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(This was written and supposed to be posted on Tuesday, so let’s just pretend shall we?)

1. One must get creative when trasferring hot beverages and food.

From the coffee counter…

IMG 4096

To the next counter…

IMG 4095

Across the sink to the other side…

IMG 4094

To the next counter…

IMG 4097

Up to the bar…

IMG 4098

And down to the couch…

IMG 4099

I did the same thing with my breakfast, except it took a detour on the barstool before making its way to the coffee table.

IMG 4101

IMG 4102

Mmmmm waffles topped with some Justin’s maple almond butter (my love for this stuff has not wavered!!).

IMG 4100

2. One’s room becomes a mess

Collection of drink containers that becomes very difficult to bring downstairs to recycling while on crutches.

IMG 4103

Piles of stuff that becomes difficult to put away while on crutches.

IMG 4104

3. Ones hands become bruised from the weight put on them.


IMG 4105

4. One’s dog is confused and gets in your way quite often

IMG 4080

5. One must make sure once they go up/downstairs, they don’t need to go back for a long while after.

Stairs suck.

IMG 4108

6. One must take advantage of pocketed sweatshirts

Front pocket stuffed to the brim for transferring purposes.

7. One should not drink as much as normal in order to avoid having to get up to use the restroom every 30 minutes.

It’s annoying.

7. One cannot wait to be off these in just a few days!

IMG 4106

Classic Joke Tuesday!! (Since we are all pretending it’s Tuesday right? Just for the time being…then you can go back to hump day 🙂 )

Q: Why is Peter Pan always in flight??

A: He Neverlands.




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