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Rep Your Accent

Hi Friendsssss!!!

How was everyone’s weekend? I hope lovely.  The warm weather finally took a little dip here, and it got a little chilly and rainy on Sunday.  But it’s all good.  I mean, it is still January right?!

Today, I wanted to express my love for a new find (to me).  Oat bran!  I know many of you have been eating oat bran since the Land Before Time…

Pause here for remembrance of such a great movie



…and I’ve been wanting to get some (oat bran that is) for a while.  LOVE IT!  Oats are “so last year” kind of old for me since I’ve been eating them day in-day out for like 7 years now.  Oat bran is creamy and just…..delicious!

It’s taking me a while to get the oats:water ratio down (different than oatmeal?  Help a sista out!).  So today I added too much water, then had to add more oat bran to even it out.  So now I have leftovers!  (although who knows if I’ll put leftover oat bran to good use).


It should be noted it was delicious in my almond butter jar Winking smile


Today’s mix (made 2 servings):

  • 1/2 cup oat bran
  • 1/2 cup almond milk + 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup egg whites
  • Cinnamon, cocoa powder, instant coffee powder
  • Cinnabon candied nuts(!!)

I also had oat bran on Saturday (thank you sleep-in days!).


Pumpkin oat bran!  Topped off with 1 Tbsp pumpkin butter and 1 Tbsp pumpkin cream cheese.


I want it to be known, I’m trying really hard to cut back on my oat toppings.  I’ve always been an extravagant/extra special toppings gal, so that’s one thing I’m trying to change.  But the calories can really add up, while not adding much staying power (think granola, chocolate/cinnamon chips, too much jam, cream cheese & nut butters).  Of course, some toppings are delicious and needed (oats are too boring without them!). 

Today’s lunch (after the mocha oat bran) was a ginormo salad:


  • Bed of lettuce
  • Rotisserie chicken
  • Onions & tomatoes
  • Sprinkling of feta
  • Champagne dressing


+ an apple on the side

And just because I’m in weight-loss mode right now, it definitely doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my treats Winking smile


All you have to do is work it into your daily “allowance.”  Or just enjoy a treat, and not let it get you down!  Once and a while won’t do any damage Winking smile


Apple pie at lunch on Sunday – I hate half a slice.  Along with a colorful salad:


When I get salads at work, I like to load them up with:

  • Beets
  • A little bit of cheese (parmesan, feta or blue cheese)
  • Whatever veggies are out (bell peppers, onions)
  • Kidney beans (if they’re on the salad bar)
  • Fat free raspberry dressing
  • Drizzle of Caesar or 1000 Island

The heavier stuff makes the salad too expensive!!  So it all depends on what else I’m getting.

In other news, has anyone seen this at Trader Joe’s?!?!?!?!


That would be Peanut Butter Cream Cheese.  AKA the evil of all evils.  Take it awaaaayyyyy!!!


And now for the accent Vlog that is making it’s away around blogworld.  I did this video on Saturday, and since then have seen multiple other bloggers do one as well.  A few things:

1. I’m so sorry for the awful awful quality.  I think my webcam just sucks.  I swear it wasn’t that dark and I swear I wasn’t actually a dark-eyed zombie while filming it.  Proof!


2. I don’t know if the video is super skippy and slow for you.  Or if it’s just  my internet/computer.  My computer has been sh*tty slow lately.  And so has my internet.  So muchos apologies if it’s skipping.

3. I was put on the spot for some of the questions.  Such as how I address a group of people.  In all reality I probably just say “Hey guys.” Yeah, I’m that creative.

4. At the end I said: “I hope you guys are all having a better night than I am.”  But it sounds like I said “Mumble mumble…djkgsdgh grrrrrhgoihdsgdsjgdsk…”

5. Born and raised near San Francisco CA.  I’ve traveled to Arkansas for 10 days one time.  And London/Paris for 2 weeks.  And that pretty much sums up my childhood travels.


I also don’t know why I felt like swaying back and forth so much.  I swear I didn’t have to pee.  I don’t think.  I actually don’t remember.

Okay, enough of the excuses.

Peace out(?).



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Fact or Fiction?

Fact: My breakfast this morning reminded me of the American flag. 


Fiction: That these pomegranate seeds would be good until January 31st like the label said.  Last I checked today is the 28th and they were already tasting slightly tangy/gone bad. 

Fact: I still ate them though.  And plan to finish off the container today to prevent them from going…more bad.

Fiction: I ate only fruit and yogurt this morning. 

Obviously I added some cereal.  Quaker corn bran crunch to be more precise.


Fact: My boss was making sunflower seed butter cookies at 8:30 this morning.


Fiction: I completely stayed away from all said cookies and didn’t enjoy one crumb.


Fact: I ate one two.


Fact: I went for a walk with the babes today downtown to Starbucks and back (2.5 miles roundtrip).

Fiction: I took a picture of my Grande iced SF hazelnut coffee light ice.  With a splash of half & half. 

Fact: I love how I not only get a free dinner when I work, but I also sometimes get leftovers if I have enough food.


(Vegetable quinoa with grilled chicken.  Added some tomato-basil feta).

Fact: I’ve been pretty good about taking my calcium vitamin with lunch lately.

Fiction: Yummy orange carbonated drinks tend to help in absorption of calcium pills.  Especially when out of a stolen borrowed pint glass from the local pizza joint.


Fact: My old roommate snuck so many of these pint glasses in her purse that she had enough to give me my own set of 8 glasses.  Cool.

Fact: I went on a 1 hr 45 minute hike today.  Which probably wasn’t the smartest idea for my calf/ankle.


Fiction: I remembered to take a picture of my post-hike snack while chatting with the roommate.  Let’s say it was a small portion of plain yogurt with the rest of the pomegranate seeds.  (That part would in fact be a fact).

Fact: I froze in my tracks when I saw peanut butter cream cheese at Trader Joe’s today.  Yes.  Peanut. Butter. Cream Cheese. 

Fiction: Obviously I could resist.  And didn’t have any taster once I got home.


Deadly deadly stuff.

Fact: I waited to eat at babysitting tonight because I figured they’d have delicious yummy food, since they have in the past.


Fiction: I never use mixing bowls for salads.  Ever. Winking smile


(Salad with tomatoes, goat cheese, and a sprinkling of walnuts.  With pear vinaigrette.  And a few veggie chips on the side.  Which ended up in my salad).

Fact: This dinner was enough to hold me over for oh…2 hours.  And then I had froyo.  Yummmm.


Tell me one fact and one fiction from your day!  Kind of like 2 truth and a lie, right??

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Taster Thursday

Seriously, I love you guys!  I can’t say it enough how lucky I am to have such supportive readers Smile 

All thank you’s and good feelings aside, as I told you yesterday, Thursday = weigh in day for me.

Last week was 161.  This week was 162. 

Meh.  I know it happens and I’m not upset about it.  It gives me a chance to look back on the week and realize things:

1. I baked everyday this weekend.  Friday was cookies and brownies.  Saturday was cake.  And more cake (at babysitting and at home).  Sunday was decorating the cake.  So there was batter.  There was also the finished baked goods.  And frosting.  And then more finished baked goods.

2. Not only did I bake, but I also over-indulged on Friday night.  Besides the cookie dough & cookies, I had 4 (yes – 4) pieces of pizza at our friend’s house.  Plus brownies and ice cream. 

I knew I overdid it this week, so I’m just thankful it was only up 1 pound! 

So that’s that and moving on….



Breakfast was a bit of a splurge this morning.  But worth it SmileHaving to do with this little guy:


Oaaaaaaats!!!!..in a jar (I just felt like singing that)



  • 1/4 cup multigrain oats + 1/4 cup wheat bran
  • 1/2 cup almond milk + 1/2 cup water
  • 1/4 cup egg whites
  • Cinnamon
  • 1 scoop cocoa powder + 1 tsp instant coffee
  • 1 tbsp pumpkin cream cheese (mmm frosting on the cake)

Yes.  Mocha oats in a jar today.  Yes.  Please and thank you.

This kept me nice and full for a good 4 hours.  Until I got hungry at work and snacked on a handful of grapes:


And came home at about 1:30 to some lunchie.  Leftover chicken gumbo soup from work last night:


Along with leftover seasoned ground turkey topped with ketchup.  Tasted like meatloaf!


I then made a quick decision to hit up the heaven of all heavenly places for a quick return and a stroll around the heavens. 



My family has a completely pathetic and rather large small obsession with Costco.  Signs your family loves Costco too much just enough:

  • You shop there at least twice per week. 
  • Go there specifically to eat dinner (or lunch) at the food court. 
  • If they sold breakfast, you’d probably be there for breakfast too
  • Your dad takes lunch breaks to head to Costco. 
  • Your hometown Costco knows your family by name. 
  • They also make comments if they haven’t seen you in more than a week.  (They obviously miss our happy faces)
  • While on vacation your family seeks out the local Costco to stock up on goods.  And eat there for meals.
  • You know the price for most Costco products off the top of your head
  • You also know that most their prices end in .99 cents.  Mark-down prices end in .97 cents.  And an * sign in the upper right hand corner means the items is discontinued and not being restocked.
  • Your little sister was featured in the December issue of the Costco Connection (that should link directly to the page.  Or use the drop down link to IBC page 87 if anyone’s interested).

Wow.  Did I just embarrass my family a little bit?

Anyways, as I was saying.  I love Costco.  And go there when I’m bored.  Or want samples.  Today was definitely a good sample day.  Too bad my hands were full (with workout pants, broccoli, and a soda.  I didn’t grab a cart) so I couldn’t snag pictures but I had:

  • 2 small slivers of some pita bread pizza thing (a road show item)
  • Bite of canneloni
  • Sliver of veggie burger marinated in teriyaki sauce
  • 2 bites of a waffle drizzled in agave
  • Madras lentil meal (love this stuff)
  • 1 black bean chip
  • Sliver of cheese

I think that was it.  But anyways – a lot. 

Work dinner was delicious.  I think they’re on a new menu rotation in the cafeteria (which I’m excited about).  And Thursdays = my favorite soup day. 

Chicken tortilla soup!


And sauteed cabbage & apples dish.  I had 2 bowls worth.  It was SO GOOD.


And once at home, I had another huge bowl of frozen fruit with about 1 Tbsp worth of almond butter.


Same picture as last night.  But same lookin’ bowl.



Meh.  Nothing.  Except for a 25 minute walk downtown and back at babysitting.  But I really can’t count that.  My knees were giving me trouble today.  And I went to Costco instead of doing weights/abs.  So there’s my excuse of the day.

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My first weight loss post

The title pretty much says it all.  I really just received complete support from all of you, and that means so much!  Of course, I’ll still be blogging just like normal (although lately, it’s been more sporadic than not), but there will be occasional talk/updates about weigh-ins, my workouts, progress updates, etc.  You’ll probably also be seeing less desserts/sweets Sad smile and more portioned out meals. 

First things first:

1. Of course, I still 100% absolutely believe in loving yourself for who you are.  That’s extremely important.  No matter what size, you are beautiful and wonderful.  But as I explained here, this is why I’m doing this.

2. If any of this is trigger stuff for you – please don’t read it.  Also, if it’s getting to be "too much” or typical stereotypical blog/weight-related talk – please let me know!  It can be easy to get caught up and make it sound like a weight journal.


I don’t usually like to talk numbers, but for this purpose, I will.  Two weeks ago, I stepped on the scale (eek) to get my starting weight.

Start (Jan. 13): 163

(The only full body shot I have of myself recently.  One of my many running skirt photo ops).


2nd WI on Jan. 20: 161

Tomorrow marks my third weigh-in, so we shall see!



I won’t be posting my daily eats everyday, as I just don’t have time for that!  But will for today Smile:


Breakfast – yogurt + pumpkin.  Blueberries, pom seeds, Quaker corn bran cereal, scoop of pumpkin butter:


Big ol’ bowl thanks to the volumizing pumpkin!


+ 3 cups coffee with stevia & almond milk

Snack – fruit at work (there were apple slices too Winking smile).  + a small scoop of peanut butter!


Lunch @ 1:30 – extra lean ground turkey (BOGO this week!) with sauteed veggies seasoned in soy sauce & garlic salt.  Topped with tomato basil feta cheese, fat free sour cream, & mango cranberry salsa.


This was deeeeeeelicious.


Dessert – sugar free jello (artificial and crap-filled?  Yes.  But it satisfied my sweet tooth).

Dinner @ 6:30 (at work) – a plate of brown mush Creole seasoned pea dish (peas, mushrooms, green beans, hardboiled egg, seasoning).  Potatoes Anna (not sure exactly – but it was sliced up delicious tasting potatoes).  And succotash (corn, lima beans, and lots of oil).  This was actually a very delicious dinner!  Dinner at work is hard because sometimes there’s too many options, sometimes it’s all red meat/fish.  They also post the calories information, but I’m not sure how accurate it all is.  Or if the portion sizes are correct.


+ half of a corn bread muffin (spontaneous grab! Whoops).

& a few bites of a peach crisp.

Snackage at home tonight included frozen fruit with almond butter:


And hot cocoa (my one hot chocolate for the week!) made with 1 tbsp cocoa powder, 1 packet of splenda, water, and a splash of almond milk:



So there you go with today’s eats.  I’m trying to focus on a few changes:

  • Smaller/extravagant breakfasts.  My breakfasts easily add up to too many calories with all the nut butters, cream cheeses, cereals, etc.  Delicious, but a little too much.
  • Less random spoonfuls of nut butter.  Difficult.  But a work in progress.
  • Less desserts/sweets.  Of course I’m still going to enjoy them!  Heck, you didn’t see the cream-cheese nutella brownies last night.  But you did see the cookies, brownies and ice cream enjoyed this weekend Winking smile I’m just tying to make it more of a few times per week thing.  Rather than a multiple times per day thing.



I’ve been trying to take the baby on walks whenever I’m at work.  It adds a little something to the day!  And honestly?  I’ve been counting it as my workout.  With my injury, I’m trying to take it easy.  And I don’t have much other time in the day to exercise.  It’s better than nothing!

  • 5 minutes of ab plank work
  • Push-ups 3 x15
  • 3 mile walk in 51 minutes (avg. pace: 17 minutes)

Adios!!  And thank goodness tomorrow is Thursday!

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Weight of Baking

Sounds like many of you don’t think you can rock the running skirt Winking smile I honestly think they’re kind of….strange too.  I just found one on sale and thought I would try it out.  I think we’ve all come to the consensus that Miss Skinny Runner is the queen of rocking a skirt and we should let her continue to hold that crown.

This weekend was full of baking, eating, and good times Smile For Friday night’s potluck, I tried my luck (ha – no pun intended) at dough balls once again.  Instead of Mama Pea’s version, I made these  Cookie Dough Balls this time around (since I had real butter on hand and I also wanted to make chocolate chip ones).  Here’s the story in a nutshell.

The dough tasted rather….just…doughy.  Not sweet at all – that’s where I knew something went wrong. 


That’s when I realized I forgot to double the sugar.  Double the recipe, but only half the sugar?  And the comment section already seemed to say these cookies were under-sweet to begin with.

So I took to rolling my dough in sugar.




Sure they turned out doughy on the inside.  But tasted bland and rubbery.  I know it’s my fault, and I’m sure the original recipe is delicious!  I just need to make it right.


Cookie dough ball fail #3.

Fail #1?  Doubled the oil.

Fail #2?  They turned out delicious, but very crunchy.

Maybe I should just leave ball-making to the pros.

At least we had delicious brownies and ice cream to bring to the get-together!


And I whipped together a batch of boxed sugar cookies I had stored away in the cabinet.  Boxed or not, they were still a hit Winking smile

And we bowled!!  (excuse the dark, flashless photos)


Saturday was spent – get this – sleeping in!!!!  Have I mentioned yet how I now get Saturday’s off work??  Rather than working Saturday-Wednesday, I now work Sunday-Thursday (at the hospital.  I still nanny other days as well).  I lose 3 hours a week, but honestly this will do SO MUCH for my sanity, well-being, and social life.  I’m excited. 

I hit up my friend’s birthday BBQ for a bit and delivered her some cake Smile


And baby cupcakes!


My mom is super into birthday cakes, and she passed down the tradition when she gave us our own bear cake pans this Christmas!  I was excited to try it out myself for my first time.


The frosting was definitely hard to do – I’m awful at the star tip thing, and it wasn’t sticking to the bears!  But it all tastes the same in the end, right? Winking smile


Baby cupcakes are dangerous!!  I popped 3 in my mouth just while frosting. 


I also used my new yoga mat (review and giveaway coming soon!!) to complete Jillian Michael’s six-pack abs DVD.  This DVD is hard!  I honestly barely feel it working my abs (my abs weren’t exhausted afterwards or sore the next day), but it was tired from the squats and lunges she has you do!  Sad that I found this DVD more of a lower body workout than abdominal workout? 

I also competed some upper-body weights.  It feels really good to get back into weights/dumbbells.

Speaking of weights, remember this post?  Yeah, it might’ve been in July.  But I’ve been hitting obstacles for months – injuries, moving, a new job/routine to get used to, too insanely busy to exercise, more injuries, drinking, holidays….the excuses could go on.  But according to my resolution goal I made a couple weeks ago, I’m really buckling down on the weight-loss/toning up plan.

I want to include you guys and update you on my progress.  This is a life-blog about myself, anyways.  But I don’t want to overwhelm you all with weight-loss talk.  I know some blog readers out there can be sensitive towards that type of thing, and I don’t want to lose dear readers because they’re tired of typical weight-related issues! 

So I’m asking you guys – do you want me to post about my weight-loss journey?  Do you want me to post my weekly weigh-ins, progress, some daily food/meals (obviously I still won’t post everything), workout talk, etc?  Or is that too much?  Please, let me know your opinions!

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Some stuff

I got my ear pierced the other night.  By myself.  I held my own hand purse handles and squeezed hard.

Because c’mon.  Who doesn’t want an awkwardly close up picture of my ear?

I got the cartilage and the triple done on my right ear.  I wanted the third hole a littler higher up (like Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s piercing.  Am I the only one who likes it??), but the piercer convinced me otherwise.

Too bad it was no Claire’s and I didn’t get a sparkly diamond Sad smile Just ugly metal studs.


An egg shaped like a donut in no way tastes like a donut.


Now it looks like a face saying “OOOHHHHHH!!!” Surprised smile

Completely by accident did this microwaved egg puff end up in a ring.  But I was pleased.


And 2 old whole wheat pumpkin pancakes from the freezer.  Doughy.  But slightly stale frostbitten taste.



It really is possible for me to have a breakfast without carbs!


Egg scramble with ground turkey, feta, sour cream, and cranberry-mango salsa.  Filling.



I really wish I had bought this heart plate at Target a few weeks ago.  My boss has it, and it makes me jealous.


It’s sparkly.  And pink (obviously).



Pumpkin smoothie – where have you been, dude?!? 


Note the ice cream maker which I still need to use.  And freeze for days first.  It takes a lot of planning.

Swirls make everything better.



I’m really not sure if I’m a fan of the running skirt.

1. I felt like a tennis player on a jog.

2. My thighs rubbed together – hence why I like the capris.

3. I felt like every passing driver was thinking my booty/hoo-ha was going to fly out any minute.  How did they know it has built in shorts?



omgzzzzzzz how have I not told you yet???  See the camera I’m holding in the above picture?!  YES.  I got a new camera!  I lost my old 5 month new camera last June and have been using my Iphone ever since.  I’m stoked.


Anyways, that was just to catch you up a bit on the life of Tay since I have been so awful with regular posting insanely busy and have too many other important things to do Sad smile


Have you tried out running skirts?  And yes, I’m talking to the men(??) out there too Winking smile

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I’ve been doing pretty good with those New Year’s resolutions goals – how about you?

Listen to my body? Check.  Seeing as how I’ve ran probably twice in 2 weeks.  That might be because I’ve had no time, or it might be because I’ve been listening to my ankle/inner shin pain.


Intuitive eating? How about delicious intuitive eating at work?

Such as homemade Black Bean & Turkey chili one day:


And an amazing salad the next?


Mixed greens, mustard apricot dressing, feta, grilled chicken, and a bit of Mediterranean pasta.


Froyo while shopping:


And yogurt messes for breakfast:


I’m not a big chips and salsa person, but lately I’ve been loving it.  I wouldn’t recommend these chips, however.  I love Food Should Taste Good chips, but they have much better flavors out there (such as multigrain, olive & sweet potato!)


Strength training? I started to strength train a couple weeks ago, hurt my writs, and had to take a break.  Seriously.  Injuries never cease to surround me.  It’s feeling better now though, so I should be able to start up again!


Happy-Weight plan?  Yes, I’ve started it.  But good times with friends (which may or may not involve drinking) have gotten slightly in the way this past week.  So this one kind of conflicts with…

Do something social once per week?  Yes, yes!  I went to Chipotle last week with some friends (yes, that counted as my something social).  Then went out on Thursday with some friends.

Which was tons of fun.  But left me feeling like this the next day at work:


Feelin’ swell as you can tell.

And then mimosas, breakfast, and spending time downtown on Sunday:


Sourdough french toast.  I got fresh fruit on the side instead of bacon or sausage.  Which was just a cut up green apple.  Disappointing since I dislike green apples!


It was BEAUTIFUL weather. 


Hot chocolate once per week? You betcha!!  Okay, I might have had it twice the first week.  But it’s a huge step from every single night like usual.


Organization? Ummmm working on it.  I cleaned a little today!! Winking smile


How are your resolutions (or goals) coming along as we enter the third week of January 2011?

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