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Guess what I have been enjoying lately?

Pumpkin smoothies!!


In giant mugs no less.


With swirls of chocolate syrup.


When I first started making these back in my sophomore year of college, I’d have one every night (no joke).  Often times twice a day.  Such a simple recipe:

  • 1 cup milk of choice (or part milk, part water)
  • Huge scoops of pumpkin
  • Cinnamon and/or pie spice
  • Maple syrup or sweetener
  • Ice

Blend and enjoy!!  Best topped with whipped cream.

And now…

A Flashback Friday post??  Well…sure, why not Winking smile

I know I’ve already done a Halloween costume flashback last year (in fact – it was my first Flashback Friday post!), but….I thought I’d do it again to remind you Winking smile

I only have pictures of the past 5 years on this computer.  But I can tell you what I’ve been!

Junior year (of high school) – Mary Kate Olsen (my friend was Ashley)

Senior year – “Taylor the Sailor”.  Yes – I pinned a sign that said that to my shirt

Freshman year (of college) – a polar bear.



Sophomore year – a fairy when I visited my friend in Santa Barbara.



Night#2 at a party back at school, I was an Indian:


And an Eskimo on actual Halloween night (it was on a Tuesday that year).


And for you’re enjoyment, some pre-party getting ready dancing Winking smile



Junior year – Minnie Mouse!  And sporting my marathon necklace Smile


I found my twin!!


Senior year – Indiana Jones (on the far right)


This was my first Halloween bars experience – it was crowded!!


Then I was Santa the next night.  It was actually November 1st, yet still “Haloween Weekend.”  We assumed people would be dressed up again.  We thought wrong.  It was slightly awkward….oh well!


Last year, my house braved it, and had our own party!  We had a blast decorating…


Making the jungle juice….


Getting ready together…We seriously had no idea what we were getting into. 


I was a gangster/mobster, by the way.


But it was lots of fun!!


The next night, I was a pumpkin when we went to the bars. 



What was your best/favorite/most creative Halloween costume you’ve ever been?

I seriously come up with costume ideas a year in advance.  I always have too many ideas and then know what I want to be next year.  Or as I’m shopping throughout the year, I see something and think “that would be great for a costume!”  That’s exactly how my Fairy (saw the dress at Walmart and thought Fairy!), Indian (saw the dress at Target and thought “Indian!”), and Minnie costumes (saw the shirt at Target and thought “Minnie!”) came to be.

In 5th grade, I was a picnic blanket.  I literally had a blanket over me with plastic food, plates, and even ants glued on.  I’ll find a picture and show you, I swear.  I loved being “Taylor the Sailor” – got a few laughs on that one.  I also loved being Indiana Jones because I love Indiana.  And that whip got a few comments Winking smile lol.


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BREAKING NEWS: I now have internet!! I even set it up without once calling my dad for help 🙂 Oh the empowerment of such things.

And since it’s now Thursday, it’s only appropriate that I catch you up on the week’s adventures.

Monday morning started with toast on cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread.

IMG 1153-1

Then I headed out on what I wanted to be a 6 miler. But it was pretty warm when I set out. And I was thirsty. And the area I live now is pretty boring for running. My old house was near many different routes I could take, including many neighborhoods to wind in and out of. My new place is in a more commercial district and there’s really only 2-3 straight shot paths I can take. I did a loop that I’m sure will become a staple that ended up being 4.5 miles. Then tacked on another .5 mile at the end.

Distance: 5 miles
Time: 45:56
Avg pace: 8:59

BOOYA!!!! I definitely wanted to get below 9 minute miles and I did! Sure it might have been 8:59, but it’s below 9, which equals 8. No rounding up in my book. Since my injury, I’ve been running mainly 9-10 min mile pace, so I was happy. I guess there’s an upside to living around straight shot flat land, rather than giant hills.

I came back, fiddled with our new broken shower (which the landlord seems not to want to deal with), grabbed a quick lunch, and headed off to nannying.

PB&J never fails when in a hurry.

IMG 1244-2

Monday’s dinner at work was delicious. I love cauliflower. And this couscous was amaze.

IMG 1264

I also got a flat bread pizza, which I obviously didn’t need all of after the side entree of couscous. So I had one slice.

IMG 1265-1

And left room for dessert – S’mores pudding parfait. Yes. There are marshmallows on the bottom.

IMG 1266

Tuesday morning consisted of a cottage cheese mess bowl.

IMG 1240

In the cottage cheese container since it was near empty. CIACCC (cereal in a cottage cheese container).

IMG 1229

I got this cottage cheese because it was on “Introductory super sale” for like $1.50. I’m not a huge fan of the added fiber to things. I feel like it’s used to make things lower calories, lower “net carbs”, etc. And I’d rather get my natural fiber from natural sources. But I feel it is good for people who do struggle to get their fiber in – although whole foods should be pushed! But it was actually very tasty!!

I ate the last bit of the banana with some chocolate hazelcrack nut butter.

IMG 1242-1

I’m so happy to be moved in with my own dishes – my mugs are back!!

IMG 1269-1

At work, the 3-year old and I walked the 15 minutes to Jamba Juice downtown. She got the Orange A-peel, and we had it split in 2 kids cups (did you know you could do that?! I didn’t).

Sure, I’ll take the other kids cup.

IMG 1271

I also had a “buy 1 get 1 free” coupon and used it to get a very special smoothie I’ve wanted to try since last year.

Well, doesn’t that look nasty.

IMG 1272-1

Pumpkin Smash smoothie!!!!! I took only a couple sips of this thing to try it ASAP, and it was SWEET. So sweet I actually puckered up a bit. I asked them if there was a way to make it “lighter,” and they really didn’t know. I think I would look into this more. But until then, I make my own pumpkin smoothies quite delicious, thank you 🙂

I’m losing you aren’t I? Ok I’ll hurry up through the rest of Tuesday and onto Wednesday.

Lunch was leftover flatbread pizza.

IMG 1273

And I think I had a fruit salad cottage cheese mixture on my way out the door to work. I think.

Dinner was unphotograped but it was soup, salad and rice. Meh.

But dessert was phenom. Cake batter & dulce de leche froyo with the most necessary toppings known to mankind – crushed oreos and chocolate sauce. And a bit of cookie dough. Oh and I wanted to try those mochi balls(?). Not a fan.

IMG 0287-1

Moving onto Wednesday, I honestly can’t find a picture of my breakfast. I think it was oatmeal. So sorry, this has been a crazy week.

I randomly snacked at work, and then picked up a salad at TJs while picking up groceries for my nannying family. My old roommate always raved about this Spa Salad (I think it’s the spa salad – I could be wrong).

Rip-off!!! Where did my mandarin oranges run off to?

IMG 1275-1

It comes with chicken, mandarin oranges (supposedly), cheese (also seemed to be missing that?), grapes, and a curry dressing. Over lettuce and some type of noodles.

IMG 1276-1

On second thought I added some of my new hummus as well.

IMG 1277-1

Pretty good. But I probably wouldn’t buy again.

Mmm splurge-worthy hummus.

IMG 1278-1

A bit basily for my taste (and I love basil!!). I want to try the plain white bean hummus next.

IMG 1279-1

The rest of the day went unphotographed again, but let me just say it contained parmesan crusted potatoes, peach crisp, and a brownie pudding parfait. Yes sir. Or Ma’am.

I’ll try to recap today during tomorrow’s post so as not to overwhelm you. I’m just so happy to have internet!!!

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Welcome to finals graduation week! Most eveyone else is in finals, but since I technically already graduated and am already out of school, I’m just continuing my normal routine of work. And maybe a bit of shopping. And tanning 😉

Breakfast contained something that’s been in my fridge for a while and I’ve been waiting to try. Waiting for what? Not quite sure…

IMG 7840-1

Raspberry Chobani! It was delicious, but still not as great as my beloved pineapple 😉

IMG 7843

Eaten with

  • Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal (broke into a new box of cereal)
  • Nature’s Path Pecan Crunch
  • Bluebs
  • Dollups of PB (Smart Balance)

And cinnamon chips because I felt like it.


IMG 7842

Where’s the yogurt you ask? Ahhh there it is.

IMG 7844

I then did a bit of strength training and foam rolling before sitting out in the warm sun for 30 minutes. And then shopping for a graduation dress. Oh the life 🙂

I came home starvingggg and whipped up a pizza. Sorry it’s a deconstructed mess. I forgot to spray the pan and it stuck.

IMG 7845-1

x this amount by 2.

Whole Foods lavash wrap topped with

  • Butternut squash pasta sauce
  • Crumbled Sunshine burger
  • 1 egg white + 1 egg

Yes I cracked the egg over the pizza and then cooked it. Got the idea from this lady.


IMG 7846-1

I could actually barely taste the egg. Guess it just added some protein!

And snack was a blended strawberry smoothie topped with a bit of whipped cream 🙂

IMG 7837-1

Anyways, in honor of my graduation this weekend, I decided to do a little flashback action each day to celebrate the highlights of each year of the past 5 years of college.

Let’s pretend we’re freshmen for the day, okay? I already did a Flashback Friday post about my first summer here at school.

After spending the best summer of my life in the dorms, I moved to an off-campus student housing facility. It was suite style (with 9 people per suite) and had 1 common dining area for the whole facility.

I had a hard time adjusting. I don’t adjust well to new situations if I loved the last one so much. I really missed my summer dorm life. But I tried to move on and enjoy myself!



I took a couple months, but I eventually grew closer and bonded with my new roommate. 🙂



Dorm room shot:



Halloween trip to Santa Barbara!


I also took another spontaneous trip to visit my best friend in Santa Barbara. It was 9:00 one Saturday night, I was feeling lonely, and she convinced me to hop in my car and drive the 1 1/2 hours to see her. Best decision ever!!



I took another trip that October to surprise my other friend for her birthday. We went to Hollywood for the day!


Mary-Kate & Ashley. I once was beyond obsessed with them. In high school.

Copy of DSCF1705

There were beach trips…

IMG 2468

And “crunk suite nights” as we liked to call them 😉

IMG 2350

IMG 2544

Hungry for bagels? And this is me being normal…

IMG 2515

IMG 6286

My family came down in December for my cousin’s graduation!



I took my first roadtrip by myself from SF to LA to meet up with my friends. Then drove to Vegas from there for New Years!

IMG 0044

We liked to have random (completely sober) dance parties. Normal.

IMG 0412

Money shot.

IMG 0408

IMG 0991

IMG 0533

Our wall we demolished. It was a work of art.

IMG 0427

And painting it 😦

IMG 0449

Another Santa Barbara trip to visit my besties.

IMG 0721

More theme parties…

IMG 0920

Mud fights in the rain.

IMG 0796

Birthday fun…

IMG 0681

IMG 0710

Summer friends reunion!

IMG 0979

Farmer’s Market

IMG 1228

And then our last day moving out. It was sad 😦

IMG 1251

IMG 1256

You can tell I’d been crying.

IMG 1255

Sorry for the huge array of photos, but I get caught up in pictures 😉

As you might be able to tell, freshman year was also the year I got serious about my weight loss. I had previously lost weight in high school (my higest all time weight was 195). But in college, I went from 185 in November


to 145 by June.

IMG 12691

All in all, freshman year in September started out a little rough, but I ended up having one of the best years of my life. And was sad to see it go! I wish I could go back and start college all over again as a little freshman!

What was the best part of your freshman year at college? If you remember 😉

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No not this type of foam party.

foam party2


More like this type of party:

foam roller


Looks happenin’.

But seriously, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited and happy I am. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been starting to incorporate running back into my routine starting about 4 weeks ago. I started with 2 minutes run/2 minutes walk, then gradually increased to 5 run/2 walk (all of this on the treadmill). Unfortunately, my knee still hurt. Although not incredibly bad, I couldn’t deny the pain was there.

Around this time I also started foam rolling after every run, and on most of my days off. Let me tell you, it hurt. Especially my IT band and parts of my quads. I could feel those tight knots hanging out in my muscles!

I also went and got refitted for shoes as part of my birthday present (thanks Nana!), and got a completely new style of shoes. The days after my first run in these, my knee was throbbing. But eventually it died down. And I’ve gone on 3 runs since then, and here’s the exciting part – my knee is almost pain free!! Okay, it’s not 100% pain free (it hasn’t been 100% at all in the past year), but it’s almost as pain free as it was when I was taking 2 months off. I’d say it’s at a 2 or 3 on a scale of 10. And that’s incredible considering I’ve been running – outside.

This is amazing amazing to me. I know it’s not just the new shoe style. But I believe it’s the combination of foam rolling and the shoes. While still painful at some points, foam rolling has gotten so much easier and I can tell I’m massaging out those tight muscles. All I can say is, if you’re having some sort of knee pain – try foam rolling!! I spent the past year going to multiple doctors, x-rays, MRIs, and physical therapists, and I can’t believe it’s foam rolling that’s finally making a difference! I only wish I knew to do this all throughout my long distance running to help prevent injury.

I usually spend 15-25 minutes (depending on how tight my muscles are, and how much time I have) foam rolling focusing on my IT band









Adductor (this might look wrong, but my inner leg muscles are super tight)

rumbel roller adductor


And even sometimes my hip.

After foam rolling, I also stretch for 5-8 minutes, and ice my knees for a good 20 minutes.

Moving on from my foam roller infomercial…

Yesterday before my run, I chowed down on a sprouted cinnamon raisin bagel with whipped cream cheese and Crofter’s jam.

IMG 7410

Yum – these bagels tasted just like a bigger Ezekiel english muffin.

I then went on a 3 mile run (5 min run, 2 min walk intervals). My other two runs this week were .5 mile more than the week before (making them 3.5 miles each), so I knew I needed to keep this one closer to 3. Bringing this week’s total to: 10 miles. Crazy how my weekly total is the same distance as how much one run used to be on anyday of the week. I need to carefully follow the 10% rule or increase my mileage based on how I feel.

I’ve been craving a nice fresh salad lately too.

IMG 7412-1

  • Sauteed Costco chicken patty (thew away the container – can’t remember the flavor) and onions
  • Craisins
  • Kooloos
  • Balsamic dressing

I then ran out the door to use my free Coldstones birthday coupon that was going to expire! Cakebatter + Twix

IMG 7418

However, due to my “no sweets for the day” challenge, I didn’t eat any, just brought it home to refreeze for later 😉

I did, however, pick up a Mango Mantra flavored Jamba Juice right next door.

IMG 7417

And then quickly hurried to work, where I helped myself to more salad.

IMG 7413

I think this was from Costco. It was okay – but I think it needed more flavor, and I didn’t like the texture of the lentils. Or maybe it was the split peas. It was also quite calorie dense due to lots of oil. I’d love to recreate something like this on my own!

IMG 7414-1

And a staple of mine:

IMG 7415

Dinner was unpictured, but it was another pita pizza and salad.

And now, the winner of the Green Giant/My Blog Spark pack is #1, Cara who said We are eco-friendly by only having 1 car between the two of us, and using reusable bags while shopping!”

Congrats Cara!! Email me your address at TaydorTott@gmail.com and I’ll have your package sent out to you asap 🙂

Have any of you tried foam rolling and had success with it?

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As much as I say “rest rest rest!” if you’re in pain, I’ve started to get back into running. It’s now been a year since I started to experience knee pain and stopped my marathon training. I then went through periods of cross-training, then absolute rest, then more cross-training, then easy treadmill running, track running, and finally a period of 2 1/2 months of absolute rest again. Even after 2 months of complete rest, my knee would still hurt as soon as I did anything activity related (even easy cross-training!). I’ve seriously gotten to the point where I just don’t care, and just want to run even if I have some pain.

Yes, hypocrite runner over here 😦

Today I completed my 4th run in the past couple weeks – outside!! I’ve kept my runs short (about 3 miles of run/walk intervals) with lots of cooldown, stretching, foam-rolling and icing. I’m not going to say I’m pain free. Not at all. But the truth is, I’d rather run with pain than not run at all. **Slap hand** :-/

I guess we’ll see how it goes…

In foodie news, I’ve been starving the past few days! Nonstop hungry (I think I know what part of the month it is, eh?).

Breakfast this morning was slightly small, but chowed down ASAP.

Peach Chobani with sliced bananas, cereal (added after picture), and almond butter.

IMG 7131

Then went on my run

  • Warm-up/stretches at home. Then .25 mile walk
  • 3 miles run 5 minutes, walk 2 minutes (completed in 30 minutes so faster than 10 min/mile pace. I think I should slow it down for the time being to save my knee)
  • ~0.7 mile cooldown walk
  • 15 minutes foam rolling, stretching, then ICE!!!

Post run lunch:

French Meadow hemp bagel – 1/2 with chive cream cheese. 1/2 with almond butter & Crofter’s jam

IMG 7189-2

And a Funfetti mix cookie my sister mailed me.

IMG 7187-1

My dearest sister mailed me an early birthday package yesterday which included these cookies, 6 cards (she thought it’d be more fun that way), and a painting she painted!

IMG 7182-1

My favorite trees ever – Cherry Trees!!!

IMG 7181-1

My sister is wonderful – I love her soooo much!!

IMG 2931-2

Only 3 hours after lunch, I was starving again. Enter pumpkin smoothie.

IMG 4333

And literally a whole pint of strawberries (drizzled with about 2 servings of almond butter post-picture).

IMG 7171

Dinner was quick and frozen but delicious. Healthy Choice pumpkin squash ravioli.

IMG 7172-1

Ooooooooooooo M. G. One of the best frozen meals ever. The ravioli filling was sweet – tasted like candy! For the occasional frozen meal, this was a good choice 🙂

Plus multiple handfuls of chips.

IMG 7183-1

And literally 1 1/2 hours post dinner, I was ready to raid the fridge again. My roommate was also making brownies for her friend and the lingering smell didn’t help 😉

Um, hello roommates?? Frozen yogurt time?! Bali’s (our local self-serve froyo place), it has been too long.

IMG 4087-1

That would be cake batter (yes – best flavor!) loaded with oreo pieces, a mini Reese’s, a bit of cookie dough & chocolate fudge.

I could’ve gotten tart +fruit combo, but sometimes you just need to go all out 😉

In other (not so pleasant) news, I got pretty sick last night 😦 Not sure if it was something I ate (um frozen yogurt maybe?). I still feel a bit off, but actually was a bit hungry this AM and managed some toast (unpictured…sorry). I originally planned to swim today, but I don’t see that happening. Hopefully I feel better by tonight to make it to my school’s baseball game against UC Santa Barbara!

Question: What is your favorite spring tree/flower?? I love love love cherry trees. And they only bloom here in California around President’s Day (in February) for a few weeks! So short lived 😦


Any fun weekend plans?!

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Back in the Water

Another Wednesday, another day at work. This quarter I’m only working one full day (Wednesdays 10-7) and 1 or 2 half days (Thursdays 3:45-6, every other Friday 3-6). Yes, not much. But my school schedule just didn’t work with my work schedule this quarter. (I nanny for any of you who didn’t know).

So Wednesdays are definitely long, and it helps tremendously when the little girls are in a good mood 🙂

Such as today for example, when the 3-year old kept complimenting my dingy old sweatshirt. “I love your sweatshirt Taylor!” she kept on saying. HAHA She was so enthusiastic about it.

Later she wrapped her arms around me, sighed and said “I love you Taylor.” It just melted my heart. And put me in an awesome mood 😀

Today was also the last Wednesday for Jamba’s $1 oatmeal. Tired of seeing them by now? I’ve tried the

And today I got the Blueberry-Blackberry flavor.

IMG 6683

Topped with cooked up (and sweetened) blueberry/blackberry preserves and brown sugar.

IMG 6684

I realized afterwards that this counts as an “added sweet”, but I’m not kicking myself over it. It’s a little bit on oatmeal for crying out loud 😉

This was probably my favorite flavor out of all of them! The preserves tasted exactly like a pie or cobbler. It was delicious all mixed together.

Unfortunately, even though their oats are supposedly cooked with soymilk and have protein in them, I’m always hungry ridiculously soon after!

Snacked on some turkey & hummus (only 1 1/2 hours post-breakkie!)

IMG 6685-1

I admit lunch wasn’t anything impressive. With a coupon, I scored a pack of 4 Lean Cuisines from Costco for only $5.25. As a busy student on a budget, I caved and bought them because I knew they’d be a cheap and easy option to grab when absolutely necessary.

IMG 6689-1

This honey roasted chicken flavor was mehhh. I really liked the lemon chicken I had a few weeks ago much better. The pilaf side was very bland – I had to add extra seasoning!

IMG 6687-1

IMG 6688

But in general, these “Spa Meals” have been 10x better than the Lean Cuisines I used to buy in my pre/early-college years. They’re flavorful, usually whole grain, and the chicken is actually tender and tastes like chicken!

Snackies have included carrots & salsa (with no great picture).

Multiple (I mean multiple) cups of coffee with creamer.

Campbell’s light southwestern soup with cheese around 5:00 to hold me over through the girls’ dinner-bath-getting ready for bed rush.

IMG 6692-1

And then a big bowl of cereal when I got home at 7:45 😀

IMG 6614-1

I also made myself a fruit smoothie out of frozen pineapple, mango, papaya & strawberry mix.

IMG 4939-1

In workout-related news, I finally got around to swimming on Monday and Tuesday!! After so much struggling with my knee pain, I finally gave up all exercise (besides weights and ab work) about 1 1/2 months ago. At first it was beyond tough (I felt slobbish, depressed, sad – you know the exercise-withdrawl symptoms!). It got easier to deal with, but of course I missed exercising. For the past 4 years I’ve exercised on a regular basis (usually everyday), so 1 1/2 months is a crazy long break!

Monday I hopped in the pool and went 1300 yards pulling (no or slight kicking with just my left leg) in just under 30 minutes. It felt awesome. I was actually very happy with how easy it felt considering I’ve been on such a hiatus.

Tuesday I went another 2100 yards in 45 minutes.

Swimming doesn’t give me nearly the same effect as a good run or good sweaty workout gives me, but I’ll take what I can get. Until then, I’m still focusing on hip strengthening and I’ve also been splurging on regular massages to get rid of the scar tissue around my knee.

I realize now that I’ve never asked where you all work or what you do? What does your job look like?

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I attempted some more homamde Greek yogurt last night, this week with a cheaper storebrand – Lucerine’s non-fat plain.

IMG 5882-1

I didn’t think that brands of yogurt would matter, but I noticed something right away compared to last time. I ended up with only about 1/4 of the amount of liquid strained out as my last batch with the Trader Joe’s organic yogurt. There was still a little liquid left on the top, so it just didn’t strain as well. I found this rather interesting. Maybe TJ’s yogurt is worth the extra .50 cents to strain?

I incorporated this into my breakfast.

IMG 5879

  • Strained plain yogurt with agave
  • Kashi good friends
  • Nature’s Path pecan crunch cereal
  • Flaxseed
  • Bananas
  • Sunbutter

IMG 5877

Yes, there’s yogurt under there.

IMG 5880

Yummm. The yogurt still tasted good 😉 Though not quite as thick.

I was so tempted to skip my workout after class. I get awful heart burn symptoms occasionally (I don’t think it’s heart burn exactly, but it’s a burning pain in my chest, so that’s what I call it. And yes, I’ve been to the doctor about it, and have yet to figure it out), especially for about a week or so after drinking. So I was greatly suffering from it today. It was so bad in class that I felt nauseous.

But I told myself to just do the stairmaster easy for 15 minutes, and before I knew it I had gone 30 minutes on level 10. Followed by 15 minutes of abs.

Post-gym I tried this bar for the first time:

IMG 5883

Honestly? Not a fan. I was so excited to try it – so many people love this flavor! But it just tasted like another Clif bar to me, with that chalky Clif bar flavor that seems to follow every bar. The only bars I’ve truly been a fan of include the holiday flavors (Pumpkin Spice & Gingerbread), and Banana Nut Bread. The other flavors have been meh. So I whipped out a tried and true bar (that I obviously have lots of, thanks to my friend’s dislike for them, but my stash is finally dwindling!)

IMG 0365-1

(Recycled picture since I was literally running to class by this point)

In between my next two classes, I ran to the campus market to load up on the salad bar (was really craving it!), and my salad rang up at $1.06! To compare, my Friday’s salad was over $6. Apparently, they’re having a 14-day special as a grand opening special for the new salad bar. I’m definitely heading back um…every day? (Sorry no picture, I also chowed down on this in class).

The next part of my lunch (once I got home from classes) included leftover spaghetti squash stir-fry from last night:

IMG 5891

And a smoothie on my drive to work. (Blurred – in a hurry)

IMG 5893

Some people do green smoothies. I do orange.

I couldn’t resist a few snackies at work, either.

IMG 5894

IMG 5896-1

Dinner = unpictured, but honestly nothing too exciting, so I’ll just skip to my snack after.

A delicious Nutridel cookie!

IMG 5888

I received 2 samples of these cookies a couple of weeks ago – Flaxseed and Pecan. Crispy gourmet cookies made with wholesome, quality ingredients including oatmeal, amaranth, sesame seeds, pecans, almonds, molasses, coconut, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, cinnamon, and wheat germ. The nutrition stats aren’t bad on these suckers either.

flax up

Not bad, eh?

Looking at the cookies, they remind me of a crisp cracker. But they are delicious. I was actually quite surprised! They’re nothing like your traditional doughy or even crunchy cookie. But they have a delicious sweet and nutty taste. Both the pecan and flaxseed are yummy, and I’m sure the almond and oatmeal are just as good 🙂

I enjoyed one topped with some sunbutter. Yummmm.

And a mug of hot chocolate. Duhhh.

IMG 5901-1

Cool swirly action pic.

Here’s a good piece of news: Monday’s over 😀

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