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New Obsession

I’m obsessed. 


Frozen blueberries.  Topped with peanut sauce (mixture of peanut flour, almond milk, dash of salt, and a bit of cream cheese.  I’ve also mixed in honey apple butter for a bit of sweetness before).

It. Is. SO. Good.  The peanut sauce hardens a bit due to the frozen blueberries.  And as you eat, the blueberries slightly defrost making them a little mushy/easier to eat.  It seriously tastes like peanutty blueberry-ish ice cream.  I’m not joking. 

I’ve had it every night this week.  And maybe twiceWinking smile

Can’t. Get. Over. It.


Today I was feeling a bit off (thank you Cinco de Mayo celebrating last night).

I had a waffle at some point this morning.

And then leftover cream of broccoli soup before work this afternoon.

I snacked a bunch of this crack at work:


I’m quite serious when I say crack.  I’m not sure how Trader Joe’s finds it legal to sell this stuff.


And some iced coffee thank bajesus. 


After having a bowl of Blueberry-Peanut-Butter-Delight (what I shall call my new love), my body told me it was craving something fatty and Chinesey (I shall thank my roommate who had me looking at Thai food menus online).

Panda Express to the rescue!  Dude, that lady OVERLOADED my tray with almost twice as much food as normal.  And I ate it all.


String bean chicken.


Mushroom chicken.


And I had a free entrée coupon (check the back of your receipts people!!) so I tried the Mandarin Chicken.


Yuck.  Slimy, greasy, chewy, yucky taste.  I did not like. 


Is it bad luck if you (accidentally) rip your fortune in half?



Did you do anything to celebrate the 5th of May?

First off – happy birthday to my sister!!  (well it was yesterday)  But besides that I just went to a Mexican restaurant/bar with friends.  It was fun!  But an interesting night…I wish I could have partaken in margarita happy hour! Winking smile


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Word to the Wise

This post contains important information you should keep in mind on a daily basis.   Things that work well, and that don’t work well.  Very important stuff, you know.

Such as the fact that cupcakes taste wonderful mixed into yogurt messes the next morning.  Just scrape off the huge mound of frosting, eat that (if desired), and mix the crumbled (sweet potato) muffin cupcake into said yogurt.


Another tip?  Don’t splurge on Fage yogurt on sale if you’ve been living off of plain yogurt, and wish to continue to do so.  O. M. G. I want my Greek yogurt back please.


Word to the wise – don’t microwave veggie corn dogs (or regular corn dogs for that matter).  So much better baked in the oven.


Also, hummus doesn’t taste bad with a corn dog.  But ketchup and mustard taste better.


I was just in a hurry.  And hungry.


If you ever want a little giggle, I suggest trying this:


However you need a baby to do so.  And I don’t suggest finding a random one off the streets.

A tip we all know and I’m sure have failed upon – don’t over cinnamon your dishes.



When given the opportunity to sleep in and have the morning off, make sure you have a good and delicious breakfast.


  • 1/4 cup oats
  • 1/4 cup wheat bran
  • 3/4 cup almond milk + 1/2 cup water
  • 2 egg whites
  • Cinnamon & pumpkin pie spice
  • Pumpkin ~1/2-3/4 cup worth
  • Maple syrup


  • Pumpkin butter
  • Pumpkin cream cheese (all out *sniff sniff*)
  • Plain yogurt (which I ate around – I actually wasn’t feeling it)

This made a huge bowl with only 1/4 cup oats!  The wheat bran and pumpkin really bulks it up (tip #….8?  9?).


Be sure to try out multiple pumpkin butters for a legit pumpkin season experience.  This one is good and very pumpkin tasty.  Sweet (not too sweet), but not too “spicy.”  I like it a lot.


I’ll admit, one of the things that attracted me to this is the fact that it says only 15 calories per Tbsp.  Which is quite a bit less than other brands.  I’m not going to let calories from keeping me from buying pumpkin butter, but I was impressed that this brand seemed to not use as much sugar.

Until I looked at the carbohydrate and grams of sugar per serving. 

1 g. carbohydrates = 4 calories

10 g. carbohydrates = 40 calories

40 calories > 15 calories.

15 calories?  Pshhhh.  Don’t think so!!  I don’t really care though – 30% Vitamin A per serving? Yeehaww.  Although that might be false as well! Winking smile


So, I suggest really looking at the label (if you care about that stuff).  But it’s still delicious.  And why on earth would they put serving sizes in ounces and grams?  Who really measures or estimates servings in ounces?  Sorry – but tablespoons work better in my book!

If you see the word maple next to the word scone, then I suggest purchasing.


But I do advise not eating the whole thing.  I snacked on half while researching internships.

If you forget to take a picture of your lunch, the can doesn’t do it justice.  Although I didn’t really like it anyways.


If you really aren’t hungry or feeling well, listen to your body!  Don’t try and force down almonds just because you feel your lunch needs more “substance.”


And next time remember not to purchase said almonds if you’re not prepared to go through half the container in a week.



Remember to get the “Turkey with gravy and dressing” next time they offer it again at work (most likely in 3 weeks).  Because it was delicious. 

And next time remember to take a picture before devouring.


Peanut flour mixed with water is divine (divine?  really?) for dipping apple slices into.  And if you have no peanut flour then go buy some.  At TJ’s.  And if you don’t live close to a TJ’s, then drive as far as it takes to get it.  That needs to be my Tip#1.  Because it really is the most important.


Tip: add salt and a bit of maple syrup to the mix.  You’ll thank me.


Another tip: next time honeycrisp apples are .99 cents/lb at the grocery store, buy more.  Much much more.


Another suggestion?  Stop blogging and blog-reading and get to work on internship researching so you’re not as stressed out.  It might help.

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Cookies & Nuts

Yes.  That’s as creative a title as you’re gonna get.


It’s been a while since I baked my favorite cookies.  When a friend’s birthday came up, I had the perfect excuse Winking smile


However, when it came time to mix in the chips, I realized I had no chocolate chips.  I had debated buying chocolate chips the other day at the store, and I ended up putting them back on the shelf.  I guess I thought I had decided to buy them?  Not sure…

But I did have cinnamon chips!


Seriously – make.  these. cookies.  Life changing!  I definitely had a good 3 cookies worth of dough.  And probably 3 cookies of actual cookies.  And that was just in the afternoon.  So addicting.

I also think they make excellent post-run food.


I mean, made with oats, whole wheat flour, and canola oil – it’s like a super sugary energy bar cookie, right?



I’ve also decided that these make an awesome pre, post, & during (?? I’d stop during a run for these babies) run snack as well.


A seriously 100% impulse buy at Costco.  I’m usually so good at avoiding these.

Best cinnamon almonds ever.  No joke.



Would you like some running talk?  Okay.

My run yesterday was great.  4.5 miles.  And today was another 4.5 miles.  Both were okay – nothing great, but not horrible.  Just normal runs.

And that’s good Smile However, my knees, and left ankle are slightly bothering me.  As is my left inner shin at times.  I did get refitted for new orthotics, and I’m hoping that’s the solution here.  According the orthotics doctor (what are they called?), my ankle is rolling inward and my feet are just overcoming my current orthotics.  And my shoes aren’t super supportive.  So without the support of orthotics, I do think I’m feeling the pain from that.

I hope.

I just am not looking forward to buying another set of expensive orthotics :-/. Boo.

In din-din news….

Dinner was semi-homemade. 

Enter this rice:


These beans:


And this sausage:


Which I was really sad to see has lamb casing.  Boo.  Oh well Sad smile


Give you this:


Yes….there were veggies and sausage under there.  Very good.  But very salty.



I can’t believe I haven’t asked….what are you all being for Halloween this year?!?!  I love love love Halloween and dressing up!  But you’ll have to wait and see what my costume is Winking smile

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So long. Farewell

Adios 12 hour crazy work day. May I crash now?

Let’s see. Today was:

9:00-1:30 – Nannying job. During which we walked the 1 1/2 miles to the library and 1 1/2 miles back.

Got called into work early. So I raced home, threw on my uniform, grabbed a snack, and sped to work.

2:00-8:45 – crazy crazy hospital day. It was jam packed today and super busy.  Which = me running around like crazy.

Boom. That was me falling on the couch.

But you want to see some food, now do ya’?

I woke up not hungry at all (thank you late night snack literally 15 minutes before I went to bed). So I kept it light with cereal – Kashi Golean, banana slices, & almond milk. Plus a 2-egg white puff on the side for some protein.

IMG 0911-1

IMG 0912-1

Almonds while walking from the library (repeat picture).

IMG 0886

Rando sandwich thrown together at work. Basil, hummus, pickles, blue cheese on whole wheat. And mustard.

IMG 0913-1

Super random. But it’s what they had. I wanted to use feta, but the container wasn’t open. And I felt weird opening it.

IMG 0914-1

+ a peach. Juicy. And probaby organic. Not that that matters.  But it was good.

Scarfed down some cocoa almonds in between jobs. Not hungry. But I didn’t want a 7 hour break between lunch and dinner.

IMG 0916-1

I was literally running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off (is that true? Do they really run around after? Ugh. Please don’t tell me), and didn’t get a chance to eat dinner until after the cafeteria closed. Luckily the chef grabbed me some leftover food right before it was washed away. So I took what I could get. And it looks like I’m on the Atkins diet.

Also, luckily the meatloaf was turkey meatloaf. And it was good! I’m usually only a meatloaf fan if it’s made with a specific recipe. This one was tasty.

IMG 0917-1

That fried chicken on the other hand, was nasty.

I need my comfy flip flop slippers. And a mattress. And some carbs after that dinner.

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Happy almost Friday! This week went by very quickly – anyone else? My morning started out a bit more eventful than I would’ve liked when I found out my roommate was taken to the hospital last night due to chest pains. By the time 2 of my other roommates and I got there, she was being released. She has a few different medical problems, and is back home now (thank goodness). They’re still not sure what’s wrong and I guess she has to go see a specialist. I haven’t seen her at all today and I hope she’s gotten lots of rest and feels better.

I eventually got home and decided to take advantage of the fact that I missed my class and had a couple extra hours by whipping up some peanut butter coffee oats.

IMG 6723

  • 1/2 cup oats + 1 cup almond milk + 2 egg whites
  • Scoop of instant coffee powder
  • PB2

Topped off with:

  • Almond butter
  • Plain yogurt “frosting”
  • Pomegranate vanilla cashews

IMG 6724-1

I love you sweet sweet oatmeal.

I finally broke into this bag I’ve had around for quite a while. They’re sweet – but not as sweet as candied nuts. Delicious! But deadly since I can eat the whole bag 😉

IMG 6722

And 3 mugs of 3/4 decaff, 1/4 caff coffee to fuel the studying. With all the regulars. Yes, SF coffee-mate is one of my vices. I really don’t care how many chemicals are in it, I just love a mug of coffee with a dash of this sweetness 🙂

IMG 6741-1

Midterm came and midterm went….all right I guess. We’ll see.

Gym was next on the list where I tried the treadmill for the first time in 2 months. After a warm-up, I did 2 minute run, 1 minute walk followed by a cool-down. Total was only 1.3 miles, but I really just wanted to test out the knee. Verdict? It felt quite stiff and it still hurts. ROAR.

Then bowling, where I promised I would bowl a strike and dedicate it the roommate. She got 4 dedications 😉

And finally came work where I snacked on:

Carrots & salsa (love this combo).

IMG 6742


IMG 6743

4 juicy strawberries (strawberry season you are near!)

IMG 6744

2 clementines + an apple. Got my fruit fix this afternoon, no?

I was obvoiusly snacky! 😉 And I didn’t want to get home starving either.

Dinner was kept light since I really wasn’t hungry (obviously).

Seasoned cauliflower (with garlic salt, pepper, paprika, curry & parmesan cheese). And roasted at 400 degrees for 25 minutes. The parmesan cheese was delicious once toasted.

IMG 6728-1

And soup.

IMG 6730

I really liked this soup. It tasted creamy and very similar to cream of chicken. And I liked the addition of white beans instead of noodles.

IMG 6733

Tomorrow will definitely be a little off. I’m actually having an endoscopy done in the morning for heart burn related symptoms I’ve been having a problem with for years. And since my insurance is up at the end of the month, I figured I should cram in all my doctor visits while I can! It’s my first ever “procedure” (I’ve never even had a cavity drilled!) and I’ve never gotten the “sleepy medicine” (as they called it). I’m nervous!! Eeeek!

See you afterwards! And please keep my roommate in your thoughts. Thanks 🙂

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Sorry MIA last night. Backing up to Humpday Wednesday…

Yogurt mixed with pumpkin + Kashi Heart to Heart + pumpkin granola + banana for breakkie. And sunbutter of course.

IMG 0448-1

Post gym sesh (where I did 20 minutes of whittle my middle ball style. Exercise ball that is), I noshed on a berry almond Luna bar.

IMG 0449

Surprisingly I really liked this flavor! I’m not a fan of Lara bars at all. To me, they’ve always had that yucky chalky bar taste. But this one was delicious and sweet. Almost too sweet – very sticky and candylike.

More snacks in class.

IMG 0453

As I was bored in class, I noticed that my almonds had sucralose in the ingredients list.

IMG 0454-1

I was honestly quite surprised. Even though these almonds are in a “100 calorie bag” and obviously marketed for portion control, I wouldn’t think of them as a “diet food” or “low-calorie” food that would normally contain sucralose (aka splenda). It just goes to show that label reading is extremely important. Not just the nutrition facts, but also the ingredients list.

Think reduced fat peanut butter is healthier than full fat? Sure the facts show 4 grams of fat less in reduced fat, but they both still have the same calories, and the ingredients list is miles longer, along with added sugar.

Think “trans-fat free” products are still healthy? Many products still contain partially-hydrogenated oils (hint hint many peanut butters!) – the primary source of trans fat (besides those in naturally occuring foods). A label is only required to put trans fat on the label if the food contains more than .5 g trans fat per serving. But if you eat more than one serving, you could be eating more trans fat than you realize.

Key here – label read people!

I came home starving and chowed down my kitchen. First, a leftover turkey + cranberry sauce sammy on WW sandwich thin.

IMG 0450-1

That looks damn appetizing, I know.

Followed by a banana + sunbutter. Persimmon. And Mary’s Crackers.

And this bowl of strawberries, greek yogurt, cereal & sunbutter.

IMG 0452

I could not get full. But all this food at 3:00 killed my appetite for dinner, and I ended up eating just a squash.

IMG 0456

Yes – the whole thing. With ketchup of course.

Today (Thursday) started out with something that’s been missing from my life for a while.

Overnight (pumpkin) oats!

IMG 0460-1

Quaker oatmeal squares make the best overnight oat topping. And pumpkin cream cheese.

Lunch was the same as yesterday, but looked better, I swear.

Along with carrots & spinach hommus (x2).

IMG 0461-1

See? Better.

IMG 0463


Best sandwich combo. EVER. I also added some garlic onion cream cheese. Great combo. With an apple for “dessert.”

With work canceled, I had all intentions of studying for my quiz tomorrow. However, my roommate and I spent the afternoon in Borders, drinking coffee, reading magazines, and enjoying the ambiance of Christmas music. We also had quite the conversations. I’m sure anyone around us was entertained with random snippits of conversation, including talk about threesomes. Don’t ask.  But it was a wonderful afternoon 🙂 Especially since I didn’t study at all for my quiz 😉 Oh well, I’m so over it.

Our friend offered to make us dinner tonight since we supplied BBQ goodies earlier this year. He made us english muffin pizzas.

How gourmet 😉

This x3:

IMG 5715-1

And that would be turkey pepperoni 🙂

A year or two ago I would’ve stressed out because I knew it would be on “white” english muffins with an unidentified amount of cheese that I couldn’t control. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come that it really doesn’t matter if I eat some simple carbohydrates for dinner one night. Not everything has to be healthy, whole wheat, super nutritional foods.

A reese’s PB cookie may have also made it unpictured 😉

Now I’m sitting here at 11:12 pm wondering if I should at least read over my powerpoint slides once before going to bed, or just completely throw all faith into the wind tomorrow. Word of advice: don’t look to me for studying inspiration 😉

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Okay – so pumpkin was kind of post-dinner, but whatever. It works in the title, so just go with it.

Lesson learned yesterday: Don’t skip lunch!

I had such a late and filling breakfast, that I never really had a real lunch. I hit up the gym after my 12-2 class, so a good lunch never really fit in well.

Be prepared for a bunch of beautiful phone snapshots.

Snack in class pre-gym.

IMG 0275-1

+ an apple. Still on the mad hunt for the S’mores flavor!!

+ a chocolate chip cookie that a group member made us because she contributed ZERO work to the group project. Cookies make up for it…right? Actually another member mentioned she’d rather have a latte. haha. I agree 😉


Caught up on The Hills (since unable to watch the other night due to cable outage!).

  • 30 minutes stairmaster
  • 20 minutes treadmill
    • 5 min run/2 min walk intervals X 2
    • Walking for a bit

I was a sweaty beast after this. My shirt was literally heavy with sweat and not an ounce of me was dry. I don’t know if I’m a heavy sweater, or if no one else in the gym works super hard, but why do I seem to be the only one saturated in there? (Sorry for the gross TMI guys).

Post-gym library snackage:

IMG 0273


IMG 0274

(Love these)

But I was starving no matter what. So I ditched that library soon enough, and came home to make an early dinner A-stat.

In the quinoa mix:

  • Sauteed asparagus & onion
  • Craisins
  • BBQ slivered almonds
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Chopped tomato
  • Dressing mixture of
    • Light rice vinegar
    • Olive oil
    • Annie’s Papaya Poppyseed dressing

(x this amount of quinoa by another plate – I was hungry hungry!)

IMG 0277-1

Delicisioso! The sweet flavors melded so well. And I absolutely love pumpkin seeds mixed in my quinoa dishes now.

While the quinoa was cooking, I snacked on Mary’s crackers with TJ’s queso dip. And immediately after this, I had a pumpkin + yogurt bowl.

IMG 5211-1

(Recycled picture, obviously since one of Holly’s cookies is making an apperance)

And the night wasn’t complete without a bit of this action:

IMG 5693-1

That would be vanilla froyo + chocolate sauce + sunbutter. The sunbutter on top was one of my best ideas ever.

I’m off for last minute studying for my Clinical Nutrition lab midterm (eeek!!). Then not sure if I’m driving home tonight or tomorrow morning. Desicions decisions….

So you all know how much I adore pumpkin, right?  (If you didn’t well then a) you’ve been living under a rock the past few weeks or b) you’re new to my blog and welcome! :-D) Well be sure to check out my guest post over at Megan’s blog! She’s a little under the weather (feel better!!) over there.

And thank you to everyone who entered my candy giveaway !

True Random Number Generator
Min: 1
Max: 92

Congrats to Emily of Nutritious is Delicious! Shoot me an email with your address girl, so I can get your treats sent out to ya!

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