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Yo!!!  Missed me?  I hope so Winking smile

A few things I’ve noticed as of late.

1. Family Time > Blog Time


We traveled to Washington last weekend for my sister Paige’s graduation!


It was the first time my family has been together since January!



IMG_0431  IMG_0434-1

2. There’s a reason I don’t live in Washington


3. Fruit makes champagne that much better.



4. Mimosa brunches with friends are that much better with a beautiful view.


It seriously makes you feel like you’re on vacation.



5. Guys really like bacon.



6. Don’t go down to the beach with “under-the-influence” guys and expect to stay dry.  No matter your protests, they will pick you up and dump in in the ocean.


Even in brand new jeans and shirt, and with straightened hair.  They just don’t understand.


7. My 10 year old sister might just be the funniest person I know.  We had a fun photo shoot with her 2 life-size stuffed animals.

IMG_0450-1  IMG_0452-1IMG_0454-1IMG_0457-1  IMG_0461-1


8. I love this one.  Love Smile

IMG_0468IMG_0472  IMG_0473


9. It’s a smart thing to put your food pictures on your computer before you take your camera to events such as graduations or mimosa brunches.  Because when you run out of camera space, the food pics are the first to go Sad smileAnd then you end up with no food pics from the past 2 weeks.  Seriously.




Tell me the highlight from your past 2 weeks.  Anything exciting!


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Golden Trip

What’s up my dear readers?

Today I sent off my Florida State dietetic internship application.  One thing I can check off my list!

1. Complete and send off Florida State application.

2. Complete and send off my other 9 applications.

Yes, 9.  I realized that is beyond excessive and I should really really narrow it down.  But I’m having a hard time doing so.  Oy!

Last week might have been stressful and difficult, but Saturday afternoon I hit the road home!  My sister and brother were still home from school this weekend, and my family had plans to go to the Walt Disney museum in San Francisco.  While it wasn’t a huge deal to drive 3 1/2 hours for, I want to cherish all the family time I can get Smile

The museum was interesting, but my family of course loved the Disneyland portion best.  We’re a huge Disneyland family.  The vacations are such a special memory.

From 2005


to 2008


to my first trip with friends only in 2009:


I love Disneyland!!!

Anyways, afterwards we drove a mile or so closer to the water and froze to death admired the view. 



Grant – don’t throw her in!! Winking smile

1153427085_DW33n-O1153428196_mYK2y-O 1153429942_dsc_2116

1153430000_dsc_2117 1153431286_dsc_2126

1153430230_dsc_2118 1153430304_dsc_2119


Sure, my sister (who lives in Washington) and brother (who lives in Pennsylvania) gave me crap when I complained how cold it was.  But I was in a tank and hoodie – so used to 60/70 degree weather!!

We then went to pizza, and came home for cookies and pumpkin pie.  Please tell me why being at home seems to give me the excuse to eat everything in sight?  Because I’m not sure why.

This morning I had an orthotics appointment (praying this alteration will fix the problem and help my pain!), hit up the mall for returns, Target for necessities, and Panera for some caffeine and lunch.

I guess saying “To-Go” means “don’t cream cheese my bagel and let me do it myself.”  Disappointment.  I love bagels from bagel shops just because I love when they cream cheese it for you.  I swear it tastes different.


This happened.  But when I ran out of cream cheese, I didn’t finish the bagel.  It’s just not as good as pre-cream cheesed in the paper wrapping.  You know?


I also tried this bar on the drive up and thought I’d quickly tell you guys I liked it:


I’m not a big fan of cherry flavored things.  Okay that’s a lie – I love cherry candy and cherry sodas.  But cherry desserts/chocolates?  No thanks.  But this just tasted like a sweeter protein bar.  So good in my book.


Cookies & Cream is still my favorite.  And I don’t remember if I liked the Peanut Butter because I scarfed it down after my half-marathon.  But they are all tasty, and one of my favorite “protein bars” out there.


Sooooooo who’s watching the Bachelor this season? 

I’ve started to, but not sure if I’m super into it this year.  Especially because the past seasons I’d watch with my roommates and gossip/laugh about it.  Now I’m by myself…and it’s not as fun to make fun of it all alone. Hmmm.

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Christmas Routine

As I’ve mentioned, Christmas is a time of traditions for my family.  First, we have a casual early dinner – usually pizza or takeout burritos.

Also our annual pre-church Christmas Eve photo in front of the tree!


Please note my adorable new shoes!!! (bad quality uber crop pictures ahead)  Also, dis-note my veiny feet.

DSC_2009-1 DSC_2012-1

Love love love.

Previous years’ Christmas Eve pics:





I think it’s really funny to see the difference between my sister Mackie in these 2 pics: (far left in top picture, standing next to me in the bottom picture)






So now that I’ve overwhelmed you with too many pictures….

Another tradition in our family is that we get a new pair of pajamas put on our bed every Christmas Eve.  So when we come home from church, we race to our rooms and all put on our new jammies.

Please please check out my awesome onesie I got this year:


(picture taken Christmas morning).  Man was I excited.

Then comes hot chocolate and putting out cookies for Santa! 

And we make sure our mini stockings are set by our bed – ready for Santa to fill them with candy! Open-mouthed smile


Christmas Morning: we wake up bright and early at 6 am 8:30 (gone are the days of waking before dawn), and rush to the balcony we have at the top of the stairs.  From here, we can see the whole tree.  We were never allowed to head downstairs until our parents woke up (usually at 7:00 they would roll out of bed).  So we would hang out at the top of the stairs, eating our candy, and looking at our Santa presents, guessing which one for for whom.

View from the balcony.  Not this year, though.  Although we never have our stockings in the living room, they’re always in the family room.  Weird.


Hanging out at the top of the stairs a few years ago:


Once we settle around the tree and separate everyone’s gifts, we go around in a circle and take turns opening each present. 

DSC_2014DSC_2023 DSC_2028DSC_2029 CIMG4135

Then we move into the family room for stockings!! (old picture)



Highlights from this Christmas:

1. Paige’s gift to me: My sister bought me a polar bear costume.  Designed for a 6-year old.

DSC_2032 DSC_2033

I couldn’t stop laughing.


Great.  So great.

2. Paige’s gift from Santa: You may have seen the mug my sister painted for me a while back. 


A copy of a painting we saw in Paris:


A painting that my sister fell in love with, and regrets that she didn’t buy.

Well I was randomly walking downtown one day, and saw a very similar replica in the window of a store.  After talking to my mom, we decided to purchase it for my sister, and have the (expensive) painting be from multiple people as a joint gift.


She was confused at first, but I think she liked it Winking smile

3. Onesie photo shoot:

DSC_2041DSC_2042DSC_2048DSC_2043-1DSC_2045  DSC_2054DSC_2053-1


4. Family Time Smile

DSC_2069-1DSC_2070 DSC_2088-1

DSC_2072 DSC_2073DSC_2081

My grandma said we were going to share this bottle of wine.  Winking smile


My new baby cousin (well, cousin’s kid.  But still a cousin Winking smile ):

162763_811730134205_6406252_44154908_4774876_n163404_811730598275_6406252_44154930_2839055_n163427_811731087295_6406252_44154953_1219852_n 163764_811729949575_6406252_44154896_4597485_n164133_811730169135_6406252_44154910_317304_n165353_811730468535_6406252_44154922_5271749_n165746_811731042385_6406252_44154952_2142796_n 166396_811730263945_6406252_44154913_8165061_n



5. Good food.  I might’ve had chocolate cake for dinner.  And dough balls, almond roca bars, and homemade caramel.  And then had a racing heart as I tried to sleep at 11:00.  Never felt that kind of sugar high ever.





I think this might be the most pictures ever in a post of mine.  Anyone still out there??  Hello????? 

Oh hey Smile 

Anyways, I know it’s almost a week late, but I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well!

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Ginger for Giants

4 days = not enough time

3 appointments: 1 orthotics.  1 dentist.  Then another dentist.

Why two dentist appointments you ask?  Well, I got my first cavity Sad smile Waaahhhh.  I no longer can claim the best teeth in my family (and yes – we have a competition going). 

Funny story – I was almost done getting my cavity filled when the dentist pauses.

“I greatly apologize.  But I actually forgot one of the layers.  Oh, this is so embarrassing, but I’m going to have to re-drill a bit to put the layer in.”

So yes – my first cavity, and they had to drill into my tooth twice.  Awesome.

Oh well, funny story to tell the fam. 

Recap time?  I think yes.


Wednesday: the majority of the day was spent doing our annual gingerbread making extravaganza. 

All.  Day.  Event.

My 10-year old sister likes to give the muggin’ face.


I’m so glad I remembered I had my work apron in the car.  Saved my outfit!


Completely posed by the way.


I originally started out making a Haunted Halloween gingerbread house.  Which quickly turned into a Giants house Winking smile Nothing better.


Yes, the walkway is a beard.  And yes, it says “Fear Me” on it (Fear the Beard for anyone who doesn’t know).

DSC_2058DSC_2059 DSC_2061

While I was at the dentist (yes, my dentist appointment happened to be at 1 pm directly in the middle of obscene candy eating gingerbread making), my sister molded a baseball player, coke bottle and giant mitt out of caramel!

DSC_2060 DSC_2062

The real coke bottle and mitt:


Next year’s plan?  Pink & orange house.  Or a polar bear’s castle.  Who knows.

Past years (to get an idea of the mess/table):



I loved last year’s village we made:


Complete with the evil clock-tower-climbing-gingerbread man Winking smile


See last year’s gingerbread pictures here!!

And my Flashback Friday of gingerbread houses here.  Check them out!


Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to come!  (I didn’t want to overwhelm you in one post Winking smile ).

Does your family or friends do gingerbread houses?  Or what traditions do you have each holiday?

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Merry [Belated] Christmas

Merry [belated] Christmas from my family to yours Smile


Sorry I haven’t been around since Monday/Tuesday.  I have a precious small amount of time at home, and I spent it wisely (not that blog reading/posting isn’t time spent wisely.  But you know what I mean Winking smile.  I hope.  If not – I’m sorry I offended you). 

Very wisely indeed.



I’m hitting the road back to school my-old-school-town-current-job-town in a couple hours, and will catch up with you all then!

Happy saddest day of the year December 26th and safe traveling to anyone it applies to!

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I rrrrreally want to catch you up on the past few days of my life. But I just have so much mumbo jumbo to talk about, that I’m worried I’ll bore you.

Meh. Deal. But I am quite tired so I’ll split it up and make it quick.

Wednesday’s bad-quality oats in a jar.

IMG 1134-1

Road-trip yumminess.

IMG 1139

IMG 1136

IMG 1138

Road-trip nastiness.

IMG 1135

Concert fun.




Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker, Justin Moore, Easton Corbin, Steel Magnolia…



Concert eats.

IMG 1141-1

Ooozing cranberry sauce.

Morning eats.

IMG 1143

Mommy knows I love fruit 🙂

IMG 1144

Pumpkin pie yogurt at Yogurtland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG 1149

Pre-long run fuel.

IMG 1153-1

IMG 1154

Adorable cake made by sister.

IMG 1155-1

Best peanut butter ever in the entire world infinity and beyond.

IMG 1156-1

1/2 the jar gone in 1 day? Yes it’s possible.

IMG 1157-1

10.25 miles in 1:36:33.

Not a great run. Hard.

Sign of being lazy? Or just color blind?

IMG 1160

Post-run lunch.

IMG 1161-1

Shredded BBQ chicken & whole wheat wrap.

IMG 1163

Hungry 2 hours later.  More PB duh.

IMG 1164-1

Pre-drive snack.

IMG 1166

Favorite part.

IMG 1167

Traffic + 10 mile run = must stop for food.

IMG 1169

$5 dolla footlong (I really hope you sang it in that tone).

IMG 1170-1

Veggies galore. But no guac apparently.

IMG 1171-1

Still starving. No food in the car…except…..

IMG 1174

It happens.

Roommates making gordita crunch quesadillas at 8:30. Me likey.

IMG 1175

It’s pumpkin season!

IMG 1177

Well that covered Wednesday-Friday.

I’ll catch you up on my whirlwind of a weekend tomorrow 😉

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Mustache Face

Hi friends! I’m here, I’m here. I just had a crazy 48 hour trip home (including all the travel time). Plus now I’m headed to work until 2:30 and then my parents are driving down some furniture for my new place. I’ll post a full on recap post tonight, I swear!

Just one picture before I go. My sisters were playing around making mustache faces the other night with frosting. And this is what my sister does in response to: “Brooke, make a mustache face.”


I love my family.

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