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Museum Fun

I knew it was going to be an interesting day when it started like this:



We headed to the Children’s Museum downtown for some…fun?

First, we went to the hospital where I sat waiting amongst the many patients.


Wait…I thought I was at the doctor’s.  What IS that?!?


My, what a big mouth you have!


Seriously.  It was a tall toothbrush.


Woah woah woah.  I did not sign up for this.


Finally we left the doctors/dentist/torture chamber and took a little trolley ride.  Do you even have your license young lady?


We ended up at Farmer’s Market. 


They even had reusable bags.  How thoughtful.


Despite all the Farmer’s Market grub, I was still hungry for lunch!


I made a frozen cashew chicken dish (from Trader Joe’s).  I just didn’t use the rice.  I’m not a big fan of rice – especially white.


All eaten out of an egg bowl!


Hey little bunny.

Notice Florida down on the lower right corner?  Yeah, well speaking of Florida, I got into the Florida State grad school!!!  Yes, I found out a couple weeks ago, and was super stoked.  It was one of the Dietetic Internship/Masters combined programs I applied to, so I still need to get into the internship portion.  Which I find out about on Sunday.  Eeeek so soon!

Florida State was one of my top choices because it was a combined internship/masters program that focused on Sports Nutrition/Physical Performance.  I want to get my masters as well as become an RD, and attending a 2-year combined internship/masters program saves time and money (rather than just doing a 1-year internship followed by 2-year grad school).  However, I want to get my masters specifically in something sports related, and there weren’t many of those combined with an internship around.  So I also applied to some 1-year internship programs that I’d really love to attend as well.

Make sense?

I’ll talk more about it and my top choices when I find out on Sunday.  I don’t want to jinx anything!!


Happy April 1st and don’t get fooled! Winking smile


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What you didn’t see….

According to my camera that first meal I ate yesterday was lunch:


  • Broccoli slaw with TJ’s cilantro dressing
  • Cooked up lean ground turkey meat (which I cooked with BBQ sauce)
  • Scoop of homemade red pepper hummus
  • Scoop of FAGE + ranch seasoning “dip”
  • Drizzle of BBQ sauce

This is a modification of a lunch I’ve been having LOTS lately.  I was just at babysitting yesterday so I added a few extra touches (the dip & hummus).


What you don’t see:

  • My sandwich thin toast I had pre-gym
  • My45 minute strength workout
  • My banana pumpkin yogurt with blueberries & peanut butter
  • My Starbucks coffee devoured during my 30 minute drive to babysitting

We spent the morning outside and I hopefully got my color on enjoyed the sunshine.

IMG_0207 IMG_0209

Someone needs to tell the little one it’s probably impossible to catch your older sister who’s on the big girl bike.


But really?  Who am I to crush her dreams?


You go girl.

IMG_0215-1 IMG_0216

What you didn’t see:

  • When the big-girl bike lapped her.  Twice.  And the youngest just kept running after her.



What you didn’t see:

  • The other 2 sodas I had throughout the afternoon as well.  Oops.

Yesterday was a hungry day!  I’m usually munchy at babysitting, but I swear I was legitly hungry yesterday.  I tried to calm that monster with fruit and carrots.  Lots of carrots.  With salsa yogurt dip.


What you didn’t see:

  • My apple
  • The scoop of ice cream I succumbed to
  • The couple spoonfuls of PB
  • The other 2 portion sized bags of carrots.  Who pre-packages carrots in such small portions?  C’mon people.

I gave in to dinner early:

Trader Joe’s Southwest salad.  With a few chips and seeds added for oomph.


What’s really sad is that during my disordered eating/obsessed with calories days, this used to be my meal of choice pre-drinking.  Because it’s so light it would take me less drinks to feel it (less calories).  And because it’s such little calories itself (only 170 in the whole salad) so I could use more calories for drinking.


I seriously had issues.  Now if I’m going out drinking, I try on purpose to have a hearty meal (think pizza – works wonders) so I can avoid the toilet (ugh) and avoid a hangover.  I wish I could go back and have a heart-to-heart with my old 20, 21, and 22 year old self Sad smile.

What you didn’t see:

  • My froyo on the way home

Because it was delicious and creamy.  My favorite froyo store is 30 minutes away near this place I rarely babysit at.  So I always take advantage while I’m there Smile


Now, I really should not be blogging right now.  Seeing as how my internship applications all need to be done by tomorrow, I really don’t have time for blogging or blog reading the rest of the weekend.  So I’ll see you Monday!!

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Work Lessons

Things I’ve learned at work (the Foodie edition):

1. Take advantage of going out to lunch.  If someone’s paying for your meal (and they really don’t care what you order), order what you want!


For example, an expensive salad that I got to add chicken to at California Pizza Kitchen.  Roasted Vegetable Salad + chicken. 


(Moroccan Chicken Salad is 1 million times better, by the way).


2. Get creative in the kitchen while the baby is sleeping.  Instead of a plain old sandwich (PB&J for instance)…


Make a pulled BBQ chicken sandwich with rotisserie chicken! 



3. Holiday seasons will do you in.  Hello candy and treats galore!





**Insert peppermint mocha brownie here**

recipe_image_1020 (1)


4. Sometimes it worth it to eat red meat.  Such as in this Monte Cristo sandwich: French toast bread sandwich with cheese & ham, deep fried, and then drizzled with homemade strawberry syrup.

I about gagged when I heard about it.  But look at this beast!  I was this close to trying a piece (ham and all!), but I ended up picking out the ham.  Wow.  The strawberry sauce actually went very very well!


(Made by one of the chefs at work)


5. I better get to work and make myself up in the world to have a view like this:


(Bad lighting – that’s the ocean in the background).

Or marry an anesthesiologist.  Either one.



6. Take food if your boss gives is going to throw it away.  For example: She mentions these odd “Vita-top muffins” her mom bought her that have been in the freezer forever. 

You say: “Oh!  I love Vita-top muffins!”  Hope and cross fingers she’ll offer you them

Yay.  Ignore fact that they expired in April and are slightly freezer burnt. 



7. Babies are adorable.


Toddlers are hilarious.


Adults  grown-ups  Early 20-year olds can’t pull it off.


(I guess babies seem to find me hilarious?  Hence the baby’s face in the background)


8. Babies are also good birth control.


Anything great that work has taught you?  How do you take advantage of your “work perks?”

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So long. Farewell

Adios 12 hour crazy work day. May I crash now?

Let’s see. Today was:

9:00-1:30 – Nannying job. During which we walked the 1 1/2 miles to the library and 1 1/2 miles back.

Got called into work early. So I raced home, threw on my uniform, grabbed a snack, and sped to work.

2:00-8:45 – crazy crazy hospital day. It was jam packed today and super busy.  Which = me running around like crazy.

Boom. That was me falling on the couch.

But you want to see some food, now do ya’?

I woke up not hungry at all (thank you late night snack literally 15 minutes before I went to bed). So I kept it light with cereal – Kashi Golean, banana slices, & almond milk. Plus a 2-egg white puff on the side for some protein.

IMG 0911-1

IMG 0912-1

Almonds while walking from the library (repeat picture).

IMG 0886

Rando sandwich thrown together at work. Basil, hummus, pickles, blue cheese on whole wheat. And mustard.

IMG 0913-1

Super random. But it’s what they had. I wanted to use feta, but the container wasn’t open. And I felt weird opening it.

IMG 0914-1

+ a peach. Juicy. And probaby organic. Not that that matters.  But it was good.

Scarfed down some cocoa almonds in between jobs. Not hungry. But I didn’t want a 7 hour break between lunch and dinner.

IMG 0916-1

I was literally running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off (is that true? Do they really run around after? Ugh. Please don’t tell me), and didn’t get a chance to eat dinner until after the cafeteria closed. Luckily the chef grabbed me some leftover food right before it was washed away. So I took what I could get. And it looks like I’m on the Atkins diet.

Also, luckily the meatloaf was turkey meatloaf. And it was good! I’m usually only a meatloaf fan if it’s made with a specific recipe. This one was tasty.

IMG 0917-1

That fried chicken on the other hand, was nasty.

I need my comfy flip flop slippers. And a mattress. And some carbs after that dinner.

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Weekend Routine

Happy Friday Sunday! It’s kind of Friday to me. No work tomorrow = HOLLA!! Yes, I do work weekends as part of my job. And by weekends, I mean 6 am.

In all honesty though? It’s not that bad! The time flies by, I’m constantly doing something, and I love the people I work with.

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, since it was only my first weekend. But let’s hope it stays this good 🙂

I am super bummed that I can’t go out weekend nights. Well I could. But that’d be crazy. Exhaustion also tends to set in at around 3/3:30. My eating schedule is all whack. Oh and I have to figure out a running routine. I’m literally on my feet walking miles all freaking day. My feet and legs don’t feel like running after that!

Anyways, enough of that. Working has seriously jacked up my appetite! Or my body needs to get used running again. Or maybe because it’s that special time of the month. All I know is the other night I tossed and turned for hours starving!

Somehow this ended up with me in bed:

IMG 0868-1

Um. Yes. Who needs a man when you have chocolate hazelnut butter?

IMG 0869

Still hungry…there used to be ice cream in that cup.

IMG 0870-1

Working these early weekend shifts throws off my eating as well. I obviously need to eat before work even though I’m not hungry yet. So I’ve been keeping it slightly small.

Yogurt with raw oatmeal, jam, & a scoop of nut butter:

IMG 0871-1

Today I had the same thing, just with Kashi Golean (which I got for $2.50!! Budget post coming soon!).

Plus numerous cups of coffee obviously.

6:00-8:45: Stay busy writing out lunch tickets, putting together breakfast trays, and delivering breakfast to the patients.

At 8:45 we get our “breakfast break.” The cafeteria is closed, but we can take what we want from the leftover breakfast for the patients or from the stockroom. I’ve been sticking with:

  • Scrambled eggs or egg substitutes
  • Oatmeal
  • Muffin (banana or blueberry)
  • Fruit
  • Cottage cheese
  • Coffee

9:00-10:55: Restock, take patient’s lunch orders, pick up breakfast trays from rooms, get & deliver snacks, etc.

At 10:55 we break for lunch. See how my schedule is wacky? I’m usually not super hungry now, especially since I just had a small breakfast snack not too long ago. But I obviously need to eat! The cafeteria is open now and we can get food, but on the weekends there’s not as many options. For example it was beef fajitas both days :-/

Yesterday I stuck with an herb roasted chicken, steamed veggies, and something else I can’t remember.

Today I had carrots au gratin (not sure, but it was cheesy, crusty yummy carrots), tomato florentine soup, and steamed green beans.

Plus we get free unlimited drinks. So I usually stick with the mojitos or margaritas minute maid lemonade light or diet coke. I need to stop though and stick with iced tea.

11:30-2:30: Make lunch trays, deliver lunch, restock, clean, pick up lunch trays, etc.

Then I’m off!

So since I have such an early lunch (11:00!), and I’m exercising walking aorund for 8 hours, I’m obviously hungry around 3:30 for a snack. And then again around 5:30 for dinner.

Last night I had sauteed veggies with chili beans & the last of my pasta sauce. Weird? But cheap. And it worked.

IMG 0872-1

And tonight I had steamed seasoned veggies over a salad with Asian sesame dressing. And a Gardenburger portabella burger. Which was delish. And topped it off with some yummy mango chutney from Costco. Dude Costco is awesome.

IMG 0873-1

x those veggies by 2 (I ate the whole bag. So sue me).

So anyways, yes. That might have been a bit wordy, but that’s what my weekend schedule looked like and will probably look like most weekends from now on!

Like I said – I really need to find a balance between work, eating, sleep, and running!

I’ve also been enjoying my new favorite night time snack. Plain yogurt + peanut flour stuck in the freezer for a good 30-45 minutes. Then mixed with some jam.


IMG 0867-1


I need a camera. Pronto.

Currently enjoying some of above said yogurt and watching The Last Song. There’s no cable in this house so I missed the Emmy’s 😦 Thank goodness for Redbox and Netflix on demand!

How was your weekend? Do anything more exciting than me?

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