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Okay, this is a day late because my internet was being it’s usual poopy self and chose not to work last night. So actually this post was actually meant for yesterday!

Happy Birthday Mommy!

You’ve been there for us our whole lives. And I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you (quite literally 😉 ).


Thank you for being the mom you are 😀


What do you think…do we look alike? 😉

n6411653 36533721 6685-1

Hope you enjoyed your day!!

This morning I didn’t have class until noon, so I had time to make an actual breakfast. I haven’t gotten mocha oats off my brain since Friday!

IMG 6458

Unfortunately I had no cookie dough or chocolate chips today 😦

But topped with:

  • Chocolate almond butter
  • Cream cheese (frosting 😉 )
  • Sprinkle of granola
  • IMG 6459

But still delicious none the less!

I followed this up with a 35 minute strength workout:

  • ~ 17 minutes upper body weights
  • 5 minutes hip exercises
  • 15 ab circuit – 1 minute of each of the following:
    • Oblique side bends with weight in each hand
    • Standing ab twist with weight
    • Flutter kicks
    • Scissors leg lifts
    • Bicycle crunches
    • Scissors (criss-crossing the ankles)
    • Leg lift/crunch up & reach towards feet (at same time) with weight
    • Front plank
    • Oblique crunch with leg lift (1 minute each side)
    • Seated ab twist, legs lifted, with weight
    • Side plank, on hands, top leg lifted parallel to ground (1 minute each side)
    • Front plank
    • Oblique side bends with weight in each hand

Phew! My abs were sore today 😉

“Lunch” at school was slightly pathetic and slightly disgusting looking. Laughing cow and TJ’s black bean dip spread on WW bread.

IMG 6462

It was really all I had time to throw together this morning, and also all I really had to put on a sandwich. Plus carrots and blueberries (on sale at Vons this past week!)

You can bet that when I got home at 3:30, I was famished. First up – pumpkin smoothie!

IMG 4333

But I had that awful pit in my stomach pain I get when I don’t eat. So this was followed with a couple handfuls of cereal and I finally just dug in to this bad boy:

IMG 6468

A spoonful of Naturally More PB. That did the trick. Felt better 🙂

For dinner, I was craving nothing more than comforting breakfast food.

French toast – it has been too long.

Topped with a smidge of cream cheese, peanut butter & a granola sprinkling.

IMG 4082

And hot chocolate (x2) throughout the night.

IMG 6472

Few random questions for the day:

1. What is your favorite thing to pair with laughing cow cheese?

2. Do you look at all like your parents? Which one?

1. Laughing cow goes great with apples. And spread on toast with cinnamon/sugar!

2. Obviously, I look like my mom 😉


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Good News

Good News: I got my camera back! So you no longer have to suffer through artistic phone pictures (except on occasion) and Vlogs 😉 Unless of course, you request them.

More good news: I had time yesterday morning to cook some real oats. Which meant oats in a jar! Oh baby oh baby.

IMG 0361-1

That would be cream cheese on top. My new obsession on oats.

IMG 0364-1

Great news: When the girlies nap for hours on end, leaving me mucho time to study.

Leftover Kashi pizza for lunchie.

IMG 5827-1

IMG 5829

And gingerbread yogurt + cereal for el snacko.

IMG 5833-1

+ an apple…unpictured.

Stupendous news: Lolli while being so studious.

IMG 5831

Unfortunate news: No dinner pictures. Too bad I came home starving, and literally ate my dinner standing at the counter before I realized that now having my camera, means that I should get back on track with taking actual photos.

Ehh just imagine 1 lonely last pizza slice & pancakes for din. Chocolate & froyo for dessert. And 2 mugs of hot chocolate for warm study snacks 😉

Best news: the fact that I’m a couple quarters past Senioritis by now. If seniors get senioritis, then what do 5th year students get? 2 midterms tomorrow and I hardly even care. If that’s not good news something to be worried about, I don’t know what is.

Sorry I’ve been MIA from commenting – crazy midterms & essay week. Will be better hopefully by Thursday!

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First, off I want to say a huge congrats to my little sister Brookie for getting 2nd place on vault at her gymnastics meet this weekend 🙂 9.45 – her best score yet! I’m so proud of her 😀

Second, I’m glad you all enjoyed the le tour de France my house. Or at least pretended to like it. I’m kind of on the Vlog bandwagon now…or at least trying to make up for my lack of pictures and phone photo shots.

Last night I got a bit hungry while in bed, but was too lazy to head downstairs. Then I remembered I had the sample pack that One Lucky Duck sent me sitting on my desk!

Hmm…I’ve obvoiusly been enjoying these snacks unpictured on the blog :-/

IMG 0317-1

I’ve tried the Gingerbread cookies, and they were amazing. I loved the distinct taste of cashew in them. The Cheese-y Crackers crackers were also pretty tasty, although they had a strange aftertaste. But I loved the sharp taste! Last night I tried the Chocolate chips cookies and blech, was not a fan at all! Something was off and I couldn’t even eat one!

IMG 0318-1

But the granola bar was quite tasty! I enjoyed the whole thing 🙂 I loved the sweet, sweet sticky texture from the honey. Yumm!

IMG 0337-1

This morning I woke up to prepare some pumpkin pancakes!

IMG 0338-1

Rather than using a recipe, I just used the boxed Quaker oatmeal pancake mix, and added pumpkin, cinnamon, & pumpkin pie spice. They were delicious, but not as good as my made from scratch WW oatmeal pancakes 😉

Topped with pumpkin cream cheese, sunbutter, & maple syrup.

IMG 0340-1

Fueld my gym sesh quite nicely 🙂

  • 2 mile run 6 mph
  • .25 mile walk
  • 1.5 mile run 6-8 mph intervals
  • 4 minute walk 10% incline

Total: 3.5 miles running, 4.5 miles total

I seriously hadn’t done intervals in years. When I was into running long distances, I would just run miles and miles at the same speed – no intervals involved. Back in the day (about 3 years ago) when I was just running on the treadmill for fitness, I ran intervals. And man did it feel good to go fast after going at a constant 6 mph TM pace these past few months!

Post-gym, I stopped by the froyo store to check if they had pumpkin flavor – and left a happy happy gal 😀

IMG 0349-1

~ 1 serving pumpkin + cake batter froyo with some chocolate syrup (I saved the rest of the froyo in the freezer for future consumption)

Sandwich thin with PB & J

IMG 0350-1

A delicious fuji.

IMG 5564

And a pumpkin smoothie “don’t jude me, okay?” smoothie.

IMG 5777-1

(recycled picture)

Boring afternoon of errands, studying, and party shopping procrastinating stuff.

And then dinner was thrown in the oven. Kashi black bean mexicali pizza topped with the last of my turkey pepps and some spinach.

IMG 0352-1

I only had 1/4 of this because I filled up on about 5 servings of broccoli. Oh well, more for later!

I did get hungry later on (obviously, after only 2 puny thin crust pizza slices) so helped myself to a treat I picked up earlier.

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookie!

IMG 0353-1

Warmed up in the microwave…..mmmmmm boy.

I also snagged this day old muffin (I think it was spelt bran pecan and berry?). Sorry the picture’s still in the wrapper – I don’t want to unwrap it until I actually plan to eat it.

IMG 0355-1

I may or may not have another Vlog surprise tomorrow to make up for my last day of non-real camera pics. Stay tuned!!

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It’s just another manic Monday

I had a naughty naughty dinner. But let’s start at the beginning.

Hurried for the bus, so breakfast this morning was eaten in class so I snapped a picture pre-school.

IMG 5494-1+

And a banana PB bomb muffin on the road (picture repeater alert – this was taken a few weeks ago)

IMG 4956-1

Hurried to the gym during my break for

  • 25 minutes upper body strength
  • 10 minutes ab work

Hurried to eat my “lunch” while hurrying to study for my quiz.

Organic apple (organics were on sale woopdeedoo). PB&J on Rudi’s mini cinnamon raisin bagel. And carrots.

IMG 0201-1

Hurriedly walked the 2 miles home rather than take the bus for the extra exercise and fresh air.

Once home, had to hurry to whip up a snack since I had to leave for work in 10 minutes.

IMG 5496-1

I swear there’s a pumpkin smoothie hiding under there somewhere.

Had to help the girl I nanny hurry up on her homework since she had extra today. Where I also snacked on my new freebie I received in the mail today!

IMG 0203

Mmmm I wolfed that guy (that would be the tropical fruit flavor) down in a hurry. Delicious – but it really tasted exactly like a cookie to me. Looking at the ingredients and nutrition stats, it really is. A cookie that is. A healthified sweet, delicious, chewy and moist (ew hate that word) cookie.  But I like the fruit & nut flavor I tried at Costco better.

And the shiniest jumbo apple I’ve seen yet.

IMG 0205

After work, I hurried home so I could sit.


And blog read.

Hi guys!

I don’t know what that bar and apple had in them, but they killed my appetite for dinner. Around 7:30, I got a teensybit hungry, so I baked what I had been planning on: garlic parmesan zucchini, BBQ baked tofu, and potato wedges. (Decided against the potato since I wasn’t hungry enough).

Necessary supplies.

IMG 5503-1

Hello, my name is Taylor, and I’m a BBQ sauce addict.

I don’t know what I did wrong with the tofu, but according to Kath’s directions, it was supposed to take 20 minutes. 30 minutes? 40 minutes? 1 hour?…

While the tofu was cooking, I ate my zucchini (x this plate by 4 – I ate 3 zucchinis. Oh wait, there were supposed to be leftovers for tomorrow? Sorry about that.)

IMG 5508

And then I finally gave up on the everlasting cooking tofu since I wasn’t hungry anymore anyways. They eventually cooked up, but I’ll eat it another day.

Instead I settled on…

Oh dear.

Avert your eyes.

I’m ashamed.

No I’m not, it was good.

Ice cream for dinner 😀

IMG 5504-1

Excuse me.  Let me be politically correct.  Non dairy frozen dessert made with hemp milk.  I wouldn’t want to offendanyone any desserts.

If I could scoop out a tiny bite that is. I dug and dug.

IMG 5506-1

And finally micro’d that sucker up for a bit. Topped with a bit of pumpkin ice cream & whipped cream- man it hit the spot! It was like a pumpkin latte in ice cream form!

IMG 5509-1

Half the carton plus about 1.5 servings of pumpkin ice cream later…

Of course I don’t recommend ice cream for dinner. But I really wasn’t very hungry at all, and needed a bit of something. So…why not, eh?

I’m only now wondering how much caffeine might possibly be in there since it’s coffee flavored?   If I randomly post at 3 am…we’ll find out.

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The most important meal of the day is breakfast, right? So why not make every meal the most important meal but eating breakfast all day?

I didn’t mean to do it, but I ended up eating breakfast foods all day.

Breakfast#1 was literally eaten while speed walking to the bus stop. Apologies for no picture. I slept through my alarm. But it looked remarkably similar to this:

1 WW english muffin. Half with pumpkin spice raisin PB. Half with sunbutter.

IMG 4267-1

Breakfast#2 was snackage during a break in my 3-hour lab.

IMG 3922-1

Bars count as breakfast foods. People eat them for breakfast. So I’m counting them.  So there.

For Breakfast #3 I got a strong craving for oatmeal. And you know what I had in my cupboard?

IMG 5422-1

If you guessed an almost empty jar of PB Loco chocolate chip cookie dough PB – then congrats! You win…well…you just win.

With an iced pumpkin spice coffee.

IMG 5423-1

Topped the oats with my usual Banana Nut Cheerios and some granola.

IMG 5416-1

I haven’t been a fan of this PB mixed with my oats in the past, but having it in the jar made it so much better.

IMG 5420-1

Breakfast#4#5 were snacks at work.

Pumpkin spice granola bar + trail mix (work with me people. They could work as breakfasts)

IMG 5435-1

My pears are finally ripe after almost a week.

IMG 5430-1

And I dug into a baggie of this I had in my backpack on my drive home for Breakfast #6. I was beyond starving and needed anything.

IMG 3668

I legitly forgot to take a picture of Breakfast#7. I was incredibly deliriously hangry that I started to wolf down my breakfast before it was even on my plate. But…it looked exactly like this these.

IMG 0179

Okay not exactly. No cheerios or yogurt on top.

Fine – it was 3 6 oatmeal pumpkin banana pancakes (yes – I definitely went back for a second plate) topped with Sunbutter and syrup. With a side of scrabled eggs. These pancakes are sooooo good. Even after being defrosted, they were super doughy and just full of goodness. I’m definitely making these again – no more box!

IMG 0182-1

Un-breakfast related, I’m trying something new with my hair tonight. I know it looks like I’m giving myself a perm.

IMG 5364-1\

But I’m not.

Rather than sleep on it down/wet or up in a loose bun like normal, I pinned it all up with bobby pins to see if it helps it curl more. We’ll see!

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It’s a crime…to go so long without micro-ing my oats. Seriously – saved me a nasty stuck on pot to scrub. And much faster.

IMG 5375-1

  • 1/3 Coach’s steel cut oats
  • 1/3 cup water + 1/3 cup almond milk
  • Cinnamon
  • 1/2 sliced ‘naner
  • 1/4 cup Nature’s path vanilla granola
  • Handful of Banana Nut Cheerios
  • Earth Balance peanut butter

IMG 5378-1

And a scoop of Sunbutter on my spoon for good measure.

IMG 5380-1

It’s a crime…to spend more than the 30 minute time-limit on the treadmill. But no one was waiting.

  • 2.5 miles running
  • .25 walk
  • 1 mile run

Total: 3.5 running; 4.5 with warm-up & cool-down walking

Not bad, not bad. Also used the foam roller for the first time today on my outer thigh. Not sure if that’s helping my knee issue though.

…to call this a pizza, but pizza is what I tried to create with all my free time in my 10 minute rush before work.

IMG 5382-1

WW english muffin with pizza sauce, nutritional yeast & parmesan cheese.

IMG 5383

With some sweet sweet pineapple.

IMG 5384-1

It’s a crime…to have such an early and light lunch so you’re hungry all afternoon.

IMG 5390

IMG 5393-1

+ unpictured cauliflower and coffee

It’s a crime…to use up the last of my TJ’s Poppyseed salad dressing.

IMG 5394

TJ’s pesto turkey burger on a salad with pinapple, sauteed onions, cranberry sauce & TJ’s poppyseed dressing.

IMG 5395

It’s a crime…to never enjoy delicious chocolate such as dark chocolate Twix’s.

IMG 5403-1

It’s a crime…to go a day without anything pumpkin. 😦

It’s a crime…to skimp on commenting on blogs because I’ve been at school/work all day these past few days.  I’m trying!

It’s a crime…to blog & run. But I’m sorry – I have mucho reading to do.

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I know you’re asking yourself what in heaven’s name could be better than oats in a jar? Pumpkin Oats in a jar…duh. (Now you’re slapping yourself on the forehead thinking “Doh. I should’ve though of that.”)

Sweet moses of the fall flavors. I thank you.

IMG 5290

IMG 5289-1

My usual oat mix of:

1/3 cup multigrain oats
1/3 cup almond milk + 1/3 cup water
2 egg whites
Loads of cinnamon & pie spice
Pumpkin (hence the name – Pumpkin oats)
Some plain greek yogurt mixed in at the end (makes it extra creamy)

Oh and peanut butter of course. Look at those swirls.

IMG 5292-1

Topped off with

Zoe’s cinnamon raisin granola
Banana nut cheerios
A bit of sunbutter (because I’m a nut butter addict)

IMG 5297-1

And then I died and went to oatmeal heaven.

Where he greeted me.


Psssst….head to Coldstones from 5-8 for a free creation! I’m only telling you all because I know you won’t compete with my spot in line.  Enjoy 😀

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