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I’ve been doing pretty good with those New Year’s resolutions goals – how about you?

Listen to my body? Check.  Seeing as how I’ve ran probably twice in 2 weeks.  That might be because I’ve had no time, or it might be because I’ve been listening to my ankle/inner shin pain.


Intuitive eating? How about delicious intuitive eating at work?

Such as homemade Black Bean & Turkey chili one day:


And an amazing salad the next?


Mixed greens, mustard apricot dressing, feta, grilled chicken, and a bit of Mediterranean pasta.


Froyo while shopping:


And yogurt messes for breakfast:


I’m not a big chips and salsa person, but lately I’ve been loving it.  I wouldn’t recommend these chips, however.  I love Food Should Taste Good chips, but they have much better flavors out there (such as multigrain, olive & sweet potato!)


Strength training? I started to strength train a couple weeks ago, hurt my writs, and had to take a break.  Seriously.  Injuries never cease to surround me.  It’s feeling better now though, so I should be able to start up again!


Happy-Weight plan?  Yes, I’ve started it.  But good times with friends (which may or may not involve drinking) have gotten slightly in the way this past week.  So this one kind of conflicts with…

Do something social once per week?  Yes, yes!  I went to Chipotle last week with some friends (yes, that counted as my something social).  Then went out on Thursday with some friends.

Which was tons of fun.  But left me feeling like this the next day at work:


Feelin’ swell as you can tell.

And then mimosas, breakfast, and spending time downtown on Sunday:


Sourdough french toast.  I got fresh fruit on the side instead of bacon or sausage.  Which was just a cut up green apple.  Disappointing since I dislike green apples!


It was BEAUTIFUL weather. 


Hot chocolate once per week? You betcha!!  Okay, I might have had it twice the first week.  But it’s a huge step from every single night like usual.


Organization? Ummmm working on it.  I cleaned a little today!! Winking smile


How are your resolutions (or goals) coming along as we enter the third week of January 2011?


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This morning, I took my own advice.

Given extra time in the morning, I made a delicious breakfast.

Pumpkin french toast!

I soaked 2 slices of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread in:

  • 3 egg whites
  • Splash of almond milk
  • Maple syrup
  • Cinnamon
  • Splash of vanilla and a bit of salt
  • Big ol’ scoop of pumpkin


I then topped them off with a bit of homemade pumpkin cream cheese (a mixture of cream cheese, pumpkin, cinnamon & pumpkin butter).


And some real delicious and sweet maple syrup.


So so good.

I also may have had about half of this Mexican pumpkin brownie I got at work last night.


It was staring at me from the counter as my breakfast cooked up.  Call it an appetizer.


And then a See’s pumpkin spice lollipop as I researched internships.


Obviously my no sweets thing is going quite well, don’t you agree?


Because I had such a filling and late breakfast, I just snacked during the afternoon on a handful of veggie booty


and some pom-poms


Before the mom at work offered to bring my home Chipotle for dinner.  I jumped at the chance – YES PLEASE.  And thank you very much.


My Chipotle beasts usually contain:

  • Salad base
  • Fajita veggies
  • Black beans
  • (Extra) pico de gallo
  • Medium salsa
  • Corn salsa
  • Guac (obvs)
  • Sour cream (on the side so I can use a sparse amount)
  • Hot sauce

I added a bit of rotisserie chicken to the above beast.  Sometimes I get chicken at Chipotle, but I like how guac comes with the vegetarian option.


Injury news: Still hurts.  Still in pain.  Although today my right side was no longer hurting.  It was more of a sharp pain in the mid-left side.  Less muscular feeling, more sharp side stich feeling – all day.  Probably the sharpest pain I’ve felt.

Looking back, my previous ab injury disappeared within 2 1/2 weeks of rest.  And that was with me trying to do weights/hiking during the first week.  I’m hoping this one disappears a bit faster, although it’s already been a week.

I’ll keep you updated, but try not to bog you down with details Winking smile


As the french say – Bonne nuit!


What language did you take in high school or study during school? I took 2 years of French, and it was hard!  I would’ve continued, but I got stuck with an awful teacher my second year and learned nothing.  So I felt extremely unprepared to continue.  And I remember nothing.  Except “Je m’appelle  Taylor.”  Yup.  That’s pretty much it.

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Cramp in my style

On my Monday’s run I got a sharp side cramp. To the point where I really couldn’t breathe. I stopped and tried to stretch it out but it never fully went away.

And I still have it. I obviously know that it’s not a side cramp now – it definitely feels more muscular. I can feel it twinge when I walk, and it kills when I make a sudden movement, laugh, cough, or even when I try to lie on my side.

I’d assume I pulled something, but it honestly randomly started hurting in the middle of a run. And I didn’t do anything dramatic. Unforunately it’s keeping me from doing weights, abs and running.

Side pain – you’re really cramping my style. No pun intended.

This morning, I was really craving some French toast. As I am unemployed and unable to fulfill my morning exercise needs, who am I to deny my right to take the time to cook a delicious breakfast?


That would be:

  • 2 slices bread soaked in:
  • 3 egg whites, pumpkin pie spice (out of cinnamon), maple syrup

Topped with:

  • Smashed figs
  • More maple syrup

Oh yummmm.


I then hit up Tar-jay since it recently became Super.

A.K.A – it now has a bigger and fresher food selection.

A.K.A – I can now find Greek yogurt, almond milk, dark chocolate dreams PB, and Greek yogurt there. Oh wait – I already mentioned the yogurt. Oh well, I was that excited. I’m sure other shoppers were frightened off by my excited grin as I browsed the food.

I got a medium sized soda to sip as I shopped. I’m not sure how the popcorn ended up in my cart.

Oh right – the nice old man cashier gave it to me because the “combo” was the same price as the soda alone. I ate about 1 1/2 cups worth. Good thing because I was starving.

IMG 0745

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Snack when I got home.

IMG 0746

Oh dear caramel how can I ever express my love to thee.

I love you more than I love the drawing my sister doodled on my phone.

IMG 0752

K – maybe not. But close.

Anyone experience a side cramp/side strain like the one I’m experiencing? Make it go away please!!!

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First news – I got the Old Navy job!! I was quite excited when I got the phone call. Even though it’s close to minimum wage, a job is a job. And I just need something to supplement nannying for the next couple months.

Now for a birthday recap! Thursday night (on my actual birthday) the roommates and I went to the Madonna Inn for dessert. It’s pretty much a very tacky tourist attraction – but still cool to check out at least once. You might have seen it on the travel channel, The Bachelor, or even The Girls Next Door 😉

IMG 1300-1

The desserts are intense! It took us a good 15 minutes to decide what to get. We all ordered something and shared bites 😉

Banana cream pie (with huge chunks of real banana pieces!)

IMG 1301

Apple spice cake – tasted similar to carrot cake.

IMG 1302

IMG 7247

Toffee crunch cake (sorry no close up)

IMG 1303

And me with my strawberry cake

IMG 1304

All sooooooooo good!

Unfortunate blurry photo 😦

IMG 1305

I was also surprised by flowers on my doorstep!

IMG 7383

I seriously did not expect my parents to send me flowers since I’m going home this coming weekend to celebrate with the family. But it made me happy 😀

IMG 7384

The day of the party, we ordered pizza for dinner.

I had 2 slices of pesto cheese.

IMG 6649-1

And two BBQ chicken.

IMG 6635-1

Pizza never has never failed me for a night of drinking. I was hoping it would be my friend again 😉

We then got ready for some celebrating! Started out with my new purchase – bubblegum vodka (yes – you read that right).  Wasn’t bad as a shot, and quite tasty mixed with sprite!

IMG 1306-1

Oh and PS – I obviously chose this dress 😉 I loved the other one too. But got many more votes from all of you and people here for this one. I didn’t decide until 10 minutes before I got ready!

IMG 1308-1

I also got my hair cut the day of our party. It’s hard to tell in many of the pictures. I only got a trim and a bunch more layers added. I actually wish I got more – I love layers 🙂

Then we headed over to our friends’ house for the joint birthday celebrating to begin!

IMG 1335-1

IMG 7255-1

IMG 7257-1

IMG 7265-1

And then we headed downtown to dance away, but there are no decent pictures to post. Or that I feel comfortable posting. 😉 Sorry – just not attractive photos! haha

The night was lots of fun and it was a great birthday success! 😀

Today was filled with french toast

IMG 7381

“California Dreamin” sandwich from Vons (sans bacon) for lunch (turkey, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, onion, peppercinis, mustard, and ranch spread on rustic Italian bread).

IMG 7382

Pssst Vons/Safeway has the best sandwiches! And for $4.99!! Can’t beat it.

And egg scramble with Amy’s veggie burger for dinner.

IMG 7385-1

And multiple snacks throughout the day – of course.

What was your most memorable birthday ever?

My 10th birthday, my mom took me and some friends to spend the night in a hotel. It was so exciting! And my friends also kidnapped me the morning of my 14th birthday to go to breakfast before school. Both those are pretty memorable 🙂 But this one is up there! It was lots of fun to dress up and celebrate wtih friends.

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Lesson learned…I may want to rethink cream cheese on my oats if it’s not plain flavored.

IMG 7164

Chive cream cheese doesn’t exactly pair well with oats and almond butter :-/ Oh well still delicious!

IMG 7163

IMG 7165-1

Lesson learned…while delicious, Nature’s Path instant flaxseed oats don’t keep me full nearly as long as old fashioned rolled oats.

But you gotta take what you can get when you’re running late out the door for work!

Lesson learned…kids nowadays have really cool playhouses.

IMG 7169

Doorbells and mailboxes? Not fair. Can I move in?

IMG 7167

Lesson learnedit’s been far too long since I’ve had my favorite sweets for breakfast. Which led to 2 days in a row of this:

French Meadow Bakery flax & sunflower seed bread toasted then soaked in a mixture of:

  • 1 egg + 2 egg whites
  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla
  • Maple syrup

IMG 7190

Cooked on my griddle, then topped off with

  • Almond butter
  • Cream cheese
  • Syrup
  • Granola

IMG 7191

O.M.G. This bread was amazing with french toast. It was nutty, chewy, and had an underlying sourdough taste to it, but is whole grain with nutty sunflower seeds throughout. I normally just make french toast with whatever normal whole wheat bread I have, but I loved this!

Repeated the next morning. Duh.

Dear french toast and pancakes – why did you let me go so long without you? I would’ve appreciated a phone call 😦

After seeing Janetha’s “pancakes” yesterday, I knew I wanted to recreate. I pretty much used to the same recipe with a few changes. In mine:

  • 2/3 cup egg starts
  • 2 T. whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • Few drops stevia
  • Pinch of salt
  • 2 T almond milk
  • Cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup wheat bran
  • Love chocolate chips (in half of them)

IMG 7195-1

Holy Moly! Look how much it made! But they were thin. Flat as a pancake, if you will 😉

I topped mine with almond butter, Crofter’s jam, and maple syrup.

These were pretty delicious! The chocolate chips ones were especially decadent 🙂 Definitley no traditional pancake, but still a tasty alternative. Kind of bland though, so I highly recommend the cinnamon and/or other additions (chocolate chips, blueberries, banana, etc).

Lesson learned…5 people can do some serious work on a pan of brownies.

Last night I got the urge to bake. My roommates chanting me to the kitchen didn’t help either 😉 I found this brownie recipe online, but only had egg starts and whole wheat flour in the kitchen. As much as I like experimenting in recipes, substitutions usually end up sub par for me. Luckily, this recipe was a success! As seen below, this was all that was left from the pan this morning:

IMG 7194-1

Yup, one single lonesome brownie. Pretty sure it’s because we all went back for seconds (or thirds??).  I highly recommend this recipe! Ooey, gooey, and oh so delicious.

What successful substitutions have you made in baking?

I know the No-Pudge brownies are delicious made with yogurt or applesauce. But other recipes are usually too dry and unsatisfying for me when I do that. I think my above brownies were still delicious since I still used a whole stick of butter 😉

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Okay, this is a day late because my internet was being it’s usual poopy self and chose not to work last night. So actually this post was actually meant for yesterday!

Happy Birthday Mommy!

You’ve been there for us our whole lives. And I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you (quite literally 😉 ).


Thank you for being the mom you are 😀


What do you think…do we look alike? 😉

n6411653 36533721 6685-1

Hope you enjoyed your day!!

This morning I didn’t have class until noon, so I had time to make an actual breakfast. I haven’t gotten mocha oats off my brain since Friday!

IMG 6458

Unfortunately I had no cookie dough or chocolate chips today 😦

But topped with:

  • Chocolate almond butter
  • Cream cheese (frosting 😉 )
  • Sprinkle of granola
  • IMG 6459

But still delicious none the less!

I followed this up with a 35 minute strength workout:

  • ~ 17 minutes upper body weights
  • 5 minutes hip exercises
  • 15 ab circuit – 1 minute of each of the following:
    • Oblique side bends with weight in each hand
    • Standing ab twist with weight
    • Flutter kicks
    • Scissors leg lifts
    • Bicycle crunches
    • Scissors (criss-crossing the ankles)
    • Leg lift/crunch up & reach towards feet (at same time) with weight
    • Front plank
    • Oblique crunch with leg lift (1 minute each side)
    • Seated ab twist, legs lifted, with weight
    • Side plank, on hands, top leg lifted parallel to ground (1 minute each side)
    • Front plank
    • Oblique side bends with weight in each hand

Phew! My abs were sore today 😉

“Lunch” at school was slightly pathetic and slightly disgusting looking. Laughing cow and TJ’s black bean dip spread on WW bread.

IMG 6462

It was really all I had time to throw together this morning, and also all I really had to put on a sandwich. Plus carrots and blueberries (on sale at Vons this past week!)

You can bet that when I got home at 3:30, I was famished. First up – pumpkin smoothie!

IMG 4333

But I had that awful pit in my stomach pain I get when I don’t eat. So this was followed with a couple handfuls of cereal and I finally just dug in to this bad boy:

IMG 6468

A spoonful of Naturally More PB. That did the trick. Felt better 🙂

For dinner, I was craving nothing more than comforting breakfast food.

French toast – it has been too long.

Topped with a smidge of cream cheese, peanut butter & a granola sprinkling.

IMG 4082

And hot chocolate (x2) throughout the night.

IMG 6472

Few random questions for the day:

1. What is your favorite thing to pair with laughing cow cheese?

2. Do you look at all like your parents? Which one?

1. Laughing cow goes great with apples. And spread on toast with cinnamon/sugar!

2. Obviously, I look like my mom 😉

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Happy blog-irthday to “??” Happy Blog-irthday to “??” Happy Blog-irthday to “????????” (long and drawled out). Happy Blog-irthday to “??”!!!!!

It’s a certain special somone’s 6-month Bl ogiversary Blog-irthday (I like birthdays better than anniversaries) today….

Ok…That would be me.

It defiitely snuck up on me, but 6 months ago today is when I wrote my first post! I didn’t even have one picture up! My blog sure has come far, but I want to improve it even more in the near future.

To celebrate, I enjoyed something I discovered on one of my earlier posts – French toast sprinkled with Banana Nut Cheerios.

IMG 6084-1

Sorry for the blur. Need. New. Camera.

With cream cheese, Sunbutter, and carmelized bananas.

IMG 6081-1

It’s been too long. I go through food phases, and there was a phase my sophomore year where I would live off this French toast for dinner almost every night. So good.

IMG 6085-1

It was such a beautiful day today, and I could hardly stand the thought of being stuck in the gym on a boring old machine again. I did something I haven’t done it a while – hike!

I’m seriously so lucky to live in the foothills of this:

IMG 3787-1

I can just walk out my door and less than 50 minutes later I can enjoy this beautiful view:

IMG 3794

Last time I hiked this, I left one of my favorite Operation Beautiful notes.

IMG 3799-1

IMG 3796

Total: 4-4.5 miles; ~ 1 1/2 hours

But man does it make you filthy!

IMG 6089-1

I was starving the whole way back down, and made the quicket lunch ever.

A nice big bowl of Kashi golean & Heart 2 Heart with a glob of sunbutter (for protein – duh 😉 )

IMG 6087-1

Once I cleaned up a bit, I headed out for groceries (and yes, I have definitely gone over the $100 goal this month. I thought it would be easy, but…something happened).

Dinner was something inspired by Miss Cookin’ Fanatic and something seen recently on Meghann’s blog. Unfortunately my camera died right before dinner (charged that dude ASAP) so you’ll have to wait until later this week for leftover pics ;-).

Snacks later in the night (once camera had charged a bit) included

My nightly ritual

IMG 6073-1

And a delicious combo dessert of:

  • 1 whole apple & pear microwaved with cinnamon
  • Cream cheese
  • Sunbutter
  • Crumbled cereal & granola

IMG 6079-1


In other news, I got the laundry room all cleaned up, and we got a new washing machine up there as well (our old one was leaking). Well this new one is still leaking. Which means we’re out of laundry commission until our landlord can make it down here on Wednesday. Guess I’ll be re-wearing my workout clothes 2 3 times! Stand back!

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