Yo!!!  Missed me?  I hope so Winking smile

A few things I’ve noticed as of late.

1. Family Time > Blog Time


We traveled to Washington last weekend for my sister Paige’s graduation!


It was the first time my family has been together since January!



IMG_0431  IMG_0434-1

2. There’s a reason I don’t live in Washington


3. Fruit makes champagne that much better.



4. Mimosa brunches with friends are that much better with a beautiful view.


It seriously makes you feel like you’re on vacation.



5. Guys really like bacon.



6. Don’t go down to the beach with “under-the-influence” guys and expect to stay dry.  No matter your protests, they will pick you up and dump in in the ocean.


Even in brand new jeans and shirt, and with straightened hair.  They just don’t understand.


7. My 10 year old sister might just be the funniest person I know.  We had a fun photo shoot with her 2 life-size stuffed animals.

IMG_0450-1  IMG_0452-1IMG_0454-1IMG_0457-1  IMG_0461-1


8. I love this one.  Love Smile

IMG_0468IMG_0472  IMG_0473


9. It’s a smart thing to put your food pictures on your computer before you take your camera to events such as graduations or mimosa brunches.  Because when you run out of camera space, the food pics are the first to go Sad smileAnd then you end up with no food pics from the past 2 weeks.  Seriously.




Tell me the highlight from your past 2 weeks.  Anything exciting!


New Obsession

I’m obsessed. 


Frozen blueberries.  Topped with peanut sauce (mixture of peanut flour, almond milk, dash of salt, and a bit of cream cheese.  I’ve also mixed in honey apple butter for a bit of sweetness before).

It. Is. SO. Good.  The peanut sauce hardens a bit due to the frozen blueberries.  And as you eat, the blueberries slightly defrost making them a little mushy/easier to eat.  It seriously tastes like peanutty blueberry-ish ice cream.  I’m not joking. 

I’ve had it every night this week.  And maybe twiceWinking smile

Can’t. Get. Over. It.


Today I was feeling a bit off (thank you Cinco de Mayo celebrating last night).

I had a waffle at some point this morning.

And then leftover cream of broccoli soup before work this afternoon.

I snacked a bunch of this crack at work:


I’m quite serious when I say crack.  I’m not sure how Trader Joe’s finds it legal to sell this stuff.


And some iced coffee thank bajesus. 


After having a bowl of Blueberry-Peanut-Butter-Delight (what I shall call my new love), my body told me it was craving something fatty and Chinesey (I shall thank my roommate who had me looking at Thai food menus online).

Panda Express to the rescue!  Dude, that lady OVERLOADED my tray with almost twice as much food as normal.  And I ate it all.


String bean chicken.


Mushroom chicken.


And I had a free entrée coupon (check the back of your receipts people!!) so I tried the Mandarin Chicken.


Yuck.  Slimy, greasy, chewy, yucky taste.  I did not like. 


Is it bad luck if you (accidentally) rip your fortune in half?



Did you do anything to celebrate the 5th of May?

First off – happy birthday to my sister!!  (well it was yesterday)  But besides that I just went to a Mexican restaurant/bar with friends.  It was fun!  But an interesting night…I wish I could have partaken in margarita happy hour! Winking smile

Back in Action

Dayumnnn weather – you be lookin’ GOR-geous today!!  Keep it up Winking smile

Today started out with some gym time.  I usually go do weights for about 30-40 minutes, but I felt pretty awful when I woke up, and decided to head in later at like 7:00 instead of 6:30. So I got in:

  • 15 minutes easy weights (including pull-up machine…working on that!)
  • 25 minutes abs class

Let me tell ya’ – doing ab work is dang hard with a boot on my leg.  I don’t know how much it weighs, but it ads to the intensity!  Of course I have to modify planks and such though.

Breakfast wasn’t eaten until 9:15 at work:

Voskos Greek yogurt (topped with a bit of granola)


…mixed with some Trader Joe’s honey apple butter.  It’s definitely yummy, but just reminds me of extra sweet applesauce.  It’s good, but I’d rather have jam (or pumpkin butter!!). 

While at work at snacked on watermelon which I was asked to cut up:


And a mini baby ice cream cone!  Cute.


Lunch (prepared in my wok – love love this thing) – stir-fryed broccoli slaw with ground turkey and enchilada sauce.  Sounds weird, but it was tasty!


Topped off with some Jalapeno greek yogurt dip (found at Costco) instead of sour cream.


I also snacked on 2 small random pieces of chicken while this was cooking.

And a couple carrot cake cookies for dessert.


I got this container 75% off at Cost Plus the other day, and have been plowing through.  Love you after-holiday sales!



I failed yet again at taking a picture of dinner at work.  It rarely rarely happens since I don’t carry my camera/phone around with me in my pocket (obviously), and we go straight on break into the cafeteria. Unfortunately, I just have to describe it to you Winking smile

  • Creamed spinach (so so good!)
  • Steamed broccoli
  • Vegetable soup (Au Bon Pan)

There are always 2 entrees, 2 vegetables (not always healthy steamed vegetables Winking smile), and 2 starches as options in the cafeteria.  Plus a salad bar, prepackaged wraps/sandwiches, and a soup.  The entrees are often foods I don’t eat (red meat, over-dried meat, meat with skin, etc), so I often go for the salad bar, veggie sides, and soups. 

Once home, I self massaged my tibial tendon (where I’m having lots of pain – right above my inner ankle), and snack on my new favorite dessert – frozen blueberries topped with a peanut flour sauce (will take a picture next time, promise!!). 

Plus hot chocolate! I needed to warm up someway after icing Winking smile


By the way – yes I am counting calories (as part of my weight loss/fit back in my pants plan).  And today’s calorie count totaled out around 1500.  Probably a little more since I estimated on my peanut flour sauce and snacked on a few unmentionable carrot cake cookies Winking smileI don’t necessarily like to talk calories on the blog (since I know many people do not like that, and I don’t want it to become all calorie talk since I don’t like that either), but I will occasionally talk about it.  Just the facts!


PS – yayyyy we made it through Monday!! (even though today is technically my Tuesday at the hospital, it is still my Monday at babysitting).

Return of the Oldies

My old workout videos that is Smile

Today I busted out my Tae Bo DVD

Smiling Billy with thumb up


Sup Billy?

I’m getting so bored of weights weights weights at the gym, plus I wanted to SWEAT.  It actually worked out okay with my boot!  Of course I had to modify it, and not do the kicking segments as fast, but I’ll definitely be doing this again Smile I actually love Tae Bo and used it all the time when I lost weight a long time ago in high school, and then again when I was losing weight (before I started running) freshman year.  If you do it right your upper body is SORE. 

And then I whipped out the old school 8-minute abs.  Although next time I’ll be blasting my own music in the background.  There’s only so much “C’mon gang!!” I can take.

Yay I actually felt like I got a workout in!!


Haggard post-tanning/workout/makeup runneth over look is all me.

By the way, how was everyone’s Easter?  My family (okay, minus 3 siblings) came down to visit on Saturday…


…and my dad fixed my camera!!!  I’m tellin’ ya’ –

Daddys = miracle workers.

This was my first Easter completely alone.  In the past I’ve always either gone home, or done some sort of celebration with my roommates.  So of course I had to keep up some sort of tradition Smile


Hmm maybe I should have used more water?


Every batch has the ugly poop colored egg Winking smile

IMG_0344-1 IMG_0345-1

Go Giants!!


Such pretty colors.

IMG_0347 IMG_0348

And then I used my new wok that my roommate got me for my birthday!!  LOVE IT.



So now that my camera is fixed I hope to be around much more!!

Are you a workout DVD type of person?  What’s your favorite?

Camera oh Camera

Hola mi amigos!  (I do not know if that is proper terminology, I never took Spanish in high school.  French.  And even still I don’t know much French).

So I seem to have the worst luck with cameras. 

I dropped and broke my 4-year old Camera Celeste (yes, her name) about 1 1/2 years ago.

I went a couple months taking pics with my Iphone until I got a new camera for Christmas.

And then I lost my 6 month new camera Antonio (yes, his name) last June.

So then I went 6 months taking Iphone pics again before I finally splurged and bought myself a camera in December. 

(Looked like this for the record):



Then, about a month ago, I had the little battery/card window open to put pictures on my computer.  My camera was on my bed, and when I went to get up on my bed myself, I kneed on the door hinge, and it popped off.  And I can’t get it back on Sad smile And the camera won’t turn on without the door on.  I was sooooooo upset.  Are you (*%&*(&(*^&%(&** kidding me?!?  My second BRAND NEW camera in less than a year. 

I’m hoping my Dad can fix it.  Or he said I can probably send it in and pay to have it fixed.  GAR!

So that is my excuse for not blogging as much.  I’m just not motivated with crappy Iphone pics!!  I’m sorry.

But I’ve captured a few things!  Such as my beautiful blooming flowers Smile


My breakfast of choice this week – cottage cheese + strawberries.


With about 5x that amount of trail mix added in.



And my 20+ minute long gas getting adventures.  5 cars back in line for gas at Costco.  Cheapest in the area – and it’s still $4.17 a gallon.  Yikes.


Other gas stations around here are averaging $4.35 for the cheapest.  People are freaking out over this (yes, I am too), but I remember a couple summers ago when it was in the high $4.00 range.  Everyone was curious if it was going to make it to $5.00.  But then it started to drop again.  I hope it does the same this year!!

And just for fun – back in 2006 on our walk to a party when gas was CRAZY high for back then.  I remember we were like “Let’s take a picture – this is ridiculous!!”


(May 2006)

And then to keep up with tradition, we took another one on another walk past the same gas station later that year. 


(September 2006)

I wish it was that low now!!


How much is gas where you live?


Is there a certain electronic (camera, phones) or anything in general you seem to have the worst luck with?

I also seem to have awful awful luck with earrings.  I got a pair of diamond studs for my 8th grade graduation, and lost them the next year during swim practice. 

Then I got another nice pair of real earrings for high school graduation, and lost one of them working out at the gym (still have one of the studs though).

Then I got another pair of diamond studs for college graduation, and lost one within a few months while swimming again.  You’d think I’d learned my lesson to take earrings out while swimming, but this one was in my cartilage under my swim cap.  I thought it was safe!!

I also almost lost another nice pair of earrings a month ago when I realized the back had fallen off.  Luckily I felt it in time before the earring portion fell out of my ear.

And that’s not counting the numerous hoops and other cheap studs I’ve managed to lose.  It’s ridiculous!

Birthday Nights

There are so many great restaurants around here.  So many that I really couldn’t decide and ended up at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen).

I love love love their BBQ chicken pizza, but wanted to try something new.  Their Pear & Gorgonzola pizza always catches my eye.  I decided to try it out tonight!

“Caramelized pears, Gorgonzola, Fontina and Mozzarella cheeses, caramelized sweet onions and chopped hazelnuts. Topped with field greens tossed in our Gorgonzola ranch dressing”

California Pizza Kitchen - Pear and Gorgonzola Pizza (020609).jpg

The pizza was delicious.  But there was way way too much dressing/white sauce going on.  I’m not a huge ranch person, and there was just way too much ranch.  It would be good to have 1 or 2 slices as an appetizer or something, but it was lacking that traditional pizza flavor (red sauce or BBQ sauce) that I was craving.  Still deeeelicious though! 

And then there was always dessert Smile


Passed around the table of course, although I ate half of it.

Last year: (desserts rule)


The rest of the night was filled with drinks, friends, and dancing.


(I feel like we’re going to a country concert in this picture)


Hey look I wore the same belt last year on my birthday!


Yes, The Boot (das boot) made an appearance.  But apparently not in pictures.

No worries, it made another appearance the next night when we went out for another birthday celebration!  (With pretty much the same people…haha.  Don’t ask why we didn’t combine birthday parties).



Birthday Buddies!


BOOT!  (Don’t ask why my roommate is doing the head tilt)


I had to work at 6 am the next morning, so I was the driver.  I had 2-3 drinks at around 9:30 before we walked downtown (so I could drive home by 2:00).  And this morning I felt AWFUL.  I mean shaky, sick…I even got sick at work.  That is not normal after only 3 drinks.  Especially because 3 drinks gets me no where near tipsy/drunk.  I really think my body is telling me NO ALCOHOL ENTER ZONE. 

Oh and we also rocked the glow sticks.  I obviously chose pink & orange Winking smile


Day of my birth

Keep in mind this was supposed to go up yesterday, but I got distracted….

April 15 might mean one thing to most of you: TAX DAY.

But to me, April 15 always means…my birthday! Smile



Keys to a successful birthday:

1. Cake flavor.  In any shape or form.  While Funfetti Pancakes seem to be popular around here for birthdays, I didn’t have much time to make pancakes this morning.  And I’m on such a god-awful cottage cheese kick. 

Cake Batter Cottage Cheese!!


Don’t even knock it ‘till you’ve tried it.  It tasted like thick gooey cake batter.  Yummmmm.


And I definitely went back for seconds.

2. A good gym sesh.  Too bad I skipped this and slept in instead Winking smile

3. Monster salad beast is a must for birthdays Open-mouthed smile


I don’t even know what was in said Beast, but it consisted of normal salad fixins’ plus a scoop of Hawaiian Tempah, cashew chicken salad, and…..something else from the hot bar.

And it’s a good thing I didn’t buy a dessert because this arrived shortly after I got home:

4. More cake.  This time in heaven form:


Seriously people.  A deep dish S’mores pie (from Costco – where else would my family shop?).  My daddy knows me well Open-mouthed smile


5. Beautiful flowers.  Flowers are a tradition on our birthdays.  My dad would always come home from work every birthday with a bouquet (from…uh…Costco).  LOVE.


Tonight is pretty low key.  Just grabbing some dinner, and then going out with friends! 


Foot/PT update: I stopped going to PT for the time being as it wasn’t drastically helping, it’s expensive, and I’m running out of appointments (due to insurance).  I caved last week and got The Boot.  Nothing is helping.  And I’m getting desperate here.  I know many people don’t recommend booting up, but I’m hoping it helps since I walk SO MUCH at work.  We will see. 

Which brings me to successful tip

6. Actually getting dressed in real clothes (and not the workout clothes I wear everyday).  Sexy boot isn’t it? Winking smile