 0721

More theme parties…

IMG 0920

Mud fights in the rain.

IMG 0796

Birthday fun…

IMG 0681

IMG 0710

Summer friends reunion!

IMG 0979

Farmer’s Market

IMG 1228

And then our last day moving out. It was sad 😦

IMG 1251

IMG 1256

You can tell I’d been crying.

IMG 1255

Sorry for the huge array of photos, but I get caught up in pictures 😉

As you might be able to tell, freshman year was also the year I got serious about my weight loss. I had previously lost weight in high school (my higest all time weight was 195). But in college, I went from 185 in November


to 145 by June.

IMG 12691

All in all, freshman year in September started out a little rough, but I ended up having one of the best years of my life. And was sad to see it go! I wish I could go back and start college all over again as a little freshman!

What was the best part of your freshman year at college? If you remember 😉

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1 year old

Tomorrow is Yesterday was a certain blog’s 1 year anniversary. (I started to write this post on Friday, and for some reason it didn’t get posted until today 😦 ) I decided to do a flashback Friday Sunday anniversary style to celebrate!

A little over a year ago I discovered foodie blogs. “What was the huge draw to these things?” I wondered to myself. Yet, I soon got addicted myself. I’ve always enjoyed writing, journaling my life, and documenting my own foods, so it was only natural that the next step was creating my own blog.

May 15, I published my first post . May was a hard month because I was still struggling with my knee injury and the marathon was I was training to run (San Diego Rock & Roll) was at the end of the month. My knee injury hit me just over a year ago, and the past year was a big change. Changes in my exercise, physical fitness, free time, eating habits, and body changes came. Many days were a struggle, while many days I realized how lucky I still was. Time to take a peek back at Taydor Tott’s first year!

There were a multitude of concerts!

I got to meet Josh Gracin when he came to sing at my school’s UU hour in May!

IMG 3273-1

Keith Urban in LA and Lady Antebellum at the CA Midstate Fair (both in July).



Rascal Flatts with Darius Rucker in October.

IMG 5734-1

And Brooks & Dunn in April!

IMG 7453

There were trips to the family cabin.

DSC 0016-1

IMG 3609

IMG 4647-1

IMG 4655

Where we went on one of my favorite hikes!

DSC 0112

DSC 0143-2

DSC 0193-1

DSC 0239-1

DSC 0226

I continued the hiking back at school and posted an Operation Beautiful note at the peak of a local hike.

IMG 3799-1

I did quite a few trips with friends.

LA for Disneyland and Dodgers in the summer.

IMG 0523-1

IMG 4244-1

LA (again – sheesh!!) for New Years Eve.




IMG 1155

And Las Vegas in March over spring break!

IMG 6908

25185 412159510820 507740820 5589341 7990533 n

25185 412160305820 507740820 5589385 5389924 n

26403 1286305912296 1069590057 30654788 6712723 n

I’ve had lots of fun celebrating and hanging out with my family.

IMG 4571

From birthdays

616179862 5sAvr-O

818470958 qmt27-O-3


During Thanksgiving


And on Christmas

IMG 6263-1



First Communions

DSC 0152-1

And Mother’s Day

4163 649068494435 6406252 38250643 2499726 n

This past year has also been one of the best with my roommates.


IMG 4896

And finding Michael Jackson’s house

8233 674477020545 6414803 39466482 7164450 n

Hosting my first party for Halloween


And dressing up 2 nights in a row…

IMG 0881-1

IMG 0943-1

And just enjoying my last year of college in general 😀


IMG 6012-1



19362 350269485820 507740820 5319046 5825951 n-1

IMG 7078

IMG 1300

And what would the year be without delicious food? While I already loved greek yogurt, pumpkin oats, and pumpkin yogurt pre-blog reading, I did make a few discoveries from blog inspirations.

Green smoothies!

IMG 4092

Overnight oats!

IMG 4747-1

And many different wrap combinations.

IMG 5141-1

A big thank you to all my readers and everyone who made this past year amazing!!

I also posted a bit about my knee. This past year was also a big deal for me because it documented my entire knee injury. I got my first MRI results back, which showed just slight inflammation. This was followed by cortisone shots and multiple physical therapy appointments. All in all, I went to see 5 different doctors, 2 MRIs, 1 x-ray, TONS of physical therapy appointments, and 4 deep tissue massages. Nothing (I mean nothing) improved my knee. After all this and tons of rest, any type of activity (even walking!) would flare my knee up.

I’m not going to say it wasn’t hard for me to deal with all this. I was an athlete, a runner – in the middle of training for my 2nd marathon.  And taking all this time off of the one thing I loved was painful (no pun intended). So much changed for me over the past year.

  1. I realized that exercise doesn’t have to be 1-2 hours to mean something. A 3 mile run is awesome. I used to think that I had to run 6-10 miles on an almost daily basis. Anything under 6 wasn’t “worth it.” And if I didn’t run one day, I’d feel guilty.
  2. I started to build a different relationship with food. I obviously had a difficult time with this one, as I’ve mentioned in other posts. As much as I like to go by intuitive eating, it was difficult to go from burning all those calories from running and eating to fuel for them to eating for a sedentary person. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve gained 20+ pounds in the past year. This has been hard to deal with, but I’m ready to lose a few of those pounds and fit into my pants again! 😉 But I’d remind myself that no matter what my body looks like, I’m still strong.  I still appreciate the muscle I do have and that you’re beautiful no matter what!!
  3. Appreciate what your body can do! On days where I missed running the most, I’d remind myself that my body can still function and I can still walk. I’m lucky to have what I have! And I was lucky that I got to experience running previously in my life.

After all those appointments, and the pain having lasted over a year, I completely thought it would never go away. But as I talked about here, foam rolling seriously saved me 🙂 And now I’m running again (although not nearly like I used to!).

Okay, sorry to overwhelm you all with all the pictures and writing, but just wanted to get it all out there and express my thanks for sticking with me over the past year!

Now I’m off to get a run in and work tonight. Have a happy Sunday everyone!

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And I’m Off!

I’m hitting the road tomorrow morning for VEGAS!! So I wanted to do one quick post before I left and let you all know I won’t be around for the next few days (not that I’ve been posting much during this break at home anyways!).

Freshman year (2005), I traveled to Vegas for the first time for New Years Eve!

IMG 0044

It was pretty sweet, because my friend’s family got everything comped. So pretty much everything was paid for (hotel – MGM, food, room service, and buffet!)

IMG 0127

At the Coca-Cola store (where I had to get a picture with this guy. You know I love polar bears!)

IMG 0118

The next day was NYE! We celebrated a bit in the hotel, and then paraded around the strip!

IMG 0042

IMG 0074

IMG 01941

So even though this is technically my second time to Vegas, I feel like it’s my first. As a little freshman, I couldn’t go to any exciting clubs 😉 And I didn’t play “tourist” much since my friends traveled there all the time!

I’ll be back Saturday (or maybe Sunday, depending on how tired I am) with pictures and a recap! 😀

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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2009 – my how you flew by

Hi Friends! First things first…


A littled belated, I know. But I’ve literally been jumping from city to city and driving all over the state these past few days. I’ll have to do a few posts just to recap the last week beforeI even get back to regular blogging!

Wednesday (the 30th), I drove the 3 1/2 hours back to school and got here at 9. Then Thursday, a bunch of us hopped in our stylish rental mini-van (it was very nice 😉 ) to drive another 3 1/2 hours down to LA for our New Years festivities.

Before I recap my New Years 2009 festivities, I wanted to recap the year in general.

In January, my old roommate moved back to town! I literally ran into her on the street (I was on a run – she was on a walk) and I was shocked!

Me, with both my roommates from my sophomore year of school.

IMG 2853-1

I also went out on the town a bit with my girlies 😉

IMG 2825

IMG 2821

In February, I died my hair a bit darker. It’s hard to tell in this picture, but after dying it “blonde” a few times and watching it turn goldish-orange, I wanted to be dark again. Unfortunately, even this dark brown lightened up to an even lighter and brassier color than my normal hair color! Now I’m just patiently growing it out.

IMG 2881-1

During spring break in March, my family used our grandparent’s Christmas gift to see Wicked in San Francisco! I had previously seen it in London, but it was still beyond fantastic!

IMG 2921

IMG 2940-1

April brought my dos-dos birthday celebration.


Birthday flowers 😀

IMG 2948

And a trip home for Easter. One is never too old to participate in an Easter egg hunt 😉

DSC 0033

DSC 0027

DSC 0052

In May, I was able to come home for a power weekend – my sister had her 1st Holy Communion.

DSC 0152-1

My brother had his Senior Prom.

555829243 RHzyK-M

DSC 0249

And we celebrated Mother’s Day brunch.

4163 649068494435 6406252 38250643 2499726 n

I was also lucky enough to meet Josh Gracin who happened to be playing a quick concert during the day on campus!

Please excuse the sweaty mess as I rushed straight from the gym as soon as I heard he was playing 😉

IMG 3273

June came with the relief of school done for summer and celebrating the end of finals 🙂

IMG 0424-2

I also went home for a 2 week vacation, during which we took a trip to the cabin in Strawberry .

DSC 0046

and hiked to Cleo’s Baths .

DSC 0143-2

DSC 0193-1

DSC 0226

I headed back to school in July to work…and take a few roadtrips 😉


IMG 0523-1

And Dodgers game (booooo!!)

IMG 4244-1

My sister met up with me so we could drive to LA for the Keith Urban concert .


And a week later she drove down again with my other sister to we could head to see Lady Antebellum 🙂



In August, I headed home for another 2 week vacay before school started back up. I fit in a Giant’s game

IMG 4453

Flew through the sky at Marine World

IMG 4552-1

Lots of family pool time –


And another cabin trip

IMG 4611

In September, we took a trip to the local (well…1 1/2 hours away) casino and I gambled for the first time! (Excuse the ghostly look we’ve got going on)


We also took a little detour and stopped my MJ’s house gates. My friend was a bit obsessed with finding it.

8233 674477020545 6414803 39466482 7164450 n

October brought Halloween festivities.

IMG 0881-1

IMG 0943-1

November saw the death of my old camera, Celeste 😦


But December brought me a new friend , Antonio 🙂

DSC 5203-1

Along with an amazingly fun trip for New Year’s, which I will recap tomorrow 😉

This year was difficult, and brought a lot of changes for me. I started off the beginning of 2009 running when I wanted, and how far I wanted. In February I decided to officially train for the San Diego Rock n’ Roll marathon – a dream marathon of mine. But that dream was soon crushed when I had to stop running mid-April due to my throbbing knee. The rest of the year was filled with multiple doctors appointments, x-rays, MRIs, physical therapy appointments, tears, and frustration. What I originally thought would be a 1 week break from running turned into a 8+ month long frustrating hiatus. I’m not going to lie when I say it hasn’t been easy. Running was what I knew – it was my comfort, joy, stress relief, freedom. Along with the running hiatus also came a 15-20 pound weight gain – due in part to eating the same while not running along with a few unhealthy eating habits I acquired throughout the year. I’ve come far in the past with some of my disordered eating habits, but just because I’m now okay with eating ice cream and treats doesn’t mean I should go overboard with them. I wasn’t sure how and if I wanted to talk about my weight gain here on the blog, but it’s been a hard thing to deal with. I don’t like to think of running as a “calorie-burner” – it’s a passion of mine. But you can’t deny that 8-10 mile runs help as a “buffer” with the holiday season’s many treats. I know that weight isn’t all that matters, and it’s not the end of the world, but it becomes a problem when all your pants are definitely too tight 😉 And it’s something I’m definitely planning to work on now in the upcoming year (as cliché as that New Year’s resolution is 😉 ).

On the other hand, I definitely feel that this has been one of my favorite years yet (as far as friends, fun, and family go), and I couldn’t be happier 🙂 I can’t wait to see what good times this upcoming year brings!

As far as eats today go, breakfast/lunch was an unpictured turkey quesadilla.

Snack of egg whites, cranberry chicken meatballs & goat cheese –

IMG 6300

Dinner was a pizza on a whole wheat tortilla topped off with

  • Pasta sauce
  • Sauteed zucchini, onions & mushrooms
  • Garlic chicken patty
  • Goat cheese

IMG 6319

IMG 6320

And dessert was 2 mugs of hot chocolate + banana whip! Topped with a crushed peppermint oreo and tons of sunbutter.

IMG 6322

I think I went through sunbutter withdrawl these past few weeks. I just couldn’t get enough tonight and kept eating it by the spoonful!

Eaten in my adorable polar bear bowl with the polar bear spoon my sister got me for Christmas 🙂

IMG 6324

We used to use these types of dishes when we were younger, so you can’t imagine how excited I was to see them again – especially in polar bear form 😉

IMG 6326

What have you learned/accomplished over this past year? And what are your goals for the upcoming year?

Stay tuned tomorrow for my New Year’s Eve 2009 recap!

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