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Hello dear friends, I’m at the library right now – obviously procrastinating taking a break πŸ˜‰

This weekend is going to be mad intense – 4 midterms, along with other assignments due next week. And I have my senior project to work on.

At least this morning’s breakfast was delicious. Welcome back to my life overnight oats!

IMG 6490

Last night I combined:

  • 1/3 cup oats + 1/3 cup yogurt + 1/3 cup pumpkin + 1/3 cup soymilk
  • 2 T raisins
  • Cinnamon & maple syrup

This morning I topped it off with:

  • Quaker brown sugar oatmeal squares
  • Life cereal
  • Naturally More PB

This was my first “yogurt” based overnight oats (with more yogurt, rather than milk). I could taste tartness, and while delicious, I think I prefer a thinner milk & mashed banana base instead πŸ˜‰

IMG 6492

And coffee enjoyed out of my favorite mug πŸ™‚

IMG 6491

Then I packed up the essentials and headed to campus!

Coffee, a large apple, carrots and an ABJ&B (almond butter, jelly, and banana) sandwich.

IMG 6489

IMG 6488

Gym was a 40-minute mixture of weights, abs & power-clams for the hips.

Then class.

Then 4+ hours of library time. Where I also snacked on an apricot Heart Thrive bar (not my fave. Although it’s probably better heated up).

Came home hangry for dinner and threw a very quick tasty Kashi meal into the microwave.

IMG 4283-1

The tuscan bake! Mmmmm.

IMG 4285-1

Plus roasted broccoli on the side (which looked exactly like yesterdays, so that is the picture I used – sorry).

IMG 6478

For the broccoli, I seasoned it with garlic salt, pepper, paprika, and olive oil. Then roasted it at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Delicious. First time I’ve tried roasted broccoli is this past week, and I’m hooked!

Followed by some unpictured sour patch kids (or SPKs as my roommate calls them) and a “pumpkin pie” for dessert. With some melty whipped cream πŸ˜‰

IMG 6457

Disgusting looking, but might tasty, I swear.

I know this is two posts in one day (which may be a lot to catch up with! πŸ˜‰ ), but I couldn’t leave my Friday without my Flashback to Europe part 3!

Last I left you, my sister and I were ending our 3-day trip to Paris. We then took the chunnel back to London to spend another 5 days there. The first week, we stayed in a flat through my grandparents’ time share.

Copy of CIMG0086

Post-Paris, we stayed in a hotel.


Which came with a daily gourmet breakfast/brunch. πŸ˜‰

This last week, we hit up the Tower, where they kept all the prisoners. It’s well-known for where King Henry VII kept his wives (including Anne Boleyn).


Traitor’s Gate muahaha.




Fun in the gift shop πŸ˜‰


One day, we took a bus trip that stopped at Stonehenge,





and Windor Castle


On the last full day of our trip, my sister and I walked around, finding our way to Buckingham Palace


To watch the changing of the guards.


We also found our way to Platform 9 3/4 πŸ˜‰


Unfortunately, try as we might, we couldn’t make it through the wall 😦


On our walk, we ventured through Kensington Gardens



And came across Peter Pan! This was on my sister’s “to-see” list so she was excited.


It was soon time to bid London goodbye.


It was honestly the trip of a lifetime, and it couldn’t have happened without my wonderful grandparents. While my sister and I had to pay our own way, for some food, and for all of Paris, my grandparents made the trip amazing – treating us to dinners, tours, play tickets, and housing. They were amazing πŸ˜€

Regarding my post title, anyone see the Kellogg’s commercial where the guys are naming reasons why they like Kellogg’s cereal? And one guy goes “I like Kelloggs because it has ‘ello’ in the middle of it. Like ‘ello govna.” LOL I don’t know why I thought that commercial was hilarious. Β Just thought I’d throw that out there πŸ˜‰


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**Note: this was written on Thursday night, but my internet was down (what’s new) so was posted on Friday**

Madelin was wonderfully kind enough to award me with the Beautiful Blogger award!


I recently shared the 7 random facts about myself on this post, so check it out if you interested! πŸ˜‰

In other news, I’m sure much of you caught Michael Pollen and Alicia Silverstone on Oprah yesterday. I’ve yet to see Food Inc, but I found the intereview extremely interesting. I have their same viewpoints on eating processed and real foods, but I have to admit I’ve really never given a second thought to my poultry. I try to avoid “fake” and highly processed meats, but I really don’t pay attention to organic, grass-fed, etc. Maybe I should start?

I was, however, impressed by Chipotle! I had no idea they were that fresh and healthy! A Chipotle is finally coming here to my college town, and man, am I excited! πŸ˜‰

Speaking of yesterday, did you know Wednesdays are $1 oatmeal day at Jamba Juice? When I heard that, I knew where I’d be stopping on my drive to work.

IMG 6476

I had a really hard time deciding from all their options.

I finally decided on Banana. Steel cut oats cooked with soymilk, topped with banana slices and brown sugar crumble.

IMG 6475

Oh, brown sugar crumble! Just like the crumbles on top of apple pie πŸ˜€

IMG 6477

Unfortunately, it didn’t hold me over long at all, and I was starving two hours later. Made my mini-lunch earlier than planned.

2 slices WW bread topped with laughing cow cheese + pumpkin butter.

IMG 6479-1

With leftover roasted broccoli.

IMG 6478

And snuck a couple treats from my little girl’s “Yay, you went potty on the toilet” bag of candy.

IMG 6481

Dinner was a broccoli, chicken and cheese mixture that was honestly waaayyy too rich for me.

IMG 6482-1

And I couldn’t think of a better way to reward myself after such an exhausting and emotionally draining day (have you tried dealing with a 2 year old who hasn’t gone #2 in more than a week? Yeah, they’re a bit whiny) than with froyo on the way home from work.

IMG 6484

This beast was huge!! That was a 16 oz container it was overflowing.

See you tomorrow for Flashback to Europe part 3 and Friday!!

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Okay, this is a day late because my internet was being it’s usual poopy self and chose not to work last night. So actually this post was actually meant for yesterday!

Happy Birthday Mommy!

You’ve been there for us our whole lives. And I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you (quite literally πŸ˜‰ ).


Thank you for being the mom you are πŸ˜€


What do you think…do we look alike? πŸ˜‰

n6411653 36533721 6685-1

Hope you enjoyed your day!!

This morning I didn’t have class until noon, so I had time to make an actual breakfast. I haven’t gotten mocha oats off my brain since Friday!

IMG 6458

Unfortunately I had no cookie dough or chocolate chips today 😦

But topped with:

  • Chocolate almond butter
  • Cream cheese (frosting πŸ˜‰ )
  • Sprinkle of granola
  • IMG 6459

But still delicious none the less!

I followed this up with a 35 minute strength workout:

  • ~ 17 minutes upper body weights
  • 5 minutes hip exercises
  • 15 ab circuit – 1 minute of each of the following:
    • Oblique side bends with weight in each hand
    • Standing ab twist with weight
    • Flutter kicks
    • Scissors leg lifts
    • Bicycle crunches
    • Scissors (criss-crossing the ankles)
    • Leg lift/crunch up & reach towards feet (at same time) with weight
    • Front plank
    • Oblique crunch with leg lift (1 minute each side)
    • Seated ab twist, legs lifted, with weight
    • Side plank, on hands, top leg lifted parallel to ground (1 minute each side)
    • Front plank
    • Oblique side bends with weight in each hand

Phew! My abs were sore today πŸ˜‰

“Lunch” at school was slightly pathetic and slightly disgusting looking. Laughing cow and TJ’s black bean dip spread on WW bread.

IMG 6462

It was really all I had time to throw together this morning, and also all I really had to put on a sandwich. Plus carrots and blueberries (on sale at Vons this past week!)

You can bet that when I got home at 3:30, I was famished. First up – pumpkin smoothie!

IMG 4333

But I had that awful pit in my stomach pain I get when I don’t eat. So this was followed with a couple handfuls of cereal and I finally just dug in to this bad boy:

IMG 6468

A spoonful of Naturally More PB. That did the trick. Felt better πŸ™‚

For dinner, I was craving nothing more than comforting breakfast food.

French toast – it has been too long.

Topped with a smidge of cream cheese, peanut butter & a granola sprinkling.

IMG 4082

And hot chocolate (x2) throughout the night.

IMG 6472

Few random questions for the day:

1. What is your favorite thing to pair with laughing cow cheese?

2. Do you look at all like your parents? Which one?

1. Laughing cow goes great with apples. And spread on toast with cinnamon/sugar!

2. Obviously, I look like my mom πŸ˜‰

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This morning I had some of the most epic oats ever.

Cookie dough mocha oats to be more exact!

IMG 6449

On the stove, I combined:

  • Oats + soymilk + 2 egg whites
  • Spoonful of cocoa powder at end
  • Spoonful of instant coffee at end

Topped off with a nice blob of PB, chocolate almond butter…

IMG 6450

And a great big blob of chocolate chip cookie dough (I have in the fridge to make for a friend’s birthday).

IMG 6448

Wowowowowowowow!!!!!! I was once on a huge cocoa oats kick (especially cocoa peppermint oats), but the coffee powder kicked it up a notch. And cookie dough combined made it food-orgasmic!

(Yes I do eat raw cookie dough occasionally whenever I can get my hands on it πŸ˜‰ I know the whole raw egg thing is a huge scare to people, but I can’t help I like dough better than the actual baked good!)

It’s now time for London Flashback Part 2 – Paris Edition! (Missed part 1? Check out last Friday).

After the first week, my sister and I took a 3-day trip to Paris. I’d always dreamt of visiting Paris, so knew I need to take advantage of being so close to it.

We traveled on the Chunnel – an extremely fast train that goes from London to Paris.


And walked to our hotel –


Which had a lovely view of the River Siene.


Right away, we got dressed and ready to begin our 2 1/2 day Power-Paris trip!

First, we made our way to the Notre Dame.



Unfortunately, it was closed that day and we couldn’t go inside 😦 I don’t remember the reason. But we made a pit stop a few days later to check out the inside πŸ™‚


Hunchback Quasimodo’s friends πŸ˜‰


We just wandered around, not exactly knowing where we were going! I think we were looking for a Metro stop so we could hop on it.

We found the Holocaust memorial.


This picture screams Paris to me – I think it might be the shirt? haha. All I need is a beret!


Came across a very denim family.


Finally made our way to Sacre Coeur.

Can you spot me?


I ran up into the crowd to pose for a picture like “Where’s Waldo?”


I think it was the shirt πŸ˜‰

Beautiful view of the city from the top of the hill.


We walked around up there for a bit.


There was quite little village…town?




When in Rome When in Paris – must have gelato!


Remember my mug that my sister painted me?

Well this is where we saw the painting that she copied!


Afterwards, we took the Metro back to see the Arc de Triomphe.

Enjoyed the weird intersections.


We hung around on that street for HOURS waiting for it to get dark! By 10:00, we gave up – this is as dark as it got! Crazy how light it stays there so late due to the prime meridian!


The next day, we decided to travel to the palace of Versailles.



The gardens were insane!!!!


I can’t even put into words how big their “backyard” was!


They got all the way back to the teeny tiniest end of this photo…


We walked all the way there – where I got my first crepe at a food stand!


And then continued even more onward to Marie Antoinette’s summer house! Yes, she had her own “summer house” on the same property as her palace. Recognize it from the movie Marie Antoinette?


After this loooonnngggg day of walking (hours and hours and hours straight), we hit up the Eiffel Tower!



My sister was beyond exhausted, so she ended up heading back to the hotel. But I knew I couldn’t travel to Paris and not climb to the top of the tower!


It was windy at the tippy top!!


Hello America!!


It was dark by the time I got down, and the tower was ablaze! I had to walk far enough away to get a picture.


It’s hard to see in the picture, but it had white lights all over that twinkled – beautiful!


It was absolutely breathtaking and I stood there forever just not wanting to leave. I was underneith the Eiffel Tower!!! Holy cow!! The Eiffel Tower! πŸ˜€

One thing is for certain, I came back that night and crashed. Never had I ever walked that far in one day from 8 am – 11 pm straight!

We were leaving in the afternoon of the next day, but wanted to fit in a quick visit to The Louvre of course!


Everyone was taking pictures inside, including of the Mona Lisa. I felt bad thought (since technically you shouldn’t be taking pictures!), so refrained.

I also found Diet Coke with Orange! Knew I needed to buy such a thing and test it out.


Gulp gulp!


Hmmm….tasty! Similar to the lemon flavor.


Tiny European car!


And my first crepe was soooooo good, I knew I needed another to finish off the trip πŸ˜‰


Paris was honestly so rush rush rush – it’s almost a blur! We tried to cram everything in, but I really want to travel back one day! It was also such a great experience since it was really my first trip alone in another city – a foreign city! Quite the experience πŸ˜‰

London trip part 3 coming next time πŸ˜‰

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IMG 6410

So I really don’t have much energy to put into this post right now 😦 Let me say

Crawling baby + potty training toddler = exhaustion.

Simple math.

Chowed down on my easy breakfast on the drive to work. A cinnamon raisin Ezekiel english muffin –

  • 1/2 with pumpkin cream cheese & jam
  • 1/2 with Naturally More PB, jam & banana slices

IMG 4416-1

But seriously? Where were the raisins in this beast? I believe they accidentally slipped a plain flavor into my package!

IMG 4417-1

Work was full of snackies including carrots, celery & cookie dough – yummm. And oddly wasn’t super hungry all day.

Had some love of my life kabocha squash around 2:00. With ketchup of course.

IMG 6444

And then “whatever’s in the fridge” (a.k.a turkey slice, spinach, tofu & mustard) wrap around 4:15 –

IMG 6445

Highly appetzing white blobs, no?

And this was able to hold me over through whining and crying, especially when the 3-year old closed the 9 month old’s fingers in the door which led to a large group hug and cry fest.

But I do still love them πŸ™‚

IMG 6403

IMG 6390

Finally had a super late dinner at 8:45. Once I’m home that late, I’m always craving comfort breakfast foods (usually french toast) and nut butters. That’s it. Β I could’ve gone to town with the peanut butter jar. Β But since I had no bread, and I knew spoonfuls of peanut butter wouldn’t be the brightest idea I’d had in a while, I went for a lovely yogurt bowl.

  • Greek yogurt + pumpkin + cinnamon + maple syrup
  • Nature’s Path mesa sunrise
  • Quaker oatmeal squares
  • Globs of Naturally More PB & pumpkin butter

IMG 6446-1

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about you orange oddly neutral colored dream machine.

And hot chocolate…duh.

What do you normally crave or end up eating for a late dinner? Β Do you still do a full meal?

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Lucky 7

Christina recently awarded me the Beautiful Blogger award! Thanks girl! πŸ™‚


I guess I’m required to share 7 facts about myself πŸ˜‰

1. I am having one of the best years of my life. I am in love with all my roommates this year and we’re having a blast! πŸ™‚

IMG 6012-1

2. I’ve always secretly wanted to go blonde. Blondes have more fun, no? πŸ˜‰ I did try to last summer, but my hair just turned highlighted orange-y.


IMG 2475-1


IMG 2853-3

I finally got annoyed and dyed it even darker brown than my natural.

IMG 2881-2

And then the dark brown even lightened up to an orangy-shade! So now I’m patiently growing it out and gave up the dying.

3. I’m in my last quarter of college! And while most people actually get excited, I’m kind of sad. And scared. College is “safe” and I have no idea what I’m doing next in life.

4. I worked as a lifeguard and swim instructor all through high school and 2 summers of college. Not gonna lie when I say I enjoyed my tan πŸ˜‰

5. I used to have pet ducks. My best friend and I spontaneously bought them after school one day, and named them Mary-Kate and Ashley (see #7 below).


They were both petrified of my dog (Zimmer) at the time, and would run away whenever she came near them. When Ashley (the black duck) died early on, Mary-Kate bonded all of a sudden bonded with Zimmer – I guess she was lonely? Mary-Kate wouldn’t leave her side!


6. I swam from age 8 and all through high school. I loved it so much, and was a huge breaststroker. Butterfly was my second favorite.



7. I had a mad Mary-Kate & Ashley obsession for a few years in high school. It all started when I saw the movie Holiday in the Sun. I bought posters, and even started to collect the dolls made after them. And I loved the Playstation game.


Hope you enjoyed those oh-so-very interesting facts πŸ˜‰

The other morning I decided to break out my new waffle maker I received for Christmas!

IMG 6430

I naturally decided to go for pumpkin waffles and added some pumpkin to the mix. Bad idea.

Waffle Fail.

IMG 6431

I guess the batter was too mushy or moist to decently cook? This took quite a bit of cleaning, and then I decided to use the rest of my batter for good ol’ trusty pancakes – with the addition of frozen blueberries.

IMG 6432

Which also ended up waaaaayyy too mushy, so I ended up throwing the rest out :-/ Fail!

Next time, waffle maker. You haven’t seen the last of me.

Unfortunately my other weekend eats managed to go unphotographed, but yesterday was quite the splurge day.

My friend attended a wedding on Saturday, and they sent him home with tons of leftovers from the sandwich platter! Being the gentleman he is, he invited us over for lunch πŸ™‚ No pictures of the sandwiches, but we also helped ourselves to some wedding cake πŸ˜‰

IMG 6434

And that night our friend also surprised us with some pies from work. I had a small slice of Banana Split (about half the below amount) –

Both pictures taken from Google images, as I forgot my camera when we went over to their house last night 😦


And Kahlua cheesecake (again, about half the amount shown) –


The Banana Split was delicious – real bananas, layered on a flaky crust, with a layer of chocolate and whipped cream.

The Kahlua was less than impressive, it just tasted like normal cheesecake to me. I did enjoy the oreo-type crust though! (my favorite part of cheesecake πŸ˜‰ )

Obviously, I was a bit overdosed on good rich food.

This morning I woke up to attend the free yoga class offered at our rec center! It was only my second one ever, and it was okay.


(That’s me obviously ;-)….Or not).

I was hoping for more of a sweat inducing, toning workout, but it was more spiritual and relaxing. That’s fine though πŸ™‚ It was a nice change.

And I cooked myself up a delicious bowl of pumpkin oats!

IMG 6425

  • 1/3 cup multigrain oats + 2/3 cup soymilk + 2 egg whites
  • Cinnamon, pumpkin & maple syrup
  • Spoonful of raw almond butter
  • Pumpkin cream cheese


And a few mugs of coffee with the last of my favorite creamer.


IMG 6336


I was so full from yesterday’s eats, that my oats kept me full for 5 hours! That’s unheard of for me. I finally snacked on a deep chocolate vitatop spread with peanut butter. I decided to have it on top of some yogurt after this was taken.

IMG 5238-1

+ numerous cups of coffee while studying throughout the afternoon.

IMG 6439

Still not super hungry for dinner, I had a light 2-egg, 1 egg omelet. Made with sauteed onions, turkey and corn salsa.

IMG 4977

Hit the spot.

And then when I cut open my honeydew for breakkie tomorrow, I took one bite and couldn’t resist eating a whole half for my little Bachelor-watching snackie:

IMG 5653

x2. And with nut butter.

Oh man…tummy!!!

I also wanted to say thank you for all your comments and opinions on the nose piercing the past few days! I got exactly what I was looking for, and I appreciated all honesty πŸ™‚ I decided to hold off and still think about it. Even though the $20 deal ended Sunday, I’d rather pay the extra $30 at a later date and not make a rushed decision. So we’ll see!

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Should I…??

I hadn’t mentioned it on the blog yet, but about a month ago, I spontaneously got my ear pierced!

IMG 6306

I had wanted my cartilage pierced for a long while – I just never thought I would be able to stand the pain (my normal ear piercings killed me!). However, my sister was getting her ears re-pierced, and the longer we waited, the more I convinced myself to just do it.

Verdict? It didn’t hurt nearly as much as I was expecting.

This started me thinking of something else I’ve always liked – a cute little nose piercing!

nose stud 3

It’s something I thought I would never ever ever get done in a million years. But if my ear didn’t hurt that badly, why not my nose? πŸ˜‰

People I’ve mentioned it to have also said how I have the perfect nose, and it would look cute on my little round nose!

The few things that are holding me back include:

  • Future jobs and job interviews – I may be “judged” or not allowed to wear the piercing at work
  • Pain (duh) – I don’t do well with that!
  • Risk of infection and intense cleaning
  • Other people’s opinions – even though the piercing is for me and no one else, I really can’t help caring about what other people think. Β People I know have mentioned how they think it’s ugly, gross, never look good, etc.

So my question is, what do you all think? I appreciate all opinions (please be honest and tell me what you think!), stories and thoughts!

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