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I’ve never been a HUGE soup person.  It’s delicious, but I find it fills you up for the time being, but leaves me hungry soon after.  That said, I don’t think I’ve ever consumed as much soup as I have recently. 

My diet as of late:


Notice a theme? Winking smile

I have been feeling completely nauseous for days and chicken based soups have never hit the spot so well. And it just so happens that I was sent coupons to try out Campbell’s line of healthy soups a while back.

First day I had the Chicken Tuscany, which I’ve had before and knew I liked!


Different than chicken noodle, it has white beans, and more of a “cream of chicken soup” taste to it.  Delish!!

While babysitting one night, I brought along the can of Chicken with Whole Grain Noodles – easy and portable dinner!  I like how they have whole grain noodles Smile

And when I was starting to feel a bit better, I had a soup with a bit more zest to it Winking smile


Topped with some chips and cheese of course.


I’ve always enjoyed Campbells soups in the past. I love how the “light” versions are light enough to be enjoyed as a side dish, snack or appetizer, but still with delicious flavor! 

Of course, who only eats half the soup can, am I right? Winking smile

They’re low in fat, packed with protein, and a decent amount of fiber (well some of them).  And all 11 Select Harvest Light varieties are 100% Natural.  AKA they contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Real ingredients people! 


Sure, the sodium is high, but honestly I really don’t pay attention to that at this point in my life (even though I should).  Meh!

Thank you Campbells for providing me with some delicious soup during my sick days!!  (Please note I was given coupons for the above soups to try and review).

I’m actually excited to try out some different flavors I’ve never had now.

Besides soup, I’ve also had quite a bit of bland toast.


And I went through a whole lot of Diet Sierra Mist.  It’s really weird how such foods/drinks really do help you feel better.

I’m feeling better now thank goodness, but it was the weirdest thing.  The way I knew I really truly was not feeling well was because I had ZERO appetite.  Bites and thoughts of food constantly had me feeling sick to my stomach.  I could only tolerate certain things at certain times (such as soup and toast!).  That never happens to me.  Even when I’m sick I can always still eat.

I could also sometimes stomach cereal such as this delicious granola I got cheap at Ralphs:





What’s you choice of food when you’re feeling sick/run down?


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Souper Douper!

A while ago, I received a great package in the mail from the great folks at My Blog Spark!  (Please note that Progresso provided all the below products through My Blog Spark).


In the package I received:

  • Progresso soup in 5 “Light” flavors
  • Yoga mat and carrying case
  • Pilates exercise bands
  • Water bottle
  • Sport headband and sport wristband

I was excited to try out some new Progresso flavors!  I usually stick to my tried and true favorites (such as Southwest Vegetable, Lentil, or Garden Vegetable).  I’m usually not a huge fan of chicken noodle soups, but let met tell you – this one hit the spot.  (Especially after a night celebrating the roommates birthday Winking smile).  The Zesty Santa Fe Chicken was a nice change from my usual Southwest Vegetable, and I’ll be looking to buy this one in the future.  (I gave my roommate the Clam Chowder and Beef Pot Roast since I don’t eat those flavors.  She said they were tasty!).

I like these light soups because I prefer soup to be a side dish in addition to something else.  Soup doesn’t do much to fill me up for long period of time.  But sometimes I love a warm bowl of soup!

I was also stoked to receive a yoga mat/carrying case, especially since I’ve been attending classes at the gym more often.


Interested in your own Progresso Soup Package?  All you have to do is:

  • Leave a comment on this post answering what flavor Progresso soup you’d most like to try.  Or which flavor is your favorite?


  • For an additional entry, link to this post on your blog, and leave me a comment that you did so.


You have until Sunday March 27 at 8:00 pm (Pacific time since I’m California representin’).  And I’ll announce the winner that night! 


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to use my yoga mat at the strength training class I’ve been enjoying lately at my gym Smile Thank you Progresso and MyBlogSpark for providing these goodies!


PS: I’m watching a SNL rerun right now, and this skit is on: 

Classic.  Happy Friday Open-mouthed smile

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Taster Thursday

Seriously, I love you guys!  I can’t say it enough how lucky I am to have such supportive readers Smile 

All thank you’s and good feelings aside, as I told you yesterday, Thursday = weigh in day for me.

Last week was 161.  This week was 162. 

Meh.  I know it happens and I’m not upset about it.  It gives me a chance to look back on the week and realize things:

1. I baked everyday this weekend.  Friday was cookies and brownies.  Saturday was cake.  And more cake (at babysitting and at home).  Sunday was decorating the cake.  So there was batter.  There was also the finished baked goods.  And frosting.  And then more finished baked goods.

2. Not only did I bake, but I also over-indulged on Friday night.  Besides the cookie dough & cookies, I had 4 (yes – 4) pieces of pizza at our friend’s house.  Plus brownies and ice cream. 

I knew I overdid it this week, so I’m just thankful it was only up 1 pound! 

So that’s that and moving on….



Breakfast was a bit of a splurge this morning.  But worth it SmileHaving to do with this little guy:


Oaaaaaaats!!!!..in a jar (I just felt like singing that)



  • 1/4 cup multigrain oats + 1/4 cup wheat bran
  • 1/2 cup almond milk + 1/2 cup water
  • 1/4 cup egg whites
  • Cinnamon
  • 1 scoop cocoa powder + 1 tsp instant coffee
  • 1 tbsp pumpkin cream cheese (mmm frosting on the cake)

Yes.  Mocha oats in a jar today.  Yes.  Please and thank you.

This kept me nice and full for a good 4 hours.  Until I got hungry at work and snacked on a handful of grapes:


And came home at about 1:30 to some lunchie.  Leftover chicken gumbo soup from work last night:


Along with leftover seasoned ground turkey topped with ketchup.  Tasted like meatloaf!


I then made a quick decision to hit up the heaven of all heavenly places for a quick return and a stroll around the heavens. 



My family has a completely pathetic and rather large small obsession with Costco.  Signs your family loves Costco too much just enough:

  • You shop there at least twice per week. 
  • Go there specifically to eat dinner (or lunch) at the food court. 
  • If they sold breakfast, you’d probably be there for breakfast too
  • Your dad takes lunch breaks to head to Costco. 
  • Your hometown Costco knows your family by name. 
  • They also make comments if they haven’t seen you in more than a week.  (They obviously miss our happy faces)
  • While on vacation your family seeks out the local Costco to stock up on goods.  And eat there for meals.
  • You know the price for most Costco products off the top of your head
  • You also know that most their prices end in .99 cents.  Mark-down prices end in .97 cents.  And an * sign in the upper right hand corner means the items is discontinued and not being restocked.
  • Your little sister was featured in the December issue of the Costco Connection (that should link directly to the page.  Or use the drop down link to IBC page 87 if anyone’s interested).

Wow.  Did I just embarrass my family a little bit?

Anyways, as I was saying.  I love Costco.  And go there when I’m bored.  Or want samples.  Today was definitely a good sample day.  Too bad my hands were full (with workout pants, broccoli, and a soda.  I didn’t grab a cart) so I couldn’t snag pictures but I had:

  • 2 small slivers of some pita bread pizza thing (a road show item)
  • Bite of canneloni
  • Sliver of veggie burger marinated in teriyaki sauce
  • 2 bites of a waffle drizzled in agave
  • Madras lentil meal (love this stuff)
  • 1 black bean chip
  • Sliver of cheese

I think that was it.  But anyways – a lot. 

Work dinner was delicious.  I think they’re on a new menu rotation in the cafeteria (which I’m excited about).  And Thursdays = my favorite soup day. 

Chicken tortilla soup!


And sauteed cabbage & apples dish.  I had 2 bowls worth.  It was SO GOOD.


And once at home, I had another huge bowl of frozen fruit with about 1 Tbsp worth of almond butter.


Same picture as last night.  But same lookin’ bowl.



Meh.  Nothing.  Except for a 25 minute walk downtown and back at babysitting.  But I really can’t count that.  My knees were giving me trouble today.  And I went to Costco instead of doing weights/abs.  So there’s my excuse of the day.

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Soup’s on!

Yesterday was a little better in the hunger department.

I started off with pumpkin yogurt topped with a crumbed muffin, almond butter & pumpkin butter.


No more muffins…. Sad smile


After a couple of errands, I came home freezing and remembered I’ve been wanting to use my butternut squash to make soup!

Simmer simmer!


I microwaved ~ 1 lb. of butternut squash cubes.  Then mashed them before putting them on the stove with about 3 cups of low sodium chicken broth.

However it seemed way too thin, so I had the brilliant idea of overloading it with pumpkin.  Then decided to add the rest of my broth to make TONS of soup.  Simmered for 20 minutes.  Took out the chunks and pureed them in the blender.  Then I seasoned it with nutmeg, pepper, and a bit of sugar and cooked a tad bit longer.

At first I didn’t really like it, it grew on me and ended up having 2 huge mugfuls.  And croutons put it over the top.  I ended up declaring this soup delicious.


This is all I had leftover.  Whoops! Winking smile


I spent a bit of the afternoon at work hanging out with this guy.


Spread on carrots, no less.  + a giant apple.


Dinner was inspired by the fact that I needed to use my sweet potato.  And since I was too hungry to wait for sweet potato fries to bake, microwave it was!

Topped with pineapple flavored cottage cheese.  I also sprinkled the actual potato with cinnamon and spread some pumpkin flavored cream cheese on there.  Delish.


And I admit I devoured a can of green beans while I was waiting for the potato to cook.  I like canned green beans.  Guilty.



I would thinking of something interesting and/or creative to say right here, but it’s late and we’re about to watching Harry Potter #6 (in preparation of seeing Harry P in the theaters tomorrow!). 

Are you a Harry Potter fan?  If you are, do you like the books or the movies? Or did you cheat and only watch the movies? Winking smile  The movies are okay, but I honestly find them rather boring.  The books of course were excellent!!

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Mug Time

Hi friends. 

Today hasn’t been as productive of a day as I’d hoped.  I did head to Costco after my morning nanny job to pick up some food items.  I local gym is offering no enrollment fee if you bring in 50 items of food. 

24 cup of noodles and 26 granola bars?  Hope they accept that! Winking smile

Not that I even have time to go to the gym, but I’m thinking of joining.

However, the membership fee is still $50/month.  Not bad for such a nice place (it’s more of a club and has a pool, exercise classes, etc).  I can join my old college’s gym for $20/month, but it’s always so crowded, exercise classes cost extra, and there’s always beefed up too-cool-for-school dudes working out and checking out the ladies. 

Decisions decisions.


Yesterday I purchased a pumpkin scone on impulse at Borders.  I see pumpkin.  I want pumpkin.  And it’s going out of style season soon.


This morning I crumbled half of it over some Fage.  (Greek yogurt addiction is re-sparked, and I took advantage of the Fage sale at Vons).


But first, I mixed the peanut flour and pumpkin butter into the yogurt to flavor and sweeten it up a bit.  Instant peanut butter pumpkin yogurt!


Then topped with the delicious scone.


I am not a scone person, but this one was so good.  Soft, yet crumbly – almost muffiny tasting.  Much better than Starbucks’ pumpkin scone.


At work I snacked on unpictured handful of veggie booty & prunes.  They’re actually tasty.  And I’m not sure why they’re known for “constipation relief,” so to speak.  There’s not a ton of fiber per serving (3 grams).  There are much higher fiber foods out there.

Turkey stuffed bell pepper (from TJs) for lunch:


And then I headed off to Costco where it was samples galore! I should have snapped pictures, but here’s the lowdown:

  • Peppermint bark (tiniest tiniest piece)
  • 1/3 chocolate truffle (another tiny piece)
  • Pumpkin swirl bread (a good sized piece)
  • Pumpkin raisin bread
  • 1/2 mozzarella stick
  • Brownie nibblin’
  • Tortilla chips
  • Something else I don’t remember.  Now it’s really bugging me what it was

I even skipped the chicken sausage/chicken burger station.  It was crowded and I was stuffed.

I walked into Costco not needing a single thing.

I walked out of Costco $38 poorer. 



I didn’t think I would be hungry until dinner, but alas:


Cottage cheese – come out come out wherever you are!



Dinner was just leftover chicken gumbo soup I brought home from work the other night.


I was apparently in a mug-mood today.

 Plus a big ol’ bowl of steamed green beans.  Mixed with cheese.  Because cheese makes everything better.


This was all followed by a wine + brownies + cookies night with the roommates.  We attempted to watch Toy Story 3, but that didn’t happen.  I had a bit too many glasses to go along with my “no sweets and drinking plan.”  Not too many to feel drunk/hungover.  I am quite a “heavy-weight” after all. But too many to fit into my “healthy” budget I’m trying out here.

Oh well.  Wine can be healthy….right?

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Pinch Me

Happy Saint Patty’s Day!!

Are you rockin’ the green today?

Because I sure am! (My eyebrow is ridiculously high in this picture, but I swear I wasn’t surprised by the camera)

IMG 6833

Yes – we sure do.

My kiddos sported green as well.

IMG 6824-1

As well as the stunnas.

I actually planned to hit up the bars today at 6 am for a green beer. Yup. I was going to be one of those college peeps 😀 I’ve never done it, and when else would I get the chance right?

But then my roommate got sick and can’t drink now. And I realized I worked at 8:30 am. FAIL. Oh well. I chose to drive down the streets of downtown on my way to work and check out the stumbling drunks and long lines in front of the bars instead. If you can’t join ’em, laugh at them, right? 😉


IMG 6822

In my overnight oats –

  • 1/4 cup muesli + 1/3 cup oat bran + 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 2 T chia seeds
  • Cinnamon
  • 1 T honey peanut butter (mixed in)
  • Topped off with this morning:
    • Nature’s Path strawberry & yogurt cereal
    • Maple Life
    • Almond butter

IMG 6823

Oh so delicious.

Morning snack at work was strange. Half a sandwich thin and carrots dipped into pasta sauce. I had some remnants of pasta sauce in the fridge. Sandwich thin I grabbed out the door. And carrots without dip. I really shouldn’t even try to explain this one.

IMG 6828

El luncho – yet another frozen meal. This one of Safeway’s Eating Right brand. Reminded me a lot of the Lean Cuisine thai noodles from last week. But nope, not nearly as good. This one was very bland and almost tasteless.

IMG 6826-1

IMG 6827-1

Sorry Safeway, but brand name wins out.

I then proceeded to burn my palm on this mug. Microwave safe, my unmentionable behinds. I like the inscription though 🙂

IMG 6831

I guess a burned palm is what you get for gorging yourself on 3 cups of half-caff coffee. Damn.

I ended up getting off work 3 hours early. Obviously she doesn’t realize I need money for slutty dresses and booze innocent Vegas fun.

I came home and honestly wasn’t too hungry. So I kept snacking on mini-esque “meals”.

First up, leftover roasted broccoli (topped with ketchup after this shot).

IMG 6679

And a little later had some light Campbells Italian-style soup sprinkled with cheese. With a sandwich thin toasted for dipping.

IMG 6692-1

And then kettle corn while watching American Idol.

IMG 0623

A couple spoonfuls of PB may also have been consumed.

Now I’m still trying to decide if I should head home tomorrow directly after my final presentation, or just wait until Friday.

How did you all celebrate the holiday?

I realized I only ate one green thing today – broccoli! Ha. So festive of me 😉

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Sorry for no post last night. Life gets busy, but I need to find someway to keep my blog friends in my life 🙂

I receive a weekly email from a speaker who once spoke at my school with a weekly quote or life lesson. This week’s quote stuck with me.

“Think of what you are and
all the fantastic potential of you.”

Next time you have “fat talk” or think down upon yourself, think of your positives. Think of those in your life that appreciate you for who you are on the inside. Think of all the good that you do on a daily basis, and the amount of lives that you touch.

Along those same lines, Amanda Beard, the U.S. Olympian swimmer, came to speak at my school tonight. Having been a big swimmer in the past, I was extremely excited to hear her speak. Especially since she was speaking on the issue of eating disorders. It was extremely moving and insightful. A couple points she made that really stuck out to me included:

  • “I’m 20 pounds more than I was at my competitive weight. And that’s okay with me. That’s what’s great – is that I’m happy how I am now. I may have a little tummy, or a bigger butt, but I hold my son and none of that matters. I say ‘Look at my son! Look at what I made!'”
  • She also mentioned how she looks back on her eating disorder days with such regret – that she spent so much time worrying about how skinny she was and how focused she was with her appearance, that she let her competitive swimming slip to the side. She didn’t enjoy her life. And what’s the point of life, if not to be enjoyed?

I’m glad I got the opportunity to see her speak 🙂

Instead of boring you to tears with a play-by-play of my Monday and Tuesday, I’ll just leave you with a photos of the meals.

Breakfasts have consisted of

Pumpkin oats

IMG 6094

and Banana bomb muffin with sunbutter, along side yogurt with pomegranates and banana slices.

IMG 6108-1

I made Angela’s banana bomb muffins the other night again. They are truly one of my favorites. My roommates seem to love them also since 3 were missing in the morning! 😉

IMG 6110-1

Both lunches have been delicious pumpkin soup found at Cost Plus. It made a huge batch on Sunday night, so I’ve enjoyed it 3 days in a row now 🙂

Topped with avocado slices, parmesan cheese, & Mary’s Crackers.

IMG 6098

The original recipe called for heavy whipping cream but I subbed in plain yogurt. I also added a can of pumpkin for good measure 😉 And it came out delicious.

To go alongside my soup, I made something that Meghann seemed to popularize around blogworld.

Pumpkin cornbread!

IMG 6097-1

They turned out a little to dry for my taste, but I might have over cooked them since I made individual sized ones in a muffin tin. Either way, my roommates also enjoyed these as well 😉

For today’s lunch, I enjoyed the other half to my butternut squash as a side to my soup.

IMG 0395

Mmmmm so so so good.

Dinners have been –

BBQ sunshine burger + carmelized onions + avocado + pear salad (crappy phone picture)

IMG 0392-1

And a quinoa dish with a mix of nuts & craisins. Topped with a pumpkin sauce I whipped up the other night. Sidenote: I originally cooked up 2 servings of quinoa, thinking I could save some for later. But quinoa portions are teensy! I can’t believe the small amount that is 2 servings! Needless to say, I ate it all tonight 😉

IMG 6111-1

I originally made the sauce to go along with pumpkin pasta  this weekend.  I started to follow a recipe, and then kind of just winged it. I combined on the stove:

  • ~1/2 cup FF sour cream
  • ~1/2 cup pumpkin
  • Cinnamon, nutmeg, & salt
  • Chicken broth
  • Garlic

Actually pretty tasty!

In exercise news, I gave my knee a rest yesterday (after the hike) to do 30 minutes upper body strength + 10 minutes of whittle my middle challenge.
Today, I got in a 4 mile TM run + 5 minute whittle my middle moves consiting of:

  • 1 minute scissors
  • 2 x 1 minute side planks with under body arm twist (1 on each side)
  • 2 minute front plank

Well it’s late, I’m tired, and I have to be up in a little over 6 hours. So good night all!

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