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Multiple Labors

If I have to work on Labor Day, I at least wish I got time and a half!

I nannied for a bit this morning (not a long morning, just 2 hours). Then relaxed for a bit before heading off to my 3-8 hospital shift.

It was a foggy and oatmeal type of morning!

IMG 0987

  • 1/4 cups multigrain oats + 1/4 cup wheat bran
  • 1/2 cup almond milk + 1/2 cup water
  • 1 egg
  • Cinnamon & maple syrup
  • 2 scoops peanut flour
  • Maple PB
  • Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter
  • Vanilla-Pear butter

Mmm melty.

IMG 0988-1

You know I added some jam once this picture was taken. I just didn’t want to overwhelm the camera 😉

I actually got a 3 1/2 hour break today during which I read a bit outside and tried to take a nap (which failed. I suck at naps).

I got a little hungry around 1:45 and had the rest of my Annie’s Spaghettios (this whole container was full – I was just impatient).

IMG 0990-1

And decided to roast up my cauliflower so it would be ready if I wanted any for lunches.

IMG 0992

I also had some today. Eaten straight out of the pan. Saves dishes folks.

IMG 0993-1

Can’t forget my afternoon pick-me-up! Homemade iced coffee. x2 cups.

IMG 0991-1

Dinner at work was a mix of different sides (the entrees tonight were hot dogs and hamburgers). Corn, green beans & chili beans. +1 onion ring I convinced the cashier to give me 😉

IMG 0994

I also had a small sliver of a quesadilla that didn’t go to a patient.

The good thing about getting all sides? My meal was so cheap I had extra money to buy myself a few granola bars to take home.

I also happened to accidentally walk in on a patient mid-push. In labor. Labor on labor day. How about that? Whoopss….

How was your Labor Day?


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Today was kind of a blah day (no workout, lazed around, munched a lot), except for one thing…I’M USING MY NEW COMPUTER!!!  After testing out the 12 & the 14 inch computers the past couple days (each of my sisters have one or the other), I actually like the 14-inch better.  It feels more sturdy, and the screen is much bigger.  But…I do like the portability of the smaller 12-inch, and my dad can’t return it now anyways.  So I just decided to go with that one.  Yes, the fan is quite loud on it (since it’s so small), but I know I’ll get used to it.  I’m just super glad to be done with my slow old beast!!



I love how thin it is 😀

Work this afternoon was super easy since he napped the whole time!  I watched the movie Fool’s Gold, and munched on a few things since I was a bit hungry!


I found these in their freezer, and they were super tasty!  I love Dr. Praeger’s veggie burgers, and even though these are “kid” foods (hey!  who says I’m not a kid anyways??), they were super tasty!  Especially dipped in this stuff:


Curry Ketchup? Yum!

Followed by one of these guys:


Yes, I obviously do eat while at babysitting.  Sometimes I feel awkward about it if the parents never said “Help yourself to food!”  But, if I get hungry..what’s a gal to do, right?

Dinner was the leftovers of my burrito from last night (about 1/4-1/3 of the whole burrito) and a huge bowl of fruit (just like yesterday’s masterpiece!).  But this one was topped with goat cheese and a glob of PB.  Then I split a vanilla froyo with my sis at Costco (you all know how big those yogurts are!).  I usually eat the whole thing, but I had already had a small serving of froyo on my way to work today.

Followed by nibbles of bread, chocolate chips & some hot chocolate tonight.  And I’m getting a little more hangry here in a bit.  Hey, I’ve been busy packing!!

I need to finish up my packing since we’re leaving tomorrow right after my MRI followup! Eeek hope all goes well!

**Signing off from my new itty baby!**

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Well after a loonnnnnggg (Okay…only 3 1/2 hour drive) yesterday, I am home :-D.

Oh how I love coming home:


My mom loves fruit and she knows how much I do too!!  We also have another honeydew I brought home (not knowing she already had one!).  And…


I hope this means we’re having BBQ corn soon! 😀

Tuesday night was lots of fun.  I took it easy, but still had a good time!


I was surprised by our crowded the bars were for a Tuesday night during finals week!!

Next day morning essentials:



Hey…don’t judge!!  To be fair, the iced drink was only half full and leftover from work the day before.

Then I hit the road for my 3 1/2 hour drive home!!


Miles driven…225

Hours on the road…3 1/2

Cops spotted within the first hour…7

Country CDs sung to…3

Bathroom stops along the way…1

Coming home…priceless 😀

Snacks for the drive:


So…it turns out, I was able to get a doctors appointment the very next day!! (So…today!).  I woke up early, had a nice big bowl of pumpkin oats (sans crunch granola toppings – sad), and went on a 2 mile walk to slightly hurt my knee so I could pinpoint better for the doctor (I know – it seems stupid to purposefully try and make myself hurt).  Of course my knee always happens to be feeling better right when I go to the doctors.  Doesn’t help much!

So (after waiting 1 1/2 hours to see the doctor!!), I explained my symptoms, the past couple months, etc to him.  He poked around, took an x-ray (everything was fine) and came the conclusion that it’s probably

A. Damaged/swollen/tender ligament


B. Damaged meniscus.  If it’s damaged or swollen, it may be causing pressure and pain to the side of my knee.

He recommended physical therapy and an MRI done.  I have an MRI schedule for Monday (it turns out to be covered by our insurance and much cheaper than we had originally thought) and then another appointment next week.  I was much more pleased with this doctor because he had an x-ray done immediately, mentioned an MRI, and physical therapy (none of which the other doctors mentioned or did at all).  While it still wasn’t a definite answer to my problem (you have this problem, wait this long to let it heal….etc), I know that can’t always be the case.  So I’m hoping the MRI will tell us something or physical therapy will help.

I was supposed to pick up my sister and take her out to lunch afterwards, so I wandered around Whole Foods for a bit during some lag time (we don’t have one at school!).  I found some Nature’s Path flax plus red berry waffles, Kashi fire roasted vegetable crackers, and some bulk bin cereal on sale for some good prices!  Then, it turned out, my sister caught a ride with one of her friends (ditched me!!  How dare she?!) because I was late (um….not according to what time the madre told me to get her!) so I was on my own.  Decided to come home for a lunch of leftovers from my last night’s dinner:


Moroccan Vegetable wrap – roasted red pepper hummus, spinach, onions, artichoke hearts, olives, red bell peppers, arugula in a whole wheat wrap.  Last night’s was grilled hot, but this one was cold from the fridge.  Mmmmm!!  It was from Roly Poly that opened up recently here at home.  I’ve heard people talk about it before – and they had an amazing looking menu…I could hardly decide!  Anyone else been to one before?  Recommendations for next time?

Followed by 5 or 6 of these huge babies:


(and about 50 bajillion more throughout the afternoon) These things are massive and soooooo sweet!!

And my sister made Snickerdoodle cookies (my absolute fave) because she knew I was coming home 🙂 So had one of those.


I’m about to do some weights and ab work (since I skipped them yesterday mornin’!  Whoopsee daisy!).  It’s almost the weekend guys!!!

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Well it’s Monday…of the last week of the quarter!  Woohooo!  😀 The morning started out with a late breakfast (10:45!) of French Toast (sorry no picture!).  I was going to have a vegetable wrap this afternoon, but wasn’t too hungry.  So it was another snacky/munchy day until dinner.

I had lots of blueberries (at about 2:00) while I made my dinner ahead of time because I knew I’d be gone late tonight.  I also snuck in a few bites of Ben & Jerry’s Peach Cobbler.  Ehhh not such a fan really.  I guess fruity ice cream is not for me!  Give me chocolate or caramel anyday!

I also snacked on these little guys throughout the day:


I think they may be one of my favorite chips!  Made with corn, potato, and brown rice.  Mmmmmmgoodness!

At work, they had this delicious looking salad that I could not pass up:


It was a mixture of chicken, soybeans, celery, cucumber, chick peas, kidney beans, olives, corn, broccoli and I think lima beans?  All dressed with some type of light dressing or oil.  It was quite fresh and tasty!  Although some of the chicken was chewy & had skin on it…I tried to pick it off.  I also had a juicy peach while at work.

I raced home and grabbed a Nancy’s Cucumber Dill cottage cheese to tide me over during a group meeting until I was home for dinner.  I really liked this flavor!  I actually liked it better than the pomegranate one.

Dinner was finally at 8:00 (super late for me!).


Quinoa with sauteed tempeh, onions & Trader Joes’ red pepper dip.  It was tasty, but I felt it tasted a little bland.  I’ll have to think of something to add to my leftovers.  With a big huge bowl of broccoli on the side.

The rest of the night will contain hot chocolate, watching Greek, and finishing up a couple projects!

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I’ve had a long productive morning – well I guess it is already 2:00 pm!  Today will be a picture day of glorious eats, I’ve gotta warn you!  Breakfast started with Pumpkin Oats:


Made with egg, almond milk, cinnamon/pumpkin pie spice, pumpkin.  I then mixed in peanut butter & topped it off with Banana Nut Cheerios and some light cream cheese (I thought it would be like frosting?  Weird).  Mmm it had been too long since I’d had pumpkin oatmeal!

Coffee- to-go in hand, I was then ready to hit the road to drive to my presentation!


Okay, so it was only a 15 minute drive – but still!  Farther than school!  My partner and I presented to about 8 seniors all about a healthy breakfast.  They were cute!  All asking questions about good choices, fake sugars/sugar free products, alcohol-free beer ( 😀 ).  That was enjoyable!

I then walked around a bit since it was a quaint town by the bay.  And I stumbled upon a health foods market.  Curious, I went inside and was greeted by a delicious looking menu and lots of interesting products (think raw, vegan, etc).  I’m been really interested in vegan/raw products lately (not completely, and I’m not going raw or anything at all), so I decided to splurge on a little lunch :-).  Man I could barely contain my excitement the whole drive home about my food!  I ordered a Tempeh Veggie Taco, Veggie Spring Roll, & a Raw Cookie.

At first glance, I was all “Wait – they gave me the wrong thing!  I ordered a taco, not a salad!”


AMAZING huh??  I dug a little deeper…


Oh, there’s the tempeh, quinoa & sprouted tortilla!  It is a taco!  Well, pretty much a giant salad on top of a tortilla!  haha.  It was SO good with cilantro dressing.


After much eating, I was finally able to actually fold and eat it as a taco!  That thing filled me up, so I decided to save my spring roll for dinner.

Veggie spring roll (filled with veggies & tempeh):

I did have room for some of this raw cookie I was interested in trying out:


It was…interesting.  It had a weird first taste, and then the aftertaste tasted like cookie dough.  Slightly.  I’d much rather have an actual cookie though!

I was also super stoked about these 2 finds:


I’ve been wanting to try this Artisana Cacao Bliss butter, but haven’t found it in any stores around here (even our local organic/health food store).  Yes, it was quite pricey, but it was my splurge and it’s better than ordering offline!  I also got some Tempeh to make some of my own meals.

Well, that’s my day so far!  I don’t work today (I normally work all day Wednesdays), so I’m heading to Office Depot to check out another computer.  Then it’s project/study time all afternoon!

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