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Birthday Nights

There are so many great restaurants around here.  So many that I really couldn’t decide and ended up at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen).

I love love love their BBQ chicken pizza, but wanted to try something new.  Their Pear & Gorgonzola pizza always catches my eye.  I decided to try it out tonight!

“Caramelized pears, Gorgonzola, Fontina and Mozzarella cheeses, caramelized sweet onions and chopped hazelnuts. Topped with field greens tossed in our Gorgonzola ranch dressing”

California Pizza Kitchen - Pear and Gorgonzola Pizza (020609).jpg

The pizza was delicious.  But there was way way too much dressing/white sauce going on.  I’m not a huge ranch person, and there was just way too much ranch.  It would be good to have 1 or 2 slices as an appetizer or something, but it was lacking that traditional pizza flavor (red sauce or BBQ sauce) that I was craving.  Still deeeelicious though! 

And then there was always dessert Smile


Passed around the table of course, although I ate half of it.

Last year: (desserts rule)


The rest of the night was filled with drinks, friends, and dancing.


(I feel like we’re going to a country concert in this picture)


Hey look I wore the same belt last year on my birthday!


Yes, The Boot (das boot) made an appearance.  But apparently not in pictures.

No worries, it made another appearance the next night when we went out for another birthday celebration!  (With pretty much the same people…haha.  Don’t ask why we didn’t combine birthday parties).



Birthday Buddies!


BOOT!  (Don’t ask why my roommate is doing the head tilt)


I had to work at 6 am the next morning, so I was the driver.  I had 2-3 drinks at around 9:30 before we walked downtown (so I could drive home by 2:00).  And this morning I felt AWFUL.  I mean shaky, sick…I even got sick at work.  That is not normal after only 3 drinks.  Especially because 3 drinks gets me no where near tipsy/drunk.  I really think my body is telling me NO ALCOHOL ENTER ZONE. 

Oh and we also rocked the glow sticks.  I obviously chose pink & orange Winking smile



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Sweet Tooth

I made the mini-goal to avoid sweets and dessert for the rest of the week.  Wellll…..

Question: How is it possible for me to turn down a pumpkin chocolate brownie with cinnamon whipped cream frosting?

IMG 1488

Answer: It’s not.

Sidenote: I kind of forgot the brownie was frosted when I stuck the container in my purse. And the brownie got tossed around. And frosting got stuck to the lid. And then I licked it off. You know.

You can also assume I had a fun sized 100 Grand at work (um. Can you say best candy bar ever? Thought so) and some ice cream while watching Gossip Girl.

Evidence of night-time snacky hunger:

IMG 1489

First I started with popcorn.

Then moved on to ice cream.

And finally a mug of hot chocolate almond milk.

Maybe it’s because dinner was small. But you’d think pizza would be filling. Bread + fats + protein….right??

IMG 1486-1

(That’s a tiny tiny plate by the way).

Rewinding to breakfast….it was something I’ve been waiting to make for a couple weeks.  Probably because I’ve had this empty jar taunting me for a while.

IMG 1481-1

I just hadn’t had time to make hot oats – how sad!

IMG 1482

Fini! (I took French in high school, by the way).  Oui…Oui.

IMG 1483-1

I actually felt slightly sick after this. Sometime my oats are just to sweet and rich for my taste. Shocker.

I’m so glad my healthiest eats of the day went unphotographed – think turkey & hummus sandwich, vegetable soup, and green beans.

Yup. Obviously healthy foods are scared of the camera.

Okay – I’m in need of a little clean eating here! I don’t care how controversial some people think it may be at this specific point in time – but I’m going to try and clean up my eating for the rest of the week.

Something quite special is coming up in less than 2 weeks(!!!), and I don’t need to be weighed down for it 🙂

Do you have a big sweet tooth? I’m definitely more of a sweet person than salty. Sure, I love salt on my food (yes, yes I do very much), but I can turn down chips & salsa anyday. Sweets on the other hand? I obviously have a problem 😉

Au revoir!

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Sweetie Pie

Tonight my friends put a little putluck together. Right away I knew I wanted to make this bread pudding. Knowing I would be working from 6 am – 5/6:00 pm, I prepared most of it last night.

I toasted up 8 pieces of bread. The recips calls for 5, but my bread slices were super tiny!! Only 50 calories per slice to give you a better picture. I bought the cheapest bread at Walmart! That might explain it.

IMG 1370


IMG 1372-1

While they were toasting up, I whisked the rest of the ingredients

  • Milk (3/4 cup 2% milk, 3/4 cup almond milk. I didn’t want to use up tons of my almond milk 😉 )
  • 3 eggs
  • Pumpkin (used in place of sweet potato)
  • Pumpkin pie spice
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 tsp salt

IMG 1371

Cut up bread and put in baking dish!

IMG 1373-1

I baked the bread pudding at my friend’s house so it would be fresh and hot just in time for dessert!

IMG 1388-1



My whole day wasn’t sweet-tastic. But much was.

Breakfast was sweet. Awesomely sweet.

Yogurt + peanut flour + maple syrup sweet. Cereal + banana + nectarine sweet. Jam sweet. Yummmmin sweet yummins.

IMG 1378

Mid-morning breakfast: some oatmeal, eggs, cottage cheese & COFFEE. Big and filling.

Therefore I wasn’t too hungry at lunch. Salad bar it was!

IMG 1379

Loaded with beets, feta, sunflower seeds, cottage cheese & Italian dressing.

I couldn’t help but grab this apple pie leftover from last night out of the fridge. I picked at half.  Mostly the bottom crust.  My favorite part.

IMG 1380

It was falling apart, so I figured they wouldn’t serve it to any patients. Right?!?! 😉 SWEET.

Then that afternoon one of the chefs offered everyone some samples of desserts she was preparing. Um hello. How could I say no?

Delicious dense chocolate cake things. I had 1 1/2 small pieces. (Keep in mind these are small like 4-5 inch plates).

IMG 1381-1

And carrot cake.

IMG 1382


I rushed home after work, changed, and grabbed a snack on my way out the door to nannying.


IMG 1383-1

But nature sweet 🙂

When I found out dinner wouldn’t be until 7:30 or 8:00 (dang – these people eat late!!), I knew I needed a snack. Leftover cheesy veggies I actually cooked up last night, but was too full to eat. Topped with hummus.

IMG 1384-1

And a big ol’ scoop of Nutzo.

At the potluck I had: (apologies for the horrible photos. Iphone camera + dim lighting doesn’t work out too well).

Couple handfuls of tortilla chips.

A sundried tomato breadstick

IMG 1385-1

Veggie pizza and fruit salad (this plate x2)

IMG 1386-1

Can’t forget the sweets – dessert.  PIE!! Oh pie. If I had known someone else was supplying dessert I wouldn’t have made mine.

Just kidding. Obviously I love every excuse to bake sweets.

Banana cream(!!)

IMG 1391-1

Chocolate cream pie, and of course pumpkin bread pudding. And vanilla ice cream to top it all off.

You know what my plate looked like 😉

IMG 1390-1


I actually only ate the crust off the chocolate cream pie. It had coconut in it – not a fan.

So. Full.

If I’m not careful, I’m gonna turn into a sweetie pie soon.

Oh who am I kidding….I already am one 😉

PS: everyone really liked the bread pudding.  I was so happy!  I feel like pumpkin and bread pudding are both hit and miss with people.  Make it!

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BREAKING NEWS: I now have internet!! I even set it up without once calling my dad for help 🙂 Oh the empowerment of such things.

And since it’s now Thursday, it’s only appropriate that I catch you up on the week’s adventures.

Monday morning started with toast on cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread.

IMG 1153-1

Then I headed out on what I wanted to be a 6 miler. But it was pretty warm when I set out. And I was thirsty. And the area I live now is pretty boring for running. My old house was near many different routes I could take, including many neighborhoods to wind in and out of. My new place is in a more commercial district and there’s really only 2-3 straight shot paths I can take. I did a loop that I’m sure will become a staple that ended up being 4.5 miles. Then tacked on another .5 mile at the end.

Distance: 5 miles
Time: 45:56
Avg pace: 8:59

BOOYA!!!! I definitely wanted to get below 9 minute miles and I did! Sure it might have been 8:59, but it’s below 9, which equals 8. No rounding up in my book. Since my injury, I’ve been running mainly 9-10 min mile pace, so I was happy. I guess there’s an upside to living around straight shot flat land, rather than giant hills.

I came back, fiddled with our new broken shower (which the landlord seems not to want to deal with), grabbed a quick lunch, and headed off to nannying.

PB&J never fails when in a hurry.

IMG 1244-2

Monday’s dinner at work was delicious. I love cauliflower. And this couscous was amaze.

IMG 1264

I also got a flat bread pizza, which I obviously didn’t need all of after the side entree of couscous. So I had one slice.

IMG 1265-1

And left room for dessert – S’mores pudding parfait. Yes. There are marshmallows on the bottom.

IMG 1266

Tuesday morning consisted of a cottage cheese mess bowl.

IMG 1240

In the cottage cheese container since it was near empty. CIACCC (cereal in a cottage cheese container).

IMG 1229

I got this cottage cheese because it was on “Introductory super sale” for like $1.50. I’m not a huge fan of the added fiber to things. I feel like it’s used to make things lower calories, lower “net carbs”, etc. And I’d rather get my natural fiber from natural sources. But I feel it is good for people who do struggle to get their fiber in – although whole foods should be pushed! But it was actually very tasty!!

I ate the last bit of the banana with some chocolate hazelcrack nut butter.

IMG 1242-1

I’m so happy to be moved in with my own dishes – my mugs are back!!

IMG 1269-1

At work, the 3-year old and I walked the 15 minutes to Jamba Juice downtown. She got the Orange A-peel, and we had it split in 2 kids cups (did you know you could do that?! I didn’t).

Sure, I’ll take the other kids cup.

IMG 1271

I also had a “buy 1 get 1 free” coupon and used it to get a very special smoothie I’ve wanted to try since last year.

Well, doesn’t that look nasty.

IMG 1272-1

Pumpkin Smash smoothie!!!!! I took only a couple sips of this thing to try it ASAP, and it was SWEET. So sweet I actually puckered up a bit. I asked them if there was a way to make it “lighter,” and they really didn’t know. I think I would look into this more. But until then, I make my own pumpkin smoothies quite delicious, thank you 🙂

I’m losing you aren’t I? Ok I’ll hurry up through the rest of Tuesday and onto Wednesday.

Lunch was leftover flatbread pizza.

IMG 1273

And I think I had a fruit salad cottage cheese mixture on my way out the door to work. I think.

Dinner was unphotograped but it was soup, salad and rice. Meh.

But dessert was phenom. Cake batter & dulce de leche froyo with the most necessary toppings known to mankind – crushed oreos and chocolate sauce. And a bit of cookie dough. Oh and I wanted to try those mochi balls(?). Not a fan.

IMG 0287-1

Moving onto Wednesday, I honestly can’t find a picture of my breakfast. I think it was oatmeal. So sorry, this has been a crazy week.

I randomly snacked at work, and then picked up a salad at TJs while picking up groceries for my nannying family. My old roommate always raved about this Spa Salad (I think it’s the spa salad – I could be wrong).

Rip-off!!! Where did my mandarin oranges run off to?

IMG 1275-1

It comes with chicken, mandarin oranges (supposedly), cheese (also seemed to be missing that?), grapes, and a curry dressing. Over lettuce and some type of noodles.

IMG 1276-1

On second thought I added some of my new hummus as well.

IMG 1277-1

Pretty good. But I probably wouldn’t buy again.

Mmm splurge-worthy hummus.

IMG 1278-1

A bit basily for my taste (and I love basil!!). I want to try the plain white bean hummus next.

IMG 1279-1

The rest of the day went unphotographed again, but let me just say it contained parmesan crusted potatoes, peach crisp, and a brownie pudding parfait. Yes sir. Or Ma’am.

I’ll try to recap today during tomorrow’s post so as not to overwhelm you. I’m just so happy to have internet!!!

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Or the post also known as: “I completely passed out on Saturday night before posting and had to combine 2 days worth of eats.” DUN DUN DUN!!! It’s on! Which long day of eats is more delicious?

But first, I have to say…I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I seriously can’t stop eating!Friday night I just wanted to eat eat eat! Definitely wasn’t hungry – but I sure was munchy! I just went with the flow and knew my body was craving something. Obviously, if I let myself eat every single time I want to – I would balloon (I could eat almost all the time). But with recently upping my mileage, and perhaps exhaustion from work – I know my body needs fuel. I’ve even been waking up in the middle of the night hungry!

Midnight cereal.

IMG 1081-1

I can’t fall asleep when I’m hungry. Ever. No matter what.

Now onto the battle.

Saturday’s Breakfast:

I was starving when I awoke at 5:00 am! Scratched out my original plan for a small breakfast! And went with a yogurt mess instead.

IMG 1082-1

  • Plain yogurt mixed with cinnamon
  • Honeydew (so so so so juicy & sweet!!)
  • Kashi Golean
  • Strawberry jam (RIP. I need a jam detox)
  • Scoops of nut butter
  • Drizzle of maple syrup

Mmmm maple syrup.

IMG 1083-1

All mixed up!

IMG 1084-1

My 8:45 am breakfast went unpictured since the lighting in the caff is awful at that time. But it looked the same as this one:

Cottage cheese + canteloupe and oats + eggs.

IMG 0949-1


Sunday Breakfast:

Unlike Saturday, I was completely not hungry Sunday morning. My breakfast was still yogurt & cereal, but on a much smaller level.

IMG 1099-1

And my 8:45 am breakfast snack of cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, and the iced top of a bran/carrot/ginger(?) muffin.

IMG 1100-1

Saturday Lunch:

Lunch was small, yet rich. Mushroom bisque soup (SOUPer creamy. ha) along with vegetable ratatouille.

IMG 1085

I only managed half the soup before calling it a day.


Sunday Lunch:

Orange glazed chicken, broccoli with garlic butter sauce, and turkey meat sauce which I topped the broccoli with. And also ate a bunch on the side. Kind of like soup.

IMG 1101

And a small side salad with blue cheese, olives, & craisins.

IMG 1102-2

Saturday snacks:

English muffin around 2:30.

IMG 1087

Along with a fatty slice of watermelon.

IMG 1086-1

And canned green beans + pasta sauce + parm cheese at around 4:45.

IMG 1089-1

I’m a big fan of canned green beans lately. And pasta sauce. Win win!

And an Asian pear I got from Farmers ($1/lb!! Deal).

IMG 1094

My temporary new roommate also brought apple strudel and said to help myself. She asked for it!!

IMG 1090

I picked at a whole piece throughout the afternoon.


Sunday Snacks:

I came home, ate a giant slice of watermelon like looked exactly like Saturday’s (scroll up, or just here’s a reminder:)

IMG 1086-1

And then CRASHED for a good 1 1/2 hours. I’ve gotten 7 hours of sleep combined in the past 2 nights on top of my 8 hour a day exhausting job. I’m looking forward to sleep tonight!

I awoke to have a pre-run snack of toast with PB & vanilla-pear butter.

IMG 1105-2

And yes more apple strudel.

IMG 1091-1

No more! It looks good, but honestly doesn’t taste that good. Not sweet enough for me 😉

IMG 1092-1

Saturday Dinner:

I ended up hitting up Woodstocks for pizza with a couple friends. Normally I wouldn’t spend money, especially since I just bought dinner at Farmer’s this week. But I really really needed to get out of the house and be social.

Since the table ordered pepperoni, I got a personal half “Garlic Bird” and half “BBQ Bird” on wheat. With light cheese. But it was of course still super cheesy 😉 Exactly why I got light cheese – they layer that stuff on!! I totally didn’t expect them to do half & half on a personal, but they did! 😀

IMG 1095-2

I had half of this personal, and 1 slice of a pesto veggie. Funny stury -we still had the old people’s number up from the table before us, and they accidentally re-made their pizza and gave it to us. We told them, but they couldn’t take it back. And we were left with a free half meat lovers-half pesto veggie pizza!

Okay, maybe that wasn’t such a funny story. But since the whole table seemed to be scared of veggies, I got free pizza from it.

I was trying to save room for the delicious cinnabread, which my friend got to go, but we never broke into 😦 Ahh well.

We then continued to redbox, where they decided to rent Wolfman. Which I think I slept through half of, thank goodness. It was beyond awful. And I swear, the graphics were from the 80s. I half expected Michael Jackson to jump out and rock his Thriller dance any second. My friends also convinced me to have a glass of wine, which I think aided in the sleep.  Okay, not much convincing was involved.


Sunday Dinner:

Leftover pizza!! 1 BBQ & 1 garlic slice (which I took a bite out of to taste it cold) toasted in the toaster oven.

IMG 1106

I’ve never toasted up leftover pizza before, but it was A-MAZING. Seriously, better than last night. Slightly crispy, warm, and still ooey gooey!

IMG 1107-1

Plus a veggie pesto piece eaten cold while the other two were toasting up.

IMG 1109-1

So in short story, the exact same dinner I had last night.

I could’ve had a glass of wine to make the nights even, but opted for hot chocolate instead.

IMG 1108-1

My days were similar, my days were different. But which day’s eats look better to you? Even though they are super similar.  Not gonna lie.

PS: Run was awesome 🙂 My Garmin never located satellites, so I just ran for time.

Time: 50:13
Est. Distance: 5.25-5.5 miles

And I ran the ENTIRE time. I’m so happy to be back and running normally again. I thank my lucky stars everyday 😀

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Tour de Strawberry

So I know I mentioned I was at “The Cabin” and I’ve talked about it on the blog before. But I’ve never fully described the cabin on the blog before.

Ladies & gentlemen, let me introduce you to Strawberry cabin.


(For the record, Hunter is not my last name)

The cabin used to belong to my great-grandma, and when she died my grandparents bought it from all the inheritants. So while it technically belongs to my grandparents, my family is welcome to go up whenever (as long as it’s not booked!), and I definitely consider it our own.

We’ve been regularly going up to Strawberry cabin for probably 13ish years now.

It’s fun in the winter. There’s a sledding hill only a 5 minute walk away.



But I definitely like it better in the summer.



There’s a lake 2 miles away which is awesome to relax at, paddle-boat, kayak, hike, and swim.

IMG 2220


Literally in the backyard of our cabin is a beautiful river which we’ve been known to raft down, relax at, and chill (quite literally) in the water.

IMG 4645

The house in the distance at the top of this photo is ours!



The cabin isn’t big by any means. But wonderfully cozy 😉 There’s a family room area


With some awesome comfy chairs 😉


And the kitchen/dining room area.


(Taken on Thanksgiving)

The kitchen was remodeled a few years ago. Made a HUGE difference in space!


And then our wonderful porch of course.


With the view!


Upstairs is the bedroom. Yes, literally our entire upstairs is one giant bedroom with 8 beds and a bathroom. And that’s where we all sleep!

So there you have it – Strawberry Cabin 🙂 Now you’ll know what I’m talking about whenver I visit “Strawberry.”

Yesterday morning before my run, I rummaged the cabinets and found some oatmeal packets.


Ooops 😉 And 2 cups coffee. Go U-Penn baseball! (My brother’s school/team).

I then headed out on a pretty hard 3.5 miler. The first 1.5 miles was literally a complete uphill battle. But I finished, and that’s what matters!


Talk about perfect timing – almost a 100% 10 minute mile pace!


Post-run leftover pizza and garlic bread from the night before.


This was a Safeway take-and-bake pizza, and I have to say I liked it!

Do you have a specific vacation spot that your family tends to return to over and over again? Something that is special and reminds you of childhood?

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Super Senior

Happy Friday! Yesterday, I ran around doing a couple errands. Working on graudation gift assemblies (shhhh it’s a surprise!!), headed into my last day at one nannying job (I’d been with this family for 5 years now!), then went out for a bit to a new bar The Kilt for a friend’s birthday.

I also went shopping for a graduation dress, but everything is way to SHORT! I know I’m on the taller side (5’7″), but the dresses are size large, so shouldn’t they be designed for taller people? My tall tall wedges don’t help the situation either 😉

I came home STARVING and started devouring food the moment upon walking through the door. Starting with some finger dipping into the peanut butter jar (a common occurance lately). I managed to whip up a lunch:

I cooked up some ground turkey on the stove with BBQ sauce. Then I topped a whole wheat lavash wrap with pasta sauce and ranch dressing (half with each) and the turkey mixture.

IMG 7888-1

Yummm delish. Times the amount below x2 (this was only half the pizza and I obviously ate the whole thing)

IMG 7889-1

I finished off my lunch with probably 3 servings of blueberries.

And dinner was a simple stir-fry of veggies, some cilantro chicken wontons, more BBQ turkey meat from lunch, and quinoa.

IMG 7897

I couldn’t even tell you all the snacks and BLTs I had yesterday!

To finish off my college flashback week, I’ll do a quick flashback to my senior year of college (2008-2009 – not this past year, since this was my “super” senior year 😉 )

I moved into a new huge house with 5 other girls. I finally got my OWN ROOM!!!!! So excited for that one. It was also my first summer staying in San Luis Obispo (besides my first summer as a freshamn). That summer was stressful with anatomy, but I got through it!  I celebrated by chopping off my hair 😉

IMG 2474

IMG 2475

LOVED it 😀

I started out the year in September as a WOW (Week of Welcome) leader. WOW is the week before school starts that freshmen come, get assigned groups, and do all sorts of activities to feel welcome at Cal Poly!

We did all sorts of fun things such as rock climbing

IMG 2563

IMG 2561


n598898764 1311266 3889

Touring downtown (that is Bubblegum Alley – an alley of walls completely covered in layers of old gum. Nasy. But a tourist attraction!)

n598898764 1311248 7860

And seeing cool presentations, such as a hypnotist. This one was funny – at one point a hypnotized person came and sat on my lap and did all sorts of hilarious things. Here, I think we were separated by a glass wall, and he couldn’t reach me to kiss. So he started kissing the glass wall between us.

n598898764 1311255 171

It was hilarious.

n598898764 1311254 9841

The rest of the year was pretty good. It was my first year going down to the bars (Downtown, or DT as we call it here). I went quite a bit with 2 of my roommates, and occasionally some of the others as well.

IMG 1412

n6411653 36546163 6097

In October I ran the half marathon that I had ran the full of the previous year.

n6411653 36533724 7452


n6404697 36625606 1593

And as Indiana Jones

n507740820 2026454 1671

n6411653 36730265 163

IMG 2806-1

This was a HUGE surprise, because I literally ran into (yes, I was on a run) my old roommate Sarah (on the left) who had moved to Rhode Island. She was back!! We surprised our other old roommate Jamie (middle) for her birthday 🙂 Sophomore roommates reunite!

IMG 2853

At one point, I was sick of the brassy color my attempted blonde dye job had turned. So I dyed it dark brown – even darker than my natural color. Which I loved! But then that too lightened up and brassied out.

IMG 2881-1

All the rooommates together!

IMG 3373-1

This year was a bit different, a couple old roommates, a couple new ones!


And it’s definitely been one of my best years here at school.

What was your FAVORITE year out of college?

Mine’s a toughie! I loved freshman year, but I also had such a great time this year as well. They were both great in such different ways!

Sidenote: I probably won’t be around much the next couple days due to the family arriving and GRADUATION!!!!! But I promise I’ll be back Sunday or Monday to let you guys in on all the festivities. Have a wonderful weekend!! I sure will 😀

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