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Day 2 back in action 😀


First, I thought I’d start off my catching you up on what injury I’m dealing with right now. Well, I should say ONE of the injuries I’m dealing with right now (*rolls eyes*). Remember that ankle/shin pain I was dealing with?

(You can refresh on it here and here and here )

Yup, I was still seeing doctors about that when this happened.

Beginning of August, I rolled out of bed early in the morning to make it to my 6:45 am gym class (yay! Go me!). However afterwards, I wish I hadn’t. Called “Athlete’s Blast,” it’s an interval, cross-fit type of class. We were jumping/running over mini hurdles (about a foot high), when I landed on the base of one by accident, rolled my ankle, and fell.



“Ouch, that’s a little painful.” I thought as I hobbled over to the side to let that twinge die down. Then I looked down and saw a protruding softball sized lump coming out over my sock. Oh.

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I iced it until I could hobble to my car and soon after went straight to the doctor. After x-rays confirmed no broken bones, and just a bad sprain, she sent me home with instructions to wear this beauty:

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Luckily I had one from the last time I was instructed to wear a boot 😉 Well, I mean…not luckily, but….you know. (Also refer to that link for my endless list of injuries, oy!)

Interestingly enough, the Dr. didn’t recommend crutches or anything. I was slighly surprised, and was up and walking on the injured foot from day 1.

3 days post:

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photo (1)

Ice Ice Baby


I wore the boot for about 1 1/2 weeks, then another week on/off. Switched to a lace-up brace, and then started PT 3 weeks post-injury.

photo (3)

(Finger is point to my highest point of pain up my shin – a pain my Dr. still isn’t quite sure what it’s from).

I was officially diagnosed with a Syndesmosis injury (high ankle sprain), which is a sprain of the ligaments connecting your fibia and tibia, slightly above your ankle. Painful, and longer to recover from. Great.

My left leg lost a crazy amount of muscle, which PT tried to restore, as well as balance and range of motion (which I lost a lot of. I couldn’t even move my ankle in any direction for a good coule weeks).

photo (4)

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Little tootsies still showing signs of bruising about a month later!

photo (2)

At 8 weeks post, it was still uber stiff, and I was having pinching pain when I walked. The doc recommended a cortisone shot to help relieve the scar tissue build-up causing the impingement. I also had nerve tingling in multiple places, so she prescribed me a heavy dose of vitamin B-6 to help with the swelling (news to me that B-6 helps with that!!)

photo (5)

Ouchie shot.

photo (6)

It definitely brought down the swelling and pain. Bones and ligaments and veins started popping up!

photo (7)

And then about 2 weeks after that, I was stretching the ankle and some shooting pain sent me hurdling towards the nearest seat on my first step. I don’t if I re-sprained something, or what happened, but it caused immense pain for weeks. So then the doc sent me for an MRI (my second MRI on the same ankle in 4 months – oy, but I’ll get to that!).

It came back negative for any tears or tendon tears (yay). Officially:

  • Tendonitis in multiple locations
  • Os trigonum inflammation
  • Scar tissue build up in multiple location
  • Synovitis (fluid build-up/inflammation)
  • Bone bruising of the talus

Basically nothing they could really fix at the moment. Bittersweet I suppose.

Anyways, the doctor gave me the go ahead to exercise as pain permits. So I’ve done a little bit of elliptical, walking, and lower body exercises (such as my PT work and squats). It’s been feeling way better (but nowhere near 100%) until this week and I’ve had a big flare-up again.

I have another follow-up appointment with the orthopedic tomorrow, so that’s why I was posting this today!

She was previously talking about possibly another cortisone injection if it was still causing pain, however I’m wary…it worries me getting them into my joints (based on what I’ve heard/read).

Needless to say, I wish I had been lazy and slept in that morning instead of making it to the gym! 😉


What’s the worse injury you’ve experienced or ever had?

This was my first acute injury that I could pinpoint and give a time, date and place. Every other injury has been more gradual from running, etc.


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Tarsal Troubles

I swear there’s food under that ketchup.


Nothing like an egg & veggie sausage scramble with a side of taped foot.  Eaten in bed on a Saturday morning Smile Oh relaxing.


So about that tape…here comes some injury talk!  Booooo. 

Anyways I really haven’t talked about it much.  I’ve mentioned it, but I’m injured.  Yes, again. 

Back in October, my heel gave me some trouble the week before my half marathon.  I thought it was plantar fasciitis, and it got 90% better within the week.  But my ankle still felt….funny.  It didn’t hurt, but on every run it just felt weird.  Like full or tight or something.  Not bad at all though.  The pain also sometimes radiated up above my inner ankle along the inner shin bone.  I thought I just needed new orthotics.  So I got some.

But, like I mentioned in January, my new orthotics didn’t help.  In fact, my problems just got worse with them.  I cut back on running.  I rested.  I iced.  I’m part of the Injury’s royal court by now, so I know the drill.  Finally at the end of January, I had enough and went to a podiatrist.

Diagnosis?  Tarsal tunnel syndrome.  Similar to carpal tunnel syndrome (of the wrist), but in the ankle.

Prescription? Rest.  Wear orthotics/running shoes all day long.  Limit walking.  Ice.  Prescription strength anti-inflammatories. Come back in 4 weeks.

By the end of 4 weeks, I was feeling 85% better.  Barely any pain!  So I tried a couple treadmill workouts that week.  2-3 miles on the treadmill of running/walking.  Took it very easy and slow.  And you know what?  I felt no pain during activity.  But that week it flared up.  Super painful.  Throbbing at night. 

When I went back to the doctor, he told me the same thing: Rest. Wear orthotics. Limit walking. Ice.  And now physical therapy.

So that’s what I’ve been doing the past 3 weeks.  Physical therapy.  Which seems to be helping.  But barely.  It’s feeling better.  But no better than it felt at the end of those initial 4 weeks.  And it still definitely hurts often, and always feels funny.  It almost always feels full and tight – like there’s something in there that just needs to be stretched out.

So I had another appointment yesterday.  And at this point, he wants to boot me up. 

HighTop_Air Walker_lg

He did take x-rays, but I guess nothing was abnormal since he didn’t talk about them.


And I can’t afford an MRI right now.  I joke that I’d “be rich!” if it weren’t for all my injuries.  You know how much I’ve spent on multiple pairs of new shoes, orthotics, doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, etc?  Yeah, you don’t want to know.  Neither do I.

Booting would limit all motion of the ankle and the tarsal tunnel.  Unfortunately, it would also limit movement of all muscles.  Which mean I would lose all strength down there.  Seeing as how physical therapy has been focusing on strengthening the ankle and calf muscles around the ankle in order to support the arch better, it seems counterproductive to me. My physical therapist wasn’t happy about this, and I’m having trouble with it as well.

I’m going to see how my ankle/heel feels this weekend/week and then decide.  I’ve just been dealing with this thing for almost 6 months now, and I feel like no matter what improvement I get, it comes flaring back again with activity.  (Keep in mind even swimming and the stationary bike hurt and bother it). 

I’m just sick of injuries!!

  • Plantar fasciitis in 2006 (back when I just ran on the treadmill)
  • Year-long calf pain following my marathon in 2007
  • Knee pain from 2008-current (it got 90% better in 2009 but occasionally still bothers me)
  • Oblique/side pain in August 2010 that lasted 3 weeks
  • The heel pain in October 2010
  • Oblique/side pain in November 2010-end of December (this one was much worse than the first – both sides and even into my back)

My body obviously is not meant for running.  Actually, I’m sure it all stems from my feet (which the physical therapist couldn’t get over how much my arches collapse and ankles roll inward).


Fun/Weird fact: I actually have very high arches.  My arches just collapse because my feet are so long (size 11), and there’s no support in the middle.  Kind of like how a bridge would collapse if there wasn’t a support pole in the center to help keep it up.


Okay, enough injury talk.  My sister’s coming into town to visit today and I have to figure out what to do with her!!


Have you ever dealt with an injury (or injuries)?  What type?

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