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Dayumnnn weather – you be lookin’ GOR-geous today!!  Keep it up Winking smile

Today started out with some gym time.  I usually go do weights for about 30-40 minutes, but I felt pretty awful when I woke up, and decided to head in later at like 7:00 instead of 6:30. So I got in:

  • 15 minutes easy weights (including pull-up machine…working on that!)
  • 25 minutes abs class

Let me tell ya’ – doing ab work is dang hard with a boot on my leg.  I don’t know how much it weighs, but it ads to the intensity!  Of course I have to modify planks and such though.

Breakfast wasn’t eaten until 9:15 at work:

Voskos Greek yogurt (topped with a bit of granola)


…mixed with some Trader Joe’s honey apple butter.  It’s definitely yummy, but just reminds me of extra sweet applesauce.  It’s good, but I’d rather have jam (or pumpkin butter!!). 

While at work at snacked on watermelon which I was asked to cut up:


And a mini baby ice cream cone!  Cute.


Lunch (prepared in my wok – love love this thing) – stir-fryed broccoli slaw with ground turkey and enchilada sauce.  Sounds weird, but it was tasty!


Topped off with some Jalapeno greek yogurt dip (found at Costco) instead of sour cream.


I also snacked on 2 small random pieces of chicken while this was cooking.

And a couple carrot cake cookies for dessert.


I got this container 75% off at Cost Plus the other day, and have been plowing through.  Love you after-holiday sales!



I failed yet again at taking a picture of dinner at work.  It rarely rarely happens since I don’t carry my camera/phone around with me in my pocket (obviously), and we go straight on break into the cafeteria. Unfortunately, I just have to describe it to you Winking smile

  • Creamed spinach (so so good!)
  • Steamed broccoli
  • Vegetable soup (Au Bon Pan)

There are always 2 entrees, 2 vegetables (not always healthy steamed vegetables Winking smile), and 2 starches as options in the cafeteria.  Plus a salad bar, prepackaged wraps/sandwiches, and a soup.  The entrees are often foods I don’t eat (red meat, over-dried meat, meat with skin, etc), so I often go for the salad bar, veggie sides, and soups. 

Once home, I self massaged my tibial tendon (where I’m having lots of pain – right above my inner ankle), and snack on my new favorite dessert – frozen blueberries topped with a peanut flour sauce (will take a picture next time, promise!!). 

Plus hot chocolate! I needed to warm up someway after icing Winking smile


By the way – yes I am counting calories (as part of my weight loss/fit back in my pants plan).  And today’s calorie count totaled out around 1500.  Probably a little more since I estimated on my peanut flour sauce and snacked on a few unmentionable carrot cake cookies Winking smileI don’t necessarily like to talk calories on the blog (since I know many people do not like that, and I don’t want it to become all calorie talk since I don’t like that either), but I will occasionally talk about it.  Just the facts!


PS – yayyyy we made it through Monday!! (even though today is technically my Tuesday at the hospital, it is still my Monday at babysitting).


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desserts I had.

Friday night’s cookies and ice cream (3 mini cookies total).

IMG 1458-1

Saturday’s mint patty.

IMG 1467

Sunday’s Mexican pumpkin spice brownie at lunch.

IMG 1472-1

And Sunday night’s remainder of the brownie with ice cream.

IMG 1478-1

I don’t think it’s so great that my room is downstairs. It makes it way too easy to go back for seconds of ice cream. Which I did.


hills covered during my hill run.

2 gradually steep hils that were about 1/2 mile each. And 1 majory steep hill. The SF race has hills yo. I need to train for them.

Pre-run fuel was 1/2 the orange-mango bagel I picked up at Einstein’s the other day. Sounded too interesting to turn down.

IMG 1463-1

I liked the sweetness. But wasn’t a huge fan of the orange flavor.

IMG 1464-1


messes my raspberries died red.

Yogurt mess:

IMG 1460

IMG 1462-1

And cottage cheese.

IMG 1476

With PB of course because that’s how I do it.

IMG 1477


delicious new dressing I’m obsessed with.

IMG 1466

Salad with chicken, feta and said dressing at work.

IMG 1465-1


hours worked total in 2 days. Phew. GOOD NIGHT.

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Running Peep Show

Today the temps reached over 100. For San Luis Obispo – a coastal town that averages 70 year round, that is crazy hot.

It was probably 20 degrees hotter than that in the kitchen at work. I do not lie.

I had a delicious yogurt bowl at 5:30 this morning.

IMG 1352

Mixed with a nectarine, Trader Joe’s high fiber cereal, and a big ol’ scoop of Nutzo.

IMG 1353

Breakfast #2 at 9:00.

IMG 0949-1

+ a banana muffin.

I wasn’t very hungry only 2 hours later for lunch. So I got steamed carrots and a wrap that I could eat part of and save the rest for later.

IMG 1354-1

It was a Greek turkey wrap with turkey, veggies, and feta cheese. It was a bit dry so I topped it with some caesar dressing at work, and BBQ sauce at home.

IMG 1355

These wraps are massive.

IMG 1356-1

I then ran a few errands and picked up some groceries to make dessert for a potluck tomorrow. Vons had a deal going on if you buy 5 specific items, you save $5. Doing so made this $2.79. And I knew I had to have it.

IMG 1357-1

A small taster.

IMG 1361-1

It makes the perfect pre-run snack if I do say so myself.

IMG 1363-1

Soon after I put on some running shorts I’ve actually never worn. I love them because they’re embroidered with the date and race of my marathon. Yet I got them on super sale the year after.

IMG 1364-1

However, I’ve never worn them because they’re see-through. You can see the panty liner through the light pink fabric. Today I said “MEH” and sported them anyway. Take a good look boys!!

3.1 miles later I was a hot sweaty mess. It was still WAY hot outside at 7:00. Crazy. Now our summer weather hits us! My run wasn’t the greatest, but I was happy I made it out after such a long day.

I really wasn’t hungry the rest of the night. I was actually feeling rather bloated. A hot meal and veggies might not have been the best choice. But too late now.

IMG 1368

I cooked up a can of green beans (note to self: by the salt added next time! These were bland), along with pasta sauce. Layered it over a salad, topped with feta cheese, a small scoop of pesto and 2 tortellinis that my roommate was cooking up.

You also best believe that I couldn’t end my night without some of this action.

IMG 1377-1

How can I buy a container of ice cream and ignore it on the very first night? I mean, feelings would be hurt and grudges might develop.

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I want some more of it 🙂 The concert Saturday night was awesome!!

IMG 7752

We saw Tim McGraw with Lady Antebellum and Love & Theft. I’m really not a huge Love & Theft fan, but I love Lady Ant (obviously – I saw them twice last summer!). And who doesn’t like Tim McGraw?! It was a great and fun concert with the sisters!

IMG 7753

A super crowded sold-out show!

IMG 7755

Note the lady in the pink shirt standing up. She was literally getting low to the ground and grinding on her boyfriend like a stripper pole. Highly appropriate.

IMG 7754

We bought a pack of lawn concert tickets for 6 different shows for a really good deal.  The first concert of the pack was Brooks & Dunn last month.  Good thing all the concerts are great bands that we love! And we still have 4 more shows to look forward to this year 😀

On the way to the concert, we stopped at Quiznos and I got a regular sized Veggie. Lettuce, (extra) onions, tomato, olives, guacamole, mozzarella & cheddar cheese on wheat with honey bourbon mustard instead of the red wine vinaigrette.

IMG 0662-1

I normally don’t get cheese on my sandwiches because I honestly can’t taste it with all the other goodies, but for some reason got it this time. And I still couldn’t taste it. The only cheese I usually like on sandwiches is havarti – creamy and I can taste that one!

I started this morning out with some toasted sandwich thins with PB & Smucker’s strawberry jam (yay no HFCS!!)

IMG 0350-1

+ another 1/2. So 3 halves total.

I then set out on my run! I was excited to tackle one of my favorite runs here at home, but I knew it would be tough. It’s quite hilly – only about 1/4 of the run is flat. One of the hills is a pretty steep 1 mile climb. And the other 2 are very steep. I kept up a steady 5 minute run:2 minute walk ratio. But then during the long hill, I did 2.5 minutes run:1 minute walk to spread out the walking breaks.

Distance: 6.5 miles
Time: 1:06.40 (including all breaks)

I was SO THIRSTY! Thank goodness my sister was babysitting in this neighborhood and she drove by about halfway through. And luckily she had a waterbottle to give me! Thank you dear sister!! 😀

Such a tough tough runs, and those hills killed me. I was proud of myself for finishing, but it’s so weird to think that this run used to be my favorite one I would do multiple times per week with no trouble whatsoever. I’d usually even add on extra side streets to make it 7-9 miles.

Once home, this diet coke was smiling at me from the fridge.

IMG 7765

So refreshing. I love you.

IMG 7770

I had this along with some leftover chicken and veggies I found in the fridge.

I come home for the weekend, and what do I end up doing? Grocery shopping!! I hit up Whole Foods (which we don’t have at school) and Costco for my mom.

Whole Foods hot bar! What I can remember – sweet & sour (I think?) tofu (which was DELISH), sauteed & seasoned veggies, small chunk of polenta (which was dry and nasty), and a dolma (stuffed grape leaf – yummmm).

IMG 7772

Rest of my afternoon snacks:

Few bites of my sister’s froyo from Costco. The vanilla side of course (which was melty and blah. Not a huge fan of Costco yogurt. It tastes funky to me).

IMG 7773-1

Fruit salad

IMG 7774

Half a roll with Nutella (found in my pantry – yay! Legit).

IMG 7776-1

And some hemp ice cream (love this flavor).

IMG 7775

We had a late dinner (7:30) so I kept snacking.

But dinner was worth the wait! Delicious burrito – chicken breast, veggies, black beans, brown rice, guacamole, lime sour cream, lettuce & tomato in a whole wheat tortilla. MASSIVE.

IMG 5760-1

Other bites and nibbles today:

  • Couple handfuls of veggie sticks
  • Costco samples – angel food cake, flatout wrap, chicken sausage, veggie burger
  • LOTS of carrots + BBQ sauce/ranch dip
  • More Tempt ice cream (I ate a little more than 1/2 of the container throughout the day/night)

What was the best concert you’ve ever been to? Or who would be your #1 choice to see in concert?

My *Nsync concerts back in the day probably top out. They were such an entertaining show! And I was beyond obsessed with them, so that just adds to the excitement 🙂

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Honestly, I show about 60% of my food consumed on a daily basis. I always have random snacks, and TONS of BLTs (bites licks and tastes) thoughout the day. On top of the BLTs & snacks, I often times take an extra spoonful of PB or have an extra handful of cereal while I’m dishing it out for some other reason. For some reason, I decided to show you absolutely everything I ate today.

Breakfast at about 9:30/9:45. Overnight oats to-go!

  • 1/3 cup multigrain oats + 1/4 cup wheat bran
  • 1/3 cup almond milk
  • 1/3 cup plain yogurt
  • Cinnamon & maple syrup
  • 1 T peanut butter

Topped this morning with:

  • Nature’s Path pecan crunch cereal
  • Blackberries

IMG 7702

Yes there are oats somewhere in there.

IMG 7703

At around 11:00, I got randomly low blood sugar feeling so I grabbed a handful of cereal and dried dates.

IMG 7704-1

Carrots & salsa at 12:00

IMG 7708

And coffee with almond milk & stevia.

IMG 7705-1

Lunch at 2:00 was a Costco veggie burger on top of baked beans (about 1 1/2 – 2 servings worth. Whoever said there were “5 servings” in a can was kidding themselves).

IMG 7706-1

I mixed it up with some coleslaw for crrrrrunch. And I threw in some rotisserie chicken as well.

IMG 7707-1

And another cup of coffee + FF vanilla creamer soon after.

IMG 7725-1

On another note I’m diggin’ the hair today (although I do look pissed in my reflection).

IMG 7715-1

I pinned it up to sleep on it, and just decided to leave it for the day. I’m debating whether to wear it like this on Friday night, but you know the luck that your hair always looks good when you’re not going anywhere? But then when you actually are going somewhere, it doesn’t work out? Yeah, I’m scared that’ll happen.

IMG 7716

Had a slight sweet-tooth around 4:00

IMG 7727

More iced coffee + almond milk & stevia around 5:00 (I make my coffee super weak. Plus I was dragging).

IMG 7728-1

And the smallest apple known to man.

IMG 7730-1

Dinner was leftover eggplant parmesan at 6:00

IMG 7731-1

So then naturally I was hungry for multiple snacks once I got home from work.


IMG 7735

A small nibble of banana bread

IMG 7736

Hot cocoa & spoiler alert for American Idol below!!!!!

IMG 6073-1

All thoughout American Idol (which OMGGGGGGGGGGG had me pissing my pants towards the end. I couldn’t take it!! Lee!! OMG looooove you 😀 And I also read in US weekly today that he “doesn’t have a girlfriend, but wouldn’t mind one.” Um hello? I’m available 😉 ).

And now just finishing off some of the best ice cream I’ve ever devoured. Ever.

IMG 7732-1

Literally tastes like you’re eating ice cream cake. Literally. Now if only the chocolate chunks were gone (not a fan of chocolate chips in my ice cream).

IMG 7733

Shoot, I just realized I lied when I said I documented everything. Missing:

  • 2 cups of coffee + almond milk this morning
  • Couple bites of cottage cheese with the cereal/dried fruit this AM
  • Diet 7-up this afternoon
  • Couple bites of mac & cheese as I made it for the kids
  • Celery dipped in hummus &/or yogurt ranch at around 8:30
  • Couple ‘Nilla Wafers just a few minutes ago

So there you have it. A complete and literal day in the eats of Tay.

I really should start committing myself to posting every bite and nibble I eat because it makes me go “WOW.” I know I eat a ridiculous amount of random eats throughout the day, and maybe knowing I’d have to post it and bore you all to death would make me think twice. I especially have the problem at work when I’m putting together the kids’ meals!

What about you – are you a random nibbler? It’s something I need to work on!

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Today Tae Bo came back into my life with a kick!

You wanna piece of me? 😉

IMG 7580-2

When I woke up, I was still full from last night. See this deadly stuff?

IMG 7570-1

Not even sure I shoud post this on the blog…..

IMG 7571

Yes. Deadly. Purely Decadent’s coconut milk cookie dough ice cream. HOLY. Gone within 2 nights. Must avoid this in the future. The end.

So I was still full/off feeling this morning. Enter my light breakfast.

IMG 7572

Kashi Go Lean cereal, banana cream pie yogurt, and DCD peanut butter.

IMG 7573

Yes fake and fake. But love this favor so I cannot deny.

Then I punched my way fit with 30 minutes of Billy Blanks Tae Bo. I used to do tae bo all the time. In fact, freshman year, the peope below me highly questioned what I was up to in my room 😉 It actually helped me lose much of my weight originally. It built insane amount of muscle!

I’ve decided to start incorporating tae bo back into my workout routine (granted my knee feels okay with it. It has aggrivated my knee in the past). Since I’ve gotten bored with my weights routine, I figure this will be a way to tone and mix things up!

Post-workout eats – juicy juicy mangooooooo.

IMG 7582

And a Trader Joe’s whole wheat flatbread topped with tomato basil hummus.  Love these new flatbreads!  Chewy and yum.

IMG 7583-1

I then proceeded to scour downtown on the mission for “cute brown boots with heels that can pass as cowboyish boots.” Very specific. Defeated and unlucky, I came home to order some from zappos:


Can’t beat free shipping and free return shipping if they’re ugly don’t fit.

El snackos at el worko.

Blueberry pomegranate flax muffin (see recipe below!) with PB.

IMG 7584

So moist. So delicious. So yum!

A hearty piece of this…bread. Dessert bread? It was something good.

IMG 7586-1

And fruit.

IMG 7587-1

IMG 7209

Dinner was some texas caviar blackeyed pea mix over salad topped with tomato basil hummus (from Farmer’s Market).

IMG 7568

So you want that muffin recipe, eh? A few weeks ago, POM Wonderful sent me some pomegrante juice to sample. So far I’ve

Next up? Baking with the POM juice!

Blueberry Pomegrante Flax Muffins

  • 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
  • 1/4 cup ground flax meal
  • 3/4 cup wheat bran
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 T canola oil
  • 1/4 cup plain yogurt
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 cup agave
  • 3/4 cup POM pomegranate juice
  • 1/4 cup milk of choice (I used soy)
  • 2 cups frozen blueberries
  1. Preheat oven to 350F.
  2. Sift together dry ingredients.
  3. Mix together wet ingredients (except the blueberries)
  4. Combine the dry with wet ingredients.
  5. Fold in the blueberries.
  6. Fill muffin containers and bake for 22-24 minutes.

These turned out wonderful!

IMG 7560-1

They’re delicious, but still slightly a little bland. Next time, I would:

  • Possibly increase the amount of agave or add more sweetner
  • Add more wheat bran to bulk up the fiber (increase the amont of liquid if you do this)
  • Add more flax meal
  • Try it with bananas!

Delicious with nut butter or even a bit of cream cheese 🙂

IMG 7562

Tomorrow – stay tuned for some pomegranate granola!

What would you use pomegranate juice for?

I still have more bottles in the fridge and need ideas people! So give me your best ones 🙂

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Today was a “Me Day.” This morning started out with a bit of strength training (including hip work), foam rolling, stretching, and some Runner’s World yoga. Even though I’ve been very careful and preventive with my stretching and foam rolling, I’m still extremely tight and sore in the hamstrings and IT band area. Everyday I’m experiences painful and tight muscles.  This was also a common occurrence back in my old days of running – my quads and hammies were always tight! I know my inflexibility has something to do with my knee pain, and I’m determined to not feel pain in my legs everyday! So I plan to start incorporating 2 days of yoga per week.

Pre-“workout”, I whipped up some breakkie!

IMG 7499-1

Miss Fitnesista’s protein pancakes to be exact!

IMG 7500-1

I did alter the recipe a bit to what I had on hand.

  • I used Trader Joe’s soy protein powder instead of Sun Warrior.
  • 1/4 cup egg starts instead of 1 egg white
  • Whole wheat flour instead of the gluten free baking mix

I might have used a bit too much protein powder too. Since I only have a small baggie full that I took from home, I had no idea how much “a serving” was. So I guesstimated. After sitting for a few minutes, my batter was quite thick (TWSS), so next time I may add more milk to thin it out a bit.

Topped with some Einstein’s honey almond cream cheese (one of my fave pancake toppers) and maple syrup. Delicious!

IMG 7501-1

I was expecting it to be a slightly light breakfast due to the small amount of carbs, but these suckers kept me completely full for 4+ hours! That’s unheard of for me.

Like I twittered, it was a beautiful day and I had no work. That meant beach time! My homemade iced coffee and I hit the road.

IMG 7502

I went to sit, call my mommy, and read.

IMG 7503

It was such a nice day!

IMG 7504-1

I walked the pier,

IMG 7506-1

Strolled the shops,

IMG 7507

And then stopped by Avila Valley Barn. I used to go here all the time, but haven’t in a while. I love this place. It’s similar to a farmer’s market I would say.

I browsed, and got a baby ice cream cone – Cupcake flavor!

IMG 7508

How cute!! But honestly, the perfect serving of ice cream for a little treat 😉

I also picked up some fudge for my sister’s birthday and stole a couple slivers 😉 Birthday cake and Heath Toffee flavors.

IMG 7510

A late lunch was eaten while watching Ellen.


IMG 7511

Lettuce with yogurt-ranch dressing & BBQ sauce.

IMG 7512

Topped with this delicious “Texas-Caviar” I picked up at Costco.

IMG 7495

Great ingredients!

IMG 7496

Awww, made with a lot of love!  Refreshing 😀

It’s our friend’s birthday today and we’re headed out tonight, although I’m just sticking to a beer (or 2!) since I work tomorrow. I did however make my signature cookies for the birthday boy. And definitely consumed 2…or 3 😉

IMG 7515

I was out of chocolate chips, however, and resorted to chopping up a dark chocolate bar I had in the cupboard.

IMG 7513-1

I actually liked the big chunks of melty chocolate throughout!

IMG 7514

And now enjoying some Diet Crack while keeping tabs on the Giants game.

IMG 7518


Phew. After detoxing from sweets this past week, today was a bit much for me and my tum-tum hurts a bit. Blah.

Back to my yoga topic, does anyone have any good stretching yoga dvds they’d recommend? Specifically for runners?

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