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Happy blog-irthday to “??” Happy Blog-irthday to “??” Happy Blog-irthday to “????????” (long and drawled out). Happy Blog-irthday to “??”!!!!!

It’s a certain special somone’s 6-month Bl ogiversary Blog-irthday (I like birthdays better than anniversaries) today….

Ok…That would be me.

It defiitely snuck up on me, but 6 months ago today is when I wrote my first post! I didn’t even have one picture up! My blog sure has come far, but I want to improve it even more in the near future.

To celebrate, I enjoyed something I discovered on one of my earlier posts – French toast sprinkled with Banana Nut Cheerios.

IMG 6084-1

Sorry for the blur. Need. New. Camera.

With cream cheese, Sunbutter, and carmelized bananas.

IMG 6081-1

It’s been too long. I go through food phases, and there was a phase my sophomore year where I would live off this French toast for dinner almost every night. So good.

IMG 6085-1

It was such a beautiful day today, and I could hardly stand the thought of being stuck in the gym on a boring old machine again. I did something I haven’t done it a while – hike!

I’m seriously so lucky to live in the foothills of this:

IMG 3787-1

I can just walk out my door and less than 50 minutes later I can enjoy this beautiful view:

IMG 3794

Last time I hiked this, I left one of my favorite Operation Beautiful notes.

IMG 3799-1

IMG 3796

Total: 4-4.5 miles; ~ 1 1/2 hours

But man does it make you filthy!

IMG 6089-1

I was starving the whole way back down, and made the quicket lunch ever.

A nice big bowl of Kashi golean & Heart 2 Heart with a glob of sunbutter (for protein – duh 😉 )

IMG 6087-1

Once I cleaned up a bit, I headed out for groceries (and yes, I have definitely gone over the $100 goal this month. I thought it would be easy, but…something happened).

Dinner was something inspired by Miss Cookin’ Fanatic and something seen recently on Meghann’s blog. Unfortunately my camera died right before dinner (charged that dude ASAP) so you’ll have to wait until later this week for leftover pics ;-).

Snacks later in the night (once camera had charged a bit) included

My nightly ritual

IMG 6073-1

And a delicious combo dessert of:

  • 1 whole apple & pear microwaved with cinnamon
  • Cream cheese
  • Sunbutter
  • Crumbled cereal & granola

IMG 6079-1


In other news, I got the laundry room all cleaned up, and we got a new washing machine up there as well (our old one was leaking). Well this new one is still leaking. Which means we’re out of laundry commission until our landlord can make it down here on Wednesday. Guess I’ll be re-wearing my workout clothes 2 3 times! Stand back!


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I’m sorry to say I failed in 2 ways yesterday morning:

1. I didn’t experience with a new breakfast. I was in a rush to hit the road and toasted a cinnamon raisin Ezekiel muffin. Although I did top half with peanut butter rather than almond butter this time. Does that count as new?

2. I didn’t take a picture of it either.

But being gone for two weeks has it’s perks. A pile of packages awaiting my return!

IMG 4691-1

Plus this guy in the freezer (thank you to my roommate for sticking it in there for me! :-D)

IMG 4694

Holy moses, thank you to everyone who sent me packages in the past few weeks! You all will have to wait to see the goodies in those boxes 😉 Be prepared for a week of exciting surprises. Well…depends on what you view exciting.

Although I did I receive a letter from my grandma (which took mad deciphering trying to read her elegant cursive) and my true monthly mail excitement:

IMG 4692

I long for shirtless men to grace my mailbox monthly.

I quickly fried up this corn tortilla filled with pepperjack cheese since I had to hurry to work. It has an actual name on the label, but since I took half out of the package, and left the rest in the package (with the label) at home, they will forever be called “cheese stuffed corn tortillas” in my book. Topped with some wholly guacamole.

IMG 0069-1

Yes this was a very artistically beautifully done photograph, can’t ya tell? I also had a nectarine, and this weird pumpkin thing on the side that I scarfed down and didn’t take a picture of. I have one left so there will be another opportunity for it to make it’s blog appearance in the near future.

Work was work, and I got to experience feeding the baby actual food for the first time.

IMG 0073-1

She actually wasn’t screaming her head off at all, she was just a bit fussy and at this moment threw her head back in such drama that it looks like screaming bloody murder was occurring. She was actually very giggly all afternoon 😀

This morning I had work at 7:00. Blah. Back to my old summer routine. Boy do I miss the past two week vacation at home – it was in my mind what summer is. Warm/hot weather, relaxing by the pool, sleeping in, getting a tan, not caring about my appearance throwing my messy hair up into a bun, hanging out with my fun sisters…I want to go back….

I decided to try something I received in one of my packages for breakfast. Are you guys ready for Surprise Package #1?? Oooh sorry you’ll have to wait and see (have patience my friends) 😉

The base of my breakfast was Chobani yogurt, which I found at Whole Foods on sale for one dolla! I stocked up (although I wouldn’t mind winning some more). Topped with strawberries, white nectarine, and mystery cereal from surprise package #1.

IMG 4698-1

IMG 4700-1

I honestly can’t tell the difference between different Greek yogurt brands. Although maybe Chobani was a bit sweeter than Fage? More tart? I don’t know..you tell me! Mmmm that cereal was tasty! 😉

I then did a quick 15 minute ab sesh – I’ll probably do more later as well. That’s my key to ab work lately – 5 or 10 minutes here or there ads up to a full ab workout! A couple of you have wondered what I actually do for abs for that long (or when I do 25 or 30 minute sessions). I usually just do a bunch of:

  • Bicycle crunches (sets of 50-60 and also 10 second holds on each side)
  • Leg raises
  • Flutter kicks
  • Plank variations (side, front, on my elbow, higher up on my hand, leg raised and holding, leg lifts, twists, etc)
  • The hundred
  • Side crunches
  • Those ones where you push your feet up to the ceiling (I obviously know technical terms)
  • Side twists with weight (standing and sitting with feet up)
  • Side bends (while standing) with weight
  • Crunches with weight

I also like to do a lot of standing and balancing things such as standing on one leg and life your other leg behind you, lean forward with arms out in front and balance.

I’m also always looking for new ab moves (I get bored of these), so what are some of your favorites?

Breakfast didn’t hold me over as long as expected – I was starving 2 1/2 hours later! I decided to make an early lunch. I brought “easy to assemble into wrap formation” foods to work. Turkey + spinach + BBQ sauce + guacamole stuffed into a grilled Rudi’s spelt tortilla. Last minute I decided to cook up a few asparagus spears I found in their fridge and threw those in. My wrap came out very green!

IMG 4702-1

We then went on a little outing to walk along the beach and then hit up Borders cafe – where I fully enjoyed reading all the magazines for free (well I did purchase a delicious iced coffee).

IMG 0076-1

Something super exciting to me also happened while at the bookstore. I had an Operation Beautiful note sighting!!! I was casually browsing through Glamour magazine, when I turned the page and saw this beautiful sight:

IMG 0075-1

Ahhhhh!! I stared at the page forever just smiling 😀 How cool!

I never was fully satisfied after my lunch, so while out, I also snacked on this apple flavored Heart Thrive Bar.

IMG 4707

I’m really surprised how much I like the apple! I usually don’t like apple flavored things.

I came home from work starving (early lunch, early snack, and just a hungry hungry day in general!) and knew I couldn’t workout in this state, so I poured myself a small bowl of mystery cereal #2!!

IMG 4712

I know, I know, you all are just dying to know what delicious cereals I’m eating, huh? 😉 And folks, this did not disappoint. I believe it may be one of my new favorite cereals!! All to come in the near future.

I then (drumrolls please) went for a run outside. My campus gym is closed for 3 weeks (oh the horror!!) for remodeling. At least the pool is open! But I need to do more than just swim for my workout since swimming gives me such an awful headache – I can’t do it everyday. What will I do without the dread treadmill and stairmaster? Incorporate runs outside, I guess! I just find that running outside completely inflames my knee pain, while the treadmill doesn’t aggravate quite as much. We’ll see!

On the treadmill I’ve been doing 2-3 mile running intervals, with about 2-3 minutes of walking in between. But I’m considering treadmill runs very different from outside runs. Today, I decided to completely change it up, and rather than risk my knees, did 5 minute running intervals, with 1 minute walks. I kept this up for a total of 4.2 miles (41 minutes, 30 seconds).

Yes – my knees twinged during the run. It’s kind of a sharp, achy pain right in front. But the true test is how they’ll feel tomorrow and the day after. I immediately iced them, but unfortunately left both of my ice packs and my ice wrap (that velcros, so I can walk around) at home! Boooo…

I wasn’t too hungry right after, so I had a small dinner of a spinach salad with sauteed asparagus & onions:

IMG 0078-1

And fried up this weird pumpkin thing I found at Whole Foods. It’s almost like a flaky tortilla-ish crust with a spicy pumpkin mixture inside. It was really good, and I definitely want to try the other flavors if I ever get the chance.

IMG 0077-1

Of course I got hungry later in the night and…are you ready for it?

IMG 4713-1

Deep chocolate peanut butter Vitatop, chocolate peanut butter froyo, some whipped cream & a drizzle of chocolate sauce. I know, right? 😉

I used to buy Vitamuffins 3 years ago, but this was the first Vitatop I’ve ever had.  I’m pretty sure they’re the same thing, but it was ehhh.  Maybe it was the texture with the froyo – but it was a bit dry to me. I think it’d be better topped with peanut butter or crumbled into yogurt (like I’ve seen on other blogs!). I have many more to experiment with!

Well this was quite the massive post. So to all of you who made it through – catch ya’ lataz!

Actually I’ll leave you with one thing: Exercise gives you endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy!! …… Can you tell what I’m watching on TV? 😉

Something pretty killer!

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I am watching the absolute weirdest movie right now – I Know Who Killed Me (with Lindsay Lohan – anyone seen it?).  A scene in it was filmed in the town I live in right now, so I wanted to check it out.  But I think I missed the scene…and time to change the channel!

How is everyone’s week going?  You’re almost done!  Except today was my “Friday” and then I’m heading out of town on a wonderful surprise vacation! It was pretty last minute, and I’m super excited about it 🙂

Tuesday morning started out with a gym trip, where I fit in:

  • 15 minutes elliptical level 12
  • 20 minutes stairmaster level 12
  • 25 minutes ab work

I know so many people love the elliptical, but I can’t stand it!  I find myself bouncing on it (which I know is bad), and I just can’t seem to get in a great workout on it.  I also get super bored and antsy.

While walking through the locker room the other day, I glanced in the mirror as I walked by, and found myself completely criticizing my body.  “Ugh I look awful.  Ew, look at the belly pooch.  Ugh I’ve gained so much weight recently…” What was I saying to myself?!?! These awful, awful comments just popped into my head.  Yes, I’ve gained a little weight recently, and along with my running hiatus, it’s been a hard thing to deal with.  But here I was, finishing up an awesome workout, and an awesome thing for my body.  I was strong, empowered and just worked up a good sweat.  I should be feeling on top of the world!  So I decided to post myself a little operation beautiful note to myself on the inside of my locker.


You are strong and fit and can lift more weights than most girls! 😉 Go you!  SMILE!!

Never again should I feel bad about myself upon leaving the gym.  Hopefully seeing this note will help me out with that 🙂

Physical Therapy was fine.  We did strength moves, ultrasound, and he also put a 24-hour anti-inflammatory patch on me.  I highly doubt it’s going to do much considering all the other anti-inflammatories and corisone shot haven’t helped.  But here’s to hoping!

IMG_4197-1It’s quite the fashion statement, huh? 😉 The 2-year old I babysit called it my “giant band-aid”.

Can I help it if I kind of have a slight crush on the PT Aide who helps me out?  Too bad Friday is his last day 😦 Maybe I’ll run into him around town, since he is my age!  haha

I hope everyone took advantage of the Free Starbucks pastry!!  There  weren’t too many options by the time I got there, so I chose a Toffee Nut Bar, and I have to say, I was madly disappointed.

IMG_4186-1It was wwaaaaayyyyy too sweet, but also lacking a lot of flavor.  I ate half and tossed the rest.  Blah.  I should’ve gotten the wonderful pumpkin bread I love!


It seems that the Berry coffee cake was a popular choice around blogland!  Did anyone else get a free pastry?  What’d you all get/recommend for next time?!

I came home to a surprise in the mail.  My sunbutter sample!!


Wait…what happened?!  It came wrapped in a baggie from the post office apologizing for the “damage to my mail”.  Well…yeah!  Did it explode?  Melt?  Leak?  All I know is it was all over!  Booo 😦 At least I can still use the coupon!  I’m sure they’ll appreciate that messy oily coupon when I use it 😉

Dinner was fab!  Falafel, hummus, spinach, tomato & cucumber-yogurt dip all grilled up in a whole wheat tortilla.


And my fave – BBQ sauce on the side for dipping!  I love these falafel balls they sell at Costco.  Yummmm


Not much of an exciting day…I planned to do some sort of cardio (swim, run/walk, etc), but I was instructed to take it easy due to my new fashionable giant bandaide knee patch.  So I grabbed my dumbells and did 2 sets of 10-15 (20 or 25 lb dumbells) of each of the following:

  • Standing bicep curls
  • Shoulder presses
  • Tricep extensions
  • Tricep dips
  • Chest flys
  • Chest presses
  • Seated bicep curls

Along with 10 minutes of “tae-bo” like jabs & punches.  And about 5 minutes of ab work.  Totaling 40 minutes of strength.

Lunch at work – Kashi sandwich pocket (got these for .88 cents each, so that’s why I’m eatin’ lots of them!), 2 apricots, and homemade “broccoli slaw” made with cucumber-yogurt dip, raisins, slivered almonds, & grapes.


I made the most beautiful omelette of my life for dinner.  My omelettes usually fall apart or turn into scrambles, but I still call them omelettes.  This one actually looked like a legit omelette.  I was in awe!  Unpictured, but I wish I had captured this moment on film!

Then onto today (aka Thursday).  Did a little running this morning (although it probably wasn’t the smartest of ideas.  My knees have been much more sore lately).  First I did 20 minutes stairmaster (level 12) & sweat buckets (nothing makes me sweat more!).  Then I moved to the treadmill where I did:

  • 1 mile run 6 mph
  • 3 minutes walk
  • 1 mile run
  • 3 minutes walk
  • .5 mile run
  • 6 minute cooldown

Total: 3.35 miles (2.5 running), 40 minutes

This is the first I have ran in quite a while.  I usually like to wait until my knees have been feeling better for a few days before I embark on running.  But physical therapy has been keeping them aggravated (due to the lower body work we’ve been doing).  But I felt like running today (feel free to yell at me).  It’s really how they’ll feel later today and tomorrow that will tell me the amount of damage I might have done.  It felt good to run though!

So who else here loves Safeway/Vons deli sandwiches?  So delicious for such a good deal of $4.99!  Can’t beat that!  Picked one up for lunch since I had a coupon for a $3.99 sammie!  Turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, extra (everyone stand clear!) onions, pickles, & peppercinis on a rustic Italian roll.  Ranch spread on the side that I added on to my own liking.  And I also added a bit of whipped chive cream cheese.



Soooo good!  Because of my usual habit to stay healthy and get whole wheat, I was about to get whole wheat sliced bread (that’s the only whole wheat they have), but I knew I would enjoy it so much more on white rustic Italian bread.  Sliced bread sandwiches are just more blah and can easily be made at home.  Why deny what I knew I would love more just because it’s not as “healthy”?  I might as well get what I really wanted, right?!  I also had the rest of my cucumber-yogurt dip broccoli slaw & a side of strawberries.


And a handful of these chocolate lovies:


Because I had so much salad left to eat (don’t want it to go to waste!), I only ate half of my sandwich and saved the rest for dinner tonight on the road….Should I give you a hint where the road will take me?  It’s a pretty happy place.  And it may or may not be a place on Earth.  Guesses!?!?!?

All packed up and I got my stash of food ready to go…


Can I help it if I want to spend the least amount of money possible this weekend and therefore many meals and snacks will probably consist of bars?  Where I’m going food is insanely expensive!  I also have no idea what my options for breakfast will be at the houses I’m staying at, and since a satisfying breakfast is a must in my book, I’m also bringing along some cereal.  Better safe than sorry, right?!  I obviously never overpack.  Who else plans their food so much so far in advance?  No one else I’m traveling with, that’s for sure!  haha.  Wonder what they’ll think of my stash…?

I’ll be back Sunday, and then two of my younger sisters are driving down to visit for a few days and to go to the local Mid-State fair.  The country group Lady Antebellum is performing on the free stage!!  Woohooooo.  😀

Since I’m not sure when I’ll get another chance to post, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  See you all when I return from…Ooops!  Almost spilled the fairydust! 😉

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Okay, not as lost as these folks.  But still lost.  I’ll get to that in a bit…

Friday night was fun!  Went out, but not too crazy.  I like this lighter, more social type of going out/drinking I’ve been doing lately.  My other roommates would always go out every Friday night, get completely wasted, and then I’d feel awful the whole next day.  I really hated it!  The past few times Ive only had a few drinks and still have such a great time!


Saturday morning I hit up the gym:

  • 25 minutes stairmaster level 11-12
  • 30 minutes treadmill 15% incline, 4.1 mph
  • 20 minutes upper body

Then it was beach time!! So fun, relaxing, peaceful…until the group next to us whipped out their delicious disgusting smelling pot to smoke.  Seriously?  Yup, perfect time to head back home.  Where we got free slurpees from 7-11 (7.11 oz cups – how cute!) and watched Confessions of a Shopaholic. Very, very different from the books, but a very cute and funny movie!  I recommend it!

This morning I had quite the dilemma.  Swim?  Hike?  Swim?  Hike!!  I checked out hikes online, and came up with the Resevoir Canyon hike:

The first mile of the trail follows the creek through a mature native forest of oak, bay, and sycamore trees that shade the little pools and waterfalls caught between serpentine rock walls. Then it’s a steady climb up the north face of the mountain, through open meadows and along brushy slopes to the treeless ridge. Please be mindful of the No Trespassing signs posted. At the 1,715’ high point, hikers will enjoy awesome views of the City, from the southern end of Los Osos Valley and the Irish Hills, to Cuesta Pass, to the ancient volcanic Morros rising from the El Chorro Valley between San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay.

First, I hiked along the nice little creek:



As I climbed uphill, I came across this open area with odd looking sculptures:



It was a strange little area…and this sign was posted on a tree, which I stuck an Operation Beautiful note to:

It read: Keep going!  Your power and strength are beautiful!!

I realized just now looking at the pictures that I used the wrong form of “your”.  I accidentally put “you’re”!  Whoops!

I climbed higher and reached the peak!

View 1:


The mountain on the right is the peak I hiked up a couple weeks ago.

View of the other direction (Highway 101):


As I continued, I encountered some large rock piles:


And many of these tall, odd plants/trees (not quite sure…?)!


After 3.5 miles, I decided to turn around and head back down to my car.  I was very thirsty (stupid me, forgetting water!) and didn’t want to push the knee.  Only…I couldn’t find the trail I turned off of!  I retraced my steps about .5 mile past where I thought the two trails connected, and didn’t see anything!  I swear I was in some horror movie where they completely erased the trail and I was stuck!  With the beating sun, 6 miles in, and the dryest mouth ever, I literally almost started crying up there.

Luckily I had run into a couple earlier on in my hike who mentioned that an adjoining trail led down another hill and out to the local high school.  I figured this would be my best bet.  I would just have my roommate pick me up there and drive me to my car (luckily I had decided to bring my phone along with me!).

If I thought going uphill was hard, I was in for a surprise!!  Going down this other trail was insane. According to my Miss. Garminda, I went about .3 miles in 45 minutes.  No joke.  It was that steep.

IMG_4014-1And that wasn’t even the worst of it!  (Really random – but this picture and going down this hill totally reminded me of the old computer game Oregon Trail.  Remember when a picture like this would pop up, and the warning “Steep trail” or something like that would warn you, and you had options such as “lock the wheels” or “use ropes & chains”?  haha…told you it was random, but that’s what it felt like!)

Towards the end, I literally just got down in a squat, and slid down the dirt mountain.  No joke!  You all have no idea how excited I was to see asphalt road!!  haha.  3 hours 15 minutes of hiking, sliding, crying, and swearing later….I reached road!  My G read 8 miles, but there was so much uphill and insane downhill climbing, it was probably much more.

View of the steep part from the street:


I then had to hurry hurry to make it to Costco before closing where I definitely refueld with some awesome samples!  Food should taste good Multigrain chips with hummus, steel cut oats with dried blueberries, Fruit & Nut mix, and a delicious caramel corn & candied nut mix.  Mmmm some great tasters goin’ on today!  And check out my fave buys of the day: (sorry for the condensation – it was hot in the car after I bought them…


2.75 lb blueberries for $5.99!!! No way!  And since I already finished off my recent Farmer’s Market apricot buy, I knew I needed to restock on them.  One of my favorite summer fruits!

Dinner was a taco salad creation, except I layered the topping over veggies rather than lettuce.  Seasoned black beans, sour cream, fire-roasted tomato salsa (from Costco – this stuff is so good!), TJ’s roasted corn relish, all over sauteed/Mexican seasoned veggies (mix of broccoli, cauliflower, onions & carrots) and chopped up carmelized onion chicken burger patty.  Phew!


Plus a side salad with feta and TJ’s Tuscan Italian dressing.

I definitely made sure to slather on the sunscreen this morning (no repeat of my last burn!).  Unfortunately I was wearing my tank top when I applied, completely forgetting my back/stomach.  And when I was up there in the scorching heat, I was definitely rockin’ only the sports bra (it was hot!).  Meaning that yes…my lower back & stomach got a little burnt.

Awkward back shot:


Okay…maybe a lot burnt.  Oy vey…I swear, I tried!

My hike appetite caught up to me tonight and I had some delicious cake batter froyo topped with S’mores brownies & whipped cream:


Plus a mug of hot chocolate (my nightly treat) and 2 apricots (not as sweet as the Farmer’s Market ones, but still good!).

I’m currently watching the new show on Lifetime channel – Drop Dead Diva. Random show to watch, but anyone else watchin it?  And flipping back to Harry Potter 4 during commercials.  Excited for Wednesday’s release!

Well I have my first PT appointment early tomorrow morning!  Hope it goes well!

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You know what a day off of work is great for?  Hiking!!! Basically, I live at the very bottom of this:


Ashamed here…I admit I’ve only hiked it once.  I ran up halfway and along a side trail another time, but I just have not taken advantage!  So today was the day!  I reached the very tip top in 47 minutes where I relaxed, enjoyed the view:


View of my house from about 3/4 up to the top!


And left an Operation Beautiful note!


Close up:


You are Beautiful.  Your body is awesome and strong.

I didn’t think to bring paper/pen with me up there, but when I reached the top, I asked a group of friends that were there if they had any pen & scrap of paper.  She had a tissue!!  Perfect!  I pinned the note under a rock and left it on a bench up there.  Any body that enables someone to hike 2 miles straight up a mountain is beautiful!

Megan even inspired me to do part of the hike in just a sports bra!  While not completely comfortable about it, I embraced my inner strength & beauty and maybe got a good tan in the process 😉


Show off your empowering strength!!

On the way down, I stil had energy so I took a side trail that added on another 2+ miles to my hike.

Total: 6.5 miles, 2 hours 15 minutes

I sure had worked up an appetite, and came home to a big bowl of strawberries & a cut up peach.  Plus a dollap of cottage cheese.


My daddy also sent me a Father’s Day thank you note – he’s so cute 🙂

I am one dirty hiker!


So I’m off to shower and then do a few grocery errands.  And I am strongly considering grabbing some froyo this afternoon.  We’ll see!!

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Hello my dears!  Sorry it has been a few days, but you know how it is…work work work! I’m actually not working quite as much as I wanted to this summer.  Since I’m not taking summer classes, I might as well work all I can, right?  I probably have about 25-30 hours of nannying per week, but it’s all squeezed into the weekdays.  Guess it’s good that my weekends are free for beach, pool & road trips, ehh?

Yesterday the 14 year old girl and I spent part of the day at the bookstore where I caught up on some necessary reading (aka tabloid & recipe magazines).  It was so sad to read a couple articles that talked about Farrah Fawcett planning to marry her boyfriend before her death.  Obviously these magazines were printed earlier this week…so depressing.  And about M.J.  Man oh man….

In the latest Shape magazine, this simple list caught my eye…

8 reasons to love your body:

  1. It’s unique – no one else has the same one.
  2. It’s capable of extraordinary feats, enabling you to jump, climb, run, snuggle, life, squat and spoon.
  3. No matter how badly you treat it, it’s willing to give you another chance.
  4. It’s expressive, telling you how it feels (so listen!), and telling others how you feel.
  5. Confidence is sexy.
  6. Your daughter must learn to love hers.
  7. Somebody out there (more or than one!) admires, covets, and adores it.
  8. You’ll regret not loving it more later.

With all the Operation Beautiful stuff going on (which I absolutely positively find amazing, by the way), this list seemed perfect!  And so true.  I know the saying “your body is a temple” is so cliche…but seriously, guys.  It’s true!  How amazing are our bodies?  C’mon!  I admit I struggle with more body image issues than I care to go into detail about (especially with a past of low self-esteem and weight struggles), but I’m working on it.  So let’s all work on it together! As for some recent EATS… Dinner the other night – Cheese quesadillas (with a teeny bit of vegetarian refried beans) + wholly guacamole, and sour cream (I probably had 3x this amount of sour cream…love). IMG_3726-1

Plus many sides of sauteed kale & swiss chard. Drizzled with Annie’s Goddess dressing: IMG_3730-1 Anyone tried the new Starbucks ice creams?? IMG_3731-1

OH SWEET MOSES!!! Coffee & vanilla with thick, gooey swirls of caramel?  Sign me up!  The caramel tastes exactly like the caramel they drizzle on top of their drinks.  My absolute favorite part! Topped with a crumbled Oreo Cupcake (with chocolate frosting): IMG_3732-1

IMG_3737-1 Yes, you are free to drool over the completely heavenly bite of caramel + coffee + chocolate spoonful.  I don’t blame you.


I planned to go straight to the gym after work yesterday, except (surprise, surprise) I remembered everything except my running shoes at home.  I came home at 5:00, sat at my computer for 10 minutes, and said to myself “Just go, Taylor.  Just get dressed, and GO!”  And I did.  Yay, I was so proud of myself.  Normally, once evening rolls around, you will not find me at the gym.  I just get too lazy!  I did:

  • 25 minutes stair intervals (level 11/level 15)
  • 35 minutes treadmill:
    • 1 mile (10 min run),
    • 5 min (4.2 mph at 15% incline) – repeated this run/walk twice.
    • Plus a 5 minute cool down.

So it included 2 miles (20 minutes) total of running.  My knee did not hurt me at all during the running.  But as soon as I stopped the treadmill, it had a sharp pain to it.  Nothing like I usually have.  But that went away within 30 seconds or so.  At first, I was extremely worried I way overdid it with the stairs on top of the run (which I admit I probably should have just chosen 1 or the other).

Today I believe will be upper body weights and ab work (hopefully 30 minutes of each).  Rest that knee up!

Oh, and about that maple almond cream cheese…guys, I feel so bad and deceiving.  It was actually HONEY almond cream cheese!  Raaahhh I’m so sorry to get your hopes up, but it was still BOMB delicious.  Einstein’s brand for anyone that’s curious.  But you know, now that I think about it, maple cream cheese wouldn’t be to hard to make yourself….kinda like Mighty Maple PB?? Yummmmm.

I think we’re heading to the beach today where I shall strut that body confidence!! 😀

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