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I don’t even have enough ice packs for my injured legs:


This knee/ankle/inner shin/oblique/foot pain has gotten quite annoying.

I haven’t really blogged about it, but I’ve started running in the past few weeks, and my oblique pain feels okay.  I just have to be careful with it I guess.

But lately, my knees have flared up.  My left inner ankle has stared to kill me.  And the pain is radiating up my inner shin.  I’ve had shin splits in the past, and this doesn’t necessarily feel like that, but who knows.

I really think it all stems from wearing my new orthotics.  They fit me weird, and I just think they don’t work with my feet/body.  I really think they sparked up these lower leg injuries.

Needless to say, I’ll be resting from running for a bit, and also getting my orthotics refit again (for the second time!).

Now I’m obviously not going to make exercise resolutions such as “workout 3 times per week” or “Run 1000 miles this year,” etc.  That would either:

a) cause injuries as my body can’t be pushed too hard

b) cause disappointment when I “break” those resolutions if I have to back off of exercise or get injured

Rather, I’m making goals that I’d like to accomplish this year.

1. Listen to my body.  Rest, rest, rest.  Stretch.  Ice.  This is the most important thing that I’ve learned in the past couple years.

2. Run my second marathon. Of course, this is a goal that I would love to accomplish, but it might not happen depending on how my body handles things.  Which marathon do I have dreams of running?  Well you’ll have to wait to find out! Hint hint Winking smile

3. Work on Intuitive Eating.  I really got more serious about this last year, but haven’t worked on it in a while.  It’s difficult with my work schedule and that I know I should eat at certain hours even if I’m not hungry (break times, before work, etc).  But I’ll try my best.

4. Start strength training again.  Since my oblique injury in August, I haven’t done any strength training.  None.  This is not okay with me.  Not only do I like the perks of strength training (hello toned arms, abs, and thighs), but I also know it’s important for bone health.  I also like knowing that I’m “stronger” than most girls, and being able to whip out 20-30 pushups Winking smile

5. Get serious about my “Get back to my happy weight” plan.  I’ve been trying to amp up my “happy weight” plan for a while, but things keep getting in the way (injuries, work, too busy, etc).  Sure I have a number in my head I’d love to achieve, but I won’t hold myself to it.  Instead, I hope to fit back into my favorite jeans by the end of the year.  Comfortably, I might add.  I have a plan of how I’m going to achieve this, but won’t go into such details on the blog.  Think intuitive eating, workout schedule (weights and gym time), cutting back on mindless snacking at babysitting, etc.  I’ve come to terms with my weight gain, and I know it’s not the end of the world.  However, I’d still like to fit into my favorite jeans!! Smile 

6. Get into a good internship and be excited about where I’m going.  This is a goal, but obviously not one I have control over (once I apply!).  If I don’t get into an internship, life will go on.  If I don’t get into one I want, life will go on.  No matter what, things will work out!

7. Do something social once per week.  Obviously, if I have application stuff to work on, I have an excuse.  But if I’m invited to dinner, movies, hang out, etc. – don’t let feeling lazy or tired hold me back.  It’s important to keep up a social life to maintain a good quality of life.  Lately I’ve felt like my life is work work work.  With a bit of loneliness on the side.  It’s time to work on that!

8. Try a new fitness class at the gym once per month.  Once per month?  That sounds like nothing.  But my schedule doesn’t really work with the gym’s exercise schedule.  And I joined the gym for a reason – I need to get my money’s worth!

9. Keep my room, wallet, car and life organized.  I’ve been so busy, these things just get soooooo messy and it adds so much more stress to my life.  Which I don’t need.


And now the biggie hard resolution I’m determined to keep:

10. Hot chocolate only once per week.  I’m a huge hot chocolate drinker.  Pretty much every single night.  I’ve noticed it gives me stomach aches when I wake up in the morning.  And also, I want to give myself a challenge!  And now’s the time Winking smile 


Obviously these are all goals.  And most of them are normal goals that I have on an everyday basis.  There’s just something about the start of a new year though that gives you a thrill of starting something new.  Maybe it’s because everyone is as fresh and excited as you are?


Anyways, last night and today for lunch I cooked!!  Okay, it was still half-cooking, but still. 

Last night I threw together some butternut squash ravioli (which were delicious, but overcooked and soggy.  I’ll have to be better about that next time).


And today for lunch, I threw a Quorn chicken patty on the George Foreman, topped it off with some magno-cranberry salsa, threw some beans on the side, and called myself a chef.

So maybe I should’ve had the beans in a separate bowl….


I have to say – massively unimpressed with the Quorn chicken that I got 50% off the other day.  Maybe it’s because I’ve seen it on numerous blogs, I expected something more?  Rubbery, bland, and kind of disgusted me. 


And then I made some iced coffee.  On the floor.  In our dining room (which is really just a location next to the kitchen where the table “should” go.  If we had a table.  Which we don’t.  And dining room makes our house sounds fancy).


Maybe it’s because the outlets in our kitchen weren’t working.  Or maybe it’s because I wanted to sneakily show a picture of one of my new Christmas presents that I’ll be using shortly. 

You’ll never know.

Maybe I should make one of my resolutions to use every kitchen gadget (3) that I got for Christmas at least once this year.  Seeing as how I still have a mini-BBQ that I bought in August sitting unopened in the garage.  Whoops.


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